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Автор sebastian bird (7 месяцев)
u suck ! stop responding when i start ! so it dose not work u idiot !!

Автор dany jones (1 год)
how to make a backup files please can any body tell me please

Автор mistaken guy (1 год)
i cant find it i ean the selectale atrribute

Автор dany jones (1 год)
the game crashhhhhh what can i do to make it work ????? please i need an

Автор NickLD (6 лет)
hav u downloaded notepad++? thats is a requirement (free and safe dont
worry) if u hav then im not rlly sure i dont rlly hav an i deaof ur problem
sry :/

Автор john unterzuber (4 года)
@GamesLover5 same way, you just gotta find the right line lolz

Автор Willis Tew (5 лет)
Hey, I did everything to said, but it wont let me save it. Why not?

Автор parazit43v3r (5 лет)
@GamesLover5 i just heard it online

Автор plexuz2142 (6 лет)
stop say bad comments here if u change the game its on ur own risk dont
blame anyone here cuz u screw it up on ur game options

Автор playerkobu (6 лет)
it doesnt work

Автор lolmazorz (5 лет)
how to find the line for the Ini.big file?!

Автор TechnniQue14 (6 лет)
Aaah I see you noobs being unable to locate the line " Maximum Spendable
Attribute Points " line. Well open the ini.big (Location: C:\Programe
Files\Electronic Arts\The Battle For Middle Eearth II) Open it with a
notepad as right click the file, Open with, Notepad. Press Crtl + F to
search and put (Attribute) there and click Find and there you are, You will
find the line, No need of special programmes in order to do this.

Автор Joseph Salome (4 года)
Does this work on BFME2 as well?

Автор DarknessInferno15 (1 год)
This is so stupid, just use cheat engine, its so much easier.

Автор stipsazg (5 лет)
NOT WORKING for me. game crashes immediately

Автор Michael N (5 лет)
wait i can save it and all dat but wen i try to launch the game, the game

Автор Alon Shechter (5 лет)
yes you can use it online ( i think) But dont you even think about trying

Автор jornwar (5 лет)
wherwe to do this with elves

Автор thunder4guthix (5 лет)
he downloaded the game not bought it my friends did that 2 the ghrapich
gets lame ( sorry for my bad english)

Автор Fizzbuzzbizzfuzz (3 года)
@ShadowGladiator21 He said to back up the file....

Автор filiperosa8 (5 лет)
You only win games with that Glitch ? I think so .

Автор TucZu (6 лет)
When I try to save Notepad++ says: Please check whether if opened in
another program. What do i have to do?

Автор tdeeez09 (5 лет)
Amazing song

Автор jontewfjw (5 лет)
Notepad ++

Автор Er Matto (6 лет)
he or she meant the key + on the notepad

Автор Qwampa (6 лет)
Is that only for XBox or is that Comp?

Автор Er Matto (6 лет)
when i open all that stuff (Location: C:\Programe Files\Electronic Arts\The
Battle For Middle Eearth II)a bunch of other things come out, like: apt,
data, download, lang... until worldbuilder. Now, all that surely happens to
u too, but which one of these has the ini.big?

Автор Creature4Eva (5 лет)
glitch...more like a hack =P i hope i never see you online btw :)

Автор xxx267 (6 лет)
how can you view the ini file?

Автор mineguyjorge (2 года)
the problem is that is saves a text document...

Автор Michael N (5 лет)
it doesnt let me save it, cannot create file in C:/Program files/
Electronic Arts/ Lord of the ring battle for middle earth II, make sure the
path of the file is correct or somthing like dat, HELP!

Автор jornwar (5 лет)
i want to now that two but in which line is elves

Автор TyrantWarlord (2 года)
Your going to have to unistall everything and install it again.

Автор mag3lt1 (6 лет)
help im confused please write back and explain with detail

Автор NickLD (6 лет)
u already hav one lol go "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Lord of the
Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king" and look for the "INI" .big file. to
open it u need "finalBIG" just google it then open the INI file with it. u
can edit a lot of stuff in the INI file including this "glitch" any more
questions just PM me, your welcome ^_^

Автор Runs with Leopards (5 лет)
r u sure this wont badly affect my game? your screen seems to be badly

Автор gniokos (6 лет)
Dude i don't know why you waste peoples time showing this crap? The
attributes reset when you go back and you cannot login online to play. So
what's the point?

Автор iceshare (6 лет)
the compare it with your backup i said u should make and try to it right or
just replace the bad ini with the backup..

Автор metan75 (5 лет)
I did this with cheat engine before (3 years ago) and it worked online

Автор neutron4ever (6 лет)
uhh...this isn't even a hack...it's basically just a minimod -.- you don't
HAVE to be a hacker to do this

Автор Barderaker (2 года)
thanks I found it on google :D

Автор Mr. Pancakes (4 года)
ok i've done this but HOW THE FUCK DO YOU CHANGE IT BACK?!?!?!

Автор iceshare (1 год)
Guys check out my brand new film, changing the subject to World of Warcraft
PvP! /watch?v=ZyefM6v3eng

Автор frallan747 (6 лет)
i tried this but the game then stopped working (didn't start). what did i
do wrong? i then reinstalled the game and it works perfectly now but i do
wanna do this to make the best hero of all time. please help me if you now
how it's done.

Автор iRsemple (5 лет)
i cant find the elf class

Автор Tomasz Szewczyk (6 лет)
why on my bfme this dont working?

Автор xXRinger77Xx (4 года)
it was able to do the whole thing but it wouldnt let me go online with it
how do u make it so u can go online if u can

Автор YoshiXS007 (5 лет)
it's at 58097

Автор MartijnvBebber (5 лет)
1.)Do the things mentioned in the video, 2.)Replace your hacked ini.big
with the clean ini.big

Автор HighZealot (6 лет)
i heard there's something that kills everything if files are changed

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