How to travel the world with almost no money | Tomislav Perko | TEDxTUHH

Many people daydream about traveling the world, but all of them have the same excuse - lack of money. Tomislav, after traveling the world for years with almost no money, shows how it is possible for everyone to do the same, if they really want to.

Tomislav Perko, 29, is a travel writer from Croatia. After a career of a stockbroker, broke because of the financial crisis, he hits the road and turns it into his home. He uses alternative ways of traveling – hitchhiking, couchsurfing, working/volunteering, and manages to wander around the world with just a little bit of money in his pocket, meeting the most amazing people on the way.

Five years later, he publishes a book “1000 Days of Spring” and goes around giving lectures about what it means to live on the road. Find out more on his website: http://tomislavperko.com/en/.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

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Автор Kamran Beg ( назад)
yes we Indians are like that sometime, we don't know about the
world/culture outside India, we are too busy surviving inIndia

Автор Manuprasad R ( назад)
i am traveling inside India for a long mostly b riding my bike but now want
to travel different countries but do not have any job now or money so if
any one want to be a co traveler please contact me shiva from india kerala

Автор абд ( назад)
This can only work if you are
1) white
2) a man
white people get treated better as guests compared to someone with darker
skin. facts

Автор JOOZ ( назад)
This guy is very funny and inspirational!!

Автор PCLife ( назад)
Does somebody want to travel with me . I am from Bosnia :)

Автор Tamara Omcikus ( назад)
"indians didnt warn me about anyone"

Автор Tamara Omcikus ( назад)
and if your woman - hitchhike and expect a pleasant murder

Автор Ajinkya Kulkarni ( назад)
yup....Indians are the friendliest :)

Автор Stoned Bird ( назад)
I am going to Jamaica in few months,anyone wanna come with me i am starting
from Balkan too same as this guy lol

Автор ҉ ( назад)
Too bad everyone is expected to be tied down with mortgage, bills, and
debt. It's what society wants, ladies and gentlemen.

Автор Jack Davison ( назад)
whats the name of the song in the hitchiking video???

Автор Malcolm MacLeod ( назад)
Great speech but not everyone can do this, try this on a South African
passport and all these countries would have denied you access for not
having enough money.

Автор Cody ( назад)
how to travel the world using others peoples money*

Автор Pseudo Symmetry ( назад)
This is the most inspiring ted-talk I've seen. I would probably save a bit
more money before leaving my country so I could afford the local food and
transportation. Couchsurfing sounds really interesting though!

Автор Justin McFarlane ( назад)
13 days of work paid for 8 months of travelling

Автор Lightcaster Studios ( назад)
LOL The Australian job! I need to move there and get that job ahaha! But
what about his passport and visas and stuff when going from one country to
the next? I wonder if he ran into any problems when crossing the borders? I
don't have a passport... I'll have to get one. :(

Автор Nikhil Patel ( назад)
welcome to india ,,,,

Автор jefferson santiago ( назад)
lucky for you guys, you can go to any country as you please. But us from
the third world country needs a visa just to get into your country.

Автор bizznardo black ( назад)
All these comments about how hitchhiking as a female is unsafe... Bring a
friend, carry a knife / pepper spray. Women have the same risks as a male
does while hitchhiking. Stop living in fear and go travel! If you get
killed hitchhiking in India it's the way you were supposed to leave this

Автор Wang Dianqun (Micky) ( назад)
Try if you were a Chinese with a useless passport :D

Автор Rhó ( назад)
anybody read his book?

Автор Krushi Kumar ( назад)
could anyone help me out, that the speaker said about a website name(not
cleared in pronunciation) which is used to host the travelers from other
countries.. I need that website name.

Автор Rivaldo10 ( назад)
White privilege :)

Автор taher ali ( назад)
sir how you managed for VISA?

Автор Md Sheraj ( назад)
Awesome talk, really!

Автор Reynoam Ams ( назад)
I love your takeaways from your travels. I have realized the same things. I
have been able to travel to 35 countries so far and I love what I have
learned! Media- All lies! Travel totally opens your mind and eyes.

Автор Reynoam Ams ( назад)
Yeah, my travel costs me more because I am a female. A lot of these things
are harder when you are a female. It shouldn't be, but it is. I am always
worried about rape when I think of hitchhiking and couch surfing. I am on
couch surfing, but I get a lot of men saying I can stay with them. So

Автор Victor Beigelman ( назад)
Yes...this should help feed our traveling addictions:

Автор Pauline ( назад)
Thanks so much! Amazing speach!!

Автор Avinash gupta ( назад)
i always dream to having this life and he is lucky man living my dream .
keep it up bro!!!

Автор vijay shanmugam ( назад)
I have a doubt do u have visa for all those countries

Автор Ravi kiran ( назад)
you made me realise..😄
thanks @tomislav

Автор Daniel Cole ( назад)
it's not easy if you are not born in a 1st world country because you need
to B U Y a visa for you to enter some countries.

Автор shikamaru nara ( назад)

Автор Saul Cifuentes Jazz ( назад)
can someone tell me in short how to do it?too lazy to watch the video

Автор Charlie Goldson ( назад)
very inspirational

Автор Alex smith ( назад)
he is amazing

Автор Manar Salah ( назад)

Автор Mina sMorgul ( назад)
so proud to see a fellow croat giving a tedex speech on travelling! i learn
a lot from your presentation. Pozdrav iz Međimurja! :)))

Автор Rip English ( назад)
To a the amazing girls out theirs who think that they cant travel
alone..please please watch "Travel vlog IV " channel by IVANA on
youtube...its your solution

Автор Thaygaraj Naidu ( назад)

Автор Adam Drew ( назад)
this is brilliant!

Автор Trenton Fengel ( назад)
This guy glamorized being homeless... Went on Tedx and called it

Автор heta patel ( назад)
All I wanted to hear is this today! thank you

Автор Isimsiz Birisi ( назад)
As bayrakları. Adam bizi anlattı ya 😄

Автор karthik indrakanti ( назад)

Автор 김민성 ( назад)
he's humorous

Автор Ceiling Fan ( назад)
I want to do this with my friends. Maybe a girl when I get one. All in one

Автор Cone zOUK ( назад)
He forgot to mention, you need strong passport.

Автор Antoniaa 21 ( назад)
I will buy your book,pozdrav iz Hrvatske!

Автор keniarosemary ( назад)
had to stop watching this video when he said hitchhiking... this world
isn't safe for women.

Автор TheMicka112 ( назад)
tomislave, svaka cast, bas si inspiracija

Автор Jay Al ( назад)
Open your legs. International job. Easy to get in . You heard me. Exactly
it's tammmm selling waffles

Автор Omar Hanif ( назад)
Great talk!

Автор Mohamedwasim Hudli ( назад)
It was awesome talk thanks..

Автор Tomás Sousa ( назад)
Big thumbs up

Автор Dynna Smart ( назад)
I also like travelling and hitchhiking. Come to Kazakhstan!

Автор Akho Rhakho ( назад)
lesson no. 9😂👹

Автор Frazzle ( назад)

Автор koosmangat ( назад)
Opportunist mentality at its finest...

Автор Aman Shah ( назад)
Its cool and all but you travelled to only second or third world countries.
Not mich europe or us or the really fun places

Автор Eeli DeSiria ( назад)
next time when you set off to another worldwide journey just make me a miss
call , i am IN -_-

Автор Jay Fursule ( назад)
Indians are loving and caring people

Автор Shamiul Hasan ( назад)
How did you get visa and plane ticket for going to one country from another
country? I have little idea about international travelling. If I go by car
shouldn't I need visa or something like that? Then hat to do ?

Автор Shashikant Vanjeri ( назад)
Caution : Not for Female !!! ( don't try this at home, school or
anywhere... )

Автор Rashika Mp ( назад)
One of the best TED talks i've ever heard. And here is the respect from
India, no the human community 😇

Автор Valley Of Wolves ( назад)
so did anyone travel the whole world after watching this?

Автор Coper Field ( назад)
nice hair dude

Автор Christopher Ellis ( назад)
yes, it can be less expensive to travel in Europe than to live in
Australia, if one is ready to use Plan Whatever and sleep wherever is
sensible. Traffic Control is the most dangerous job in civilian life. India
is not a nice place.

Автор grpattni ( назад)
hvala Tomislave, super prezentacija, sve najbolje

Автор GaNa VEVO ( назад)
why is the world getting dangerous 😭 when the world will understand love?
im live in this world , but there are still have so many amazing things
that i haven't seen.

Автор Laura Hernández ( назад)
After this video I thought I could Bilbo the things out and go out to have
my adventure, I was mentally getting prepared to hit the road but then I
read comments reminding me that hitchhike is too dangerous if you're a
female going by your own. I'm still going to do it (eventually) but I think
I'll have to make a friend that wouldn't mind living this way... and that
might take a while. Does anybody has an opinion or a story about
hitchhiking as a girl?

Автор Finn Meiklejohn ( назад)
Post Traveling Depression is a real thing that affects people all over the

Автор Pascal Khachab ( назад)
I have a question. Waht do you do when you injure yourself while
Hitchhiking and no one is going to help. I really would like to do
hitchhiking someday but I think if I injure myself for example I broke my
foot, then I would be probably fucked.

Автор Shahida Khanam ( назад)
i wish girls could do hitchhiking like that :(

Автор Alok Tiwari ( назад)
Love from India ... We dont hate anyone.

Автор Faiq Falahi ( назад)
adorable, i'll do it next time.

Автор Vaibhav Kasdekar ( назад)
really inspiring...I Would like to know how was your experience in INDIA?

Автор 502 Come up. ( назад)
Step 1: get money

Автор Mia Gilaani ( назад)
Dude, he's a guy, I think it's not safe for a lone girl to be travelling to
many of the places he's been. Only guys enjoy that privelege. I've read
many news of female tourists being raped in foreign countries. Hitch hiking
seems so dangerous and sleeping night in a park is like inviting wolves to
eat you up. I wish I could all of that. but I can't and won't. However I
like his adventurous story and wish I could too.

Автор Jairus Takes A Stand! ( назад)
As a young American who has always wanted to see the world, I'm becoming
tempted by this lifestyle. I have wanted to fly jets in the airforce, but
this seems like what I have been wanting.

Автор chris meadows ( назад)
Tomislav is absolutely right about everything!
Last Summer I spent 3 months cycling across all of Europe. It was such a
joy, people were so awesome, I made good friends, and I have so many
amazing stories.

When I got home everyone was excited and for 2-3 weeks I told friends my
stories, but pretty soon they get tired of your stories. When I travel I
feel alive, I feel like a rock star. When I am home I feel like a everyday
schmo. Just another face in the crowd.

For me there was some post travel depression. I did NOT expect that at all!
It was only when I began planning for my next adventure that I began to
feel alive again.

I learned a lot from my trip. I learned that I can live without a TON of
stuff. Everyone is obsessed in US with getting more and more stuff. Screw
stuff! Give me adventure and the open road!

Автор Lana Vlogs ( назад)
What about VISAs ??? every visa requires some money in account they
requires surity for stay hotel or hostel ,,, how possible to manage

Автор Adeel Anjum ( назад)
also depends on the nationality you have. a pakistani passport and trying
to obtain visas lol.

Автор Elise Mertens ( назад)
Parking strike simple yckytg belief goal approximately last local.

Автор Belgrade2309 ( назад)
Svaka čast! Pozdrav iz Srbije!

Автор Dadagiri Steven ( назад)
Cool experience, though the hitchhiking gesture can be deadly in some
countries like Iran or Turkey, where thumbs up is equivalent to middle
finger gesture.

Автор Arsenio Buck ( назад)
I remember a dentist I used to work with one said, "you can travel as a
backpacker, but I'll travel in style." She stayed six nights with her
family at the Palm Hotel in Dubai. One of the very few six star resorts.
I use to travel on a thing budget, especially here in Thailand. The thing
is, you're subjected to a lot of things such as things being stolen from
you, cockroaches, but most importantly, the idea of "not having enough."
Pay an extra 30$ and stay in a hotel where you're surrounded by successful
people, rather than staying in a 30$ hostel where backpackers tell their
sob stories and you only attract more of that. ;)

Автор Suhaila Shifa ( назад)
easy for a white guy to travel like this! for a non-white , non-male person
the world is indeed a scary place to travel alone without money!

Автор davidg12345 ( назад)
This guy was also talking about it in my high-school. Huge respect! Hello
from the home country ;)

Автор Jose Vergara ( назад)
How about the visa? How can I enter that many countries without visa?

Автор Francesca Gibbens ( назад)
i started watching this and realised as a female it is irrelevant to me...

Автор Vagabond Life ( назад)
I hit the roads of europe this summer Im 20 Was great experience. I was
scare to do it of many reasons. So i try to do it in the hardest posible
way i can handle. Was 40 days with bicycle and i spent 150 euro (target 3-4
euro per day) Was great experience. Now i'm thinking with no money at all,
no plan. This video give me the tools that i needed.

Καλά ταξίδια σε όλους αυτούς που το νιώθουν. :D

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