How to get to every island in GTA3

This is how you get to every island without beating the missions in GTA 3
This was recorded on PC

The cheats used were
Flying car
Ps2 - Right, R2, O, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1
XBOX - Right, Black, B, Right Trigger, White, Down, Left Trigger, Right Trigger

Better Handling (Horn to jump)
Ps2 - R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, Triangle
XBOX - Right Trigger, Left Trigger, Black, Left Trigger, Left, Right Trigger, Right Trigger, Y

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Автор RockstarGamesGuy26 (3 года)
@awkookrenewed thats ok i got it twice its easier if you go on the
barracade to get higher that way you make it every time

Автор awkookrenewed (5 лет)
people drive them around

Автор awkookrenewed (3 года)
@flyinbrian2011 you can keep trying. you might not get it first try every

Автор desktorp (3 года)
worst music ever.

Автор Артур Дергилёв (4 года)
Sure, I learned a lot =)

Автор Railfan Max (3 года)
@killshot13000 probably he does

Автор xXiChris x HansonXx (3 года)
@milbe100 Do you still play this?:)

Автор RockstarGamesGuy26 (3 года)
it didnt work for me:(

Автор awkookrenewed (4 года)
@milbe100 took me a bunch of tries though. I remember on my old YT account
before it was banned, this had like 10,000 views

Автор xXiChris x HansonXx (3 года)
@panther037458 Your comment was put 2 years ago,Do you still play this?

Автор Zachary Piskura (3 года)
Can you do this on iphone?

Автор Mitchell Roxors (4 года)
lol 2:13

Автор xGunshatx (3 года)
ok here a better why with out cheats it might take alot of time but do
missions until you can go to the other islands

Автор Madnam (5 лет)
Insane video quality, but your audio is too high.

Автор agustinhopper (6 лет)
is there any other way except the cheats to gt to an island?

Автор Lux1211 (5 лет)
thank you soooooo much! it works!!!!!! yay!!!!!11

Автор KIWIYAL (3 года)
How I deactivate the cheat? u.u

Автор AnnArborFamily (3 года)
its easy to fly to shaunton island but its really hard to fly to shoreside

Автор Bladestar2 (5 лет)
if you complete missions to the point where you are ready to get to the
next island, that might work

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