Steelers vs. Ravens | Week 16 Highlights | NFL

Ben Roethlisberger had an off-balance day at perhaps the worst time possible as the Steelers lost a key game on the road to the Ravens.

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Длительность: 5:1
Комментарии: 982

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Автор Kevin miller Wayne jr ( назад)
like always the Steelers are garbage

Автор Nick Lawrence ( назад)
They let holding go to much. Every teams dbs do. They need to start throwing penalties more

Автор Riley Rayburn ( назад)
The Ravens could have easily been 2-14 if the steelers didn't mess up both times (both games decided by 3) and the Browns do the kick six

Автор TSlayerMinusGuy ( назад)
84 dislikes. Antonio Brown made 84 accounts to dislike this.

Автор sparsh saraiya ( назад)
Actually from 2014

Автор ScaryFountain18 BroncosCountry ( назад)
Ben was held to now touchdowns... NOT SURPRISED AT ALL!!!

Автор Drake Rainwater ( назад)
I feel! happy for mallet he will always be welcome

Автор killa cam ( назад)
foot ball!

Автор Brandon diesel ( назад)
lmao with our back ups!

Автор ScaryFountain18 BroncosCountry ( назад)

Автор Tyler 1881 ( назад)
How many Ravens fans does it take to win a super bowl? None. They like living in Pittsburghs shadow

Автор Darius G ( назад)
Ravens always do a good job covering Antonio Brown

Автор DaeShaun Jones ( назад)
i pits about it they shed of won vs the ass haul ravens

Автор Ndudi Enwereuzor ( назад)
Yay? Well, we did beat our rival

Автор BOLTGANG _ ( назад)
1:03 RIP Tray Walker

Автор BowlOfSkittles ( назад)
When you see Tray Walker in the background

Автор God Christ ( назад)
Awesome! Ravens SWEEP Squeelers!

Автор Ryan Hardison ( назад)
The rivalry isn't dead, not even close

Автор Giancarlo Bonilla ( назад)
Why do the Steelers always lose to teams with bad records?

Автор AFG Ravens ( назад)

Автор bacchys ( назад)
"They did it today with their JV team."


Автор Jesse Hernandez ( назад)
HAHA Shitsburgh Squeelers😂😂

Автор kingbrayden21 1 ( назад)
smith is a beast upshaw should not of not got offsides he my fav cb for my fav team

Автор Cameron Coleman ( назад)
if allen from the ravens was mortal kombat x with celebration dang

Автор City of Champions 95 ( назад)
And the Ravens thought they had us eliminated XD

Автор solano santiago ( назад)
Ravens Beat The Steelers 20-17 On NFL Redzone Sunday

Автор Eshawn Tyler ( назад)
let go Steelers

Автор Eshawn Tyler ( назад)
Steelers let go

Автор Eshawn Tyler ( назад)
Steelers let go

Автор Major ( назад)
Thank you Rex Ryan. Y'all can beat us all you want but we still in da playoffs .3.

Автор Totyana Wilmore ( назад)
at least we beat the steelers #ravensrule

Автор Griffin Kroener ( назад)
God what a good game

Автор Nod Messiah ( назад)
+Jon Sonnenleiter We have a huge coaching problem as a matter of fact. Not taking points when we had opportunities. I'm not that mad though because I have some peace at mind knowing you're shitty ass team is 5-11 and will be watching the playoffs from home as always. LoL Stfu little boy.

Автор Drix ( назад)
FACT: The Ravens OWN the Steelers, period.

Автор Cherry the Skrublord ( назад)
Get wrecked Pittsburgh! Caw Caw!

Автор Fun Gaming ( назад)
Most of you Ravens fans said the Ravens knocked them out of the playoffs. Untrue. 😝

Автор usabadone ( назад)

Автор usabadone ( назад)

Автор usabadone ( назад)
Where are the Ravens fans.

Автор usabadone ( назад)
Looks like the steelers just got in the playoff. Hahaha

Автор Fun Gaming ( назад)
Earlier in the year the Bills beat the Jets IN New York so don't count them out. And by New York I mean the Jets stadium because they're both in New York.

Автор Jeremy Hamilton ( назад)
I'm hopeful for the playoffs. If the Steelers beat the Browns and the Bills beat the Jets, then the Steelers make it. The Bills did beat the Jets earlier in the season when it was Bills @ Jets.

Автор Mario5544 ( назад)
Ravens just wrecked the steelers playoff chances.

Автор Aaron Barnes ( назад)
cool! yr! aunt airplane what's your opinion about thiu

Автор Wizardly Vlogs ( назад)
ALL of these people in the comments feeling butthurt or cocky (You know who you are) Its a game, who gives a shit that much about a game to be this inhumane. Calm down, get away from your computer, take a walk or some shit. Just please stop.Neither one of us is making the playoffs, great, we have eyes. As soon as we saw the final score we knew that, we don't need to see it through a hurtful youtube comment. Ravens, you had 19 on ir, why do you sound proud of that, Steelers, we had injuries too, did we not, and they affected us, but we didn't play this way because of injuries. We played like this not because Tomlin was shit, or the referees were siding, because WE didn't play like a playoff deserving team. And the ravens never did, get upset all you want, but you didn't. Good, now calm the fuck down about whether or not you got a Win Or Loss.

Автор EdmacZ ( назад)
What Rivalry?

The Ravens get it. The Steelers don't. A hammer and a nail aren't rivals.

The Ravens officially own the Steelers. Harbaugh owns Tomlin. The fact that they can be down 19 guys on IR, start a 4th string QB, and still beat the Steelers proves it. Pittsburgh has no answer for the Ravens. This isn't a rivalry, it's a back to back asswhooping.

8-3 in the last 11. The "rivalry" is officially theirs now, and it will stay that way until proven the Steelers can beat them.

Oh, and Big Douchelisberger fails yet again in a big game. The guy is done.

Автор Zach Gilbert ( назад)
This was almost as funny as watching the packers get assraped by arizona.

Автор It Never Ends (1991 год назад)
Go Ravens

Автор Green Man (637 лет назад)
Damn, Steelers, Wow ... just wow.

Автор sonysonix (2006 лет назад)
I've been saying it from day one. Numbers don't mean any anything when these two meet. Everything is out the windows except what you bring to the field that particular day. A win could fall either way regardless of records, ratios, players. It's always going to be nasty

Автор Thiago Silveira ( назад)
I'm a Steelers fan and I congratulate Baltimore because of this win. They just played too much better. Steelers underestimate Baltimore and might lose the playoff chances because of this loss

Автор Tyler Boyd ( назад)
It's sad that the Steelers do so little with so much. I've always liked Tomlin, but it's starting to fade. This game was the offense's fault. We know the defense sucks, but for Ben to throw 2(almost 3) picks is inexcusable. Tomlin has the reputation to play down to lesser teams and ultimately lose, something needs to change.

Автор zzApotheosis ( назад)
(Insert butthurt here)

Автор Dat Boi Kam ( назад)
fuck the ravens

Автор manuel soriano ( назад)
jimmy Clausen was fuckin garbage

Автор Warriors, Panthers, Blackhawks, Yankees fan. ( назад)
notice how when the steelers win, you never see people calling the franchise a joke, nobody saying they suck. but when they lose one game…

Автор DiscussHub ( назад)
Well, Ravens fans(Including me), the season may be over, but at least we can beat the Steelers with like 19 of our starters injured.

Автор Enrique Trevino ( назад)
yes ravens win

Автор Enrique Trevino ( назад)
yes Rávena win

Автор gypsy knight ( назад)
the nfl is fixed just like every other sport

Автор Karan103 ( назад)
Where are all those fans saying Steelers are going to win Super Bowl 50?

Автор Danny Hernandez ( назад)
We swept y'all. Conversation over #RavensNation

Автор Hooper White ( назад)
My Rothlisberger LOST!

Автор Tyron Pouncey ( назад)
this is why u play the game Lol

Автор Tyron Pouncey ( назад)
this is why u play the game Lol

Автор Cavon Layne ( назад)
We have no excuse in this L we played like garbage gg Ravens maybe next year we won't be swept by y'all

Автор Philip Peters ( назад)
Thank you Ryan Mallett.

Автор Josh Jahada ( назад)
It was a catch. Now I feel the cowboys' fans pain. Lol

Автор BlackWayneBrady ( назад)
Im not a steelers fan but really? You lose to an injured ridden Ravens team?

Автор SuperJMrocks ( назад)
Get out the brooms

Автор Jon Sonnenleiter ( назад)
Let me guess steelers fans, they lost because they didn't have Bell or Pouncey. Or y'all favorite excuse, the refs. Can't wait to see all the excuses for this loss. LMAO.

Автор Riley Fitzgerald ( назад)
I don't even know what to say. We should have won this game. We HAD to win this game... We were playing conservative football in the first half which obviously didn't go our way. Big Ben was holding back on using his weapons for some reason. AB could have done all the work... Well, I guess we have to depend on the Jets for losing next week. I just don't know what to say...

Автор Joey Jamison ( назад)
Thanks Ravens for handing the AFC North title to the Cincinnati Bengals. In appreciation, we will kick your butts next Sunday when you come to town for the final game of the year! Your final game that is, we move on!

Автор Sidney Boakye ( назад)
Well now it 8s offical, the Bengals are the best team in the AFC North as they have won out in the triangle of the sweeping. How this triangle works is that, according to last year, the Bengals sweep the Ravens, the Steelers sweep the Bengals, and the Ravens sweep the Steelers. The Steelers have been swept by the Ravens and failed to sweep the Bengals so they take #3 in the AFC North (0-1). The Ravens have swept the Steelers but if they get swept by the Bengals they will take #2 in the AFC North (1-1). If the Bengals sweep the Ravens and they refused to get swept by the Steelers they will take #1 in the AFC North (1-0). This could also with the Ravens if they beat the Bengals.Then the Bengals will be #2 (0-0) as they didn't sweep or get swept.

Автор Andrew Dederick ( назад)
Mean Chris Matthews play for the Seattle Seahawks

Автор Thomas Harvey ( назад)
Rams won too, just goes to show you can never underestimate anyone in this league

Автор Solomon Kessington ( назад)
What the fuck happened put there Big Ben? Why were you not fucking passing it to AB like 20 times that fucking game. Oh don't let me get on our defense. We have the 5th best run defense and you let that fucking happen with he pass game, our pass game is ass on defense. We have to wreck the Browns next week and the Bills beat the Jets. Bills said ruining Jets playoff chances is like 'Superbowl' so Bills have to try. We have to fuck up that Browns secondary without Joe Haden for real. I'm not even going to front if Steelers make playoffs I will be happy, but if Jets make I wouldn't even be that mad. They have a remarkable defense who would never give up and an offense that tries to be even better. We have the best offense and 5th best run defense but our secondary is just horrible. Jets deserve it more than us if our secondary doesn't step up.

Автор STORMTROOPER588 ( назад)
it will take a miracle for the Steelers to make the playoffs now after losing to a bad team.

Автор T Man ( назад)
garbage Steelers don't deserve to make the playoffs

Автор r21danny r21danny ( назад)
steelers are lil bitches

Автор Hamza Aamer ( назад)
Hahah yes Ravens, the Jets needed that!!!

Автор Jason Collins ( назад)
Steelers why stop running the ball

Автор Sheastadium 1199 ( назад)
Ouch! man. The Steelers now don't control their destiny because of Guess who........... The Ravens. You gotta love Rivalries. steelers have to hope now that the jets lose to the bills which is highly unlikely.
Now if the steelers beat the ravens they would have made the playoffs hands down cause they would have had the browns for a final game which is a give me game .

Автор Koontah Kentay ( назад)
Ravens are sick and tired of losing every Sunday

Автор iiDefied ( назад)
Oh look, Steelers abandon another perfectly good running game to throw 2 interceptions and lose to the fucking Ravens for the 2nd time.


Автор David Crandall ( назад)
I think the Steeler's receivers are not doing a good job of getting open. Defensive guys are all over them. And Stealer's defensive players are not doing a good job covering receivers.

Автор Easy Mode ( назад)
@4:07 "These guys have gotten used to looking for flags every single time they go out for passes, they gotta start going back to trying to make plays versus looking for help."

Автор John Klint ( назад)
hi steelers we just killed your playoff chances because jets are gonna win over the bills.

Автор BamPelotas ( назад)
cómo pudo ser posible que perdieran con los cuervos, si esta temporada estaban jugando remal, maldición. quiero llorar.

Автор Tremaine Moss ( назад)
RIP to my fantasy league, I can't believe this many upsets happened today.

Автор Quincy 'Speedster' Enunwa #81Hunnit #Speedster ( назад)
Jets and Broncos going to get wildcard it looks like, Chiefs going to win the AFC West

Автор CometVS ( назад)
Steelers offense should be ashamed of themselves. 'Bad' Ben showed up and the pass game was anemic.

Автор ScubaStevo99 ( назад)
Chiefs fan here. I know you didn't do it for us but this win helped us make the playoffs so I want to says thanks Ravens! Last year we helped y'all and this year you repay the favor. Cheers!

Автор Lites ( назад)
2:50 best TD dance of the year???

Автор Ray Lewis ( назад)
Lol and everyone said Steelers were gonna blow out the Ravens

Автор chokri mzoughi ( назад)
Ravens nock the steelers out of the playoff ..

Автор Paul Prestianni ( назад)
@2:43 "you knew they weren't going to be able to run against the Steelers" ? 121 rushing yards isn't running the ball?

Автор Lost Under the Sky ( назад)
Count on the steelers always being outcoached and outplayed in big games. They can't win with Tomlin, he's a bad decision maker.

Автор Zina Kaminski ( назад)

Автор DJax ( назад)
pats defeated. hawks defeated. steelers defeated. panthers defeated. packers defeated. dude, that's a nice week

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