enigma return to innocence (lyrics)

a fantastic song from the group ENIGMA -- return to inocence . please see the message at the end

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Автор mongy ( назад)
I think the quote at the end has completely missed the meaning of this song

Автор 이기석 ( назад)
좋은 노래입니다!

Автор Fabricio Alcantara ( назад)

Автор Rajendran Damodaran Pillai ( назад)
mirth invoked feeling...benevolent mood infused..

Автор Selva Charan ( назад)
Love this song soooooo much 💜💜💜💜💜

Автор jkam8327 twet ( назад)
Nice song

Автор mido davinci ( назад)
OMG that's so unique . Enigma I love you ♥

Автор gaguy1967 ( назад)
My So Called Life

Автор loopy twat ( назад)

Автор Vaddi Satyanaryana ( назад)
i most love song toooooooooooooooooo moscow rassia narayana vs 

Автор Jeroen Lichtenauer ( назад)
Strange, the text added at the end seems to contradict the song itself.

Автор Francesco Rossi ( назад)
return to innocence

Автор abel costa ( назад)
excelente musica pra meditar ,e pensar na nossa nada mole vida.

Автор le le King ( назад)
love this relaxing song!

Автор Akram Sm ( назад)
enigma groups songs r very relaxing,helpful as meditational music,its their

Автор sarath bhasi ( назад)
Return to innocence I love it because when I hear this song it can make me
good feel

Автор Karen B ( назад)
I have returned. :) <3

Автор erzsebet horvath ( назад)

Автор doso1958 ( назад)
It is the shallow brook that babbles. The Bible is much deeper than you
seem to grasp, thus deeper waters share only subtle silence...

Автор alizah khan ( назад)
not heard since 4-5 years makes me remember lot of things i had n now i
dont have else great song!

Автор gaguy1967 ( назад)
My So Called Life

Автор Trevor Herselman ( назад)
The bible is wrong (in ways I can't even begin to describe, and for the
record, I've read it twice)! We are not born as babies into sin, we learn
to sin! Babies are born sinless, they don't know hatred, racism, fear,
religion! They are taught what we as parents and society want to teach
them! And the church teaches this tripe to keep you subservient, fearful
and delusional!

Автор Joseph Alvarado ( назад)
Innocence is your inner-sence, remember were you come from...we come from
light, we serve the light, and we will return to the light.

Автор Hurls47 ( назад)
Innocence is purity, of self, as the song speaks of - it has not a thing to
do with being like a dumb leper! o_O' !!

Автор vorpal22 ( назад)
I'm sorry that you've been taught to believe in an ugly, disgusting lie.

Автор Yusuf Sarif ( назад)
I'm remember in 1991

Автор Justin Lujan ( назад)
Yes! Thank u:)

Автор Dustiliciousz ( назад)

Автор Quick2000 ( назад)
Thank You Much for THIS! Much Love!

Автор Cesar Otzoy ( назад)

Автор kosmita nieznany ( назад)

Автор Gullytale ( назад)
Return to Eden - the way all was intended. Quite biblical actually. Not
that it matters. :)

Автор revinevan87 ( назад)
Fell in love with this song after seeing Man of the House.

Автор stef dumy ( назад)
eu il iubesc ca e piesa sufletului meu :X..timp de 6 ani aproape in
fiecare zi o ascult si niciodata nu ma satur de ea:X:X..

Автор Miriam Gaenicke ( назад)

Автор gisela baez ( назад)
Rolon aweboO

Автор Fa MH ( назад)
Yes unfortunately... years ago ...

Автор N Ranbir Singh ( назад)
song so simple and philosophical and the best of its kind

Автор Piluszewska ( назад)
Well said, well said...

Автор Jean Jaques ( назад)
Qund j'écoute la chanson j'ai des frissons Super ;)

Автор Fa MH ( назад)
Used to listen to this song with my grandpa , he loved this song ... Makes
me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME I listen to it .

Автор Carlos dos santos ( назад)

Автор Delia Tuallawt ( назад)
i love this song...awesome..

Автор Reid Post ( назад)
i love this song and i like all the songs enigma makes they are awsome and

Автор angelos patsourakis ( назад)
guys i'm trying to find the photo on 2.37 - 2.42 on google but i can't. i
found all the others from the video but not this one. please help.

Автор Mariah Sachse ( назад)
Got this song on repeat:)

Автор Mariah Sachse ( назад)
Haven't heard this song in seven years.. Wow.. Memories....... This song
makes me cry. I love it though

Автор Tamás Bálint Kucsora ( назад)
People are very stressed todays,they feel desperate and they don't
know,what should they do to vanish that. Making wounds in each other's mind
is thought as the easiest way to feel better,but it actually solves
nothing.This song shows the best way how to release all the hurts kept in
ourselves,and the message at the end of the video strengthens this view. I

Автор Jenny Wolthen ( назад)
Nice work. Thanks Karanfav

Автор Medrin Kit ( назад)

Автор Medrin Kit ( назад)

Автор Daragh McGuire ( назад)
don't care what people say, just follow your own way

Автор Türke turk ( назад)
this song bring y in 1993 jears wonderfull song

Автор petereuropa ( назад)
Eternity. Nice video.

Автор Matylda Badalla ( назад)
love this song ! <3

Автор gardeniaXXII ( назад)
Mesmerizing! Thank you...

Автор gilvane silveira ( назад)
otima musica

Автор sweetbella78 ( назад)
played it many times,its invigorating

Автор Kyros Nox ( назад)

Автор wanz Isabella ( назад)
nice song

Автор Steve Gardner ( назад)
I think you missed a few parts. "ohyahiohyahiyooo" thereifixedit

Автор greceanu marian ( назад)
romania iubeste acest cantec

Автор mellow354 ( назад)
i heard dis song long tym ago wen i moved in manila i was grade 3 and im
only 9 yrs old i remember i saw da music video in MTV channel dat tym but
im not aware bout music bcoz im still very young and innocent child but now
im 26 yrs old diz 2012 and working. diz song makes me relax and bring back
my memories so dat why i loved diz song its so very beautiful thank you
Enigma music Michael Cretu. im proud of diz listening 2012.

Автор gaguy1967 ( назад)
My so called life

Автор TheWheatley14 ( назад)
thanks to tune in Radio for sreering me back to this great song

Автор Metek piliang ( назад)
i love this song so much....

Автор szebyhu28vm ( назад)
my soul's song ..

Автор Mile Jukić ( назад)
yep, but key word: INNOCENCE.....

Автор gaguy1967 ( назад)
my so called life

Автор Justin De Armas ( назад)
I made a promise to myself that I would be the one to protect those who
mean to me. And if I can't do that, then I at least want to protect the
girl I love even though she doesn't feel the same way for me. I may have a
very short and insignificant life thus far, since only 15 years ago I was
brought into the world, but I wouldn't mind being on the front lines for
them. I could even do the same for a total stranger and not feel regret.
But hey, I still want to have fun with those I care about. :)

Автор eagledean ( назад)
Brings back the good memories of when those close to me where still here.

Автор saul miguel bogado zarate ( назад)
este es la mejor cancion que he escuchado en mi vida es armoniosa

Автор Dcayer ( назад)

Автор Marko Shiva Pavlovic ( назад)
It would be beautiful to have a innocent world all technical inventions
will mean no0thing to a world if everyone lose themselves and cant return
not even for a moment into innocence

Автор Marko Shiva Pavlovic ( назад)
I love this song it almost make me cry sometimes. And no you dont need to
close your eyes just open your heart for a moment and dont think think
about all things that you really love and that are not there now because
you grown up and hardened your heart because world is harsh

Автор Κατερίνα Παπαδοπούλου ( назад)
You have to close your eyes and imagine you are somewhere else... only then
you truly appreciate this music...

Автор 木下 秀吉 ( назад)
that is gread song!!

Автор scurvdog84 ( назад)
Ahhhhh, this is much better than the one with Justin Bieber down the
sidebar. Can't listen to such TRULY beautiful sounds with Biebers face

Автор Chenyi Lin ( назад)
its Taiwan's Aboriginal Amis

Автор d51a52n ( назад)
Not Native American, its Aboriginal Taiwanese chant.

Автор devonia vernal ( назад)
i have been searching for this song forever im so glad i found it...

Автор wheatherwitch34 ( назад)
It´s so lovely, that is hard to describe, so I can only agrre with previous

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