How to get to every island in GTA3

This is how you get to every island without beating the missions in GTA 3
This was recorded on PC

The cheats used were
Flying car
Ps2 - Right, R2, O, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1
XBOX - Right, Black, B, Right Trigger, White, Down, Left Trigger, Right Trigger

Better Handling (Horn to jump)
Ps2 - R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, Triangle
XBOX - Right Trigger, Left Trigger, Black, Left Trigger, Left, Right Trigger, Right Trigger, Y

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Автор Kiwiii ( назад)
How I deactivate the cheat? u.u

Автор RockstarGamesGuy26 ( назад)
@awkookrenewed thats ok i got it twice its easier if you go on the
barracade to get higher that way you make it every time

Автор awkookrenewed ( назад)
@flyinbrian2011 you can keep trying. you might not get it first try every

Автор RockstarGamesGuy26 ( назад)
it didnt work for me:(

Автор Zachary Piskura ( назад)
Can you do this on iphone?

Автор Railfan Max ( назад)
@killshot13000 probably he does

Автор Take1 Films ( назад)
@panther037458 Your comment was put 2 years ago,Do you still play this?

Автор Take1 Films ( назад)
@milbe100 Do you still play this?:)

Автор AnnArborFamily ( назад)
its easy to fly to shaunton island but its really hard to fly to shoreside

Автор xGunshatx ( назад)
ok here a better why with out cheats it might take alot of time but do
missions until you can go to the other islands

Автор Артур Дергилёв ( назад)
Sure, I learned a lot =)

Автор Mitchell Roxors ( назад)
lol 2:13

Автор awkookrenewed ( назад)
@milbe100 took me a bunch of tries though. I remember on my old YT account
before it was banned, this had like 10,000 views

Автор Lux1211 ( назад)
thank you soooooo much! it works!!!!!! yay!!!!!11

Автор Madnam ( назад)
Insane video quality, but your audio is too high.

Автор Bladestar2 ( назад)
if you complete missions to the point where you are ready to get to the
next island, that might work

Автор awkookrenewed ( назад)
people drive them around

Автор agustinhopper ( назад)
is there any other way except the cheats to gt to an island?

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