Charlie Douglas-Me And Dammit Ray (The Talking Outhouse)

Country comedy from the one-time disc jockey at WWL.

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Автор llm549 ( назад)
I'm teary eyed, but laughing at the same time! I used to sit shotgun in my
dad's Kenworth, listening to the "big one" 700 wlw, and the truckin Bozo!
Periodically he would play this, and some of Jerry Clower's best! Even at
such a young age, I loved this stuff as much as dad did! Of course my all
time favorite was Paul Harvey!! It is amazing how a song or story can
transport you instantly back in time quicker than a time machine! It's a
powerful thing!! Thanks so much for posting that! Now you know the rest of
the story. He was Paul Harvey..."Good Day" Come on...you all knew I was
gonna say it!

Автор Nicola Silver ( назад)
My great grandpa did this to his Aunt.

Автор brother Timothy ( назад)

Автор warren washington ( назад)
I live 12 miles from Ludowici, GA.

Автор Tom Welch ( назад)
My dad had the album Me and Dammit Ray when I was a kid. Used to listen to
Douglas on WWL

Автор harry bennett ( назад)
I first herd this story by Charlie Douglas in 1983 when I was stationed on
Guam with the USAF. Was listening to C and W night on the local radio and
they played the story of Dammit Ray and the talking outhouse. Im from
Jesup Ga mentioned in this story and am very familiar with all the places
mentioned in this story. It really provoked some real memories of home and
really surprised me to know I would travel half way around the world before
hearing about this great guy. Harry Bennett Jesup Ga

Автор RayNDeere ( назад)
Used to hear these Charlie Douglas clips on the "Truckin' Bozo" show on
WLW. Glad to see these posted

Автор Nathan Anderson ( назад)
Trying to paint down here? I don't get it. 

Автор Ron Wisman ( назад)
How nice that you posted this, I heard it from Bill Mack on I think WBAP in

Автор joseph rivett ( назад)
When am I ever going to learn......? Don't be takin a drink when listening
to good old country comedy- WAIT TILL IT ENDS !!!!!

Автор Matthew Clayton ( назад)
I first listened to this on 700 WLW with Steve Summers. It's just as funny
on You Tube. Always a good laugh. 

Автор genebo16 ( назад)
Brother Dave Gardner did the story of Chuck and Baby, riding their

Автор Wayne Warmack ( назад)
The story about Chuck and Baby was part of "Brother" Dave Gardner's
monologue. Do a Youtube search for Dave Gardner.

Автор Wayne Warmack ( назад)
The story about Chuck and Baby was part of "Brother" Dave Gardner's
monologue. Do a Youtube search for Dave Gardner.

Автор christopher Ezell ( назад)
i love this, it been so long since i heard it 

Автор zybeco (1834 года назад)
The first time I heard this I was riding up the WVA TPK in a 1972 Intl
Transtar with a 283 Cummins and a 13 speed going to Cleveland with my dad.
The blue flame shooting out of the stack listening to the Road Gang on WWL.
Great times

Автор Brent Popham ( назад)
@Gator4Life70 No I don't, sorry.

Автор Gator4Life70 ( назад)
I grew up listening to WWL at night at the house when going to bed. I love
Charlie Douglas and Jerry Clower and Justin Wilson. You dont by Chance Have
the story he does about Chuck and Baby, do you? 

Автор glencoe6305 ( назад)
R.I.P. Charlie Douglas. Use to enjoy you on the "Road Gang" of WWL 870am,
and then WSM 650 am Grand Ole Opry announcer.

Автор Gene Davis ( назад)
Sorry to report that Charlie Douglas died on Thanksgiving. As another old
trucker radio host, I'll miss him.

Автор Brent Popham ( назад)
@stormwatcher59 You're welcome!

Автор stormwatcher59 ( назад)
Thank you!

Автор Michael Finamore ( назад)
I began driving over-the-road in 1974, after I left the Air Force. I can
not count the number of nights that I rode "with Charlie" in the truck,
making the long overnight drives a little more bearable. Thank you Charlie,
for all the times you made me laugh.

Автор ohiopaylaker ( назад)
used to live in Ludowici, Ga. Chief of police stole my beagle from front
yard in 1978. The Ferguson's are about all the town was. About everything
he talks about in this is true. Only 1 light in town. It's hell to get old.

Автор sigma9r ( назад)
This is my ALL TIME favorite story! The only thing is that I wish I had
heard this in the 1960's when my great grandfather had a store, fillin'
station and beauty salon. We had only a one-holer but, me being the
electronics mischevious little s**t, I would have at least tried to wire
that one-holer!!!

Автор A. “Raven” Schroder ( назад)
this reminds me of my grandpa his name was ray and he actted alot like this

Автор KSMike1 ( назад)
Thank you for posting this. When I was a kid in the mid-'70's I would lay
awake at night in my dark bedroom and listen to the Road Gang until the wee
hours. Listening to his stories, the songs? (many of which I've never heard
since), messages to coded drivers (what a great thing that must have been
in the days before cell phones), and the announcements of "King Edward
Cigar time." To me, it was magical and it inspired a fascination with radio
that persists to this day, 35 years later.

Автор Kevin Surbaugh ( назад)
I loved hearing this on the radio as I grew up.

Автор Bryan Ogborn ( назад)
This is one of my Dad's all time favorites. Thanks for finding it and
sharing it with everyone. Looking forward to more.

Автор doughesson ( назад)
Man,I haven't heard this since the 70s.Funny as hell.

Автор Fred Snyder ( назад)
@ws6transam84 Hey, was wondering if you'd be willing to sell me a copy of
your CD of Charlie Douglas stories?

Автор Tyler Anderson ( назад)
My dad was a truck driver for almost 30 years, and I remember as a kid he
bought this tape an we listened to it every weekend he came home until the
tape wore out.. I loved this collection very fond memories ! The Bugle and
the Mule always was a funny one too, But Dammit Ray is the best of all.

Автор margaret siler ( назад)
I have loved Charlie Douglas for years. He lived in Picayune,Miss at the
dame time we did, My son used to bag his gro...I found a cd of all of his
works, we love it....Just type in Charlie Douglas in google and you can
find a cd or tape.

Автор DannyH1957 ( назад)
Thank you soo much.. does anyone have the recording of the nitely opening
of the WWL Road Gang?

Автор DJ Wrekk ( назад)
Been looking for this like forever. My dad had this on record. Loved this!!

Автор brian42776 ( назад)
thanks for posting i'll share it with my trucker buddies

Автор Brent Popham ( назад)
Posted "The Fast Truck" Thursday afternoon. Hope you enjoy!

Автор Brent Popham ( назад)
Yes I do! I'm planning to put the remaining tracks from the album on
YouTube soon.

Автор brian42776 ( назад)
this is great stuff my granddaddy has the lp it sure brings back memories.
do you have the one called the fast truck. I'm a truck driver and I have
been trying to find this to have my buddies listen to it thanks

Автор Brent Popham ( назад)
I posted "Old Joe Wilson" Saturday evening. Enjoy!

Автор MRBENT2U ( назад)
yes sir. its short but i love it.. thanks

Автор Brent Popham ( назад)
Is that the one about Old Joe Wilson, the fellow with the 1950 Studebaker
pickup? I'll put it on here soon.

Автор MRBENT2U ( назад)

Автор Brent Popham ( назад)
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

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