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Автор Joe Madden (28 дней)
Excellent cover.

Автор Ned Wright (4 дня)

Автор wingobingo (4 дня)
Omg nailed!! Be proud!!

Автор John Iacono (1 месяц)
I have a Sandy Nelson album "Let there be drums" I got it decades ago in
the 60's, great stuff and this is a fantastic version

Автор Ron Hart (1 месяц)
Nice work BRO!

Автор Davo G (2 месяца)
Nailed it

Автор Warren Tiplady (3 месяца)
Well played. Great rendition!
(Old Phart guitarist). :~)

Автор Tenderfoot Prepper (4 месяца)

Автор Neil Mallett (3 месяца)

Автор Songcovers and Things of interest (7 месяцев)
wow! well played mate, spot on

Автор Gino C (10 месяцев)

Автор radiator0 (7 месяцев)
good job. dude...

Автор Umberto Pulimeni (6 месяцев)
▶ Sandy Nelson - Let There Be Drums - Drum Cover - YouTube

Автор Matilda Regan (8 месяцев)

Автор monsian (6 месяцев)
excellent, very like the record .

Автор AFmedic6871 (11 месяцев)
You nailed it. Excellent cover.

Автор Matilda Regan (8 месяцев)

Автор brian roe (1 год)
The only drum cover that got this right. Brilliant. Thank you, I now start
our set with this. Link Grey and the Dark Country.

Автор Jon Alexander (10 месяцев)
Great sound and so near the original. Well done!

Автор Silvio G (1 год)
awesome drum sound

Автор rhythmantic - Sal D'Amato (1 год)
Fabulous touch and groove. Love the drum sound.

Автор MrsRene42 (8 месяцев)
Your amazing, i loved it, thank you.

Автор Geslotendeur xxx (8 месяцев)
PERFECT !!! congratulations !!!

Автор Ron Deangelis (1 год)
Great job for sure. He can't be playing alternate sticking?. He doesn't
have any cross sticking going on. All the toms he drives with his lead hand
ie right hand. Trying stickings to get no crossovers. Unsuccessful. Any

Автор Bluesman549 (1 год)
I learned how to play drums 50 years ago by playing this song over and over
in my bedroom. I never knew if my dad regretted buying me those drums!
Great work on this music, man. Makes me feel great to hear a young man
keeping it alive.

Автор CowbellProfessional (1 год)
My grandfather used to play this for me in late 70s when I began to play
the drums. I wish I had his old LPs to look at/listen to still. Great
stuff. Made drums accessible to the masses. Love those hoops. Would like to
hear that kit close mic'd!

Автор skellywag rock (1 год)
GREAT sounding kit. good feel! awesome playing man!

Автор Bruce Bartlett (1 год)
I've been trying to learn this solo for years. You showed us how. Thanks!
Great sound too.

Автор David Armstrong (1 год)
Excellent work!

Автор MrRayzer1 (1 год)
Pretty good man ,loved the drum sound...Did you do the guitars as well?

Автор Joe F (1 год)

Автор Ian Hunt (1 год)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор Si JM (1 год)
One of the best covers of this I've heard, lovely sounding kit too bud. 

Автор Rufus O'Callaghan (1 год)
Nice drum cover, nice drum kit and well played. Congratulations. Just one
question : on the snare drums parts with the train beat, are you playing a
single or double stroke sticking pattern? It looks like doubles but it's a
bit difficult to see and I wanted to be sure. Thanks for any answer.

Автор John Spencer (1 год)
Excellent cover of the song. I was very very young when this was played on
the radio. Always liked it!

Автор Dennis Lund (1 год)

Автор rusty44mag (1 год)
Great video. Nice drum set too. Not cheap.

Автор neckoil (1 год)
this is better than sandy nelson

Автор Packerfan6846 (2 года)
I am a big drum fan and really enjoy this cover of one of my favorite
songs. Thanks for a great rendition of it.

Автор Phrase (4 года)
@JPKblueser Thanks Andre!

Автор rockahilbilly (3 года)
Well done. I'd like to know more about Murray drums. Nice tonal quality....

Автор Tom Colangelo (4 года)
the drums have a great sound!!!! without or without reverb

Автор werner521 (2 года)
Such a brillant job - thanks for this video! Best wishes from Germany,

Автор André Heiji (4 года)
That's a really nice looking kit my friend! :D Congratulations! It sounds
as good as it looks! Playing is great, as always! :) Keep it up!

Автор MoThugz4Ever (4 года)
This rocks man. Please do a tutorial!

Автор dahur (3 года)

Автор johnthelad (1 год)
That was awesome!

Автор Phrase (3 года)
@sonyahannah That's cool, but don't forget to let him hear the original too!

Автор Ian Baxter (2 года)
That was so good! Thanks for posting.

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