It's finally here! My travel diary vlog from my recent Switzerland trip, all thanks to the amazing crew at Contiki :)
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Camera used: Canon 70D
Edited on: Final Cut Pro
This trip was sponsored by Contiki.

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Автор Sabrina May ( назад)
I only realize how beautiful my own country Switzerland is when I watch
Vlogs like this. This makes me want to spend my next holidays just here and
travel around!

Автор AnotherCrazyGirl ( назад)
I'm from Lucerne and me and my friends like to hang out at the lake and
everytime we see tourist go near the swans we're like: don't, don't do

Автор Silvia Gomes ( назад)
ohhh very nice

Автор Schwizer Mänsch ( назад)
The Cows of the road that was the Alpabzug. The Cows go down from the Alp
and go to the village.

Автор Suhi Ahmed Susan ( назад)
Beautiful!!! Come to Bangladesh sometime 😊

Автор Abbie Stoner ( назад)
What contiki did you do?? You have inspired me to do one and this trip
looks insane 😍

Автор Jose Cabrera ( назад)
I love this video Dani, looking beautiful :*

Автор Youtube Gal ( назад)
I'm Swiss and moving back to Switzerland I have bunch of family there and I
still am learning how to write but I can speak fluently and read well.

Автор MightySpaj Ⓥ ( назад)
song at 2:50?

Автор ReallyOrganic ( назад)
So pretty! Did you go thru the town of Wengen?

Автор Jessica P ( назад)

Автор ChelleBelle ( назад)
Its my dream to go to switzerland😍😍

Автор ADELEVARONICA92 ( назад)
I'm dealing with some stuff right now & watching your videos just makes me
so happy helps me forget my problems ❤️

Автор Nika B ( назад)
I need to go now😍

Автор Love Of Travel ( назад)
Wow that's so beautiful!

Автор WolfPack LTD ( назад)
I have a dream that one day someone will upload one of these without the
shitty music.

Автор Nader Is Alive ( назад)
Switzerland is beautiful! Make more travel videos, go skydiving, live it

Автор Yanina Poplavskaya ( назад)

Автор Visauty ( назад)
I so love Switzerland 🇨🇭

Автор GerWiss Videos ( назад)
So beautiful!!

Автор Traveling Philosophers ( назад)
Awesome video! Makes me want to go to Switzerland

Автор travel CP-TV ( назад)
One of the beautiful place on earth :)

Автор Missi Ashley13 ( назад)
I live in Zurich ✌🏼️❤️😂

Автор Neva the puppy ( назад)
My country 😍

Автор JAT TRAVELLERS ( назад)
watch my videos on Indian travels

Автор Deloron ( назад)
You missed the most beautiful place in switzerland... You need to go to
Zermatt, if you are a planing to go again ;)

Автор Isrrael Garcia ( назад)
I love your accent n u look amazing too🌹

Автор Dagobert Duck ( назад)
pretty shallow huh

Автор rb - ( назад)
you look very socially anxious in this video

Автор Jayati Chandra ( назад)
Hi everybody, if you are a travel lover, then follow our Instagram page
@PaintingBagpacks for exotic updates every single day! ❤️✈️

Автор Anonymous SG ( назад)
Cheap travel deals @ - http://www.jetradar.com/?marker=118555

Автор Aebetic Traus ( назад)
5:49 ..... mmbop, hanson ........ yeah ..... ugsh ugsh boom boom

Автор Mara ytb ( назад)
i live in swizterland

Автор Pumpkincake ( назад)
what's the song at the begining omg

Автор Mick Angelhere ( назад)
Great video you sure did a lot on the trip

Автор hanisleong ( назад)
mind subbing for travel videos? will be uploading after doing some editing

Автор La Familia Vegana ( назад)
very nice :)

Автор Fairytale gamer ( назад)
Looks amaze balls I can not wait to go soon!!

Автор The Wandering Wife ( назад)
Great video! I've just started my own vlogging and hope to get this good!

Автор Seung-woo Hong (SuggiesSpace) ( назад)
That looked like such a sweet as time! Definitely want to go there some
time. Really enjoying your vlogs! Cheers!

Автор Derek Davis ( назад)
but if you have the cash it's worth it for its beauty, like gimmelwald.

Автор Derek Davis ( назад)
there is free stuff but it's not free high taxes and everything is costly.

Автор Alessandra Martinelli ( назад)

Автор steitisch ( назад)
You couldn't find more inappropriate and more stupid music?

Автор Iara Olivo de Almeida ( назад)
FANTASTIC................I LOV : SWITZERLAND !!!!!!

Автор FashionByCrystal ( назад)
What's that song!? I love it so much!

Автор Myownfreemind ( назад)
AAHHH! Going home to Switzerland in two months, you're making me miss it x

Автор abbas khateeb ( назад)
Switzerland is heaven on earth

Автор Baysaa Bataa ( назад)
whats the name of song?

Автор vivaglamification ( назад)
love those sunnies?!?! where are they from?

Автор Ella Harrison ( назад)
Can you do a review on your Swiss trip? You did a great one for the greek
islands, and was just wondering if there was anything disappointing. Also
are you doing the "camping" or "discover" type package? thanks!! xx

Автор Melek ( назад)
OMG dani, I am from Zurich, I didn't know you were coming to Switzerland!
Would have loved to meet you :(

Автор Olivia Cowie ( назад)
What mountain were you guys on to do all of this?

Автор Maz Dela Cerna ( назад)
awesome vlog!! Looks like such a fun trip!

Автор Sneha Salvatore ( назад)
this is the life I wanna live :|

Автор Lola Vine ( назад)
3° celsius is so warm! but that's coming from a canadian, so I'm used to
the cold :)

Автор Jen Wah ( назад)
Where did you get the purp sunglasses?

Автор aline rutishauser ( назад)
lucerne is my home (: so I realized I'm kinda lucky girl hehe.. nice to see
u enjoyed it here , love your videos!

Автор Anna Macko ( назад)
This is such and amazing trip to Switzerland! Beautiful country and will
put on my travel list! Thank you for sharing this Vlog. Awesome!!!

Автор xoxspongegirlxox ( назад)
Where exactly in Switzerland are these places? Have i completely missed

Автор Moohat Hussain ( назад)
is that guy her boyfriend

Автор Megan Mae Fit ( назад)
Love this Vlog! You are gorgeous! I made a Vlog to Cancun if you want to
check it out :). Keep it up girly.

Автор Aramara Rodriguez ( назад)
GOALS !! you're such a beauty queen i love you beauty and i hope you're
having a great day when ever you read this :)

Автор Jonyislife ( назад)
Could you tell me the places you been please??

Автор GA-DE Cosmetics Sweden ( назад)
Wow Very nice

Автор Selina Meier ( назад)
English: Welcome in switzerland
Swissgerman: wilkomme i de schwiiz😅🙈

Автор Jana 131097 ( назад)
I live in Lucerne!

Автор Let's Travel ( назад)
Nice place to visit:)

Автор Zeegoner ( назад)
The music fit the vlog so well

Автор Roberta Miguel ( назад)
You are so beautiful, please wear another color rather than black!!! 😚

Автор Biaggio Pietro ( назад)
SWITZERLAND is a big state criminal people.........................

Автор erwim putra ( назад)
wow...amazing switzerland. 

Автор KELSEY ROSSITER ( назад)
Love Switzerland!! I also went with Contiki & have vlogged about it! Loved
it so much, Contiki is great! <33

Автор Ëd Balboa ( назад)
Very cool 😜

Автор Rihab Kheiri ( назад)
Can someone tell me the names of the background songs?
Pretty please?

Автор Amber Perez ( назад)
Switzerland is my dream place to visit!!! So beautiful! Thank you for

Автор Gayani RUPASINGHE ( назад)
Danielle, can you do a guide to traveling with contiki please?

Автор Jordan Cote ( назад)
omg do you have a link to where i could find that beanie online?!?! i'm in

Автор Mariella Lucia Pola ( назад)
I'm from Zürich!! 💋🇨🇭

Автор debbe buhat ( назад)
My dream place Switzerland

Автор MATIN XUE ( назад)

Автор dasBunny ( назад)
Wait that construction site at the Lauterbrunnen station is still not

Автор nuala wolff ( назад)

Автор Groozie ( назад)
I just noticed that I couldn't find your old video where you criticized
Contiki. Did that video get removed? And why did you decide to travel with
them again?

Автор Eliza Nguyen ( назад)
Does she still have a bf?

Автор Retard Kid ( назад)
What's the best thing about living in Switzerland?

I don't know, but the flag is a big plus.

Автор Widya Janika ( назад)
i love the whole backsound video!!

Автор Mateja Nogić ( назад)
Come to Croatia😘🇭🇷

Автор Ninaa H ( назад)
haahaha i'm from switzerland....the music they played at the end is so
bucolic :P

Автор Maisie Stockdale ( назад)
I love your main channel but oh my lord your vlogs are great

Автор Gabyl Boubou ( назад)
Love from Switzeland❤️🇨🇭

Автор Ashly Travels ( назад)
Goals! :D

Автор Nadia Cecily ( назад)
Ugh I'm from Switzerland and I live in Zurich nooo how did i not meet u ily
dani <3

Автор Emily Purchase (makeupandtravel1) ( назад)
Such an amazing vlog! I love you're footage and editing! Spot on! Looks
like you had an amazing time!

Автор Joshua White ( назад)
I really enjoyed this video! Switzerland 🇨🇭 is sooo beautiful!! 😍😍 make
me want to travel over there !

Автор ashcraw21 ( назад)
This was perfect!

Автор Justine Woollard ( назад)
Was awesome meeting you in Lauterbrunnen Dani! Hope you had the best time
in Switzerland 😊

Автор Anthony Morado ( назад)
14:00 That dude looked like Slugworth from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate

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