9 Homophones -- Commonly confused words in English

http://www.engvid.com/ Homophones are words that sound the same, but mean different things. There are a lot of these in English, and they can be very confusing. In this lesson, I go over nine common sets of homophones. Free quiz on this class at http://www.engvid.com/9-common-homonyms/

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Автор hany ahmed ( назад)
I love you Ronnie and your lessons are super beautiful and helpful thank you.

Автор El Lise ( назад)
im confuse. Do clothes and close are homophones? In Philippines they sound differently!

Автор leizel supatan ( назад)
thanks for your help!!!!!!!

Автор nawel Bejaia ( назад)
thank you

Автор Antonio Maciel ( назад)
cereal, serial, Syria???

Автор AlphaBluehd ( назад)
What about heir?

Автор onurbeiros ( назад)
Sense = cents? So in the word "sente" we pronunce it as if it was an "TS" at the end? Even if the letter "T" doesn't exist in this word?

Автор Sternegarten ( назад)
Super useful! Thanks a lot!

Автор Nguyễn Nhật Minh ( назад)
thank you about your learn

Автор Clear Note ( назад)
Still steal steel

Автор pure love now you know ( назад)
i like you

Автор Đình Nam Phạm ( назад)
Thank you very much !!

Автор Sher Baz Khan ( назад)
Happy new year Ronnie. May god bless you and your loved ones.

Автор Andrew Briggs ( назад)
Battery is also used in Britain

Автор tgchan ( назад)
Cheque is a British word too. Clothes is not pronounced same as close (in British) + homonym and homophone are two different things...

Автор Dolly H. ( назад)
mail and male

Автор george ( назад)
Very good! Don't understand why some people gave down vote.

Автор BRONKS Crispim ( назад)
Hello Ronnie! What about "WAIT" and "WEIGHT" like... I was waiting for my sister while she was losing some weight on the treadmill... They are exactely the same, aren´t they? thks...

Автор Liliana García-González ( назад)
"Cheque" -Canadian and Spanish spelling and meaning is the same!! ;D

Автор Serena Rodriguez ( назад)
Can you see the sea?

Автор Alma6est ( назад)
i was always taught to pronounce "clothes" or any other word with "TH" with the tongue between the teeth. Is this technique correct?

Автор Moataz Seada ( назад)
[ Clothes, Clothe, cloths ]

Welcome to English dilemma!
Could anyone explain the difference between those 3 words, please ?!
I was taught to pronounce clothes like there is no ( -he-) = clot.s !

Автор acajudi100 ( назад)
Thank you so much!

Автор acajudi100 ( назад)
homo means the same.

Автор TyHound ( назад)
Cheque is also in England, where english originated from

Автор TyHound ( назад)
What is a check mark?

Автор Latasha Williams ( назад)
Thank You I Have A Home phone Test On Friday Thanks (:

Автор Matheus Vieira ( назад)
Thank you! I'm feeling like I've discovered the world with those information. Good job :)

Автор slycordinator (593 года назад)
For the people saying she's wrong that sense and cents are homophones, it depends on if you have an accent where the t is emphasized for not. Like, the word internet is often pronounced like "inner-net" in North America or even the word often can be pronounced as "off-en". Hence, why they sense and cents can be homophones.

Автор u2bMODERATOR ( назад)
Why six is afraid of seven? Because seven, ate, nine...hohohoho

Автор MikesMyThrillerGuy ( назад)
OK I am very bad at homophones, so just bare with me. Ok I'm 23 and never liked school but passed high school. I was never good at math,spelling,or reading big words. Most likely I'm not going back to school because I already passed high school. School never was my thing. I always needed help with homework and it got so bad with math that my mom had to do it for me and I just copied it but I knew I wasn't going to use algebra and going to a tutored wasn't going well because I never could process what was going on. It was bad for me, school was not my thing. Homophones are almost just as bad, I forget about the words being used in certain subjects.      I type some words  and I type wrong so the keyboard underlines a red line under the word I type if spelled wrong. I would always get so confused with homophones, I don't know why we can't just use the one word like it is 3 there/their/they're, wish we could just have one. I sometimes wonder how can people remember all those different words that sound the same and remember how to use them right. It's hard for me. I watched this video and forgot it. I tried to get it though.

Автор Fernando Silva ( назад)
And what about ate = eight = hate
Is that correct Ronnie?

Автор z/d amanu ( назад)
Ronnie thanks

Автор Mr Jayhawker ( назад)
Amazing video and lesson, Ronnie! Btw it's /kləʊðz/ (clothes), /kləʊs/ (close) as an adj. and /kləʊz/ (to close) as a verb. Nobody really knows it but they are no homophones at all! Three different pronunciations! Check that out :) 
I've been studying languages, linguistics, sociolinguistics and interpreting skills (kinda heavy, I know). Bye ;)

Автор John Doe ( назад)
I'm also from Canada!!! Good English!!! =)

Автор meisum naveed ( назад)
bad teacher Alex is better

Автор Vladimir Kishlaly ( назад)
That porky teacher speaks like for stupid fcktards... Emma is the best!

Автор Tiago Silva ( назад)
ronnie ronnie

Автор vladcain ( назад)
and what about choose and shoes is the same pronunciation ?

Автор JOSÉ ALVES de Oliveira ( назад)
Dear teacher,
Are bare and bear homophones?
Congratulations for your video and thanks!

Автор bragegard wikmark ( назад)
thenk you with my homework lol i love learning from you

Автор Ulquiorra Schiffer ( назад)
Hello mam Ronnie. I find your videos very interesting. I want to learn english step by step? Where should i begin?Thank you mam, I'm from Philippines.

Автор Thuc Lam Hoang ( назад)
Ronnie... You're so cool and i'm falling in love with your lessons... I watch them all the time (y) ;-)

Автор Ninadop ( назад)
Ronnie you're so funny:-)

Автор OH oh ( назад)
Thank so much

Автор Kathy K ( назад)
Yes I do, Ronnie. You have a pretty good sense.

Автор 0k0k0k0 ( назад)
Useful and interesting!

Автор programmer1905 ( назад)
i thought "HOMOPHONES" was a community of gay cellphones =P

Автор xoch Akuti ( назад)
yupppp very helpful.

Автор Hari Prasad Paudel ( назад)
Useful to learners .................

Автор Doeurng Chhun Eang ( назад)
Very good. I like that.

Автор Davidian Lechowski Iglesias ( назад)
Hi! "cheque" also exist as the same meaning in Spain.

Автор mynameisnotcaboodle ( назад)
No, in England, a cell is a part of a battery

Автор mynameisnotcaboodle ( назад)
We British people also use cheques

Автор leonidas kyrtatas ( назад)
how about "no" and "know"? they are homophones aren't they?

Автор ben hamouda Riadh ( назад)
hi Ronni ! i am tunisian ! you are so interesting teacher ! i like your style of teaching mmmm you pass the infor
mation so easy to understand for anybody! God bless you ! hope that you can help me to improve my knowlege in names of big familly ! for exemplethe name of the father of my wife in english hehe ? ... thanks a lot

Автор carlos castilla ( назад)
Hello Ronni, I am Colombia (South América) so usefull Classes thanks a lot
God Bless you

Автор shsahid Jaf ( назад)
we all love u Ronnie
im from iraq

Автор banjaman123 ( назад)
Have any questions on english ask me (A naitive speaker of the queens english).

Автор T***** A******* ( назад)
I like when you say this word "About"

Автор bubbles51096 ( назад)
I say clothes and close differently, I say the "th" sound it clothes

Автор Rodolfo Donis ( назад)
gracias,los videos y la forma de enseñanza ,se mira que se esmera la profesora.thanks for videos. The teacher its good.

Автор Lyn Adversario ( назад)
we pronounce the clothes "klods" the close "klows"?

Автор 77jcarva ( назад)
Clothes and close are homophones??? Really? mmmmmmmmmmmm

Автор Marcus Guilherme ( назад)
Ronnie,thank you very much.GOD bless you.

Автор carloscanada01 ( назад)
I really love your classes! you have a special way to teach us. I am so glad that you guys from engvid have been help us with your knowledges, cos be a native speaker does not mean that you can teach the language, but u guys are doing that perfectly! (specially you who is my favorit!!!! Thx for all!!!!

Автор MAMINAKNOPKA ( назад)

Автор Ger Orrego ( назад)
Thank you so much!!!!!!!

Автор EnglishLessons4U - Learn English with Ronnie! [engVid] ( назад)
Though = "thow"
Thought = thot
Tough = tuff
Through= threw
Thorough - thur-row
WOW!!! English is so strange and difficult! I hope that helps!

Автор Ger Orrego ( назад)
i need some help with: Though, Thought, Tough, Through, Thorough!!!

Автор Argenis Aguilar ( назад)
Excellet video, very usefull, thank you very much

Автор Paul Brown ( назад)
A joke for this video:
Joke: Why does Captain Crunch like older computers?
A: Because they have a Serial Port!

Автор Migueloncho 333 ( назад)
the english is litle dificult understand the sound phonetics is confused so much worlds diferent than spanish my mother language but i like when understand you

Автор rinku bhullar ( назад)
you are a very good teacher

Автор 6koko3 ( назад)
Veru good explanation thanks a lot!

Автор Hồ Chí Minh phản động ( назад)
Thank you very much

Автор dgdhqgdyukqud ( назад)
A bite of the byte (the word of byte exists since commmmmmm-puters exist)
I hear here because I ate eight bites of byte, so check it out Czechs that I have a sense that it'll be not cents on my cheques even if my cell sells myself. I'm gonna close with clothes my body now, my computer have a serial doesn't have any scents of cereal.

Some choose some words and some chews on some words. Get the set of picture?

Автор dgdhqgdyukqud (281 год назад)
I like to use brackets if I have a set of conclusion, which is (not that) important.

Автор dgdhqgdyukqud (388 лет назад)
Do you like math Ronney? No??!! Ah okey...

There are mathematical sets for the words as well. Set of A includes (byte, hear, ate) set of B includes (bite, here, eight). A n B (intersection of two sets) words include like (well, gay) however A can be a symmetric difference of set of B and set of B can be a symmetric difference of set of A, but people confuses it with set of A is a subset of B, so B can be a subset of set A, because set of A is included in set of B.

Автор SheepGirl ( назад)
Sen-sei? and kents? lol

Автор 22um2 ( назад)
Great, fun and very usefull lesson for us : french people. TY

Автор rana argoun ( назад)
i'm not sure ,, does really sense sounds like cents ?? but sense does not have a T and also i always hear it in movies , as sense without T like " he have a sixth sense " i hear it without T , so does "sense " sound like "sense" or "sentse" ??

Автор EnglishLessons4U - Learn English with Ronnie! [engVid] ( назад)
When you make the THR sound, your tongue goes out then comes in quickly, like a lizard! If people say "tree" instead of three it maybe because they are Irish???? Or have an accent!
Months is like "mun-s" and clothes is exactly the same as "close"!
Thanks for watching and best of luck!

Автор MrArtistooo ( назад)
she is great teacher !!!thank youuuuuuuu so much

Автор Lunar Blossom ( назад)
omg that was priceless lol I never heard that before and i love it, I'm gonna use it whenever homophones come up, which is...never. unless your in english class I suppose.

Автор Hiền Nguyễn ( назад)
So awesome!!!

Автор Kara Mason ( назад)
She clearly just doesn't pronounce her T's very well.

Автор Kara Mason ( назад)
Ikr! I don't get where she got that idea from.. :/

Автор Katy Elliott ( назад)
I'm British and we rarely say cell for battery. We say battery.

Автор kritvids ( назад)
Thank you!

Автор Conway79 ( назад)
As others have said, 'clothes' and 'close' aren't homophones, and neither are 'sense' and 'cents'. Maybe in very quick speech they sound the same and you wouldn't hear the 'th' in 'clothes' or the 't' in 'cents', but they should be pronounced nonetheless.

Автор junLVlun ( назад)
maybe because of after "cloth" has "s", so its changed the pronunciation n same pronoun with close?

Автор grrarghh1 ( назад)
@flyxawayxxx - In the UK it would be wrong to leave the 'th' in clothes and have it as a homophone of close. Admittedly, the 'th' is very slight, but it's there nonetheless.

Автор grrarghh1 ( назад)
@funkyfawz - I'm Scottish and English is my first language. Clothes and close are not homophones. Cents and sense are not homophones. If you've been taught otherwise, then I'm afraid you've been taught incorrectly.

Автор Neiva115 ( назад)
I loved his class. Thank you.

Автор An Fear Feasa ( назад)
"Cheque" Is the way it's spelt in England and Ireland, so cheque" is not a 'very Canadian word'

Автор Saurabh Mani ( назад)
yes and of course i enjoyed i wish i had a teacher like u.u rock bye

Автор sweiland75 ( назад)
I think everyone needs to see this video. If there is one thing that I have learned online, it is that a lot of people, whose first language I am sure is English, confuse different homophones like there, their and they're.

Автор MSunnyday ( назад)
you are amazing thanks for all :D

Автор patagarro80 ( назад)
what an amazing teacher, we all love you

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