how to get beta berserker in aqworlds

This is how to get BB (Beta Berserker) and i know i spelled berserker wrong like every time please ignore it /it is not member IF YOU LIKE MUSIC HERE IS THE LINK TO ALL THE SONGS/ALBUMS http://www.narutofan.com/multimedia/music

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Автор AQWorlds Zeedzee1 (1974 года назад)
music ??????????

Автор Bruce Saguid ( назад)
The music rocks "Anime" / "Naruto"

Автор Rathmor ( назад)
This music sucks :I

Автор Jorex Calamba ( назад)
fucler what place

Автор Uchiha Minasuke ( назад)
naruto kun song

Автор jhonhenry dejoya ( назад)
yeaH.... :(

Автор Den NinjaDave ( назад)
OW YEAH NARUTO SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Криско Бийтс ( назад)

Автор cristian gds lXeNieSel ( назад)
God opening video is shet

Автор Takanashi Yomi ( назад)
how do i get it now? the book looks different x_X

Автор guitargirly234 ( назад)
u @MrMafi mafi

Автор lokiravra ( назад)
you need to have been a beta player to get it....

Автор Charles Gaming ( назад)
u don't know who Naruto is?

Автор Charles Gaming ( назад)
@RonaldoEusi u must be joking

Автор Jeger Slive ( назад)
Whos naruto and... is does not work..!

Автор MrMafi mafi ( назад)
wat episoide are you up to in naruto shippuden im on 256 and im subscribing
cuz this was the best theme song

Автор MrMafi mafi ( назад)

Автор smartchickable ( назад)
i love naruto its so epic

Автор Minh Nguyen ( назад)

Автор lilimty1 ( назад)
i new i recognized this tune NARUTO SHIPPUDEN rocks!!!!!

Автор natruto2000 ( назад)
naruto theme minted

Автор Aizec300 ( назад)
What the-I have played in Beta,i have the "Beta Character" badge and i
still dont have the shop/class!WTF!

Автор j sledge lizada ( назад)
you really like naruto too?

Автор ZuKo ( назад)
@FableFever lol maybe his 8

Автор ZuKo ( назад)
@epicraz u wanna know something... being in a talking server doesn't mean u
have to be a member... LOL u just need to be 13+ age then approve or
something in your email....

Автор FableFever ( назад)
@epicraz whats your problem lil boy? i have played aqw since 2009 im not
member I ALWAYS TALK ffs -.-

Автор aqwsecrethacker ( назад)
how can we get it now with the new thing on?

Автор MrRicky1999 ( назад)
@epicraz lol what the hell are u talking about? xD

Автор darkrob1995 ( назад)
hey how do i get if i didnt help test game

Автор Darkstarpixel ( назад)
You worked hard on it for 5 minutes? That's not working hard.

Автор nickrocksmetallica ( назад)
@hero2rescue uhm you cant anymore you could only get it during the start of

Автор hero2rescue ( назад)

Автор James Robertson ( назад)
@Xaninthael14 You must have beta character,beta tester is different,they
actually played the game back then.

Автор saaans. ( назад)
yeh like 4 naruto shippuden!!

Автор MrXtremoz ( назад)
dude i don't have the badge (crap)

Автор yoursjohniee ( назад)
huh how you get that bage i dont have that bage and how can you get that
bage? plz i wanted that class so bad plz show me how to get it plz!!!!! plz

Автор KKRMT ( назад)

Автор KKRMT ( назад)
North does rock

Автор OpTicGhost77 ( назад)
cool song naruto hu!!!

Автор Amir Al'Quaym ( назад)
Why no star sword? Tha fuck

Автор Conbustian ( назад)
The music is awesome. Naruto Shippuden right?

Автор aqworldza ( назад)
@johnhyde4 cause you are born in 19 something thats why and also you might
have verication or something....

Автор kayjhad23 (1235 лет назад)
NARUTO REALLY????lol naruto has lots and LOTS of BlOoD

Автор jklbc8999 ( назад)
@johnhyde4 i did to i was confused but at least its free

Автор John Hyde ( назад)
@epicraz i'm not a member but i got on a chat enabled server. I don't know
how, i didn't hack.

Автор xXx3PICxPWN4GExXx ( назад)
the badge is not there anymore. damnit.

Автор dagesminion ( назад)
Lol would you be willing to trade taht account for one of mine? the names
are knighthawk11 austinpointer and caseym21

Автор Steven Carter ( назад)
nice naruto song if agree thumbs up

Автор CRYOmine ( назад)

Автор Rk Venom ( назад)
Nice Song!

Автор Chi TowN ( назад)
nice naruto sound like!!!

Автор Francis Lacuesta (1432 года назад)
that was a waste of a shit load of gold XD with the right class blade of
affliction can be as powerful as ungodly reavers....

Автор lindythemartyr ( назад)
you cant get if you are a ptr tester

Автор lalasasaX ( назад)
hey this is a new glitch copy and past this into 3 other videos and
press ctrl + F4 and you will get membership for 200 years! plus
2000000000000 coins! i tried and it worked

Автор Eldion Jagorin ( назад)
lol naruto shippuden opening 1

Автор Aizec300 ( назад)
wtf?i have a beta tester badge and i cant acces the beta shop

Автор gtay80 ( назад)
how to be a beata tester?

Автор Rafiq Rusydi ( назад)
no need to show off la!

Автор 50thPlaysMC ( назад)
/rock on naruto

Автор Striker Ryuz ( назад)
i cant see any beta tab..

Автор TheKillerLorD00 ( назад)
Naruto is the best :D

Автор Icemagic ( назад)
shtt im beta char but i never went before oct 10 =[

Автор stormsang ( назад)

Автор sodadrinker999 ( назад)

Автор Kirigaya Kazuto ( назад)
easy bro.. it says "How To Get a Free beta berzerker " rite? u just gto the
shop and buy it easy xD

Автор boonchypurple12 ( назад)
i cant

Автор ArtChartable ( назад)
hey i am dragonlord too

Автор gokuvscoolar ( назад)
@DeAthPKeR100 beta means starting, alpha means finish O.o btw beta was a
time that the game was being edited for better results, and NO there will
be NO another test because the game's perfect.

Автор lindythemartyr ( назад)
This is my old vid on my old channel i made this to help in the past but
its old thx for the veiws and all my most popular vid thx alot but you dont
really need it if you wanto sub this channel im on is for metal core
dethcore deathcore and grindcore music

Автор Luigi Vella ( назад)
will there be another test? or not because i really want that class!!

Автор trant150 ( назад)
the song call heroes come back by naruto

Автор nothardable ( назад)
can i have the so ng

Автор Shinidoshi ( назад)
@sodadrinker999 28th

Автор Samuel Motta ( назад)
n=naruto music

Автор seanmikael ( назад)
now to the part where us how us how to get it god dam it!

Автор kam26x ( назад)
well i got the ptr badge but i still dont know how to open the shop

Автор kam26x ( назад)
well i got the otr badge but i still dont know how to open the shop

Автор Lincler ( назад)
when i try to get it out of my book its not there u lier

Автор DragonBall466 ( назад)
@mrCOPIDOGOD if you where then you wouldn;t be saying it in public -_-

Автор nobieberfvrr ( назад)
i know i can't do tis but how do u get beta badge please reply ^^

Автор mrCOPIDOGOD ( назад)
im dragon lord and guardian my ussername: hot_chick_2010 my password:
sandburn2010 plzz dont hack me

Автор Jake Bruh ( назад)
@MegaLekir Stupid noob -.-

Автор Jake Bruh ( назад)
@MegaLekir He is a beta tester you moron Noob God O_O

Автор ps2laptop ( назад)
why is it naruto?!?

Автор AQWorldjaller ( назад)
dam i could have it now but on 3rd 2009 friday 13th they deleted my beta
tester badge and left me with beta character T_T(char name:jaller43)

Автор vyvyxann ( назад)
how do be a beta tester?

Автор omgdisdude ( назад)
@AQWMechaMaster Can i have it plz!!!!!!!

Автор tameresucemabite ( назад)
rolf i got this armor for 5k

Автор ali sheikh ( назад)
beast song from naruto shippuden :D

Автор NINJAACTIVE ( назад)
Does anyone have a beta tester account they don't use?It really doesn't
matter if it's low level or has bad items,i just want one.

Автор MrMasterelemental ( назад)
plz any one trade me a member level 1-30 or beta tester non-mem or mem
account(s) for my level 22 account password will be sended by email and u
send ur password and username 1st cuz i dont wanna get hacked, btw ,the
account is non member and its username is superalexer plz repply any one

Автор MrMasterelemental ( назад)
@sodadrinker999 im not a beta tester :(

Автор XXShadowSlayer14XX ( назад)
@willwilcutt it's at mogloween and its member u get it when u kill thriller

Автор XXShadowSlayer14XX ( назад)
I'd say with a drakolich pet

Автор willwilcutt ( назад)
HOWD U GET THRILLER JACKET?is it non member?

Автор thehaloassassin1 ( назад)
i played before when it came out but did not really like it and i stoped
playing and when i tryed logging back in i forgot my password and name of
the account ... i made a new one just for the heck of it but lost my
original one :/

Автор thehaloassassin1 ( назад)
the song guys is naruto shippuden theme :D best song ever and naruto rocks!

Автор dmcvidior ( назад)
how do you get the badged

Автор TheSilverwind1 ( назад)
i hate this stupid fuckin koreon song

Автор Ashihara Nakatsu ( назад)

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