Pat Condell Finally Gets it on Israel


In the past Pat Condell, the famous YouTube commentator, while getting the Islam issue, was not pro-Israel and favored the delusion of a 'two-state solution' on the premise: "why can't the Jews and Arabs just get along?" For this reason we never posted his stuff. Well, Pat now gets the issue of the Arab-Israeli conflict correct and has figured it out correctly that it is about Jew-hate. Pat is an atheist (maybe he might change on this too some day), but has changed his mind about a 'two-state solution' and is now on the side of the Jews. Pat's commentaries are always politically incorrect and powerfully articulated. Share with those that also need to get it!

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Автор Imagineth ( назад)
If the muzzie world ever attacked Israel, every Jew would kill 5,000 of the
apes and not flinch. Not a single muzzie would be left and not a single
copy of the quran would be allowed to exist afterward. NOT ONE OF EITHER!
Then the Jews can continue to be of service to the world with their
innovations, discoveries, and love of progress, knowledge, understanding
and real wisdom.

The question is as simple as it gets. Would rather live in Israel under
Jewish rule or would you rather live in Palestine or Iraq or Saudi Arabia
or Iran, Pakistan or any other place ruled by Muslims?

If you answered the later. You're stupid, blind, or evil. Possibly all

Автор Ben Richards ( назад)
this guy is totally clueless

Автор 40RTY 7EVEN ( назад)
Once a comedian, always a comedian.

Автор Kenneth Watson ( назад)
Um, it's not a stain on their hearts. It's an applique. It's a
screen-printed logo. They put it there, they want it there and whenever it
fades (not that it ever does) they re-apply an even thicker coat.

Автор Kenneth Watson ( назад)
Better exploited than exploded but Fatah does both! Couldn't happen to a
more deserving gaggle of pukes, these 'Palestinians'.

Автор Kenneth Watson ( назад)
Do unto the Muslim as the Muslim does unto you. They'll be dead in a week.

Автор bill hanna ( назад)
ah i think you have it the wrong way around Pat,pity because some times
,not many you actually sounded like you had some balls but showing your
true self has lost me .

Автор Chris Williams (1790 лет назад)
One wonders what Condell bothers to read in preparation for this kind of
breathtakingly ill-informed rant. It would seem his only sources must be
the tabloid press and some of his old high school history books from what I
take to be the 1960s. Condell takes aim at what he says is Arab (and
Palestinian) hatred. But he doesn't pause to consider the simple fact that
such hatred as now exists - and clearly it is great - did not exist in the
19th century when Jews, Christians and Arabs lived in harmony in Palestine.
The source of Arab hatred needs to be understood as the consequence of
their dispossession and Zionism's ongoing brutality.

Condell insists that Muslims hate Jews as Jews and claims this is
foundational to the Koran! However, Mohammad, as is well documented,
elevated Jews along with Christians as people of the book, and forbid
violence against them both. In his brilliant historical works on the
history of the Jewish people and the history of Israel, Israeli academic
Shlomo Sand chronicles the long and often highly cooperative nature of the
relationship between Judaism and Islam. Condell would do well to read both
of Sand's books before further embarrassing himself by exposing his
extraordinary lack of knowledge.

Similarly, if he is the truth-seeker he really believes himself to be -
though I seriously doubt it as he seems far too fond of his own
self-righteousness - he might like to take another look at what actually
happened during WW2. He could start with 'Hitler's Revolution' by Richard
Tedor. I would also recommend Thomas Goodrich 'Hellstorm', Keith Lowe,
'Savage Continent', and James Bacque 'Other Losses' to get him started.

On the holocaust he might like to spend some time reading the works of
Auschwitz survivor and father of holocaust revisionism Paul Rassinier. The
famous work of Professor Arno Mayer 'Why Did the Skies Not Darken' would
also be edifying (he said in the late 80s that more Jews died from typhus
and allied bombing from any German perfidy). There is an absolutely library
load of holocaust revision works which have now totally destroyed the
victor's history myths and he would do well to look at some of them. The
leaders here are Germar Rudolf and Robert Faurisson. Perhaps the most
accessible of the revisionists works is the recent book by Englishman
Nicholas Kollerstrom 'Breaking the Spell: Myth and Reality of the
Holocaust'. There are many more but if these books don't shake the
foundations of his belief in what a wonderful country the Zionist entity is
then he is just thick between the ears. Before he bleats on about Jews and
the Nazis he also might also like to familiarize himself with Edwin Black's
book 'The Transfer Agreement', on the relationship between the Nazis and
the Zionists for the emigration of Jews to Palestine. It was written in
1983 so that is probably reasonable to consider that Condell might have
become aware of it. If he is determined to avoid reading books he could
look at the highly illuminating websites of Jewish intellectuals Paul
Eisen, Gilad Atzmon and Henry Makow.

But that Condell produced this long expectoration into the eye sockets of
dead Palestinian children after the bloody massacre of civilians in
Operation Cast Lead then I doubt that some books will sway someone not
swayed by the sight of children being burned by phosphorous weapons from
Israeli gun ships. Perhaps Operation Protective Edge in 2014 may have
subsequently reinforced his view that the Palestinians are just a bunch of
whingers - what's a couple of thousands civilians and 1800 homes, and more
worth getting upset about! If he missed that latest in a long line of
Zionist brutalities by the lovely Jewish state I recommend the work of an
enlightened Jew by the name of Max Blumenthal called 'The 51 Day War'.

Incidentally, if Condell truly reckons that the distinction between Jews
and Zionist Jews is just some fey pinko 'leftie' invention to hide our
deeper Satanic hatred of Jews for just being Jews perhaps he would also
like to read a fascinating book by Naeim Giladi’s which was banned in the
US and Israel: “Ben Gurion’s Scandals: How the Haganah and the Mossad
Eliminated Jews” (1992). (Condell will probably read some condemnation of
these books in the Jewish controlled media and declare such books are not
worth reading - that way he can remain smugly self-satisfied).

Condell reckons the hate comes from the Arabs. So what does he make of this
small selection of statements from members of the Israeli government:

* Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked openly endorsed genocide, calling “the
entire Palestinian people (Israel’s) enemy.” She demanded Palestinian
mothers be massacred to prevent them from giving birth to “little snakes.”
* Deputy Defence Minister, rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan called Palestinians “beasts.
They are not human.”
* Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely says all parts of historic
Palestine belong to Israel. “This land is ours” exclusively. “All of it is
* Defense Minister Ya’alon wants Gaza turned into an island, isolated,
besieged and surrounded on all sides by water.
* Education Minister Naftali Bennett approves of settlers shooting
Palestinians, and once notoriously bragged about “kill(ing) lots of Arabs
in my life. There’s no problem with that,” he said.

Or then there was Arnon Soffer, Professor of Geostrategy at Haifa
University and an influential figure in the preparation of Israeli military
doctrine under Sharon. In 2004 Soffa declared that: “We will tell the
Palestinians that if a single missile is fired over the fence, we will fire
ten in response. And women and children will be killed and houses will be
destroyed... when 2.5 million people live in a closed off Gaza, it’s going
to be a human catastrophe. Those people will be even bigger animals than
they are today, with the aid of an insane fundamentalist Islam. The
pressure at the border will be awful. It’s going to be a terrible war. So,
if we want to remain alive, we will have to kill and kill and kill. All day
, every day.” (ref: Max Blumenthal, pp.4-5)

This is the true nature of the Israeli state which Palestinians are
fighting, which Condell wants to defend. (In his hatred Soffer sounds just
like that other cuddly Jews Theodore Kaufmann Germany Must Perish and of
course the notorious hater Ilya Ehrenberg. One wonders if Condell has ever
heard of either of these two cuddly Jews. I leave him as a truth-seeker to
look them up!)

Condell of course has swallowed the Zionist Koolaid on the so-called
Israeli offers of peace which he claims the Palestinians have rejected. The
falseness and bad faith of these claims were totally exposed by the late Dr
Tanya Reinhardt (another brave Israeli Jewish academic) and by notable
academics and IDF veterans such as Oxford Professor Avi Shlaim. But just in
case he didn't manage to read either of what these two eminent Israeli
Jewish academics had to say, Sharon's Chief of Staff Dov Weinglass had this
to say about their withdrawal of Israeli settler homes from Gaza planned
for 2005 was announced in October 2004: “the significance of the
disengagement plan is the freezing of the peace process... When you freeze
that process, you prevent a discussion of the refugees, the borders and
Jerusalem. Effectively, this whole package called the Palestinian state,
with all that it entails has been removed indefinitely from our agenda.”
(See Ha'aretz).

Condell and I would be about the same age. I used to believe a lot of the
crap he so fervently believes in until quite recently but I took the time
to really challenge my world view by sitting down and doing the reading to
see what the truth of the situation really was. Clearly, people like him
and me were massively hood-winked by mainstream media propaganda from an
early age. The difference between him and me however, is Condell is so
profoundly convinced of his own genius that he has made himself a
monumental fool for the whole world to see in these videos. What a total

Автор Edward Payne ( назад)
There were Christians who died with out seeing the prophecies of YAHWEH
God, the God of Israel returning Israel to their ancient homeland that God
Himself gave to the Jewish people and there were those who would tell their
sons and daughters before they died to watch for the day that when God
restores His people Israel back to their homeland.And in 1948 in a day, as
scripture say, Israel became a nation, not only did He promise to bring
them back but that He would rebuild the ruined cities and replenish the
wasteland and turned Israel into and eden and in less that 70 yrs. Israel
is a super-power. And the Jewish Israeli people are still coming home from
all over the and Israel needs all of the west bank to build settlements for
a growing population, and the arabs recently renamed palestinians should
still be absorbed back into their arab nations of origin, mostly jordan
because that is where most of them come from.

Автор Edward Payne ( назад)
Pat does not just the existence of Israel proves that it is only by God
grace that Israel is a nation today, since Israel was scattered through
many nations they have been treated as the dredges of the earth, the Jewish
people were put through every adjective of horror and genocide and by all
and what they have suffered by the nations they were scattered to they
should not even exist today. You would say, if they were Gods people where
was He during this time and the fact that any survived shows He was there,
and there is a high price to pay for a low style of living, and it was
Israel that rejected God , not the other way around.But in over 50
prophecies in the old and new testaments YAHWEH God said He would gather
them back to the land that He gave to them and cause them to prosper and in
under 70 yrs. what Israel has done by Gods blessing is miraculous.

Автор Jaqen H'ghar ( назад)
Pat is very wise.

Автор danigelis ( назад)
This guy is fascinating. I've never seen someone so shamelessly slam Arabs
and Palestinians for the exact same things the Israelis are guilty of.
Whether he is delusional or on the AIPAC payroll is unclear, but for anyone
actually interested in the situation in the Occupied Territories, do your
own research.

Автор Edward Payne ( назад)
If Israel gave half of the land that they have today to the arabs recently
re-named palestinians within weeks the terrorist would take it over and
start trying to destroy Israel from their new position, islam does not want
peace with Israel, they do not want to be friends or have trade relations,
they hate Israel as much as satan hates Jesus and he hates the Jewish
nation because he was defeated by a Jewish person who died for the
salvation of the world, and the unholy coran is his book and islam is his
people. that why I tell muslims to run from islam to Jesus He loves you and
died so that you may live, for He is humble and full of love, mercy and
compassion, and if mohamud could speak from hell he would tell the same
thing to every muslim.

Автор Edward Payne ( назад)
Of course you get it and the rest of the world might if they would pull
their heads out of islams ass long enough to take a good look around. Pat
do you have a bible because God has you imprisoned today.

Автор Thomas Kelly ( назад)
a typical brit how can this thing say any different as his nation raped
plundered for a thousand years so say anything different would make him
look at himself and his nation's crimes and terrorism an only then would he
speak the truth

Автор Sam Awada ( назад)
fuck you and isreal along with isis saudia arabia zionism and katar...pat
condom you look like your mother was fucked by a jackass

Автор Mike Toast ( назад)
Pat is absolutely correct, I read the Arabic press and TV on www.memri.org.
We are Kafir to them (Islamists) and until people understand and get this
properly we aren't going to deal with them and their ideology. Thank you
Pat, more strength to your arm (and Voice).

Автор Kacey ( назад)
I feel sorry for Israel. They are surrounded by nothing but hateful
Muslims. Compare Israel with the surrounding Muslim lands and see the
difference between the two. The people of Israel are mostly peaceful,
Muslims are blowing themselves up left and right, throwing stones,
beheading their own people. Islam is a cancer.

Автор Jen The Blue ( назад)
Spot on Pat C. 100% true.

Автор Barry Jones ( назад)
Pat Condell has let his understandable hatered of Islam get in the way of
how evil and corrupt Israel and jews are.
Israel treats its neighbours as garbage and attacks them for no good reason.
Pat is a great speaker but he is out of his league here.

Автор Mike Miller ( назад)
like you have friends .

Автор Peter Dejong ( назад)
when is there ever any critisism of isreal in the media? inever see
any,espspecially when the media is owned by zionists in the u.s and u.k.
the right wing warmongerers in the us who are dual isreali and u.s
citizens,are responsible for the invasion of iraq,afighanistan,libya ,egypt
and syria,its isreal who dosnt want peace.why hasnt isis atta cked
isreal,youd think that would be at the top of thier list.mossad has been
fomenting strife in the mideast since 1947.they fund trained and armed
isis.and they use false flags,like the attack on the u.s liberty,where the
isrealis killed u.s soldiers,in a botched attempt to blame muslims for it.
and the u.s did nothing,because thier government is bought and paid for by
aipac,the jewish lobby,that controls the u.s government,as betty thomas the
vetern news journalist who was fired,after she critizized isreal,said "Get
the hell out of palistine!" and why is it that isreal dosnt have to abide
by international law when it comes to nuclear arms? no one knows how many
warheads they have cause they wont allow u.n inspections,that fits the
description of a terrorist,rouge state ,yet they threaten iran ,when they
try to develop any bombs,the total military power of isreal probably
outnumbers the rest of thier enemies combined,by 10 to 1,all provided to
them by the u.s at bargaian basement prices,or should i say provided by the
u.s taxpayer.

Автор divvy1400yam600 ( назад)
The POV expressed here represents Condell's confusion.
You claim to be an atheist so it is not possible that God gave Jews title
to the land they now control

Israel has been involved in terrorism since at least the 1920's.
A state was unjustly undemocratically declared and amazingly Israel
survived the following onslaught of the Arab attack
Had they shown any sign of losing the USA would have intervened and then
depending on the Soviet Union's response anything up to WW3 could have

Since then Israel has used varying levels of terrorism, including pre
emptive strikes against Egypt/Syria and the extraordinary 'mistake' of
trying to sink a USA ship to oppose/suppress legitimate violent Arab
responses to the 1940's land grab.

Condell, I am as implacably opposed to Islam as are you.
I recognise that Islam is slowly gaining major influence in Europe by
invitation as you fail to recognise the Jews ,by force, gained control in

None of the above is antisemitic since both Arabs and Jews are Semites.
Ashkenazi antecedence has been seriously challenged,
I do not see a peacefull solution to the ME problem.

Автор SHPOON SEHRAI ( назад)
where did these Israel came from...???

Автор James Garland ( назад)
Insane jealousy always leads to insanity.

Автор pederman15 ( назад)
pat you dont know shit

Автор Andres Gonzales ( назад)
Arafat should've taken the deal but didn't and the Pals have been getting
their asses kicked ever since.

His problem.

Автор ArseneLupin2009 ( назад)
well said

Автор doodlefisher234 ( назад)
Pat, when you protest with people from UKIP, you know you're going to be in
the company of racists. Do you think that's a coincidence?

Автор doodlefisher234 ( назад)
A member of Fatah doesn't represent THE ENTIRE PALESTINIAN POPULATION.

Автор David Iain Craig ( назад)
Spot on - I've been shocking my my friends with this point of view for some
time now.

Автор Lewis Clark ( назад)
I like this guy. He's a straight shooter.

Автор logiclaw ( назад)
kaput religion , logic is coming

Автор Robel Teklu ( назад)
You are really pathetic I must say. You don't have the moral authority to
speak about Human rights and justice. Why? because it was your anstosters
who created rivers of blood killing the native peopel of the world left to
right. I find it remarkable that peopel of your kind have the audosity to
speak about Human rights and peace especially in respect to the
Israel/conflict. You know where you and your Jewish friends should be, in
the constrantion camps where you belong.

Автор delazzuro ( назад)
"The religion of peace that no one has ever seen in action"....lol!!!!! how
very true!

Автор cmarek1989 ( назад)
Palestina has recieved so much money they cold cover the whole "palestina"
in 10m layer of hardened concrete. Build infrastructures, hospitals,
football fields...etc....what they did was buy more and more weapons and
kept attacking Israel.... And of course they fire their missiles from
hospitals and public places so the Israel retaliation hits the civilians
and they cry to UN (leader is Saudi arabia LOL) and Israel gets blame like

How can someone be so stupid to support Palestina which is not even state?

Автор M245475SH ( назад)
How can one man know the answer to so many things? It's almost as if he was
that boring racist cunt in the pub with no mates.

Автор pointyfinger ( назад)
So to have gangs of Isreali children in mobs attacking Palestinian kids
with sticks to enrage parents so they have the excuse to call in troops and
annexing Palestinian territory peace meal and driving Palestinian Arabs out
of their own homes to build there Kibbutz is ok then Pat?….I knew someone
who went there at the beginning of the Kibbutz programme to help build them
and then came back to to tell …..'You don't know what it's really
like!"……Go there Pat!….Eh!

Автор logiclaw ( назад)
fuck palestine and israel,we need logic only

Автор Derek Larkin ( назад)
Love this Guy! Speaking the TRUTH!

Автор Carlos B ( назад)
Arab hate of Jews will not be changed by giving Palestinians land. Oh, when
they gave Gaza to them. What happened? Another bomb launching pad!

Автор Mehdi mohammadi ( назад)
hate face

Автор wafaa Naser ( назад)
you're hatred ,filthy racist , the Jews are the ones who teach their
children to killl , hate Arabs , you no nothing but what your evil zionist
friends or media is telling you ,just be brave and go their to west bank or
Gaza and see things on real ...

Автор George Kennedy ( назад)
Wow so much hatred and misinterpretation, people picking up on the one part
of history they know about or care about and fighting blindly. The reality
is that organised religion is at the root of most problems in the world
today, it's what separates us and allows people to justify their own
bigotry. From the Catholic Church in South America to the Christian
missionaries allowing the spread of aids in Africa by discouraging
contraception. People picking on homosexuals when every married man has
wanted to stick it in his wife's ass. People who read a book, any book and
believe it, hatred.ignorance and intolerance is the problem and these
things are encouraged and nourished by organised religion.

Автор cafee lattee latisha ( назад)
So the Jews can reclaim a land after 2000 years but Hitler "had to be
stopped" because he asked for a land, with a majority German population,
after 30 years?

Автор Dannylicious Danwell ( назад)
Jews need to abandon Israel and their religion. Hasn't the holocaust as
well as all the suffering heaped upon Jews in the past 5500 or so years
proved that if there is a god then he other doesn't give a damn about Jews
(or any other people), or is powerless to do anything regardless of how
he/she feels, or he/she absolutely hates Jews?

We live in the 21st century. We can fly, live extremely long lives, move
around the world in a matter of hours, communicate almost instantaneously
with each other no matter where we are.

Why, in this modern enlightened time, are we still believing in a sky
fairy, whose religious books (torah/bible/koran) mandate slavery, death for
witchraft, murder in the name of religion, murder for having different
religious beliefs or not following that particular religion's beliefs,
murder of a child who hits or curses their parents, etc etc etc

Автор Guitarsam Tiddy ( назад)
You cannot tell me you have changed your opinion somewhat, i think it was
just mentioned to further your argument. Your points are too one-sided and
obviously biased. Both sides are riddled with hatred and intolerance mixed,
with deluded self righteousness, sound familiar Mr Condell? Let us say i
lived back in the late 1940's and because of the terrible injustice that
had befallen me was allocated my religious promised land. But this land
already belonged to others and, they were displaced to make way for me with
quite a forceful hand. As time passed by with the generations the story of
the injustice is repeated, now bequeathed by those who once suffered of it.
Like the bullied boy who grew up unhappy and became the bully himself. This
is the fact of it, without ranting, Mr Condell. Wa-Alaikum-Salaam.

Автор Slavko Vukic ( назад)
You stand for the Sweden is honorable I must say. Jews are those who are
behind the moslem INVASION , if you don't see it YOU are moron !!! The
whole EU parliament is run by jew devils. Do you know that in EU parliament
is one special 120 members ONLY jew parliament a control commission to
destroy Europe. The jews control the immigration to England and whole
europe. JEWS control the Suni moslem , because the so call Saudi Royal
kingdom is F****g jewish to the core. Why is IsraHELL never been attack by
ISIS or Egypt or any F***g moslem mules, because they control the mules.
Only IDIOTS can't see that behind this moslem invasion is a jew. Queen
Issabela of Spain throw the jews our of spain because they did same thing
there in 1492. Why were jews thrown out of England and 109 countries in
Europe for last 2000 years !!! Wake up MORON !!!!

Автор Elle Morgan ( назад)
I'm going to be fair. Ok, let's start from the beginning. Israel was indeed
Jewish land. God-given, as history tells us. A couple of times they lost it
to other nations(Babylon/Rome etc) roundabout due to disobedience of God's
laws. Now years later,they reclaim it as their homeland. As a fair-minded
person, I'd be a bit peeved too if someone just came into my land I'd owned
for generations. BUT.. Israel is here to stay. So the Palestinians need to
accept this and move forward. Hamas and Arab countries are the ones stoking
the fire continually. Pat's right. It's a charade, and they don't care
about Palestinian lives really. Islam is very good at making ordinary Arab
lives miserable.

Автор HanikSheli ( назад)
This is actually spot on. The Arabs are cashing in the world's ignorance
and shallowness to deliver a half fabricated story in attempt to eliminate
Israel. This is why they compromised NOTHING to date. They use the word
"occupation" referring to the ENTIRE Israel, not just the "territories".
Check it out for yourself.

Автор Mark ( назад)
shaddup pat, ya withered ol' windbag.

Автор roynexus6 ( назад)
Defeat IslamoNAZIS. Defeat Jihad.
Stand with Israel.

Автор polishranger ( назад)
Don't other Arabs hate Palestinians? After 1948 Palestinian refugees
settled in other Arab countries and till this day neither they, or their
children, their grandchildren or now even great grandchildren were given
citizenships of that country. Yes, you could be a "Palestinian" born in
Saudi Arabia, UAE etc. of a father born in that Arab country of a
grandfather born in that country and you still would not be given the

Автор Aman Dhendsa ( назад)
Long live Jews. Only Jews know the surviving skills and they will last till
the Earth last.

Автор ProQuip Engineering Sales ( назад)
Pat you are right about a lot of things, BUT ON THIS YOU ARE SIMPLY WRONG.

Автор aswan korula ( назад)
what israeli concessions?

Автор Vincent Jones ( назад)
No matter how you pro-Israel people stir it, fry it, flip it, or mix it,
those Jews that are currently occupying Palestine are fake.
Ashkenazi/Khazarians are not the real Jews of the Bible. "You will never be
able to live here in peace because you left here black and came back
white" Gamal A. Nasser (1952)

Автор Clogh1 ( назад)
This boy looks rattled - like he's on the edge of a breakdown

Автор DucksDeLucks ( назад)
Condell has probably stuffed himself with shallow popular history written
by partisans. If he actually studies the historical process beginning from
before WWI reading serious writers from all sides he would see that his
narrative is skewed. I wonder what his position was on the IRA and the
history of Ireland and England.

Автор Angelo Trikoyias ( назад)
this dude just lied about Hitler and the Palestinian King agreeing to the
final solution.. There is no document or any sort of proof that Hitler gave
a single order of the final solution. So he just lied.. Britain owned
Palestine at that time.. Also Hitler gave the Jews free passage to Israel..
what the fuck is this dude talking about. He just twisted the shit out of
history.. Not cool.. we know multiculturalism is no good for Europe.. But
he does not have to lie.. he has the truth on his side

Автор syed aryan ( назад)
Wat u believe is not reality... I believe ur wife and daughter are getting
fucked by your black neighbour bbc... First take care of them.. Of late u
must have noticed ur wife's pussy a bit loose, it's the black guy next
door. And please take care of ur collie dog, ur daughter is getting fucked
by it... That's what I believe...

Автор wil p ( назад)
This guy missed a few bits of valuable information. Israel was created
after WW2. Taking Palestinians from their home and into the worlds largest
concentration camp in the world. If I was Palestinian I would resent the
jews for doing this to me and my people. Sorry Pat Condell but maybe
discuss these topics with people that have done some research on the
matter. Thank You

Автор Abdulraheem Alfahim ( назад)

Автор ceilingsandfloors ( назад)
Yes even crazy fundamentalists like Walid Shoebat are forgiving of vehement
atheists when they otherwise share their right wing views. This is the same
seemingly freedom loving guy who is responsible for the upbringing of Ted
Shoebat, quite possibly the nuttiest, deranged and potentially dangerous
christian (I wouldn't be suprised if he pulled a Breivik one of these days)
I have encountered on the internet. Islamic extremism never left the
Shoebat clan. The only difference is they switched religion....and kept all
the crazy extremism.

Автор truthhurts101 ( назад)
If you're born and bred in poverty, surely you'd look to 'god'. If that's
all you got. We, as humans invented that dung. But it isn't about who
lives there, it's about territory. We, as westerners shouldn't have to
believe in either our or our silly books. Surely it's time to grow up and
realise what we're doing to the natural world. (Hamsters come from Syria.)

Автор smootskin ( назад)
Bibi just said what Patt said 4 years ago about the Mufti & Hitler, and
people are bashing Bibi for it

Автор Elke Summer ( назад)
Mr.Condell, I think you're READY to TAKE ON POLITICS yourself. Register as
an MP, invite your 500K followers to sign your application, and GO WITH
IT.... Israel needs more RATIONAL LEADERS like YOU!!!

Автор Mali Zeus (1130 лет назад)
and it's funny this guy is talking about hatred and peace. Oh the irony.

Автор Mali Zeus (1259 лет назад)
Ah poor Israel. This guy is a comedian definitely. Loved the part about how
Israel is making concessions. Concessions like settlements in west bank.

Автор Gwaredd Thomas ( назад)
This bloke is a bloody Jew loving idiot.

Автор Muhd. Tanvir Khan ( назад)
from where has he got so much knowledge about the issue??? May be he reads
too much of Israeli comic books....😂😂😂😂

Автор drummanx1 (486 лет назад)
Pat, I've already said islam is not a religion, its a doctrinate. until we
have the guts to ban it we will be lumbered with muslims telling us what
they want.

Автор NEOGEO1966 ( назад)
Israel stole land
Israel killed 2 british soldiers Israel uses british passports to commit
murder. Pat is a MORON

Автор NEOGEO1966 ( назад)

Автор NEOGEO1966 ( назад)

Автор Newt Nicton ( назад)
Yet again Mr Condell tells it how it is. The truth.

Автор ffreak ( назад)
i think you're missing the points that matter, people are getting killed in
no huamain way.. just be true to your self donot be a saddist zionist.

Автор Mal Boyce ( назад)
palestine was named by the romans ... Israel is Palestine is Israel is

Автор Rob Ettey ( назад)
spot on

Автор AmazighStarNet. ( назад)
The palestinians are victims of a true holocaust and you my friend are for
it congratulations king Leopold 2 couldn,t have said it better.
And the real fairy tale is the holohaux of 6.000.000 jews wich is nothing
more then a blatant lie and a zionist swindle,in fact 300.000 jews and NOT
6.000.000 died in nazi occupied europe so cut the bullshit ok.

Автор courag1 ( назад)
I'm glad Shoebat posted this, maybe there is hope that if he can see this
he can open his eyes a bit wider and wonder why the Vatican had been buying
up land like there is no tomorrow in Israel. Shoebat wants to prove that
the Catholic church is not the whore of Revelation but he ignores the
obvious. When Catholics throw the Jews off the temple mount, how is that
any different or better?

Pope Francis has opened up Europe to open jihad invasion via migration but
migration jihad is in the Koran and Shoebat should know and who is
pandering to this, but Pope Francis himself, he is enabling Islam to do
this, he is the New World Islamic Order or are you not awake yet?!?

Hello, Shoebat, are you deaf, dumb and blind or has worshipping Mary
short-circuited your brain. When will you wake up!

The Catholic church carried out pogroms against the Jews century after
century and even Hitler said he was only doing what he saw the Catholic
church doing and after all, most people know those facts. The Catholic
church cannot prove this wrong, it is written in all the history books.

Whether you have a genocide by Muslims or a genocide by Catholics, it is
all the same, a lot of dead people. If you do evil, God will judge you no
matter how you label it. Cheering for evil... how does that make you good?

Jesus Christ is not about killing the Jews so if you aren't wanting to be
on the list of who He will throw in the pit, you better realize that the
one holding Islam's vicious dog chain is the Vatican and has always been
the Vatican.

Автор crusty old fart ( назад)
get the jews and arabs to wipe each other out, only then there will be
world peace

Автор Zvi Benari ( назад)
Pat - you are GAINING friends. Me for one !

Автор BYJOB ( назад)
Pat doesn't get it. Calling them Palestinians is not just a lie, its a
covert genocide attack. And its not a 2-state but a 3-state. Get it now?

Автор Asher Solomon ( назад)
I wish more of the civilized world would express themselves as well as you

Автор renegadebiker24 ( назад)
+Walid Shoebat , Who attacked the USS Liberty? Answer: Zionist Israeli
Government. Who attacked and killed 34 American sailors, and wounded over
100+ sailors in 1967? Answer: Zionist Israeli Government. Who used napalm
and white phosphorus and torpedoed the boat and strafed and machine gunned
lifeboats on the USS Liberty? Answer: Zionist Israeli Government. What
religion uses the Talmud to justify raping of 3 year old boys and girls?
Answer: Zionism. What religion uses the Talmud to justify stealing from
Gentiles? Answer: Zionism. What religion thinks Jesus is "Burning in hell
with hot excrement"? Answer: Zionist Israeli Government. What religion is
tantamount to practicing an ethnic cleansing that Adolf Hitler did? Answer:
Zionism!! Who needs to be punished for hate crimes, war crimes, and ethnic
cleansing as well as being an apartheid state? Answer: Zionist Israeli
Government. Who refuses to admit that they are a bigoted, racist, apartheid
state that refuses to give any concessions for peace in exchange for the
dismantling of the illegal building of settlements in the West Bank and
Gaza Strip to this day? Answer: Zionist Israeli Government. Who is behind
the lack of security leading up to 9/11? Answer: Zionist Israeli
Government. Who wanted and wants to see the USA fight their proxy wars for
them while they fund it at the cost of thousands of American lives for the
"Greater Israeli Project"? Answer: Zionist Israeli Government. Who does not
care about Peace in the Middle East? Answer: Zionist Israeli Government.
See a pattern here +Walid Shoebat ?

Автор phonic0photon ( назад)
YOU'RE A FUCKING CUNT. Hate filled cock head. Bet you love sucking cut
Jewish cock. Everything you say about ISRAEL is THEIR propaganda and a
LIE/FALLACY. What's the bet you have never been to Occupied Palestine or
MAXWELL IGAN would wipe floor with you and your perspective on this.

Автор crusty old fart ( назад)
I don't want to see Israel destroyed. I want to see all the jews in America
move there. I don't care for muslims, but I'd rather have them here instead
of jews.

Автор vitalalive69 (1641 год назад)
Pat Condell is as intolerant as he accuses religious people to be !

Автор Stephen Dennis ( назад)
You claim to be Christian and you say you haven't been posting this godless
man's videos because he was against Israel, but you have no qualms about
posting them now that he is for Israel even thought he has such videos as
"The great Jesus swindle," and "The trouble with Christianity", "The
arrogance of clergy", "Is Satan Catholic", and many more, some I can't
bring myself to name because of his blasphemous hatred for Our Lord and His
Church. Your loyalty apparently belongs to Israel, not Jesus. Shame on you.
I saw you are claiming the Antichrist will be Muslim. I guess that must
make you popular with the Fundamentalist Protestants, lots of money there.
But no, according to the Fathers of the Church, he will be a Jew.

Автор Richard Lacker ( назад)
everything you said was right. thank you very much

Автор xXV1tal3Xx ( назад)
this analysis is grossly ignorant of the history of Israels birth and the
evolution of conflict in the region and its place in the evolution of
humanity on earth . peace doesn't suit either of the proponents of conflict
on either side, there is circular violence and hatred between both sides
and adversely there are many peace seekers on either side, evidently there
is a severe level of group think and cultural indoctrination in many of the
communities around the region, again on either side. in my opinion it can
be adequately proven that every entity or arbitrary grouping of entities on
earth exists only by virtue of a perceptual narrative, such narratives
exist in what i will (admittedly lazily) call a continuum of approximation
that ranges from being respective of the evidence of natural law, to being
devoid of an alignment and respect of natural law/the weight of evidence,
to grater or lesser degrees of ignorance such divided entities (naturally
or arbitrarily) remain maladjusted when it comes to conflict resolution,
and coherence in operating systems. ones attitude towards a given Issue is
more significant in the determination of the degree in which a solution is
effective than the particular issue this is because, this is because we
don't not know everything, reality is dynamic and with respect to causality
in many cases, counter intuitive. it really isn't a question of "which side
is in the wrong?", its more a case of, "all parties involved are
maladjusted, but to what degree to what degree? and to what degree/by what
means can it be solved?

Автор Mal Boyce ( назад)
Good onya mate - about time

Автор 33 Blades ( назад)
That opening line about the Palestinians being the biggest crybabies with a
bogus cause that's entirely self inflicted shows the level of absolute
ignorance never seen before . Perhaps the next time Israeli Defence (cough)
force go on another murderous bombing campaign we could arrange for you to
be there ? in Gazza that is , so while innocent children are being blown to
pieces you can rethink your entire position.

Автор bugisami ( назад)
The Jews stole land that was NEVER theirs, and murdered tens of thousands
of people to get it. They SHOULD be driven into the sea.

Автор bullviii ( назад)
Here, here,
Mr Condell, well said and thank you for that refreshing bit of truth and
a standing ovation from me to you....

Автор T Green ( назад)
I see that nearly all the comments on here have much to commend them, as
they are close to the truth on many of the dimensions of the problem! But
nearly all of them miss the salient point, that is driving all the madness
in the world! Over population. It is no accident that during the past
seventy years that the most prosperous and least troubled countries, are
those that have exercised family planing so their nations population is
sustainable with its food production hosing needs and environmental wild
spaces, for them to enjoy. The big problem is that Muslims breed like
vermin as seen with their massive families because they have this mad
global agenda called Islam and truly believe that they can breed out and
overwhelm all other nations. After all if you cannot win over the white
peoples to Sharia Law and accept the tenants of Islam then breed a bias
populace that will already by birth be Muslim in nature. That is the real
problem and now of course we see the Africans who have their brains firmly
planted in their trousers trying to cash in on the flow of immigrants all
desperate to flood the white races out. It population people that's the
major problem today. Non of this would have occurred had these races just
after having a couple of kinds per family, had stuck a condom over their
dongs. It is such a simple solution but shows they haven't the brains even
for this? So if misery to themselves comes as a result then its of their
own making. I know of Christian Aid workers who are say population is the
biggest stumbling block for progress and are pulling their hair out, trying
to change the situation.

Автор Love Life ( назад)
I see his point, but if the Muslim refugees arriving in Europe were to
offer Pat a 99% deal of something after landing here, would Pat take up the
deal or would he behave in exactly like the same way as the Palestinians
now behave in bottling up resentment over a few decades, letting it simmer
on a slow back- burner, til suddenly something awful possibly happens in
Europe, sadly a possible clash of civilisations i.e. race wars?

Автор bluchocolate123 ( назад)
It's pronounced Jews not palestinians.

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