Sandy Nelson - Let There Be Drums - Drum Cover

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This was one of the first tunes I heard as a kid, which got me excited about drums, so I thought it was an obvious contender for the first tune to be recorded on a Murray kit to let you all hear it!

The song features my friend Hiro, from Japan, on guitar. Please check out his amazing channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/larzgallows

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Автор mario raul arias ( назад)
solo vos podes tocar asi, naciste con muñecas de aceros.....

Автор hegra32 (1342 года назад)

Автор cadmantheaviator ( назад)
Excellent choice. Well played.

Автор Devon Blue ( назад)
well done buddy

Автор ian porter ( назад)

Автор Erick Cramm ( назад)
Let there be Drums,, Drums Cover Sandy Nelson ,,, OK

Автор Dave Orton ( назад)
its a good song don't get me wrong. u da man

Автор Dave Orton ( назад)
the beginning sounds a lot like george, george george of the jungle

Автор altinkum03 ( назад)

Автор Ned Wright ( назад)

Автор wingobingo ( назад)
Omg nailed!! Be proud!!

Автор Joe Madden (1331 год назад)
Excellent cover.

Автор John Iacono ( назад)
I have a Sandy Nelson album "Let there be drums" I got it decades ago in
the 60's, great stuff and this is a fantastic version

Автор Ron Hart (807 лет назад)
Nice work BRO!

Автор Davo ( назад)
Nailed it

Автор Neil Mallett (705 лет назад)

Автор Warren Tiplady ( назад)
Well played. Great rendition!
(Old Phart guitarist). :~)

Автор Tenderfoot Prepper ( назад)

Автор monsian ( назад)
excellent, very like the record .

Автор rgm501 ( назад)
Teen Beat! Teen Beat!!! Teen Beat!!!!!! Please? :)

Автор Santino DeDonatis ( назад)
You are a great drummer, I am just learning too play.

Автор Scott Charlton ( назад)
Great work!

Автор I Got Glasses ( назад)
love seeing drummers getting into there music !

Автор Pete G ( назад)
Great cover!

Автор IVWinchester79 ( назад)
Teen Beat! Teen Beat!!! Teen Beat!!!!!! Please? :)

Автор johnthelad ( назад)
That was awesome!

Автор rgm501 ( назад)
Great sound.....hope were getting Teen Beat soon to :)

Автор DMW1949 ( назад)
I've always liked this song since I first heard it many years ago. I play
guitar and now I'm getting ready to turn 64 and I still play and sing and I
still love LTBD. Great job man!

Автор Phoenix Cantor ( назад)
great sound on the kit

Автор Kevin Kessler ( назад)
Nice job!

Автор ray reynolds ( назад)
man, I can't find the words, I have never heard it played better. great

Автор yawroc ( назад)

Автор Sonny Dryer ( назад)
Too bad they ruined your link with all the ads.....

Автор Bill Duke ( назад)
When I fist heard this I went out and bought a set of drums in '64. I'm now
retired and I still love it and play it. God Bless.

Автор Ian Baxter ( назад)
That was so good! Thanks for posting.

Автор godzilla653 ( назад)
Great job dude, keeping old classics alive is wonderful.

Автор Blitzburghpete ( назад)
Absolutely AWSOME fella : ) Well done : )

Автор screaminrieman ( назад)
That was excellent !!! This song was introduced to me as a young boy and
besides my uncle who played drums, I wanted to be like Sandy, RIngo, and
Micky Dolenz. Wow, the sound was dead on, the whole thing just rocked !!!
Killer video. Thanks for sharing.

Автор Eve Sadler ( назад)
I used to love LTBD in the sixties- you did an excellent job will put this
one on my favourites list thanks for sharing.

Автор Philip Rudge ( назад)
That was SWEEEET AS. Bought back a good memory. Sandy Nelson was the
greatest, this guy is as good - maybe better. Thanks heaps.

Автор Bob Besemer ( назад)
I am 68, and Let There Be Drums is still the best drum solo ever!

Автор TheDrummerman1951 ( назад)
Very nice job sounds great keep up the good work.

Автор Rrwmissouri ( назад)
Let There Be Drums inspired me to play the drums when I was in school. I
loved it! Peace & Love, Rick

Автор JASCOBAR ( назад)
Good beat there kids.

Автор Herbie Hinkle ( назад)
Wonderful job! Close my eyes and I'm 16 again instead of 62. Thanks for
keeping old school alive. It's in good hands.

Автор brad wakey ( назад)
Perfect representation of the original, and a great sounding kit too - nice

Автор Frankie Starr ( назад)
hey up mate love the way you do the track,just wanted to ask you if you
have recorded yourself without guitar,i might be interested in a track or
tracks if you got owt without guitar on ideal for playing at home.thanks
mate Frankie Starr.

Автор Packerfan6846 ( назад)
I am a big drum fan and really enjoy this cover of one of my favorite
songs. Thanks for a great rendition of it.

Автор 1lovevrastaunity ( назад)
Just like you, when I heard this back in the seventies, it inspired me to
learn to play the drums, I could never get the sequence right, but watching
you play it so effortlessly blow's me away. Thank you for shareing your
talents to the world. You've done Sandy Nelson proud.

Автор kent2305 ( назад)
Great drumming and simple, quality filming. Thank you for this version.

Автор Ray Yuen ( назад)
Great video. Sounds like the original and not full of unnecessary extras.
Plus some of the other videos are handheld and make me ill.

Автор rrrrdavid1 ( назад)
good drummer.....

Автор Colby Harrison ( назад)
Let there be resonance!

Автор domenic briffa ( назад)
very nice i realy like it

Автор Mike Garza ( назад)
Absolutely awesome, man.

Автор werner521 ( назад)
Such a brillant job - thanks for this video! Best wishes from Germany,

Автор FatDaddyLines1990 ( назад)
Well done Bro!!!!

Автор Colin Mcdougal ( назад)

Автор Richard Smith ( назад)
Really good - laid back - into the groove - as an "old" R&R drummer who was
inspired by many - love that Sandy made drum solos popular. This is really

Автор oneolddrummer ( назад)
Really goood job, clean and on time. Great job thanks for sharing!

Автор Winter Patterson ( назад)
I remember seeing Sandy Nelson do this. Great cover! OT: You can always
count on a drummer to be a great lay, and this one looks like he'd totally
fit the bill. Ay, papi! :)

Автор Brent Olson ( назад)
While you do a good job on the song, don't pretend to be Sandy Nelson, as
in the Google search.

Автор FlipMartian ( назад)
Very authentic; you obviously love the original. Great job!

Автор ah downs ( назад)

Автор doloris hudson ( назад)
grew up w/this music!! 50s & 60's the man is the" king of drums" he lives
in NV. these days & still plays the drums ( he looks like a guy I know, we
call him "bug") this is real music

Автор FizzzieCat ( назад)
Great cover. I heard it first as a little 'un too.

Автор Beatles❤Girl ( назад)
Wow, this gave me goosebumps just like listening to Sandy's version.

Автор kiwiswa ( назад)
wow dude, this is beat -tone perfect, awesome bro.

Автор Steve ( назад)
I'm no expert but I just listened to the original by Sandy Nelson and you
get two thumbs up from me. Good job!

Автор Johnny Willis (1834 года назад)
Great song your drumming was spot on. Well done.

Автор Ruben Saenz ( назад)
Ballroom Blitz The Sweet at 1:44 LOL

Автор elmoe5 ( назад)
I been a Sandy Nelson fan since I was a wee lad in the early 60's.... that
was a great cover... and I luv the sound of those Murrays!!....thank you ...

Автор Walter Callebaut ( назад)
it s good but it s not Keith Moon

Автор Paul Last ( назад)
I'm one of the many "frustrated drummers", my father used to tell me about
Krupa, Nelson, DJ Fontana et al!!!!!.....................all gr8
............but thats the only "version" that comes anywhere near the
original!!!..............btw i'm 43!!!! am i too late to start drumming?????

Автор Sfiga98 Remixes ( назад)
Now don't overdo.

Автор Gary Kitto ( назад)
Nice sticks fella, you owned it.

Автор Big Mo ( назад)
dude! amazing! : ) Whats your mic setup? how many are you wielding and
where are they placed?

Автор speedbag1 ( назад)
Outstanding rendition. I too grew up listening and drumming to Sandy
Nelson. This song, and "Birth of the Beat" were constantly on my play list.
Great clip and thanks for posting.

Автор Dave Stevenson ( назад)
That is a good solo piece and very SN ish but Sandy never miced his drums
that way. Still you do rock as a drummer and I love the kit.

Автор mortimer snerd ( назад)
If you want to be a better drummer.....wobble your head around a little

Автор paulinus43ad ( назад)
love it man,,,,

Автор Randy Combs Jr (589 лет назад)
I agree, this was my mom's favorite and she passed it to me, learning drums
as a kid I grew up with this, Sandy was awesome, you did a great job
covering, keep it up...

Автор Bob Owen ( назад)
Great job man playing a song that i listened to a lot when i was a kid. I
still got the 45 to this day.

Автор Phrase ( назад)
LOL! Thanks again Kaffyboy!

Автор Kaffyboy ( назад)
How can ANYONE dislike this??? I've heard Roger Taylor of Queen cover LTBD,
and he is nowhere near as good as this!

Автор Marshal H ( назад)
You nailed it my friend. Excellent!

Автор MidnightHauler1 ( назад)
Damn it Hoss... You are GOOOOOD !!!! I agree with what the others are
saying... Do not... for the love of god... stop playing...!!! You have some
SERIOUS talent there... !!!

Автор oldgeeze1 ( назад)
i agree this is the best cover i have heard a different class such a
difficult act to follow dont stop playing

Автор gdpunch ( назад)
LOVE IT .. like you one of the first drum tunes I heard as a kid .. loved
it ever since

Автор dahur ( назад)

Автор 91Timmey ( назад)
boy you looks like metal :)

Автор Bob Cooper ( назад)
This guy is GOOD!

Автор LEBOOF ( назад)
Strewth Sandy Nelson as a Hippy Oh Nooooo. Truly awesome cover well done to
you and Hiro. My first drum lesson and drum album was to this exact
song.Sandy set the REAL standard of basic and beautiful easy drumming !
hats off to you guys.

Автор rockahilbilly ( назад)
Well done. I'd like to know more about Murray drums. Nice tonal quality....

Автор Kaffyboy ( назад)
How can anyone 'dislike' this vid. It is sensational and a very loving
tribute to the great Sandy Nelson!

Автор Phrase ( назад)
@Kaffyboy Thanks!

Автор Kaffyboy ( назад)
This is the BEST cover of LTBD I have EVER heard!! You ROCK my friend!!

Автор Cedric Karl Fonk ( назад)
Wow man! You're awesome!!

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