Pat Condell Finally Gets it on Israel


In the past Pat Condell, the famous YouTube commentator, while getting the Islam issue, was not pro-Israel and favored the delusion of a 'two-state solution' on the premise: "why can't the Jews and Arabs just get along?" For this reason we never posted his stuff. Well, Pat now gets the issue of the Arab-Israeli conflict correct and has figured it out correctly that it is about Jew-hate. Pat is an atheist (maybe he might change on this too some day), but has changed his mind about a 'two-state solution' and is now on the side of the Jews. Pat's commentaries are always politically incorrect and powerfully articulated. Share with those that also need to get it!

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Автор AD Europaberg ( назад)
western guilt?? there is not thing such that. our goverments are under
influence of oil.this explain a lot. you are bother too much of middle east
conflict imo. take focus on europa.

Автор griftrr ( назад)
Same goes with Pakistan and India regarding Kashmir.

Автор Steve Hughes ( назад)
why are you talking about the symptom and not the reason.

Автор L Kay ( назад)
He's right. I'm an Arab, A Muslim, and a Palestinian and I agree with them.
Kind off.
I agree with everything, except some. Here they are:

1) He is wrong in that 'Muslims hate Israel because it's a Jewish state'.
No sir, either it was Jewish or Christian or Atheist or even some terrorist
Muslim gang, the Muslims will hate it. Why? Because they have came and
killed and murdered to gain this land. Either you think they had the right
to do so or not, that is not the subject. These groups came in and decided
to gain land that they (Muslims) believe it did not belong to them, this is
why they hate Israel, not because of it's religion.

For example: ISIS gains lands in Syria and Iraq by killing the people there
and thinks it formed it's own state there, but all the Muslims hate them
(Even more than Israel), yet they, themselves claim to be Muslims. It's not
a matter of religion hatred as he tries to imply. And with that said, he
does not mention that the Jews also had hatred in their 'religion' since
it's them they thought 'God gave them this land, so they deserve to kill
for it'. Basically pushing his own Agenda.

2) He needs to read history because, Back centuries ago in the Western
Europe, Jews used to be treated very badly by the dominate Christian
countries, and most of the Jews traveled to the East where the Ottoman
Empire existed and there they lived a much more tolerate lifestyle. But
ofcourse, He won't mention that since he trying to push a certain agenda.

3) He's talking about the 'holocaust' as a very bad thing and the Arabs
wanting to 'wipe Israel from the map', but not mentioning the 'holocaust'
that Israel caused on the Palestinian people, and how the Jewish Zionists
wanted to 'Wipe Palestine from the map'. I get that he hates the Arabs so
much for what is happening in the recent years, but let's not forget none
of that would have existed if it was not for the British to come to the
Arab world and divide it to different countries, giving it Kings and
presidents that turn to dedicators.

The only problem with this guy is that I think he ignores so much facts
just to push his own agenda, and needs to read some history lol. but other
than that, I think he's right. Israel deserves to stay, There is no
removing Israel now. If the Arabs were really so very noble, they should
have fought the Zionist Jews back when the Jews was fighting. But only a
few Arab soldiers was sent to fight back, all the other country governments
were busy enjoying the power that England gave them.

There are people that grew up there now, kids that were born there, people
with memories with now. No matter what happened in the past, all that
should be forgotten about. I think first the Arab problem happening in the
recent years should be fixed, then later Hamas be fully removed from the
Palestinian 'Gaza', then the Gaza part just returns to be part of Egypt and
the West bank part of Jordan (giving it the name of 'Palestinian state')
and Everything in the Arab world returns back to normal (as a century ago)
making sure they stay in peace with the 'Jewish State'. A man can dream,
can't he? lol

Автор aaron benzaquen ( назад)
arafart didn't take the deal back in the days coz doing so means that he
would have ruin their whole plan to "wipe us off the map". they don't want
peace in matter of fact, all their intentions are to destroy israel (which
they say it out and loud) or at the least worst case scenario, to throw us
to the sea.
if you didn't acknowledge this till now means that you're neither a
complete brainwashed fool or just another hater!!!! GOD bless israel!
"the one who feel sorry for the brutes will end up being cruel to the poor"

Автор Albert Ebriani ( назад)
Pat is the only person that can truly write a new constitution for the U.N.
This man is beyond brilliant & I admire his bluntness on every subject that
exists! !

Автор mentalmistake ( назад)
The Talmud is just as horrible as the bible or quran if not even worse

Автор Michael Stewart ( назад)
100% dead right. I Can't add a thing. Except that the Arabs are their own
biggest enemy

Автор Maggie Jones ( назад)
It's OK to say Islamaphobia is our right, but dare say anything against the
Jews and we're anti-Semetic. What are you Pat, an atheist or a Jew/Zionist?
You won't even admit that the *Transfer Agreement* made between Hitler and
the British government was what saved thousands of Jews, and created the
Zionist state of Israel we have today.
Holocaust my arse and parsley, it was Hitler who bankrolled the first
Zionist state, and yet Judaism forbids it's very existence. Now the US and
the UK are still bankrolling Israel's occupation of Palestine and you
squeal like a pig when we cry out about the Holocaust of the Palestinian
people, the very same thing you say happened in Nazi Germany...
I could pick apart your ideals all day, but I'll leave you with this...
You can't have it both ways Pat, either your anti religion or your not, and
if you are a true Atheist, then why are you so determined to defend the
Just asking.

Автор gregl268 (36 лет назад)
or, perhaps, when the Muslims attacked the Jews in THREE WARS and got their
asses ROYALLY KICKED, well...maybe Allah was asleep when all that happened?

Автор gregl268 (334 года назад)
Pat is absolutely RIGHT. THINK IT THROUGH...the Muslims completely surround
Israel and outnumber the Jews by a large margin. If there really is an
allah, and he wanted the Muslims to defeat Israel, don't you think it would
have happened by NOW? Allah must be a TOTAL MORON if he can't produce a win
when he has the odds so totally stacked in his favor lol

Автор Neil Chapman ( назад)
By Eck this Pat Condell fella is a real Jew lover, in his eyes they can do
no wrong and they are perfect. His Muslim bashing is quite extraordinary to
boot. This guy needs to realise there is evil in all religions not just
Islam. Judaism and Christianity are nasty as well. I've come to realise all
religions are evil and self serving.

Автор Mary van Wijk ( назад)
I bet this moron gives satanyahu a blowjob every night or he dreams he want
to but satanyahu won't let him, that frustrates him, poor soul

Автор SlyFox .Anonymous ( назад)
Ohh poor israel...fuck you pat.You re always wrong when talking about the
fucking israel

Автор andrew domenitz ( назад)
Has anyone ever looked into where the Palestinians came from? The borders
of these alleged countries were set after WW! by treaties of the European
winners. We should look at he maps of hundreds if not thousands of years
ago to see I what's called Israel now is bigger or smaller than what was
before there was Palestine or Islam. I bet it might be a surprise.

Автор dakippins ( назад)
This man is a twisted , ignoramus

Автор Quicha Bchin ( назад)
Brilliant as always! Time to show Mr. Condell's videos in schools before it
is too late...

Автор daryl H ( назад)
codswallop !!! ... steal my land and i'd put a rocket up your ass, too

Автор Michael Graham ( назад)
Good on Muslim nastiness, botwag on the Jews. F*** you, Pat, you're
brilliant but the Jews are the most hated tribe in all human history, not
the Arabs. The Jews stole their world and f***ed up ours. And you are on
THEIR side.

Even the best are bought-and-paid-for.

P.S. I hate ISIS. I hate Muslim hate preachers and want 99% of the Muslims
removed from my country. This doesn't stop me sympathising with the

I have eyes to see the stone bl**ding obvious and an investigative nature
to discover what the powers-that-be would keep hidden.

You're too intelligent not to know what's actually happening in Israel,
Pat. AND what happened in the past. This makes a large part of you

The fact that you tell the WHOLE truth about some things does not excuse
your wagtail obeisance others.

Автор GravityBoy72 ( назад)
Judaism is the evil at the root of the other evil religions that came later.
Are you going to do a video about Judaism Pat?
According to Jewish folk law they originally took Palestine by use of
Any comment on that?

Автор horsefaceemily ( назад)
Pat you have no friends but jews ,you a lier and a zionist jew boy ,dont
waste you time take the jew money bribe and run will jew, O the westen
media all jewish so fuck jew.

Автор Benedict Xavier ( назад)
Pat, rightly said. How very true. The liberals of the world want to get on
to everything, thinking they have the right. The mess they have created

Автор Jesus christ ( назад)
This ass hole is full of lies, The day Israel was made they murdered by
bombing Arabs yet just like this ass hole would hide it & Israel has broken

Автор Todd Scott (326 лет назад)
Canada - the elder Dominion, so noble, so good - had our turd prime
minister Mackenzie King respond when Jews escaping just-prewar Germany
tried coming to Canada and the external affairs secretary asked "how many
Jews would be too many?" the turd said "One is too many." They were sent
back to Europe. It's believed every last one of them was murdered in the

Автор Hacker41822 ( назад)
Now we know your real face.

Автор john pepin ( назад)
Mo Ti said, "Why fight for a city when there is so much uncultivated land?"
With all the uncultivated land the Muslims control, why not allow the
Palestinians some?

Автор John Cahill ( назад)
Mr. Condell, Isn't discrimination Jehovah's idea (as in Biblical)?

Автор Angel Lane ( назад)
If only Palestine would of shared that land in the first place they
wouldn't have to be so butt sore as they are today.

Автор Poppa Large ( назад)
Ohh Patty Pat Pat.. Nobody tells the truth like you, sir.. Peace..

Автор padjr ( назад)
Individual Free Will (Judaism) is the Great Satan!
Islam is the theological version of The Final Solution. C'mon people?

Автор The Hanged Man ( назад)
Gas the kikes, race war now.

Автор xtrademolition ( назад)
So true 

Автор Baruch Cohen ( назад)

Автор cenkees ( назад)
Did you ever see a a Muslim turn into a Christen.
But i saw a lot christen People turn in to a MUSLIM AAAAAG what a pitty for
guys like you pat

Автор franko smith ( назад)
You're full shit Pat. I don't like them Allah-fuck-bar... Mo-ham-mad
bastards, any more than you do. But the Jews are a nation of slimy
despicable cunts. No one likes them, nor ever liked them... Why do you
think no body wanted them before Hitler started killing them? Because they
don't assimilate, just like these other bearded, women oppressing muslin
creeps. You should also mention the fact, that all these so-called
refugees, want to go to countries where they get free money = dowl and
housing benefit? I've travelled widely, and know, that If we went to their
countries, and dropped dead in the street, we'd be lucky to get picked up
and taken to the local rubbish dump to be eaten by the wild dogs. And
they'd still want paid - by someone - for taking you their.. I'd like
everyone of the phoney race and culture polluting shits, fucked-out,
including the Jews. But the English have little room to mouth off as
they've invaded and attempted to steal 80% of the land on the planet. I
know it's not the fault of the ordinary working class Brits, who lately
know little of their Imperial history, but perhaps Britain is reaping what
they sewed... I really must go and bugger my butler and have tea with the
Queen... You're, etc., The Duke of Edinburgh.

Автор toshir0m1 ( назад)
I'm beginning to believe that this is just a long troll ^^ But it's a bit
scary too, because I guess a lot of people don't know jack about
middle-east and will believe this is a real defendable opinion... *sigh*

Автор Joel Fry ( назад)
When you see a tank going up against a kid with a rock you know something's

Автор Senad Zeco ( назад)
Very funny people... Is that by design or you were just born stupid?

Автор Progress ( назад)
Pat seems that behind your covers there is a very bad person...

Автор Progress ( назад)
Pat what is wrong with you??? You say truth about immigration but why do
you protect jews??? Jews own the media, jews own the US congress, Jews own
the banks, and weapon industries... Jews generate wars in order to makes
the money flowing before the war and after the war to rebuilt everything...
Jewish Banks give loans! Pat are you one of them...???

Автор ls rocha ( назад)
Sooner or later, the truth will become apparent for those willing to see

Автор steve french ( назад)
Wow this guy is brainwashed.

Автор steve french ( назад)
Lol, this guy even looks like a pedophile.

Автор Erin West ( назад)
You nailed it again Pat Condell. When i lived in Damascus 20 years ago, I
met many who hated Israel but no one could tell me why. The hate is
generational. The younger generation didnt even know what they're fighting
about anymore.

Those in the Middle East overall need to take a good long honest look at
themselves and realise that one thing is the source of their troubles
overall, i.e. ISLAM. Without Islam, there's be no conquest, no wars, no
blood loss. Simples.

Автор Josefientje Newhouse ( назад)
Pat Condell speaks the truth and nothing but the truth. May The Lord bless

Автор Dave Stonehill ( назад)
Great, Pat!!!! You have a great sense of humor and you are very
knowledgeable of history!

Автор gxbmb ( назад)

Автор Senad Zeco ( назад)
Theres a bunch of Jewish kids in this thread who think that this senile old
fart is telling the truth. Is it strange then that the peace process cant
get a chance? Lets just hope there are also intelligent people over there
who actually know how to think with their own heads. 

Автор Khaled Bader ( назад)
this is a very misguided video, it seems that his knowledge of history of
the land begins in 1948, palestine was a province of the ottoman empire,
which was then invaded and placed under a mandate by British invader
forces, who allowed an influx of european jews to settle on the mandated
land, never the less the people who were already living on the land
objected to this, while also objected to being ruled by the british foreign
power and began a campaign against them, while also the same immigrants
from europe "european jews" began a campaign against both the british and
arabs to assert their own state, resulting in somewhat of a stalemate, then
the UN partitioned the land and the 48 war began and all the problems.
(very short explanation i know lol.)

then you had the 67 war and israel captured more land, and ever since then
has been entrenching further and further into palestinian lands.

prior to the mandate palestine had a very large jewish and christian
population living in harmony with one another.

and no muslims and arabs don't hate jews, historically we have had far
greater and better relations with jews than europeans, we had no part in
the holocaust and even have communities who lived for generations amongst
muslims, the hate engulfed the region generally as a result of israels
creation , Iran and morocco till this day have large jewish populations, so
your idea that we all hate jews is misguided, uneducated and uninformed .

you need to learn some history mate

Автор lumpfish99 ( назад)
The title of the video should be called "Israeli troll bullshitting"

Автор Offensive Madman ( назад)
I remember the days when i used to believe "palestine" should be "free",
then i'v seen who they really are, what they really want, and what they're
really doing. Then i'v learnt history, according to which, there's no such
thing as "Palestinian" as nationality.

Автор Paul Livermore ( назад)

Автор Senad Zeco ( назад)
Senile old fart. He actually has no clue what he is talking about. 

Автор flauwegeit ( назад)
and another thing that really irritates me is the way people need you to
take sides .. Just because I said this (read post below) doesn't mean I am
in favor of the jews, or any other nation. I don't want to take sides, I
want justice , freedom and respect. It seems I am the only one though ..
who has not chosen a side in this matter .. even Pat Condell is clearly on
one side of this conflict. Can anyone tell me why I need to take a side ?

Автор flauwegeit ( назад)
This really resonates with me, I think people do not conciously realise how
much they are in fact intimidated by the muslim religion and since they do
not want to come across as a racist or a biggot they say nothing, but that
really says it all doesn't it .. Why can muslims defend their rights but
the jews and gentiles can't , if they want to keep theire heads that is ..
We are frightened but tell ourselves we are respectfull, meek and tolerant.
But the truth is, we only need to pay respect to those that respect us in
return ! Even now as I am saying this I have trouble actually posting it,
out of fear I will be called a racist, but really, most of us are not
against muslims, or jews or anyone, but do we have the right to be against
abuse , supression, intimidation and violent censorship ? I think we do
have that right, think it over people,

Автор Senad Zeco ( назад)
I think the title should be : Pat Condell Finally Gets it in the ass. Never
heard so much bullshit in my entire life (sorry Bush, this guy beats you).

Автор Senad Zeco ( назад)
Palestinian cause a lie ? Jewish thugs stole "THEIR" land and now their
cause is a lie ? You are so ignorant that its beyond comprehension. Your
entire video is one fucking lie,you moron ! No wonder you dont have any
friends. Thats because you are a moron (in case you wonder why). But you
can always have your jewish friends.... They like morons like you ....

Автор Paul G ( назад)
Palestinians are pawns and dont even know it.

Автор Paul G ( назад)
Araf should have taken the deal when they were getting over 99% of their
pre1967 land back and Arafat refused at the last minute. Arafat knew that
in peace he was not relevant. It proves what you are saying.

Автор Senad Zeco ( назад)
Is this comedy? This man is very funny. His knowledge of history is
impressive. NOT.

Автор Jyotsna Gokhale ( назад)
As romantic as Lawrence Of Arabia (the film and legend, anyway) the
unfortunate consequence was letting the genie out in the process of
breaking up the enemy then, Turkey, as a play in The Great Game; the folly
was compounded exponentially by Brits in pushing of breaking up India for
shortsighted politics of cvontrol; US repeated the disastrous folly using
the broken off piece of India to do to Russia what was done to Turkey
earlier in the century. Now the genie is running amok and they have yet to

Slaughter cattle and kill the mocking bird, and your last houseguest is the
wolf you admired while you laughed at those that wept for the slain cattle.

Автор RingoOzzieZombie ( назад)
this man is a schmuck and i bet he is mossad or mi5

Автор ‫אריה ויצנברג‬‎ (1798 лет назад)

Автор Alana Ronald ( назад)
Pat has "gotten it" a long x ago. He's right on the $.

Автор Jim J Fox ( назад)
If the Muslims put down their weapons today there would be no more
If the Israelis put down their weapons today there would be no more Israel.

Автор Diana Dempsey ( назад)
I love this guy

Автор Sea Side ( назад)
JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli Sephardic leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef in his weekly
Saturday night sermon said that non-Jews exist to serve Jews.
“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the
world; only to serve the People of Israel,” he said during a public
discussion of what kind of work non-Jews are allowed to perform on Shabbat.
"Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap.
We will sit like an effendi and eat," he said to some laughter.


Автор Brendan o'connell (965 лет назад)
I love you Pat :) , keep going mate !

Автор Sea Side ( назад)
Meanwhile the "chosen ones" in the "promised land' are doing this:

A 70-year-old ultra-Orthodox woman found herself the target of a brutal
religious hate crime on Monday night, when four thugs broke into her home
and beat her up before leaving her handcuffed and bleeding.

"They were sent by the Modesty Patrol," the woman, S., told Yedioth
Ahronoth. "They told me, 'You are destroying the neighborhood with you
missionary teachings."

The thugs hit her repeatedly with a metal rod, breaking her right hand,
crushing her left leg and injuring her face. They used their cell phones to
document the attack, evidently to report back to those who sent them.


Автор Max F ( назад)
It is against the law in certain countries to question the holocaust. It's
Israel you can't criticise.
Unprovoked attack eh? Ah no. Go study your history. The Jews moved into
Palestine and massacred men women and children. And ever since, they have
attacked Palestinians with overwhelming force and the backing of the
Zionist-controlled US.
Do they fight back? Yes they do. With what? Home made rockets.
Anyone will fight back if they are oppressed. That is human nature. Nothing
to do with an ideology. They have a legal right to self-defence.
Jews and Arabs peacefully co-existed for centuries until the Zionist state
was founded illegally in 1948.
Jews view non-Jews as goyim, cattle. You are backing the wrong team Pat.
You are an evil, hateful man. You lost. You got it wrong.

Автор Julien Regnard ( назад)
the crime of the 2nd world war against the jews are not an excuse for what
israel is doing today

Автор Julien Regnard ( назад)
what on earth are you talking about dude?! Israel is the most racist state
on earth, it attacked the Arab country's first and it is still occupying
land it shouldn't. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israeli-occupied_territories
This state has no legitimity whatsoever, Israel has committed the worse
crime against the palestinain population, kidnaped and torture children on
a regular basis, has invade south lebanon, build illegal colonies, bomb the
shit out of the gaza strip, killed so many civilians. Israel is one of the
first weapon manufacturer on the planet, and a really agressive country
towards his neighboors. It would have been destroy a long time ago if the
US weren't supported them. Get your shit together man, I am ashamed for you

Автор Renate Baramy ( назад)
Every time I am tired of the world and things that are happening I listen
to something Pat Condell has to say and I start smiling. I, likeyou, Pat
don't like everything my government does but unfortunately they have been
voted in again. Peace seems even more far away than before and seeing that
I am 87 years old I don't think I shall live to see it happen and can only
hope that it will come one day so that my children and grandchildren can
enjoy it.

Автор michardav ( назад)
I wonder if people like him now realize how wrong they are with Netanyahu

Автор Don Carlino ( назад)
Guy is a COMPLETE liar. Claims the Arabs attacked Israel all those years
ago...but COMPLETELY ignores the fact that it was because Israel attacked
the Palestinians and took their land. He then goes on to say the Arabs want
the Jews in the sea and wants to wipe them off the map....when it is the
Palestinians living in ghettos and Palestine has already been wiped off the
map! the reason the Israeli occupation has lasted is because pro Zionists
hold high positions in the US and Britain. They have democratically
affected our freedoms by having such power over our countries. He talks
about terrorism yet it was Jewish gangs like the Stern gang who were
murdering the British in order to establish the State of Israel. Pat
Condell clearly supports this, so maybe he should pack his bags, get out of
my country and go and live there. 

Автор CARBIDE TV - The Machinist Channel ( назад)
God (Allah) Allah (God) has provided that 80 countries drop Hell Fire
Missiles on the Satanic hate filled terrorist called ISIS / ISIL to
enlighten the world to the fact that exterminating evil is required to
protect God's amazing individual human beings that try to make the world a
tolerant, understanding and peaceful place. Satan has a powerful grip on
those that consider false prophet and hatred as a religion.

Автор Will Scarlett ( назад)
Just another Neo-Zionist shill.

Автор Evening Buzz ( назад)
Amen. Thank you.

Listen, and understand. That terminator aka progressive liberalism is out
there, it cant be bargained with, it cant be reasoned with, it doesn't feel
pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop...EVER, until you
are dead!

Автор Leandro Benitez ( назад)
Palestine is a retarded country, but they are justified in being pissed
about a chunk of their land being taken over by another population, and
while i understand Israel necessity to ally itself to Murrica, the fact
that the most imperialistic nation of the world, one that has waged war and
plundered resources from Arabs for decades, has such a loyal ally next door
to them, is understandably a serious matter of concern to them

Автор Chicken ( назад)
This is a very politically correct video.

Автор Alexander Baron ( назад)
Total fantasy. Even Israeli historians have exposed this. As for mass
murder, obviously this idiot has never heard of Deir Yassin or the King
David Hotel. What a dickhead.

Автор HoubaBouba ( назад)
+Pat Condell Wow Mr Condell! You're just amazing!

Автор AgnosticProle ( назад)
I have no doubt that if the west bank became independent there would be
missiles launched from every spot on the border.

Автор David Boyd ( назад)
Pat Condell Finally Gets it on Israel: http://youtu.be/QuVx_7ER09Y

Автор YAHGlory ( назад)
Tiresome crybabies is right. There are all of those Arab countries around
Israel, and not just Arab but primarily or wholly Muslim and they won't
give their "own" a tract of land to call home. Figures. 

Автор Martin Reddy ( назад)
Well spoken.

Автор LowD9mil ( назад)

Автор John Somebody ( назад)
So he thinks Palestinians don't want peace, with a nation state which
depends on genocide, ( a legal term, Article 6 Rome Statute, International
Criminal Court), in order to E X I S T.
Just in case there are people out there who don't realise that Palestine
was never invaded by Palestinians, and that israhell could not exist,
without Palestine having been wiped off the map, by someone, where the
aggression comes from, can be identified by anyone seeing the above facts.

Автор Crystal Johnson ( назад)
On the money Pat...but you will become VERY unpopular, you know that! I
suspect you don't care overly much about that. In this Holocaust Memorial
week I think your comments are very fitting. Take care.

Автор James Justice ( назад)
Exactly how I feel...

Автор Arthur Madigan ( назад)
I beg to differ with you. Pat has ALWAYS been pro-Israel.

Автор TrueBlueEG8 ( назад)
Hmmm, Israel is not really the home of the jews, as it should be, it is
instead the home of the zionist, a kind of fiefdom if you will. The jewish
faith and jewish people come under so much negativity because of the
actions of the people who really control Israel. It is a sad state of

Автор incredibleXMan (1646 лет назад)
I've never heard so much nonsense on the Israel/Palestine conflict. I share
Pat's antipathy to Islam, and any other religion for that matter, but this
is just pure ignorance.

Автор zazszdzfzgzhzjzkzlzx ( назад)
I hope Israel and Islam obliterate each other in a massive, bloody war.

Автор Waldo Kohl ( назад)
The "Palestinians" are of Jewish decent forced to convert by the Turks.

Автор Waldo Kohl ( назад)
Bravo Bravo

Автор simon2 ( назад)
The arabs first came with the Muslim Conquest in 641AD. They then went on
to conquer North Africa and Spain. The Spanish regained their land in
1492; the Jews regained their land in 1948. Meanwhile the arabs INSISTED
(emphasis theirs) that they were not "Palestinian" but Syrians, Egyptians,
etc. They came to call themselves Southern Syrians until they decided to
change their minds and invent "Palestine" as a political construct with
which to fight Israel, and have admitted as such.

Автор Mark Dyer ( назад)
Since World War II Israel has been founded and built a viable tax-paying
economy. What have the Arabs achieved in that same time?

Автор antionette ( назад)
I absolutley agree with you .I wonder how these nut cases will feel when
the die and find out that God is Jesus Christ after all?? all that dying
like a myrtr when they could have been having a good time!

Автор gladys post ( назад)
You are the best. Why are you not better known? I am a fan, thanks for your

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