25 hp yamaha 14ft jon boat

14 ft 25hp yamadog with a bent up prop with the family

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Автор Michael Tillery ( назад)
I think he gassed it when she said slow down lol

Автор Joe Frazell ( назад)
if you dont want to hit bottom he has to be on plane. you guys that say he
shouldn't be doing this are idiots. his kids have life jackets on and he
was running the river just fine

Автор Muskie Mike ( назад)
she sounds like my wife

Автор river rat74 ( назад)
kids on board ain't the time to be flying through all that shit

Автор Shawn P ( назад)
2 stroke?

Автор Henry Enamorado ( назад)
nice 25hp

Автор BigBuckGetter ( назад)
Damn Joe!!! "You can't tell that no one wants to be fuckin flyin thru all
that garbage!!" (@2:00) LMAO!!!

Автор Max Dreher ( назад)
Good shit . Obviously you know the river pretty well ... settle down morons

Автор Candy Cat ( назад)

Автор aarondavid826 ( назад)
pretty dumb going that fast with all those stumps

Автор J Mac (1854 года назад)
First rule if you want to go fast: Don't bring the wife. That means boats,
cars, bikes, jet skis, etc......

Автор Chase Yost (633 года назад)
Stupid woman but she got hot tits

Автор Dikkie Dik (133 года назад)
what a idiot

Автор PSE Bow Madness ( назад)
HAHAHA bet you never hear her say "you never take me with you" anymore!!!
sweet boat man wide as hell what make?

Автор Aphotic Ontario ( назад)
2:01 swearing like cus in front of the kids 

Автор brian1991brick ( назад)

Автор daviscraig83 ( назад)
Happy wife happy life!!! Hahahaha

Автор jacob newton ( назад)
could you post a link to the exact jon boat this is? 

Автор Ben Boulter ( назад)
id do it to my family, as to dad with mine. lol. good havin some fun! hes
probally done it a thousand times. people are to uptight about EVERYTHING.

Автор douglas conrad ( назад)
i think he was trying to know the complaining wife off the boat. duh ?

Автор BigBuckGetter ( назад)
It looked like your lady was relaxing, trusting you and having fun. Then
all of a sudden she starts bitching at the end of the video, " You can't
tell that nobody wants to be fuckin' flyin' through all that garbage!! "

Автор THIRDGENS88 ( назад)

Автор Fireworxs2012 ( назад)
Darwin at work....

Автор FrankenFraud ( назад)
About how fast do you think you were going? The reason I ask is I just put
a 25hp Evinrude on a 14.5' Meyers semi-v boat I modded out & it seems doggy
(wouldn't even plane). Thanks Thinking of going the jet motor route.

Автор LouPremo ( назад)
a life jacket wont help if you get hit in the head by tree branch. looked
fun though...

Автор kintoki1992 ( назад)
those boats only sit a few inches under water, if motor did happen to hit
something it would just pop up at most giving the driver a sprained wrist,
nothing wrong with a little fun

Автор zlevesque1 ( назад)
@prtippy78 Can no one have a little fun on the river?!?!?! Giving your kids
experience is the best decision you will ever make. My dad did that for me
and i know how to live by myself and use the skills he taught me just like
you are doing with your kids. Great Job keep it up!

Автор Jason F ( назад)
The best part is your wife flipping at the end. "You can't tell that no one
wants to be fuckin flying through all that garbage!?" 2:01

Автор Aaron F ( назад)
Holy smokes! The guy has his kids wrapped up tight in fitted life jackets.
The other 2 are adults you F-ing "I know what's best for you" A-holes.
Dudes got his whole family out on the river....together!! I'm guessing you
folks complaining about the life jackets couldn't convince your kids and
wife to put down there cell phones and join you for a day on the water.
Looks like a healthy family spending time together. Worry about yours, let
others deal with there's and keep it to yourselves. 

Автор Sputter Eggbert ( назад)
What model boat? I can't believe all the safety and lifejacket comments -
what a bunch of wimps we have become in this country!

Автор SportFish'nBC ( назад)
where a freking pfd, u hit one dead head and the women is DONE 

Автор gwozhog ( назад)
At 1:45 I thought you were going to take her head off. That was ausome!

Автор ben walker ( назад)

Автор hatchelld ( назад)
is that a 1448 boat if so is it stable? I'm looking to by one for
bowfishing. I already have a 15hp 4 stroke, just need a stable boat mine
current boat not so stable. 

Автор z838mx ( назад)
Saftey with kids and family if they ask to slow down you should. What a
dick. Way to many things to hit meat head

Автор michael follett ( назад)
im guessing you slept on the couch that night! lol 

Автор Carp53.65 ( назад)
Watching the boobs bounce was the best part.

Автор Matt .Scott ( назад)
That looked like some fun

Автор eBrady080 ( назад)

Автор quebolahoe ( назад)
You are the man...I love how your wife is bitching and you keep flooring

Автор b ( назад)
to fast for that terrain if you ask me 

Автор 21KG001 ( назад)
and the worst thing is that the little kid don´t have a life jacket. I
never take a little kids out in my boat whitout a life jacket. 

Автор Francisco Venegas jr. ( назад)
Looks like fun, your definitely haulin ass!!!

Автор Donald Ezell ( назад)
I agree, very dangerous indeed!!!! If you were to hit something she would
probably be severly injured or killed and the kids could be hurt also. I
once hit a dead waterlogged tree going only about 5 miles an hour and it
was a very bad experience. You never can be entirely sure about whats under
the water, it changes constantly.

Автор Dr. Death ( назад)
You went out with a bent prop? It didnt rune rough at all? Careful you
might bend the shaft at higher rpms 

Автор infiniteFTW (833 года назад)
Slow down .... SHUSH!

Автор Dennis Bohannan ( назад)
Awesome vid. Beautiful river. Man theses folks are nuts. I run the dirty
old sabine here in tx all the time way more logs than this i hit crap all
the time. Drunk, sober, but always wide open. Broke a few motors but no one
has every gotten hurt.

Автор ToxicUFO ( назад)
Mmm.... Pringles!

Автор blooddonor70 ( назад)
Get a grip people! At least he's outdoors doing shit with his wife and
children.The guy obviously knows this river, I can run wide open on my
favorite river blindfolded. He has a PFD on the kid, that is what matters.

Автор blooddonor70 ( назад)
@uriantis22 haaaaaaaaa!

Автор Brandon Reese ( назад)
nice boat i wish i had one like that :p

Автор charles burnett ( назад)
I was actually watching your wife's boobs bounce a lot more than anything
else. No offense. Looks like you have fun with the family!

Автор NIGHTRIDER995 ( назад)
@KidsKicksforChrist sweet!!!

Автор NIGHTRIDER995 ( назад)
@KidsKicksforChrist who are u safety joe,dude i been on a boat for 3 years
all kinds of different conditions without life vests...shit im still
alive,i keep the lifevests under in a compartment but never used them and
never will unless i wake/knee board

Автор Dylan Brenize ( назад)
only other person on the tube that accualy knows were he is (or has the
balls to go fast in shallow) nice set up you got there, would be great for
duck hunting

Автор reynosa98 ( назад)
That lil' hillbilly hotty gotta a smokin' lil' body. Decapitation scene at
the 1:40 mark !

Автор Livinrawguy ( назад)
Boy alcohol and no life jacket your showing your kids a good example of
what not too do.

Автор Zoth77 ( назад)
@melvinvswaldo lol 

Автор melvinvswaldo ( назад)
That is one rough looking broad.

Автор will martens ( назад)
how deep is th river, it looks shallow

Автор Robert Noll (Guffdiver) ( назад)
An idiot and his family soon to be departed.. Yer a yam head and a serious
risk to yer family for a fooken youtube video.. jerkoff

Автор whatifikilledyou ( назад)
gotta love a woman that can hold her beer between her legs whilst taking
care of the younguns, lol

Автор sycokid666 ( назад)
@urmomsboyfriend82 your comment was pretty funny , thats all i was really
looking at too!!

Автор redneckbassbusters ( назад)
Nice boat, good run but pretty retarded for havin the kids in there at that
speed in that kind of garb.

Автор radarbrew ( назад)
Wahahaha! "Slow dow.......WHACK"!

Автор ozzy oz ( назад)
put all the weight in the front so you plane out faster? smart man.

Автор drakesltd ( назад)
great vid

Автор theomnij ( назад)
That's Great! I have a 14' Grumman with 25Electric Merc! I get the same
response from my girlfriend!!!!

Автор uriantis22 ( назад)
should have knocked her off with one of those branches

Автор 🎣 FatBoy Dan's Great Outdoors 🎣 ( назад)
Looks like it runs good ●/ /▌ / \ FATBOY DAN Here

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