bfme2 rotwk get 99 abbtributes! glitch!!

i am now about to show you how to give your custom hero 99 ABBTRIBUTES! notice that i am using notepad ++ for editing the ini.big file!

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Автор Jim TLMC ( назад)
link for ini.big

Автор Sith Nazgule ( назад)
The ini.big Is located in the main folder, in order to back it up, copy the
file and paste the file elsewhere. Now rather looking for the line, click
on the binoculars. Now in the find what slot put Spendable Attribute points
then click on find next. It should jump down to male eleven archer first,
click on it again and you will get female eleven archer, now then here is a
list of the find next button, just clicking on it till you find what you
want, if you want to go back up to a class go to the bottom of the find
menu and change down to up (all you have to do is click on up)here is the
order: Easterling, Hardrium( sorry for spelling errors), Dwarf Taskmaster,
Dwarf Sage, Captain Of Gondor, Shield Maiden, Troll, Orc Raider, Uruk,
Wanderer, Avatar, and then lastly Hermit. hope this helps.

Автор sebastian fusofe (1283 года назад)
u suck ! stop responding when i start ! so it dose not work u idiot !!

Автор dany jones ( назад)
how to make a backup files please can any body tell me please

Автор dany jones ( назад)
the game crashhhhhh what can i do to make it work ????? please i need an

Автор farhang kamal ( назад)
i cant find it i ean the selectale atrribute

Автор iceshare ( назад)
Guys check out my brand new film, changing the subject to World of Warcraft
PvP! /watch?v=ZyefM6v3eng

Автор EmperorHirohito. ( назад)
I don't see how you guys get this so easy it's so hard to find the fucking
hero I've been on searching for an hour

Автор Timbo Slice ( назад)
click "properties" on the .ini file. then click "restrictions" or
"security" (can't remember which it was called. Then click to let everyone
access all parts of it. Worked for me :)

Автор rudeboyiramo ( назад)
that peace of shiit dont work

Автор DarknessInferno15 ( назад)
This is so stupid, just use cheat engine, its so much easier.

Автор Matthew Cuttrell ( назад)
Does this work with vanilla BFME2?

Автор TyrantWarlord ( назад)
Your going to have to unistall everything and install it again.

Автор x Napster ( назад)
its still at 30!! help me

Автор pavboy12 ( назад)
hey, im so stupid but i forgot to make a backup ini file, and now bfme2
rotwk is not working for some reason... do i have to re-install the whole
of rotwk expansion pack? please reply :(

Автор mineguyjorge ( назад)
the problem is that is saves a text document...

Автор lemonon64 ( назад)
is there a way to do somthing simmilar with the powers they have?

Автор lemonon64 ( назад)
whats the music??

Автор Barderaker ( назад)
thanks I found it on google :D 

Автор WarhammerCrazy100 ( назад)
its notepad++

Автор Josh P ( назад)
great, only problem is the game won't work now.

Автор Barderaker ( назад)
how did you get the line numbers beside the line's?

Автор sjeggy6 ( назад)
when i try to open it it crashes >.<

Автор BeowulfVids ( назад)
Is that you Korva?

Автор Pivotpro24 ( назад)
Up load the file to mediafire plz

Автор john unterzuber ( назад)
@GamesLover5 same way, you just gotta find the right line lolz

Автор La patate ( назад)
@ShadowGladiator21 upgrade the version of the game !! because it will
replace the ini file !!

Автор Mr. Pancakes ( назад)
ok i've done this but HOW THE FUCK DO YOU CHANGE IT BACK?!?!?!

Автор lavdpoel ( назад)
If I try to save the file I get a warning to check it the file is still
open. and because of that I cant save it. Do you know what to do?

Автор kimchiballers ( назад)
where the 58067th line 

Автор Shithappens109 ( назад)

Автор radagastthe3rd ( назад)
@bscaffold nope this is the way it is meant to be done.

Автор radagastthe3rd ( назад)
@HallowedSoldier maybe your forgot to save the changes or something like

Автор bscaffold ( назад)
I did every single step you told me to, but it still doesn't work. Is there
a specific version for it to run smoothly?

Автор Joseph Salome (Babylon) ( назад)
Does this work on BFME2 as well?

Автор Gilles Leenders ( назад)
@GamesLover5 its notepad++ and you just richt click open as: and search for

Автор Oliver Sebastian Jensen ( назад)
HELP: When i open the ini.big file. there doesnt stand number in the left
side. Am i doing something wrong?????? or has i forgot something???????? 

Автор Str8manballtouch ( назад)
Hey, sweet video. Do I do exactly the same thing if I want to make a 99
troll or dwarf?

Автор SlayerRiley ( назад)
where can i get ini.big file?

Автор xXRinger77Xx ( назад)
it was able to do the whole thing but it wouldnt let me go online with it
how do u make it so u can go online if u can

Автор xXRinger77Xx ( назад)
video helped me alot but after i did it the first time i tried to go back
and edit everyone elses but it kept on saying it was opened in another file
location, can u solve this 

Автор UNKNOWN000247 ( назад)
i have changed the numbers in notepad but the results still havnt come in,
what else do I have to do? :P

Автор GameGuyG ( назад)
dude you only need to use cheats and hack if you suck at games. (noob!!!)

Автор lolmazorz ( назад)
how to find the line for the Ini.big file?!

Автор iRsemple ( назад)
u sure this works?? do i hav to make a back-up file first?

Автор CryADsisAM ( назад)
It work perfectly for me, but just for one. I'll try to make for other ones
too. XD thnx

Автор Daniel Bee ( назад)
damn it doesnt work.. can you only do it for shield maden or can you do t
with elves and that

Автор CirkusMalardo ( назад)

Автор CDMcCracken ( назад)
i need help overriding passive powers with "clickable one" so i can still
use the passive effect. Please Please message me.

Автор Alon Shechter ( назад)
yes you can use it online ( i think) But dont you even think about trying

Автор CDMcCracken ( назад)
it says it wants to run in edit mode.. wtf

Автор metan75 ( назад)
I did this with cheat engine before (3 years ago) and it worked online

Автор Felix Smith ( назад)
@willisesmaximus same! its because its in a compressed file D:

Автор MartijnvBebber ( назад)
1.)Do the things mentioned in the video, 2.)Replace your hacked ini.big
with the clean ini.big

Автор ChompsteroxUK ( назад)
glitch...more like a hack =P i hope i never see you online btw :)

Автор Kallefisa ( назад)
Remember to make a copy of the file! ! !

Автор Willis Tew ( назад)
Hey, I did everything to said, but it wont let me save it. Why not?

Автор stipsazg ( назад)
NOT WORKING for me. game crashes immediately

Автор Justice Gogoderba ( назад)
guys what you need is finalbig editor thats all then you can edit BIG files

Автор Michael N ( назад)
wait i can save it and all dat but wen i try to launch the game, the game

Автор Michael N ( назад)
it still doesnt work

Автор Michael N ( назад)
it doesnt let me save it, cannot create file in C:/Program files/
Electronic Arts/ Lord of the ring battle for middle earth II, make sure the
path of the file is correct or somthing like dat, HELP!

Автор Viktor Persson ( назад)
does this "way" work for the command points?

Автор Taslink ( назад)
lol i did it and after that i needed to reinstall the game !!

Автор Raven Aluvihare ( назад)
Doesn't work =/. gives an error message when i start the game after i did
all the stuff explained in the video.

Автор Seherat ( назад)
it's at 58097

Автор Runs with Leopards ( назад)
r u sure this wont badly affect my game? your screen seems to be badly

Автор BF2OMG ( назад)

Автор iRsemple ( назад)
"half screen"**

Автор iRsemple ( назад)
and i do all tht stuff and it wont work, i evn used for just the sheild
maiden... SO MANY PROBLEMS!!! lol like i click on the game to start it and
the like "alf screen" thing pops up showing the game title. but then it
closes and says their was a problem... ]=

Автор iRsemple ( назад)
or wizard

Автор iRsemple ( назад)
i cant find the elf class

Автор iRsemple ( назад)
does this work on the regurlar bfme2?

Автор Bryce Evans ( назад)
I've changed all the variables, and the game plays fine, but nothing is
different... I saved it to the same location too.

Автор ThefirstDP ( назад)
I had to reinstall HDR to play online again. Maybe because I didn´t
backuped the ini.big file right?

Автор alasdairhurst ( назад)
yeah it works on the BFME2 Collectors edition

Автор GamingElite ( назад)
yea i think so

Автор alasdairhurst ( назад)
This isn't a glitch, its a hack.

Автор Jomonette1292 ( назад)
this didn't work for me. i followed exactly what you did. help please?

Автор tdeeez09 ( назад)
Amazing song

Автор That Legolas Dude ( назад)
Ehm. NOTE: You can't play online once this is done. So be sure to save the
original file at first.

Автор Michael McLauchlan ( назад)
hey 6packboy4life you know the icon you click onto when you want to play
it, right click it and click on "find file location" scroll down and you
will see the ini, not hard to find at all, it is 25 down and its writen
"INI" in capitals. scoll down untill you see "create a hero" its not far
down, take you time scrolling down, very easy to find, hope this helps.

Автор Tomasz Szewczyk ( назад)
why on my bfme this dont working?

Автор Chango266 ( назад)
how can you view the ini file?

Автор mansoot0 ( назад)
yeah just delete it then reinstall it lol, you won't have super- characters
but your game will work again

Автор mansoot0 ( назад)
if this is the rise of the witch king bfme2 just delete this mesage but if
its not, you got the file # wrong but OMG now my characters are awsome!!

Автор shadowmatt18 ( назад)
prick now my game doesnt work u fucktard ive reinstalled it and everything
nothing happenes asshole

Автор clarity2199 ( назад)
Can someone tell me the exact name of the 58067th
line?(data\ini\weapon.ini, data\ini\weather.ini, etc)

Автор Er Matto ( назад)
ah ok thx... finally :D

Автор frallan747 ( назад)
i tried this but the game then stopped working (didn't start). what did i
do wrong? i then reinstalled the game and it works perfectly now but i do
wanna do this to make the best hero of all time. please help me if you now
how it's done.

Автор HighZealot ( назад)
i heard there's something that kills everything if files are changed

Автор Zach Meeks ( назад)
after I changed those things my game stopped working...anyone got any help
on how to fix my game

Автор Zach Meeks ( назад)
How'd you find the creat a hero system in it and did you count all those
lines or is there an easier way to find the 58067th line

Автор NickLD ( назад)
yea, it does.

Автор NickLD ( назад)
close EVERYTHING u hav running, then try again, that usually happens when
ur using the file ur editing in another way, so just close everything.

Автор NickLD ( назад)
only comp cant do it on xbox (or 360) u hav to edit files so u can only do
this on comp.

Автор NickLD ( назад)
u already hav one lol go "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Lord of the
Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king" and look for the "INI" .big file. to
open it u need "finalBIG" just google it then open the INI file with it. u
can edit a lot of stuff in the INI file including this "glitch" any more
questions just PM me, your welcome ^_^

Автор devildrive04 ( назад)
can u guys stop makin this so fuckin complicated jesus christ

Автор FelipepRanger ( назад)
kkkkkkkkkkkkkk this is very noobish. go play the game and get some strategy

Автор vayahoo (721 год назад)
where is the big file???? pls tell me pls!!!!

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