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Автор 1MOA308 (1 год)
Craig Thomas, Thank you. with my hand loads their actually still supersonic
at 1,000, around 1300FPS and no I haven't shoot any farther yet but I
certainly plan on..

Автор Enzo 75 (3 месяца)
Is your stock glass bedded? Just wondering if you had used a H&S Stock or a
Bell & Carson with an Aluminum bedding block if the grouping would improve?

Автор Kevin Tapley (11 дней)
lol awesome buddy!

Автор 86taw (1 месяц)
Is your sps v a 1-12 twist? if so does it handle the 168 grn well

Автор Ryan David (6 дней)
You must be a sniper in the military just the way you articulate your

Автор Matt Barnes (2 месяца)
What ballistics app were you referring to?

Автор Hector Bambinos (4 месяца)
What kin of scope do you have on ?

Автор Joseph Pike (2 месяца)
What cheek rest is that? I love it!

Автор Major League Shooter (28 дней)
good shooting man!

Автор hurbt (1 год)
at 1000 meters, the coriolis effect is enough that you may want to figure
it into your elevation and windage adjustments. that said, I am sold on
that rifle... gotta get me one! I like that bolt handle!

Автор F53802 (3 месяца)
Is that a McMillian Stock?? cos it an't a Remington stock

Автор Austin Boyd (1 месяц)
What are your mark 4 variable zoom magnifications?

Автор Nenad Lazarevic (3 месяца)
Thank you for your great videos, you're to the point, explain really well
and look like a an overall cool guy. Hope you keep going!

Автор Snrub0800 (5 месяцев)
What stock or mag system do you hav on there and how well does it work?
Great shooting!!

Автор Ryan Barrett (3 месяца)
What's the magnification on the mark 4 you are running 

Автор Hayden Hazelip (5 месяцев)
What kind of stock is that 

Автор mekhet83 (5 месяцев)
Left handed like me. Btw I just bought the same rifle but right handed
version, seeing this video really gives me a lot of hype! Can't wait to
shoot mine! :)

Автор DolphinDog (1 год)
Wanna sell it? I just bought a new Ruger Gunsite Scout 308. Big mistake.
Sent it back. Did you install the mag yourself or? Super great video. Im a
fan of the sniper 101 series by RexReview. You sold the rifle at the first
shot. Nice work. HooYah

Автор jose Moreno (5 месяцев)
Is this varmint better than Remington 700? 

Автор TheMsjayhawk (5 месяцев)
Sweet! That is some shooting there!
I have the 308 varmint ss .308 and can often shoot 5 holes at 100 yards
that all touch.


Автор James Ibrahim (8 месяцев)
If you had to chose any Remington rifle to buy for accuracy, 100 metre
target shooting and hunting what would you choose ? most hunting is done
from the car 

Автор KY KRaZY (6 месяцев)
Thoughts on the Marlin bolt guns? I have a 22 250 that will shoot quarter
inch minute of angle with factory ammo at a hundred yards and I have less
than three hundred and fifty dollars in that gun that's the 26 inch heavy
barrel what's your thoughts on it?

Автор posse rush (8 месяцев)
Nice I have the same rifle "700 rem sps 26 "and I love it . diff stock and
Plus you can cut the barrel down on the 26 and add a comp or brake and be
at around 24" :-]

Автор B Boar (7 месяцев)
looks like the Lapua

Автор Brian Merlin (9 месяцев)
What scope u are using bro..

Автор Richard Hansen (2 месяца)
I appreciate your work and taking the time to share. Pretty funny Enzo
75...grouping would improve...ha ha.. Nice shootin and Thank you

Автор Rachel G (8 месяцев)
You got no business in the civilian world my friend. You belong in the

Автор Trey Dyck (9 месяцев)
What stock do you got on there?

Автор William Feather (10 месяцев)
Hello can ask what brand? Company you purchased your cheek rest from. Thank
you and very awesome vids! 

Автор Snoozing Lion (8 месяцев)
Thanks for sharing... ;)

Much appreciated.

Автор Halson Grant (9 месяцев)
what rail r u running for your scope and, is made for left hand rifles

Автор Tyler Rogowski (1 год)
What stock is that?

Автор 2253glen (1 год)
Must be defective. The bolt is on the wrong side!

Автор Paul smith (9 месяцев)
nice shooting

Автор nottelingu (1 год)
another question mate, if I was to buy the same action 700 as u and barrel
setup standard witch Remington would I order?
is it Remington 700 sps varmint? or is it another special ordered?
and standard before build what cost am I looking at
is this the same as u when yours was standard

thanks, also what camera as ask already? great zoom

Автор Jason Fry (10 месяцев)
what stock are you using?

Автор tarantulaxj (6 месяцев)
what kind of muzzle velocity are you getting with the 168 smk?

Автор chippster stephens (1 год)
gotta love the 700 ,nice looking set up, and great shooting brother

Автор Yadang Xiaofeng (1 год)
What stock is that? It haven't been able to find a good tactical left
handed stock. That one looks great!

Автор mujdatozc (1 год)
You very good shooter :-) nice video. Thanks for share 👍

Автор Виктор Иванов (1 год)
+!!! Класс!!!

Автор JQ580 (1 год)
Great group on those 1st 3

Автор jena finnell (1 год)
Are there studs to put a sling on that specific stock?

Автор john doe (1 год)
what scope are you running?

Автор 86taw (10 месяцев)
killer shot group at a 1000, is that a choate stock?

Автор Sherwood983 (1 год)
Good shooting pal......

Автор 2253glen (1 год)
I got my first bolt gun a couple yrs ago. 20" heavy bbl SPS. Put on a
Timney trigger and Leu. 4.5x14. It shoots any bthp less than moa. Shot at
800 for the first time Sun. and hit 3x2' steel first shot. Love it,
fantastic gun for little money.

Автор 446willem (1 год)
Ive got a very similar rifle except in 300 win mag. The Choate stock is
great for the money!

Автор soso iashvili (8 месяцев)
you are not good shooter :)

Автор Richard Spalla (1 год)
Great vids man! 

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