1,000 yard Remington 700 SPS varmint .308

shooting 1,000 yards with my Remington 700 SPS Varmint .308 with 26" heavy contour barrel 1:12 twist rate.

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Автор MsLukomsky ( назад)
Охуительный прибор... СВД по сравнению с Ремингтомом , посасывает писю....
по точности стрельбы!

Автор Ryan Wampler ( назад)
love your shooting videos, so how many grains of varget were you using? and
what was your elevation while taking these shots? and have you been able to
stablize the new 175 "tipped match kings"?

Автор Hunter Rifkin ( назад)
There is a deer standing behind the target

Автор Jonathan Hudon ( назад)
Really nice shooting! Can I ask you which scope base are you using and if
you had to bed it?

Автор Joey Stephens ( назад)
Did anybody else notice that they could actually see the bullet in the
video? Love it lol

Автор TWDxKILL3R ( назад)
You have a lefty rifle I just noticed

Автор kevdclo7 ( назад)
what weight of bullets are you shooting?

Автор Ryan David ( назад)
You must be a sniper in the military just the way you articulate your

Автор Kevin Tapley ( назад)
lol awesome buddy!

Автор Major League Shooter ( назад)
good shooting man!

Автор 86taw ( назад)
Is your sps v a 1-12 twist? if so does it handle the 168 grn well

Автор Austin Boyd ( назад)
What are your mark 4 variable zoom magnifications?

Автор Matt Barnes ( назад)
What ballistics app were you referring to?

Автор Joseph Pike ( назад)
What cheek rest is that? I love it!

Автор Richard Hansen ( назад)
I appreciate your work and taking the time to share. Pretty funny Enzo
75...grouping would improve...ha ha.. Nice shootin and Thank you

Автор Enzo 75 ( назад)
Is your stock glass bedded? Just wondering if you had used a H&S Stock or a
Bell & Carson with an Aluminum bedding block if the grouping would improve?

Автор Ryan Barrett ( назад)
What's the magnification on the mark 4 you are running 

Автор Nenad Lazarevic ( назад)
Thank you for your great videos, you're to the point, explain really well
and look like a an overall cool guy. Hope you keep going!

Автор F53802 ( назад)
Is that a McMillian Stock?? cos it an't a Remington stock

Автор jose Moreno ( назад)
Is this varmint better than Remington 700? 

Автор Hayden Hazelip ( назад)
What kind of stock is that 

Автор mekhet83 ( назад)
Left handed like me. Btw I just bought the same rifle but right handed
version, seeing this video really gives me a lot of hype! Can't wait to
shoot mine! :)

Автор Snrub0800 ( назад)
What stock or mag system do you hav on there and how well does it work?
Great shooting!!

Автор TheMsjayhawk ( назад)
Sweet! That is some shooting there!
I have the 308 varmint ss .308 and can often shoot 5 holes at 100 yards
that all touch.


Автор tarantulaxj ( назад)
what kind of muzzle velocity are you getting with the 168 smk?

Автор KY KRaZY ( назад)
Thoughts on the Marlin bolt guns? I have a 22 250 that will shoot quarter
inch minute of angle with factory ammo at a hundred yards and I have less
than three hundred and fifty dollars in that gun that's the 26 inch heavy
barrel what's your thoughts on it?

Автор Craig Thomas ( назад)
That's some good shooting considering that round is probably going subsonic
at 800. Ever stretch it out past 1000?

Автор kapa8835 ( назад)
What scope and mount?

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
The load I run in that rifle is 46 grains of varget with 168 gr Sierra MK
and Federal match primers with Remington brass, 2.830 OAL.. the best ive
ever shoot with it was 0.413 3 shot group at 100 off of a bipod but itll
hold just over 1/2 all day.. if I put it in a vice I have no doubt that it
would hold 1/4 MOA .. yes that's with a factory 26" 1:12 Remington barrel.
thanks for the comment!

Автор Craig Thomas ( назад)
What's your load data if you don't mind me askin? Is that thing shooting
1/4-1/2 min? Remington barrel as well?

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
Oh yea absolutely, I just haven't got an Angle Cosine Indicator yet and its
kind of tough for me get the elevation at both spots and then get the
angle.. thx for watching

Автор Alex Norby ( назад)
Have not read through all the comments, but I was wondering about your
elevation in relation to the target elevation. I am assuming the app is
calculating for a target directly across from the shooter. And if your
elevation of the target was not, that could be the offset of the 2 MOA
difference from your dope to the app calculation.

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
yes it swivels from side to side and has a 6 to 9 inch height adjustment.

Автор switch blade ( назад)
does your bi pod have both vertical and horizontal movement?

Автор Steve Hammond ( назад)
At that range I would never trust commercial ammo, hand loading is the only
way to go. My handloads with my .30-06 will make 1 hole at 100 yards and
about 8 inches at 1000 yards, but my rifle has been highly accurized.

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
Yea it definitely pushes the limits with a drop of about 30 feet you really
arch that bullet at 1,000.. thanks for watching!

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
yea this rifle is the varmint 26" but I do have a video up of a friend
shooting 1,000 yards with a suppressed AAC SD 20" 308 and here in the next
few months ill be cutting this barrel down to probably 22" to fit a
suppressor as well.. thanks for watching!

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
thank you. Yea and that rifle is much more accurate then ill ever be.. thx
for watching

Автор leaddispenser9 ( назад)
Well I stand corrected. Thanks

Автор pv107 ( назад)
The SPS Varmint is 26" (as he sated at 2:48). I think you're talking about
the SPS Tactical & SPS AAC-SD.

Автор bprice1892 ( назад)
Great video. Proves that if the shooter is capable, the cartridge and rifle
can do its part.

Автор leaddispenser9 ( назад)
Keep in mind this only a 20 barrel..this is impressive has to be handloads

Автор Steve Hammond ( назад)
1000 yds is pushing the limits of the .308 but as you can see here, it can
be done.

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
Glad I can help.. thanks a lot for watching!

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
Thanks a lot I really appreciate the feedback!

Автор MikeM0331 ( назад)
Very nice. Good shooting and a good looking rifle.

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
thanks a lot! It is a Tactical Solutions from tactialworkscom

Автор VikingRaider793 ( назад)
Excellent shooting and great vid! What kind of cheek rest do you have on
the stock and where did you get it?

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
Thank you! Yea I painted it, its had a few paintjobs..

Автор Christopher Lachcik ( назад)
love the rifle. custom paint job im guessing? mine is flat matte black.
never know when you will use it

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
Are you talking about where I got the rifle? I bought it new from a local
gun shop. thanks for watching!

Автор tanner treadwell ( назад)
man.. i have got to say one of the most smoothest shooting guns. i went
with a buddy of mine hunting and shot one with it. wondering where where
did u pick it up at if you know off the top of you head. thanks

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
thank you! to be honest just by watching other long range videos, reading
and just getting out there and shooting.. Ive had a lot of misses before I
started getting hits at that distance.. TheNSSF videos with Ryan Cleckner
helped me out a lot, if you haven't seen their channel you should go check
it out.. thx for watching!

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
yea i'm very pleased with it.. thanks for watching!

Автор tanner treadwell ( назад)
very nice gun, thinking about buying one the same way lol left handed too
great video

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
Thank you sir.. This scope is a Leupold Mark 4 8.5-25X50mm in solid dot mil
dot reticle. I absolutely love this scope but the one thing I would change
is spending the extra $500 bucks and getting the FFP instead of the SFP..
for the type of shooting I do the FFP is definitely the way to go.. thanks
a lot for the comment

Автор dickvains ( назад)
great video and great shooting. Im thinking about buying the same gun but
chambered in 223. Could you give some detail on what kind of optics your
using in the video? Like power and objective lens size and manufactor.
Thanks and keep those great vids coming!!

Автор Kay Root ( назад)
a buddy of mine is having his barel cut down due to a supressor also. 26"
down 18" to make up for the 8" added. nice shooting, hopefully my buddy and
i start putting up vids. i dont have a bolt action yet, but recently sold
my Sig 716 patrol in .308 cause it kept tending to jam, but i heard it was
known to malfunction cause of the piston design it had. but a bolt action
is what im wanting for my next rifle. if i get another ar-10 it'll be a
rock river arms lol

Автор SonOfSimon ( назад)
Fantastic shooting! How did you learn to shoot such long distances?

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
Oh I love it, I don't think its necessary to have a 26' barrel though.. ill
be cutting mine down to 20 or 22 pretty soon due to ill be putting a
suppressor on it and don't want such a long gun..

Автор Kay Root ( назад)
how are you liking it so far? im sure a 22" barrel would be ok.

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
not that I know of, pretty sure its only a 1:12 in 308.. you can get the
700 AAC SD in a 1:10 but its in a 20 inch barrel..

Автор Kay Root ( назад)
This rifle come in 1:10 twist?

Автор TheHamSarless ( назад)
like to see a video on how you painted your rifle to!

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
yea ive thought about trying lapua brass, just cant decide if it would
really be worth the extra money.. thx for watching

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
ok, thanks for the response.. I'll have to find a rifle I can paint or I
may repaint this rifle but I will for sure do a video on it in the near
future.. thanks for the comment and thx for watching my videos!

Автор art n ( назад)
Yes, I would like to see how you coat/paint the rifle..nice pattern, I have
a Rem. 7005R .308 silver with silver 20X scope..would like to redo all
silver with pattern like yours Thanks

Автор weld3871 ( назад)
You might get better mileage out of Lapua Brass. It cost a little more but
I get much more consistent groups over time and use.

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
thank u! Its not to hard. tape everything off you don't want painted, find
some weeds get 3 or 4 colors of paint and start painting. I usually use at
least 2 different patterns, on this rifle I used 2 different weeds and
stretched out burlap to break up the pattern some.. I've thought about
doing a video on it, would that be something you think you guys would
watch? thanks for the good feed back!

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
around 720 fpe and about 1380 fps.. a 115 gr 9mm from the muzzle pushes
about 420fpe I believe..(just as a reference)

Автор Alex Lovato ( назад)
How much energy is left at a grand?

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
Thank you trappolaify! Thx for watching

Автор trappolaify ( назад)
wow good shot in 308 amazing

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
Thank u, I appreciate the positive feedback!

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
26" barrel

Автор EastCoastOperator ( назад)
very good shooting -

Автор George Mason ( назад)
What's the barrel length?

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
Yes sir it is..

Автор AIMPROS ( назад)
Is that a Left Hand 700 SPS?

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
Thanks a lot, I appreciate the comment! man i'd love to have an m-14, very
nice rifles..

Автор albert johnson ( назад)
Excellent marksmanship there.I don't have a place to shoot that far up here
in Canada the best we have is 500 meters.I have a Poly-Tech M-14 that ile
be trying out soon with some modifications with the Hornady sst 168's.

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
That scope is a Leupold Mark 4 8.5-25x50 mil dot reticle.. Thx for watching

Автор casey chance ( назад)
what kind of scopes?

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
Jazon9 I use my hand loads, they are 168gr Sierra Match King with
Winchester brass, varget powder and federal match primers. Thx for watching

Автор jazon9 ( назад)
What ammo did you use ?

Автор Bryce with Defensive Resources ( назад)
This is the first video I've watched...nice shooting. I haven't made it to
1000 yet with mine but I'm holding good groups at 500 (furthest I can shoot
at my land). I've got exactly the same stock on mine and I LOVE it. I've
got the 700 VTR in 308. I'm assuming you're shooting hand loads?

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
The AAC comes with a threaded barrel so for those who will be running
suppressors thats one less step to do. I have a suppressor on order and now
ill have to get my barrel cut and threaded. Also the AAC in 308 is a 1:10
twist which is better for heavier bullets, which is better for long range
shooting.. don't get me wrong I love my varmint its a great rifle, for a
guy going predator hunting it would probably be a better because of the
1:12 twist being able to shoot a light round (110gr hornady)

Автор Eddie Stivaoson ( назад)
I'm deciding between the Varmint, and AAC SD. Why would rather go with the

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
Photo314159 thanks, I appreciate it.. Thx for watching.

Автор Photo314159 ( назад)
I usually don't like the camo paint jobs I've seen, but your looks really

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
Thx for watching! If I did it again and it was for long range tactical
shooting Id go with the AAC SD. It comes with a 20 inch threaded barrel.

Автор Christo B ( назад)
What would you say I the best Remington 700 to get? And nice shooting!

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
thanks a lot! appreciate you watching.

Автор Joe blow ( назад)
Nice shooting!!

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
Thanks a lot for watching! The stock is a Choate tactical and I'm running a
leupold mark 4 8.5-25x50 scope. I'm very happy with the rifle.

Автор nevertoooldtohavefun ( назад)
Great video and fantastic shooting. Thanks for posting! Good camera work. I
was shooting an SPS Varmint .308 yesterday and loved it, which is why I'm
looking up videos today! What is your stock? What is your optic? Thanks.

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
Thanks a lot! I'm very pleased with the rifle. Thx for watching

Автор Dang Lee ( назад)
Nice rifle and shooting , I got almost the same set up on my 308

Автор 1MOA308 ( назад)
Thanks a lot man! Got the shirt for Christmas, you can't have it! Thanks
for the like!

Автор TheLesliedillard ( назад)
Dude I want ur shirt great work on the video editing look great (liked)

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