bfme2 rotwk get 99 abbtributes! glitch!!

i am now about to show you how to give your custom hero 99 ABBTRIBUTES! notice that i am using notepad ++ for editing the ini.big file!

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Автор sebastian fusofe (1282 года назад)
u suck ! stop responding when i start ! so it dose not work u idiot !!

Автор dany jones ( назад)
how to make a backup files please can any body tell me please

Автор dany jones ( назад)
the game crashhhhhh what can i do to make it work ????? please i need an

Автор farhang kamal ( назад)
i cant find it i ean the selectale atrribute

Автор iceshare ( назад)
Guys check out my brand new film, changing the subject to World of Warcraft
PvP! /watch?v=ZyefM6v3eng

Автор BlueberryEatsManFlesh ( назад)
I don't see how you guys get this so easy it's so hard to find the fucking
hero I've been on searching for an hour

Автор Timbo Slice ( назад)
click "properties" on the .ini file. then click "restrictions" or
"security" (can't remember which it was called. Then click to let everyone
access all parts of it. Worked for me :)

Автор rudeboyiramo ( назад)
that peace of shiit dont work

Автор DarknessInferno15 ( назад)
This is so stupid, just use cheat engine, its so much easier.

Автор Matthew Cuttrell ( назад)
Does this work with vanilla BFME2?

Автор TyrantWarlord ( назад)
Your going to have to unistall everything and install it again.

Автор x Napster ( назад)
its still at 30!! help me

Автор pavboy12 ( назад)
hey, im so stupid but i forgot to make a backup ini file, and now bfme2
rotwk is not working for some reason... do i have to re-install the whole
of rotwk expansion pack? please reply :(

Автор mineguyjorge ( назад)
the problem is that is saves a text document...

Автор lemonon64 ( назад)
is there a way to do somthing simmilar with the powers they have?

Автор lemonon64 ( назад)
whats the music??

Автор Barderaker ( назад)
thanks I found it on google :D

Автор WarhammerCrazy100 ( назад)
its notepad++

Автор Josh P ( назад)
great, only problem is the game won't work now.

Автор Barderaker ( назад)
how did you get the line numbers beside the line's?

Автор Fizzbuzzbizzfuzz (508 лет назад)
@ShadowGladiator21 He said to back up the file....

Автор sjeggy6 ( назад)
when i try to open it it crashes >.<

Автор Astrox123 ( назад)
where is this file? And does it work for the Normal BFME2?

Автор BeowulfVids ( назад)
Is that you Korva?

Автор Pivotpro24 ( назад)
Up load the file to mediafire plz

Автор john unterzuber ( назад)
@GamesLover5 same way, you just gotta find the right line lolz

Автор OzzyDelija ( назад)
i get it ! download notepad ++ and just go to 58067 !

Автор OzzyDelija ( назад)
where is that at the end of notepad or ? i dont have that numbers -.- and
your video is bad hard to understand .

Автор TheVic361 ( назад)
@ShadowGladiator21 upgrade the version of the game !! because it will
replace the ini file !!

Автор Mr. Pancakes ( назад)
ok i've done this but HOW THE FUCK DO YOU CHANGE IT BACK?!?!?!

Автор 24eGardian ( назад)
If I try to save the file I get a warning to check it the file is still
open. and because of that I cant save it. Do you know what to do?

Автор kimchiballers ( назад)
where the 58067th line

Автор Shithappens109 ( назад)

Автор radagastthe3rd ( назад)
@bscaffold nope this is the way it is meant to be done.

Автор radagastthe3rd ( назад)
@HallowedSoldier maybe your forgot to save the changes or something like

Автор bscaffold ( назад)
I did every single step you told me to, but it still doesn't work. Is there
a specific version for it to run smoothly?

Автор Joseph Salome ( назад)
Does this work on BFME2 as well?

Автор Gilles Leenders ( назад)
@GamesLover5 its notepad++ and you just richt click open as: and search for

Автор oblongjew ( назад)
it say notepad++ will harm my comp and i only got notepad

Автор Oliver Sebastian Jensen ( назад)
HELP: When i open the ini.big file. there doesnt stand number in the left
side. Am i doing something wrong?????? or has i forgot something????????

Автор Lord of Cocks ( назад)
Hey, sweet video. Do I do exactly the same thing if I want to make a 99
troll or dwarf?

Автор SlayerRiley ( назад)
where can i get ini.big file?

Автор xXRinger77Xx ( назад)
it was able to do the whole thing but it wouldnt let me go online with it
how do u make it so u can go online if u can

Автор xXRinger77Xx ( назад)
video helped me alot but after i did it the first time i tried to go back
and edit everyone elses but it kept on saying it was opened in another file
location, can u solve this

Автор brahyamn ( назад)
please how tell me

Автор UNKNOWN000247 ( назад)
i have changed the numbers in notepad but the results still havnt come in,
what else do I have to do? :P

Автор parazit43v3r ( назад)
@GamesLover5 i just heard it online

Автор parazit43v3r ( назад)
or use cheat engine

Автор GameGuyG ( назад)
dude you only need to use cheats and hack if you suck at games. (noob!!!)

Автор lolmazorz ( назад)
how to find the line for the Ini.big file?!

Автор jornwar ( назад)
i want to now that two but in which line is elves

Автор jornwar ( назад)
wherwe to do this with elves

Автор iRsemple ( назад)
u sure this works?? do i hav to make a back-up file first?

Автор jamiroleander ( назад)

Автор golomisbk ( назад)
You can't play online with it :'(

Автор MrWeweke ( назад)
How to open the ini.big file? Anyways thanks

Автор MrBoxmonkey ( назад)
thanks that really helped

Автор CryADsisAM - Shana ( назад)
It work perfectly for me, but just for one. I'll try to make for other ones
too. XD thnx

Автор Daniel Bee ( назад)
damn it doesnt work.. can you only do it for shield maden or can you do t
with elves and that

Автор CirkusMalardo ( назад)

Автор CDMcCracken ( назад)
i need help overriding passive powers with "clickable one" so i can still
use the passive effect. Please Please message me.

Автор Alon Shechter ( назад)
yes you can use it online ( i think) But dont you even think about trying

Автор CDMcCracken ( назад)
it says it wants to run in edit mode.. wtf

Автор metan75 ( назад)
I did this with cheat engine before (3 years ago) and it worked online

Автор Fishmix Smith ( назад)
@willisesmaximus same! its because its in a compressed file D:

Автор MartijnvBebber ( назад)
1.)Do the things mentioned in the video, 2.)Replace your hacked ini.big
with the clean ini.big

Автор Creature4Eva ( назад)
glitch...more like a hack =P i hope i never see you online btw :)

Автор Kallefisa ( назад)
Remember to make a copy of the file! ! !

Автор Willis Tew ( назад)
Hey, I did everything to said, but it wont let me save it. Why not?

Автор jontewfjw ( назад)
Notepad ++

Автор stipsazg ( назад)
NOT WORKING for me. game crashes immediately

Автор Justice Gogoderba ( назад)
guys what you need is finalbig editor thats all then you can edit BIG files

Автор Fyuryun ( назад)
I really tried everything but it doesent work! help mee

Автор Michael N ( назад)
wait i can save it and all dat but wen i try to launch the game, the game

Автор Michael N ( назад)
it still doesnt work

Автор Michael N ( назад)
it doesnt let me save it, cannot create file in C:/Program files/
Electronic Arts/ Lord of the ring battle for middle earth II, make sure the
path of the file is correct or somthing like dat, HELP!

Автор Viktor Persson ( назад)
does this "way" work for the command points?

Автор The Skull Reaper ( назад)
lol i did it and after that i needed to reinstall the game !!

Автор Raven Aluvihare ( назад)
Doesn't work =/. gives an error message when i start the game after i did
all the stuff explained in the video.

Автор YoshiXS007 ( назад)
it's at 58097

Автор thunder4guthix ( назад)
he downloaded the game not bought it my friends did that 2 the ghrapich
gets lame ( sorry for my bad english)

Автор Runs with Leopards ( назад)
r u sure this wont badly affect my game? your screen seems to be badly

Автор BF2OMG ( назад)

Автор iRsemple ( назад)
"half screen"**

Автор iRsemple ( назад)
and i do all tht stuff and it wont work, i evn used for just the sheild
maiden... SO MANY PROBLEMS!!! lol like i click on the game to start it and
the like "alf screen" thing pops up showing the game title. but then it
closes and says their was a problem... ]=

Автор iRsemple ( назад)
or wizard

Автор iRsemple ( назад)
i cant find the elf class

Автор iRsemple ( назад)
does this work on the regurlar bfme2?

Автор killgore468 ( назад)
dude she can't hold sword in the beginning

Автор Bryce Evans ( назад)
I've changed all the variables, and the game plays fine, but nothing is
different... I saved it to the same location too.

Автор filiperosa8 ( назад)
You only win games with that Glitch ? I think so .

Автор 1ThunderBird2 ( назад)
will this screw up online? or will you be able to KICK BUTT using this
mod/hack? just wondering.....*hehehe mischievious smile* lol

Автор ThefirstDP ( назад)
I had to reinstall HDR to play online again. Maybe because I didn´t
backuped the ini.big file right?

Автор alasdairhurst ( назад)
yeah it works on the BFME2 Collectors edition

Автор GamingElite ( назад)
yea i think so

Автор Starwarsclone57 ( назад)
hey plex do u have a mic. and do u play navyfield??? cause i have steam and
i wondering if u play navyfield so u can join my squad if u want...

Автор alasdairhurst ( назад)
This isn't a glitch, its a hack.

Автор Jomonette1292 ( назад)
this didn't work for me. i followed exactly what you did. help please?

Автор ovi4m ( назад)
ahh nvm i figured it out.. it was easy once i double checked the files i

Автор ovi4m ( назад)
oh and another thing... my other computer broke and i had this game on it
and i could play it online but now that i got a new computer and installed
this game i cant play online no more. registration key already in use so it
says. idk how to get that to work either i want to play online but i
cant... any help bout that too would be appreciated post back here or send
me a msg on my youtube account

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