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Автор AQWorlds Zeedzee1 (1 месяц)
music ??????????

Автор Bruce Saguid (4 месяца)
The music rocks "Anime" / "Naruto"

Автор Yoshicaster (1 год)
This music sucks :I

Автор gelokimi (5 лет)
@s43sss to me it opens the shop but it when i press buy nothing happends

Автор sodadrinker999 (5 лет)
u can load the shop but when u try to buy the class it says requirements
not met so like i said YOU GOTO BE A BETA TESTER

Автор natruto2000 (3 года)
naruto theme minted

Автор 50thPlaysMC (4 года)
/rock on naruto

Автор vyvyxann (4 года)
how do be a beta tester?

Автор Charles Gaming (2 года)
@RonaldoEusi u must be joking

Автор kayjhad23 (3 года)
NARUTO REALLY????lol naruto has lots and LOTS of BlOoD

Автор thehaloassassin1 (4 года)
the song guys is naruto shippuden theme :D best song ever and naruto rocks!

Автор Charles Gaming (2 года)
u don't know who Naruto is?

Автор Samuel Motta (4 года)
n=naruto music

Автор Jake Bruh (4 года)
@MegaLekir Stupid noob -.-

Автор lindythemartyr (4 года)
you cant get if you are a ptr tester

Автор XXShadowSlayer14XX (4 года)
@willwilcutt it's at mogloween and its member u get it when u kill thriller

Автор j sledge lizada (3 года)
you really like naruto too?

Автор 33yoyoyoyo (5 лет)
What was the shops ID?

Автор Sephiroft123456789 (5 лет)
oops its only 100k xD not 1,000,000

Автор willwilcutt (4 года)
HOWD U GET THRILLER JACKET?is it non member?

Автор DragonBall466 (4 года)
@mrCOPIDOGOD if you where then you wouldn;t be saying it in public -_-

Автор nickrocksmetallica (3 года)
@hero2rescue uhm you cant anymore you could only get it during the start of

Автор MrXtremoz (3 года)
dude i don't have the badge (crap)

Автор Jeger Slive (3 года)
Whos naruto and... is does not work..!

Автор jhonhenry dejoya (2 года)
yeaH.... :(

Автор Icemagic (4 года)
shtt im beta char but i never went before oct 10 =[

Автор seanmikael (4 года)
now to the part where us how us how to get it god dam it!

Автор Takanashi Yomi (2 года)
how do i get it now? the book looks different x_X

Автор Uchiha Minasuke (2 года)
naruto kun song

Автор trant150 (4 года)
the song call heroes come back by naruto

Автор kam26x (4 года)
well i got the ptr badge but i still dont know how to open the shop

Автор Kurama Saibre (4 года)
lol naruto shippuden opening 1

Автор John Hyde (3 года)
@epicraz i'm not a member but i got on a chat enabled server. I don't know
how, i didn't hack.

Автор lalasasaX (4 года)
hey this is a new glitch copy and past this into 3 other videos and
press ctrl + F4 and you will get membership for 200 years! plus
2000000000000 coins! i tried and it worked

Автор Darkstarpixel (3 года)
You worked hard on it for 5 minutes? That's not working hard.

Автор Shinidoshi (4 года)
@sodadrinker999 28th

Автор Nguyễn Cris (3 года)
it's 2011 and u cant get it now even u hack

Автор luisgomez19902010 (5 лет)
man please rep. how did u be come beta tester please rep. pls

Автор omgdisdude (4 года)
@AQWMechaMaster Can i have it plz!!!!!!!

Автор Aizec300 (4 года)
wtf?i have a beta tester badge and i cant acces the beta shop

Автор Francis Lacuesta (4 года)
that was a waste of a shit load of gold XD with the right class blade of
affliction can be as powerful as ungodly reavers....

Автор NINJAACTIVE (4 года)
Does anyone have a beta tester account they don't use?It really doesn't
matter if it's low level or has bad items,i just want one.

Автор aqworldza (3 года)
@johnhyde4 cause you are born in 19 something thats why and also you might
have verication or something....

Автор CRYOmine (4 года)

Автор TheDarkblade156 (5 лет)
Shop Id is 5 but u must be a beta tester

Автор Jake Bruh (4 года)
@MegaLekir He is a beta tester you moron Noob God O_O

Автор MrMafi mafi (3 года)
wat episoide are you up to in naruto shippuden im on 256 and im subscribing
cuz this was the best theme song

Автор Turane Harem (3 года)
yeh like 4 naruto shippuden!!

Автор sodadrinker999 (5 лет)
u cant get badge u must have played during beta stage which was any day
before oct 10

Автор smartchickable (3 года)
i love naruto its so epic

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