10 Best NEW iOS & Android Games of December 2016

December had a great number of games released for iOS and Android. Here are the 10 best ones we loved.
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iOS, Android
PRICE: $1.99

Colt Express
iOS, Android
PRICE: $3.99

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier
iOS, Android (SOON)
PRICE: $4.99
VIDEO - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bxj1e1Hbk-k

Retro City Rampage DX
NOW ON Android
PRICE: $4.99

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic
iOS, AndroidPRICE: $5.99

Don't Starve: Shipwrecked
iOS, Android (SOON)
PRICE: $4.99

iOS, Android (FREE)
PRICE: $5.99

Kathy Rain
iOS, Android
PRICE: $4.99

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney
iOS, Android
PRICE: $15.99

Bully: Anniversary Edition
iOS, Android
PRICE: $6.99

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Автор JakeTheLegit ( назад)
I have an idea. If you want to play bully, get the console version used for
like, 15 bucks. Better controls and graphics. Don't have an Xbox 360? Just
get one used for like 80 bucks. Don't buy a phone to play anniversary
edition.- love, die-hard Bully fan

Автор SaviourInBlack ( назад)
Been looking for a channel that gives updates on new phone games. Subbed!
Well played!

Автор Karan fire (kd) ( назад)
I will subscribe any one who will subscribe me

Автор Erick Graziani ( назад)
rct is awesome

Автор GangstarSlovakia ( назад)
My phone is not suporting Don't Starve (octa core,2gb ram,marshmallow 6.0)

Автор Ankit Solanki ( назад)
what's the song being played in background at the beginning

Автор Isaac Fernandez ( назад)
your comments make suspect we have very similar ages. I wait to play rct,
let's hope you get to use that catch phrase a lot. you are straightening my
theory that the smartest people prefer android.

Автор Prasanna Kumar ( назад)
My favourite paid game of this month were : Bully and Mario. I have played
bully on both PS2 and on PS4. I bought the same game three times and I
think it was worth it. Mario run is really amazing imo. I don't like mobile
games that much so I haven't played all games in the list.

Автор ROYAL MONT ( назад)
The walking dead is peace of shit on ios.
1. Super low graphic
2. Bad audio

Автор RetardedNation FML ( назад)
Just got Bully yesterday, I remeber playing this gem on my PS2. Brings back

Автор cr0w ' ( назад)

Автор Figoment ( назад)
I played Bully on ps2, so fun

Автор SKYWVRD ( назад)
Explain to me how Bully can get a proper working game on Mobile but the PC
version is ported terribly no matter what pc you own

Автор SKYWVRD ( назад)
Kathy Rain reminds me of Full Throttle

Автор Elisa Fuchs ( назад)
Hi . Wow convention I prefer mu a mot start

Автор Chaz Smith ( назад)
Check out Partia and Partia 2 they're just like the original fire emblem
games "but now on your phone"

Автор Dr.Dingo ( назад)
mobile gaming is gay

Автор ArtKniveTV ( назад)
I have retro city rampage dx

Автор Kent Samuel ( назад)
Anyone who know link to get ace attorney apollo justice ios for free??

Автор bob seasons ( назад)
I think that battle bay is a good game. Its made by the people who gave us
angry birds

Автор Kristina Xenophobia ( назад)
Oh wow, over 3m!! Congrats @gameranx!

Автор Fear-Agario ( назад)
bed games

Автор SethTheSloth ( назад)
Ah Bully, the clearest image that comes to mind when I think Bully, is the
little white word Truancy

Автор Claus H. Luíz ( назад)
You mean, Empyrean?

Why'd you pronounce it like that, though?

Автор Ruben Lopez ( назад)
I really like the backround music around 6:30 anyone know what it is?

Автор Nexus_Phoenix ( назад)
Well I miss Earth its been destroyed and it was our only home we are just
living here in outer space we are running out of supplies those creatures
took our home but that was a long time its 5067 I miss this video its the
video when I found good games to make me play with my iPad because they
were so fun, here they come farewell world......

Автор cybercybex ( назад)
This is the first time I saw a CYOA game on any of the lists.

Автор Will Chapman ( назад)
found you since before one mil

Автор Charles Goupil ( назад)
What about Mario Run? I think it's one of the best of December.

Автор Ahmad Istiqlal ( назад)
please i will be happy if i have 1 like

Автор KILERSHON ( назад)
BTW you can Download ALL PAYED APP'S FOR FREE if you look Deep Enough on
Google ;)

Автор thegreendank1 ( назад)
dying for shipwrecked on android. been playing the hell out of r.o.g. and
now I'm drooling for this. not to mention minecraft just got the ender
dragon update and terreria is getting a big update hopefully in the first
quarter and crashlands is awesome. this is a great time to be a mobile
gamer. I have a kid and don't have time to sit down at a computer or
console and play but being able to whip my phone out on a drive or in a
waiting room is just insane considering my first system was an atari so
I've seen the gaming world come to fruition since the beginning.

Автор Rainy Days ( назад)
what are the tracks that are being used throughout the video? id love some
links / names. thank you.

Автор Matthias Bäumler ( назад)
can you put Polytopia in the free category

Автор Allah's Snackbar ( назад)
game of war isn't on the list because this one player kept kicking his ass

Автор THE ROCK ( назад)
try risetime it's simply awesome.
Risetime :

Автор robert gomez ( назад)
Bully!!!!!!!!!! Just became backwards compatible with Xbox one

Автор Your Friend ( назад)
so I've bought the wks3 for like 12$ on steam but its only 5$ on ios fuck

Автор user name ( назад)
i just purchased roller coaster tycoon yesterday at goodwill with civ2

Автор SKYH1GH T ( назад)
gta sa mobile or bully anniversary edition?

Автор Curtis ( назад)
Hey could you try out my game I just released? Any feedback would be

Автор PapaFrost ( назад)
Mostly just play Mobile games to waste some time while I'm away from my

Автор Phoenix Gaming ( назад)
how come you guys never show falcon. I wanna see him

Автор blaquenoise ( назад)
When I hear the word snowball because of the internet, a long time ago, I
can never think of snowball as a snowball again.

Автор Gabriel Dias ( назад)
So no one noticed that this Apollo Justice : Ace Attorney is a Phoenix
Wright : Ace Attorney ripoff? its almost an exact copy but with a different
protagonist lol

Автор FlyingTurtle ( назад)
What about the lifeline series

Автор DeathBurrito09 ( назад)
hey guys...if you're using android, you can get decently popular apps with
aptoide for free! that's right, FREE! just go to Google and search for
aptoide and download it from their website and enjoy all the free apps you
want, you can even download certain versions as long as someone uploaded it

Автор dannooooooo ( назад)
i want to see a bully 2

Автор Julio Cesar Sanchez ( назад)
If You are On Android and The game cost Money
Just download Aptoid There You Can download Payed games for free
On iOS Idk

Автор Laurenz Schwarz ( назад)
Hook tremendous ballot pugcca dirty ideal obstacle motion processing.

Автор Kyle Imough ( назад)
I thought it was prounounced em-pee-ree-an

Автор grrr 。 ( назад)

Автор Grumpy Monk ( назад)
I want the godfather from ps2 to come to mobile, anyone else

Автор mazhar alam ( назад)
Apollo justice is damn good thriller. Thanks Gameranx.

Автор Omkar Surum ( назад)
Bully is awesome game, it ll bring back your memories if you played it on

Автор Elizabeth Stevenson ( назад)
Be warned that Apollo Justice isn't just one payment. The first payment
gets you the first half of the first case. The rest of the cases have to be
bought for an exorbitant accumulative price. Don't waste your money if you
don't plan on buying all of it.

Автор luzaro ( назад)

Автор Sri Hari Karthik ( назад)
I loved rct 2 the moment the music started to play when I started the
setup, I too was a child back then

Автор Kkagka789 GT ( назад)
Wanted walking dead and yeah this app is not compatible with your device
(iPad) I have android lel

Автор Ryny ( назад)
"These are paid games" *starts with a free game*

Автор Horcomdev The third ( назад)
Nice video

Автор TheLegend27 ( назад)
For #4 I can also suggest 'Choice of the dragon' It is also a text based
choice game and is free.

Автор TheLegend27 ( назад)
Whats wrong woth you? A paid pinball game?!

Автор Leu Leumas4040 ( назад)
i cant find bully on 6.0.1. version of Android

Автор Kaos Blade ( назад)
Disclaimer do not buy the walking dead frontier you wanna know why because
it has over 100 bugs and lags. And it freezes all the time

Автор MrDjBigZ ( назад)
Don't get people who got time to play online on smartphones, when i got
time to play on the smartphone is max 30min to 2 hours and most times only

Автор Cameron Stache ( назад)
Glad to see the Ace Attorney games finally coming to mobile. The UI/game
play just makes sense.

Автор Nick Smithers ( назад)
I'm surprised for the free games (I know this isn't the video for free
games, I'm sorry) that you guys haven't covered final fantasy: brave
exvius. It's honestly a great phone game. You guys should check it out.
Hope you had a good holidays, glad to see you guys back from holidays
though :)

Автор Joshua Tovar ( назад)
I strongly diligence retro games why can't we will
have more games like six guns, bullet fore, critical ops, this war of mine
like games on android

Автор Côme Roullet ( назад)
gameranx got the good games of december totally right!😃

Автор WessTech ( назад)
I still don't get how people can play apps online

Автор Dean Adams ( назад)
Is it just me, or does that Kathy Rain character look like Kesha....?

Автор Zer0 Hydr4 ( назад)
So #4 is a choose your own adventure book.

Автор james plogger ( назад)
a couple of games brought back memories of a similar game I played as a
child. Thanks for everything you guys do.
Also, please haze the new guy.

Автор Josh Nanya ( назад)
I wish lenovo would update their android versions 😢

Автор jadendaboss1 “jadendaboss” ( назад)

Автор Crappy Animation Studios ( назад)
Empyren? Zombie exodus Safe house is better! It gives you MORE control

Автор The Dude90s ( назад)
HEY EVERYONE, I GOT NEW COOL GAME, its call Blitz Brigade, the game is
almost look like battlefield and overwatch, you have to download it and ITS

Автор lildog007 ( назад)
I assume you didn't like Super Mario Run since you didn't mention it? But
also omg Roller Coaster Tycoon!!! :OOOOO

Автор A Random Stormtrooper ( назад)
16€ for Ace Attorney?! For a fucking mobile game?!

Автор TheThing! ( назад)
Matthew Banks?

Автор Quiet Knight ( назад)
yesterday i was talking to myself saying "why Rockstar didn't make​ an
android version of Bully" and now here it is, this is not the first time
this happen to me

Автор Deup ( назад)
you can get retro city on console

Автор Amine Bousteila ( назад)
my fav game is elsword

Автор Tim Tam ( назад)
Can't wait for the day that gameranx says "it's the original Morrowind and
now it's on your phone"

Автор Charsept ( назад)
rollercoaster tycoon classic!

Автор Jokūbas Makaveckas ( назад)
the walking dead is released on android more than week ago gameranx... 😒

Автор Cwl Chan ( назад)
I need AfterPulse for ANDROID NOW!!!!!

Автор KkingEndeRz ( назад)
Am i the only one who has a iphone 4 still....
Idk I was planning on upgrading my phone but then the gtx 1080 came
out..... I had 1000$ but im back to 500$

Автор Marky 360 ( назад)
Last time I was this early my girlfriend was piiiiiiiiissssssed

Автор CALCULAT3D ( назад)
Hey Gameranx... Could you guys please do a top 10 best Xbox One Platform
Games list? I have been getting back into platformers with great games like
INSIDE and Shovel Knight and they're a blast.. Also, they're usually
between $5 to $20. I'm an XBO guy but I'm sure you could also do a PS4 list
or just bundle the two together. Just a suggestion as I can't find a top 10
platformer of all time for Xbox One on youtube and it would be friggin'
sweet if you guys did that list. I think you guys have a best new 2015
platformer video but a list of all the best ones would be schweet... I'm
going to be annoying and post this on your videos until I get a reply...
Maybe ha. Anyways, thanks for your awesome videos

Автор Arthhman ( назад)
why is it that I almost never see the "free" list ?

Автор The Green Marine ( назад)
Plz do a: 10 things we hate adults assuming about games

Автор maynard elec ( назад)
gameranx read carefully please mention if the game is controller supported
please thanks

Автор Omer Khalid ( назад)
Played all did not like snowball that much

Автор Darth Servipas ( назад)
to everyone saying mobile games are terrible, its the free games that are
made directly for mobile that are shit, ports of old PC or console games
are usually quite amazing such as GTA:SA, bully, final fantasy ect, or the
emulators for console's like PSP or ps1, so please shut the fuck up and get
a life

Автор john smith ( назад)
bully doesn't work on android ;-; at least not on my version (jelly bean

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