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Автор Aadan Samane (3 года)
As a Salafi person I totally disrespect Saudi government. They lost their
manhood, asslick USA. That is NOT what Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings
upon him told us.

Автор 19Lion8 (4 года)
Clear proof wahhabi munafiqin are best of friends with the mushrikin
enemies of Allah swt. These munafiqin wahhabis say it's 'bidah' to praise
the Holy Prophet or do zikr in groups. Yet the najdi munafiqin dance with
this leader of mushriks as if he's their prophet... Hypocrite najdi dogs!

Автор RmraDON (4 года)
The Saudi Arabians are Muslims. This is the welcome ceremony for every kind
of visitor. Don't forget that Makkah & Madina is in Saudi Arabia & they
know much then you. So don't get dissolve yourself in the flood of sins.

Автор Nour Lh (3 года)
wahabism and salafism just smart Qatar- Saudi and Israel creation to kill
muslims arround the world and do better job to build the GREAT NATION of

Автор ChristionDispair (5 лет)

Автор binbaaznajdi (4 года)
@footsoldier65 This is Wahhabi and Salafi and if your are saying this is
kafir, then you know what Wahhabis are.

Автор ShabazzAllah1 (5 лет)
There is no Kings in Islam only Allah. All of those currupt kings, imams,
shieks etc. will be over taken. There will be no Caliphate to come only the
Great Mahdi who will establish a whole new world and bring in a new and
improved Islam and perfect the Arabic language, etc....

Автор askar ali (4 года)
its not rong any thing b coz he is not dancing with lady no any music also
ppl always thinking wrong way salafism following salafusaalih path it is
allowed to islam

Автор hasaniye Deli (5 лет)
this is bulshit???? fuck USA

Автор Raees Khan (4 года)
following shia ism is more harmfull

Автор UHF333 (4 года)
color on the rag heads scarf is also similar to USA

Автор Akif ajja (4 года)
hate wahabis they are wost dan jews

Автор lilblitz (4 года)
@binbaaznajdi Why do u lie and try to divide the ummah you animal, what
does selif mean?? It is the early generations, they try to understand islam
as the sahaba and the first 3 generations understood islam, since our
prophet sws said ''my generation is the best and then the one after and the
one after'' they are the strictest against shirk and bidah, you are a
lunatic who needs a wife and a job and an education, i bet you have neither.

Автор Abuattar86 (5 лет)
@zodeloni Write to me personally, and refute wahhabies, Because you cannot
hate wahabies without just proof, since your hate as a muslim must be based
on al-Wala wa al-Bara for ahl us sunnah. If you don't reply to this I will
regard this as kibr(arrogance) and not as hate based on proofs, but on
shahawat(feelings/lust), wa audhubillah.

Автор ruthless6661 (2 года)

Автор Ali Ahmad Attari (4 года)
@ahyahyahy I am a Sunni not a shia. THe shia disrespect the Sahaba that is
almost the worst crime i can think of. But you Najdi have done 1 worse, you
disrespect the Prophet (peace be upon him). You dumb-asses kill innocent
people, you send peace on Yazid the dweller of Hell - you bastards yell
anti American slogans yet your kingdom is protected by the kuffars

Автор binbaaznajdi (3 года)
@npc0mpl3te The Wahhabis are criticized for being munafiqs. They allow
dancing for their leaders like Fahd, Baaz and Bush but condenm those
Muslims who dance for the Prophet and sing his praises. This is what is
being exposed.

Автор ahyahyahy (4 года)
@ALIxATTARI wow so this is what you think a muslim is huh? My leader is
prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alayhi wa salaam). "Dumb-ass", I suppose this
is from the sunnah of the prophet (saw)? "Najdi", "Yazidi", "bidati" ...
okay hold on... a shi'a talking about bidd'ah? You put Ali (radi allahu
anhu )'s name in the ATHAN! Talk about biddah! DOGS? Wow, you're vomitting
diaerhea language. Sunni and shia united? You and your ulema curse sunnis
in your 'hadith' books as well as the sahabas & Aisha (raa)

Автор StuntXL (5 лет)
It's complicated. If I were to be as simple as possible, Ibn Abdul Wahhab
was a well educated scholar seeking reform - mainly through dialogue and
discussion. Unfortunately due to the actions of the the Saudi rulers with
whom he was allied, whose actions he doesn't seem to have condoned, and
with various other reasons, the Wahhabis of today don't really represent
much of his stances well at all. You should seperate Ibn Abdul Wahhab from
the "Wahhabis" of today.

Автор akhi abuyusuf (5 лет)
masallah helal olsun kardesim abdullah ya hic kimsenin gucu yok buchu
oynatsin sadece allah cc abdullah krala onu nasip etmis kiskanin cahiller
bizim krali

Автор StuntXL (4 года)
You should when trying to understand the man. The Saudi Ruler thought that
Ibn Abdul Wahhab would give validity to every attack he made to conquer the
land. Ibn Abdul Wahhab however never showed any support to these attacks
but only sanctioned a few where he thought it was just, irritating the
Saudis imperial ambitions. Mainly wanted to spread his views through
dialogue but remained silent when it came to the Saudi atrocities due to
the support they gave him. Interpet that however way you will.

Автор ChristionDispair (5 лет)
redards that came to support that idiot bush

Автор shamsjahanzeb (4 года)
@Abuattar86 agar yehi kam pakistan mein ho to shirk bidaat ho ga or wohi
kam hijaz muqadas mein ye dayyus karain gay to culture hoga ye kaisa insaaf
hai allah kay rassol ki birthday celebrate karna shirk or is dog king ki
birthday manana kiya tauheed hai harami ki oulaad zara souch allah ko kiya
jawab do gay

Автор salahudeen yusuf (5 лет)
wahabi bandits what you expect

Автор el-Razi (4 года)
this is the big bid'ah in the world wahhabis teaching

Автор hatela007 (5 лет)
Among all the groups, who consider themselves Al-lus-Sunnah wa Jam'a,
depending upon the region they come from, have some kinds of Bida'a or even
shirk in them. Some of the frustrated dum heads among them use the name of
Saudia to egect their frustration. Note: Being a Saudi does not mean,
Wahabi or follower of Islam. Had Muhammad bin AbdulWahab been alive. He
would have killed most of these so called Muslims.

Автор 19Lion8 (3 года)
If Pharaoh or Nimrod was alive today, the wahhabis would be closely allied
with them, & be against Moses or Abraham pbut. How can true muslims be so
friendly with a man who was such an open enemy of Allahs Deen!?

Автор MohdSalmaan786 (4 года)
Every terrorist is a wahabi and every wahabi is a Terrorist , similarity
between jews and wahabi : Both of them r enemy of Islam, Both of them hate
our last Prophrt(saw), Both of them misinterpret Quran for their evil
benefits, Both of them believe in the killing of innocent Men, Women and
children, Both of them r the followers of Satan, Wahabies r doing Terrorizm
and their father Jews are funding them through Saudi Arab. Saudi
Arab(wahabi) is the Agent of Israel.

Автор Ali Ahmad Attari (4 года)
@ahyahyahy Because our beloved (peace be upon him) is Arab that makes all
of Arab. Welcome to Islam, Stay away from the Wahabis and those who send
blessing on Yazid the dog and his kind. These wahabis are the worst enemy
had to face ever. They are a cancer in the body of the umma and they are
consuming the umma from the inside out. they are the real threat and
enemy's of Islam. May Allah forgive us

Автор bladeofmuhammad786 (4 года)
@binbaaznajdi imam abu bakr (r.a) only became the leader after the
prophet(saw) because he already a leader so he was accepted as the leader
faster same to as for the other caliphas....but astagfriallah if he is the
head scholar and dancing may allah save them....and also where is sunnah
beard? this is so weird how they have no beard but want to teach islam when
Qur'an and sunnah go hand in hand

Автор akhi abuyusuf (5 лет)
helal olsun abdullah krala gavurlari iste boyle oynatir

Автор binbaaznajdi (4 года)
@Revolutionaire100 The Ahmadiyya (Quadiani) and Wahhabis are similar.
Ahmadiyya beleive the big kafir Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani as a Prophet
whilse the Wahhabis believe in Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhabi Najdi as equal to
the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Автор ramin Shoukhri (4 года)
brothers those who lives in uk, london, there is a protest in this saturday
4th june for justice to bahrainis, please come and the more the poeple the
better it is. the least we can do to help is to gather in protests. go on
facebook on page called ''justice on bahrain'' look in that page you can
find its informations. Salam alaikum

Автор Henry (4 года)
complete and utter hypocrisy. Hypocrisy in its truest form.

Автор Hussain al-Khabir (5 лет)
@ Riyadgirl You are ignorant. All these monarchies will soon come to an
end, and if you don't believe in the coming back of the Caliphate, then you
are an ignorant Muslim. Better go read the Islamic prophecies rather than
wasting your time on irrelevant stuffs.

Автор janab11 (5 лет)
whatever you guys are writing bull shit about this video I don't give a
dam.. All I know the remix of 1st song is dam fucking fantastic :)

Автор gymboy161 (5 лет)
abu bakr r.z.n.a,, umar and usman r.z.n.a all are jannatis as said in quran
of all sects in surah al fath(48:18)...go and read it..if still u dont want
to accept it ..then wait for allah judgement day ...

Автор Shining Light (4 года)
I cant understand anything your trying to say. . ?

Автор Haider Bilgrami (5 лет)
bush with khadmain amreekain wa britain

Автор binbaaznajdi (4 года)
@OwaisbinAmir This Taghut regime is the leader of you Wahhabis so you must
love them not hate. If you hate them, we have to ask where your Wahhabism
came from.

Автор ray217bot (4 года)
the devil dancing hand in hand with the devil. so who's the devil?

Автор reza1977reza (4 года)
fuck wahhabi

Автор ahyahyahy (4 года)
@ALIxATTARI Idiot, I'm not even arab, i'm a convert to islam.

Автор Coercorash (5 лет)
He may get job as a dancer in a gay night club.

Автор OMMAR30991 (5 лет)
@emad2196 fuck u and ur all wahaby dady's.

Автор Oprah Bebo (4 года)
Hilarious...thank you! well done it's about time

Автор abp250 (5 лет)
Almost all 22 Arab countries are the products of Colonialsts. None existed
in the 19th century. And all Arab leaders are the slaves of the US British
agenda ..

Автор Muzafar Zargar (4 года)
u Rafdis are simply kafir becoz u claim the God's words to be wrong. u say
Quran is incomplete, Mehdi will bring full Quran, Ali is equal to Prophets,
Ali met Allah at Arsh. For us Ali (R.A) is like other companions of the
Prophet (S.A.W) and we don't waste our time in differentiating them. They
will all rejoice in Paradise of Allah. All your false claims are from your
desires for which you will definitely burn in hell unless u turn to the
Mubarak feet of Prophet (S.A.W).

Автор TheSmartboy77 (3 года)
nothing to speak upon such so called muslims...the wahabis should be pull
out of arab and send's them to usa....

Автор binbaaznajdi (4 года)
@StuntXL You can't separate the two. Both are the same and would not exist
without the other. Look, there is no Wahhabi state in Somalia and Pakistan
so they have to resort to US made Saudi paid weopens to take over and kill
Sunni Muslims. Once their funding is stopped, they die.

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