I stick my tongue to a stainless steel grill, babysit Joe's kids and end up murdering Santa Claus.

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Автор corey brock ( назад)
his tounge wasnt even stuck😂

Автор Jordyn Jordynrae2006 ( назад)
His tounge was not stuck

Автор scamp boy ( назад)

Автор Ramon Trabal Rios ( назад)
I cant if it's true or not

Автор Christopher Blackmon ( назад)
that's messed up that he took your dog

Автор TheRealMeisl ( назад)
3:21 tongue "stuck" on grill: oh come on, that was poor. One can even see
it come off a few times, eg at 3:37. First thing that comes to my mind is
air suction through tiny holes, like eg take off the "Char-Broil" sign and
use the mounting holes. This way you wouldn't even have done any damage.
Too bad really, since the idea is actually great; referring back to the
Psycho series when Jeffrey made you strip outside in the snow.
Also, why didn't you get your tongue *actually* swollen, at least a little
bit. It's simple, sucking on a shot-glass, you know the thing that's been
around awhile ago for bigger lips.
Otherwise it's played out very well, especially 7:39 when you're trying to
explain to Larry and Parker has to help out and "translate".

Автор mystic howler ( назад)
did they pull that from a Christmas story

Автор Edin Bisevac ( назад)

Автор Konnor gameing ( назад)

Автор katrina drayton ( назад)
why. did. you. kill. Santa

Автор Mirely Vasquez Rodriguez ( назад)
AM mad

Автор Enrique Martinez calmet services ( назад)
you sound funny

Автор Golden Gamer ( назад)
Look at exactly 3:37 he moved his tongue

Автор anthony morgan ( назад)
Don't do that

Автор Odin Of The Shadow Nation ( назад)
lol I enjoy seeing him cry about how it's sticks while he puts it back in
his mouth and still crying

Автор Andrea Matson ( назад)
. u killer

Автор TheAnonymousGuy 25 ( назад)
Amazing vid!!!! Keep up the amazingly awesome work! Keep it RiDGiD!

Автор Juggie Girl ( назад)

Автор Mr.Gmail Sad days ( назад)
Wazzzz up

Автор Jody Morgan ( назад)
you are the best one on YouTube

Автор Starlight IronHooves - EDM Music ( назад)
Best Christmas story reference ever!

Автор Ahmed Sulejmani ( назад)
you kill santa😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

Автор Ahmed Sulejmani ( назад)
you kill santa

Автор Crystal Williams ( назад)
open the door

Автор Joelle olly there is a ghost in you,r room!!!!!!!! ( назад)

Автор Ruth Gilmore ( назад)
😀😀😀😀 😀🎆👻🎃

Автор Ruth Gilmore ( назад)

Автор M&A M&A ( назад)
your touge was not even stuck

Автор Rose Rodriguez ( назад)

Автор Bottleflipper ( назад)
He wasn't stuck

Автор Elena Boss ( назад)
hahah that is want you get

Автор josh barratt ( назад)

Автор Grace Films ( назад)
Haha omg that note on Santa's body if from the Santa Clause movie 😂 love
it Jesse x

Автор t man Little ( назад)
his toung was not stuck

Автор Susie Clark ( назад)
dat santa clause refference

Автор theresa gail ( назад)
what does crush on this until like that this is a scary video and I want to

Автор chava Contreras ( назад)
bich suck my dick

Автор Sans UnderTale ( назад)
Santa: this boy is definitely on my naughty list for interinty

Автор James Larkin ( назад)

Автор Lord Galaxy ( назад)
I saw you put your tounge back in we're not dumb you idiot

Автор Cody Mcgathey ( назад)
who who kills santa you jerk

Автор Ya Boi ( назад)
Why didn't Jessie's character break into the front door window like he did
in the psycho series. That window leads to his room and he would have had
to spend the night in the trailer.

Автор Jaylin Harris ( назад)
I know Josh davis

Автор Jaylin Harris ( назад)
I know

Автор Conner Vll ( назад)
I saw you meeting Dom Tracy

Автор Jocelyn Lee ( назад)
Why do you do that McJuggetNugget Santa is a nice man poor santa.....

Автор Keylan Gray ( назад)
his tounge was not stuck

Автор ZJ09 Magikcat ( назад)
dude i fucking love

Автор Nancy Bruso ( назад)
OK I don't get this

Автор Yoyo Kayden Kim ( назад)
I didn't get gifts because of

Автор BananaPeels3000 ( назад)
haven't watched for a while. just wondering who is filming for him now?

Автор _ Bubbadawgz _ ( назад)
Lol Jesse sounds like Adam Sandler a little bit.

Автор _ Bubbadawgz _ ( назад)
Lol Jesse sounds like Adam Sandler a little bit.

Автор Joey Jakari ( назад)
his tounge was not stuck i sall him lift it

Автор fnaf zilla ( назад)

Автор Chan See Wai ( назад)
omg you killed santa😨😱😱😱😱😱😱

Автор Blue Eyed Butcher ( назад)
you can see you are stuck out sind so you can blanck the glass you can do
it ok

Автор Blue Eyed Butcher ( назад)
hant it

Автор Allan Speirs ( назад)
You seen his young lift of it lolilolo

Автор Sheldon Burrowes ( назад)
his tongue was moving the whole time its a skit

Автор Corey Hammer ( назад)
glad to see it didn't take long to get back into it lol

Автор PootisScout543 ( назад)
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I Just Got Clickbaited
And so did you.

Автор DogTheLog ( назад)
so thats why we need to buy our kids presents

Автор Pera Rojas ( назад)
you are stupid

Автор Alex Chau ( назад)
i just sall the elf on the shelf tell the elf you are mean you are trying
to kill us

Автор Lisa Sierra ( назад)
His tongue came of the grill like 4 times it was not stuck

Автор Jaime Lugo ( назад)

Автор Jaime Lugo ( назад)

Автор Dylan Cleveland ( назад)

Автор xx hoe ( назад)
Shit he got died to hell shit fu*k him

Автор Miguel Macias ( назад)
is funny

What the f**k why you killed santa I'm not gonna subscribe

Автор Bombombom Gonzalez ( назад)
you dick ass you killd 🎅

Автор Calgary colts ( назад)

Автор Calgary colts ( назад)
his tough was not stuck, he moved it on and off the grill while he was
pretending to cry like a baby for attention!!!!

Автор Toasty cuber ( назад)
at 28:47 i cringed so hard it looked like it hit his balls.

Автор Alpha Wolf ( назад)

Автор Alpha Wolf ( назад)

Автор Sean Sullivan ( назад)
Ur tung wasn't stuck u hoe

Автор Arturo Castro ( назад)

Автор laura torres ( назад)
You ok?

Автор Beau Delos Santos ( назад)
Hey Jesse we want you to knock out Jeffry with your fist

Автор Douglas Neal ( назад)
it is not stuk

Автор Josh Jj ( назад)
Your fack

Автор Yolanda Avila ( назад)

Автор Cam-pro bro Fish ( назад)
Screw you bro get hunted for life go get a joB!!!!!!!! No one like you vid
Cuz u killed Santa and more you play video game the more your a B!!!!!!

Автор Julian Harris ( назад)
why you killed Santa Claus

Автор Ravneet Kaur ( назад)
What time did Santa die?

Автор hot wheel battery for 5 ( назад)

Автор XvXpertSnipervX 123 ( назад)
I already know who the
Santa person is it's Jeffery

Автор Michael Ossai ( назад)
I don't believe that he killed Santa

Автор Brandi Young ( назад)
Why did he triple dog dare you? Why did you do it you should have a love
you just brought you could've just punch the glass. Maybe he'll be on the
naughty list. Plus who is his neck what's his name.

Автор manish vijay ( назад)
i hate who killed santa claus

Автор Brandi Wheeler (Randydaughter81) ( назад)
On Christmas 🎄 it rain 🌮🌮's 🤓🤓

Автор TheDiamond GamerV1 ( назад)

Автор C&C Scoot ( назад)
He lifted his tounge every time her tried to talk

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