Salafi Wahhabi Dance Exposed in Saudi and Bahrain

This is my (Abdul Riyal ibn Baaz) leader Abdul Bush ibn Saud dancing with al-Khalifa George Bush 2nd. I (Mufti Abdul Riyal bin Baz) gave a fatwa in 1991 allowing the first Gulf War against the Muslims of Iraq under the leadership of al-Khalifa George Bush 1st. You can see my fatwa together with those of my students who supported me in Al-Muslimun magazine (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia), January 18, 1991. You can see my detailed fatwa in support of al-Khalifa Bush 1st with that of Sheikh Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaimin and Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdur-Rahman Al-Jibreen, in Fatawa Islamiyah/Islamic Verdicts (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Darussalam, 2001), Vol. 1, pp. 251-252. I (Bin Baz) was later promoted to chief mufti (religious official) of the monarchy, no doubt due to my part for supporting the monarchy's alliance with the United States.

I was also very lucky that I had the support of Sheikh Bilal Philips who made a series of audio lectures saying that we had invited US troops to Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War for dawa purposes aimed at converting them to Islam. I couldnt believe that he was naïve enough to think that we had actually invited US troops for dawa purposes ignoring the fact that in doing so millions of Iraqi Muslims were bombed to bits and killed, hehehe. Or may be he wasnt really naïve but knew exactly what was going on that is for you to decide;-) It didnt matter though because according to us Ahle Hadith/Salafis those Muslims like 99% of the Ummah are involved in kufr, shirk and bida while our government and al-Khalifa Bush 1st are not. Mr Philips was granted lots of money to publish books for free distribution promoting a 100 year old revisionist form of tawheed as a reward.

This type of dance for Abdul Bush ibn Saud and al-Khalifa Bush 2nd (leader of the blessed jihad invasion and destruction of Iraq) is allowed in Islam according to our Ahle Hadith/Salafi (Wahhabi/Najdi) scholars but dancing out of love for the Prophet Muhammad is kufr, shirk and bida according to us. Whoever does the later is doomed in the Ahle Hadith/Salafi view. This is my fatwa and it is supported by our other noble scholars who are supported by Abdul Bush such as Bin Uthaimin, Tauseef ur Rahman, Umar Maulvi (sheikh ul Islam of Kerala, whos son became a Hindu Saint), Bilal Philips etc.

Unfortunately, today some of my students are looking at my behaviour and although staying with my beliefs are calling me kafir for supporting Abdul Bush and al-Khalifa Bush 2nd and are becoming terrorists. Other students of mine are also unfortunately reading classical Islamic books but published outside Saudi Arabia which do not have mine and Albanis corrections and have started becoming Sufi mushriks and followers of the 4 madhhabs after discovering that 99% of the scholars of the past were also Sufis and followed one of the 4 madhhabs (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafii and Hanbali). My friends Albani and Khajnadi tried very hard in preventing people from following, I mean worshipping the 4 imams and to get them to follow us instead as we have been enlightened by Allah to know Islam better than them. However, it is very difficult to misguide, I mean guide the ordinary people as they keep finding out that the 4 schools have been checked and rechecked by 1200 years of scholarship whilst our way has only been around for 100 years and only has the blessings of the UK and USA scholars. This is why the Salafis/Ahle Hadith leaders have been giving their oil at cheaper prices than water.

The only other country where the Salafis/Ahle Hadith have forcefully taken over is Bahrain (and Qatar). In Bahrain, the West supported Wahhabism in exchange for building the largest military base in the Middle East there. All Wahhabis (Ahle Hadith/Salafis) of the world have known about this for decades because they supported it. You see the same type of dance to welcome and celebrate the arrival of al-Khalifa George Bush 2nd here by Bahrains president, King Hamad bin Isa bin Salman al-Khalifa. However, public mawlid, hadra and dhikr gatherings for the Best of creation (pbuh) has been forbidden here!

These type of gatherings in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are nothing new. They have been going on since the taking over of these two nations by the Wahhabis some 70 years ago. Wahhabism is a combination of corrupt politics and beliefs contradicting the majority of Muslims of the past and present. The source of their corruptions is Ibn Abdul Wahhab and Ibn Saud.

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Автор ruthless6661 ( назад)

Автор ArtistDigital ( назад)
They are dancing and saying that if anybody in the Haal of Wajad did this,
in the love of Nabi(saw) or Allah(swt), then they'll cut their necks with
these swords, and even if anyone did the same for anyone else then they are
going to kill him as well. This can only be done by Najdis.

Автор shahinur rahman ( назад)
stupid no brain Wahhabi Wobbler Monkeys throw a banana at them and u see
them come running :D

Автор binbaaznajdi ( назад)
@206WarEagle Islam allows different cultures but Wahhabism only allows
Najdi culture which they have relabelled Islamic. This is what we differ

Автор 206WarEagle (2043 года назад)
Worst people I have ever met, so-called "born and bred" Muslims. Character
is atrocious and their logic flawed.Treating the faith of Islam as their
own superstition, taking and leaving what does not appeal to their cruel
desires and disgusting arab/african/asian/european "cultures". Their
actions are among the worst in the world, but they have Islam to guide them
so what is the excuse? Had I seen the true face of the Ummah before I took
shahada, I may have never come into the fold of Islam.

Автор binbaaznajdi ( назад)
@cfcyusuf11 There would be no Wahhabism which you call Salafism were it not
for the Saudi. You got your false religion from them and Muhammad ibn Abdul
Wahhab Najdi not Muhammad ibn Abdullah (pbuh).

Автор ArtistDigital ( назад)
If they were doing Zikr of Allah(swt) or saying Salawat on Nabi(saw), they
would have been termed kafir by the them, but since they are doing it, so
its ok!

Автор TheSmartboy77 ( назад)
nothing to speak upon such so called muslims...the wahabis should be pull
out of arab and send's them to usa....

Автор Aadan Samane ( назад)
As a Salafi person I totally disrespect Saudi government. They lost their
manhood, asslick USA. That is NOT what Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings
upon him told us.

Автор binbaaznajdi ( назад)
@2JZTRDVVTI They are still Wahabis and hence kafir.

Автор Shahzada Zulfiqar ( назад)
is bush enemy of saudies ? no bush is only enemy of MUSLIMS.

Автор Abbas Naqvi ( назад)
stupid basted wahbi

Автор Bsienn Khan ( назад)
Its was epic till the music came, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEhaaaaaaaaa, koool MaaaaN

Автор binbaaznajdi ( назад)
@npc0mpl3te The Wahhabis are criticized for being munafiqs. They allow
dancing for their leaders like Fahd, Baaz and Bush but condenm those
Muslims who dance for the Prophet and sing his praises. This is what is
being exposed.

Автор binbaaznajdi ( назад)
@OwaisbinAmir If that is the case, AlHamdulillah. At least we are not kafir

Автор 19Lion8 ( назад)
If Pharaoh or Nimrod was alive today, the wahhabis would be closely allied
with them, & be against Moses or Abraham pbut. How can true muslims be so
friendly with a man who was such an open enemy of Allahs Deen!?

Автор ramin Shoukhri ( назад)
brothers those who lives in uk, london, there is a protest in this saturday
4th june for justice to bahrainis, please come and the more the poeple the
better it is. the least we can do to help is to gather in protests. go on
facebook on page called ''justice on bahrain'' look in that page you can
find its informations. Salam alaikum

Автор binbaaznajdi ( назад)
@OwaisbinAmir This Taghut regime is the leader of you Wahhabis so you must
love them not hate. If you hate them, we have to ask where your Wahhabism
came from.

Автор UmmahIslam1 ( назад)

Автор TheSalikom ( назад)

Автор flamming_arrow ( назад)
Western/British world supremacy and najadism started same time and wahabism
will be

Автор samtron77v ( назад)
lol the dododo part was unexpected made me laugh

Автор binbaaznajdi ( назад)
@RustLionofDesert No, Masih'ul Dadjal and Fitnamakers are Wahhabis and
their subbranches like Peace TV, al Shabab, Bin Baaz, Uthaimin, Philips,
Green, Bush I, Bush II, Naik, Israr, Muqbil, al Muhajiroun, Hizb ut tahrir,
Rabita, Jamat e Islami, etc. They are trying to spread the Wahhabi religion
using different disguises. Wahhabis were declared kuffar 200 years ago and
this rule has not been abrogated. See my video in my other account proving

Автор binbaaznajdi ( назад)
@AllahHelpsKlitschko Yes, it is to protect Wahhabism. They want to ensure
that Wahhabis remain in control. See how the USA is suddenly not fond of
encouraging democracy there!

Автор AllahHelpsKlitschko ( назад)
Not sure if you know, but these Saudi pigs have sent their army to Bahrain

Автор el-Razi ( назад)
this is the big bid'ah in the world wahhabis teaching

Автор Kaisar Ali ( назад)
I won't trust these filthy wahhabis with swords in their hands. Pr Bush
mush be a brave guy. I am not

Автор Oprah Bebo ( назад)
Hilarious...thank you! well done it's about time

Автор askar ali ( назад)
its not rong any thing b coz he is not dancing with lady no any music also
ppl always thinking wrong way salafism following salafusaalih path it is
allowed to islam

Автор 051islamabad ( назад)
shame shame

Автор intezam ( назад)
All the people of Hejaaz, Najran, Asir and all other non Najdi tribes.
Gather as much grenades, amunnition, ak-47 and also food and water. It's
your turn to battle these Najdi Kafir out of your homeland. Next: clean up
Najd! Let them ask for asylum in Israhell or Arizona, and make sure they
leave the remains Idi Amin and Bin Ali behind..

Автор Mujeeb Mim ( назад)
untill jahelliya pepoles

Автор Mujeeb Mim ( назад)
untill JAHALIYA pepoles

Автор killa2006 ( назад)
This is the truth!

Автор habeby0000 ( назад)
والله ضلمت الحمار ان الحمار اشرف وانضف من الوهابية الحمار خلق حمار والوهابي
نوسخ الى حمار فمن الافضل

Автор Zn Bangash ( назад)
@binbaaznajdi Great response, nice video, awesome exposition.

Автор drbilalphilips ( назад)
Stupid Wahhabis and Salafis.

Автор binbaaznajdi ( назад)
@lilblitz Wahhabis are not early generation of Muslims. They appeared only
200 years ago from the Najd area of Arabia. The early generation of Muslims
are Abu Hanifa, Malik, Shafii and Ahmad ibn Hanbal whom the Wahhabis reject
by saying that they were fallible but the Horn of Shaytan, Muhammad bin
Abdul Wahhab Najdi was infallible.

Автор binbaaznajdi ( назад)
@footsoldier65 This is Wahhabi and Salafi and if your are saying this is
kafir, then you know what Wahhabis are.

Автор bakinsky ( назад)
wahabskiy = kafer!

Автор irooni100 ( назад)
@bakinsky They Blame the Shia ,For Tavassol to Rasulallah(SAWA),But They
themselves Tavassol to American & European Leaders.

Автор bakinsky ( назад)
wahabi dogs. ur worst than animals..

Автор mohsin faizan ( назад)
too bee muslim

Автор lilblitz ( назад)
@MAFHHZB what do u mean fabricated this is a sahee hadith, and YOU some
nobody ''conclude it is fabricated ok hows this “Do not revile my
companions, for by the One in Whose hand is my soul, if one of you were to
spend in charity gold equal to the size of Mount Uhud, he would not achieve
the status of one of them, or even come halfway'' again disobey the prophet
you kelb when the prophet sws was in his final sickness he appointed abu
bakr to lead the prayer what does that tell you

Автор lilblitz ( назад)
@binbaaznajdi Why do u lie and try to divide the ummah you animal, what
does selif mean?? It is the early generations, they try to understand islam
as the sahaba and the first 3 generations understood islam, since our
prophet sws said ''my generation is the best and then the one after and the
one after'' they are the strictest against shirk and bidah, you are a
lunatic who needs a wife and a job and an education, i bet you have neither.

Автор lilblitz ( назад)
@MAFHHZB The prophet sws said if the whole ummah was on one side and abu
bakr was on the other abu bakr would have more iman, do you want to argue
with the prophet ?? Allah mentions abu bakr in the quran do you want to
argue with Allah someone who talks like this so freely has probably at one
point comitted kufr good luck with nar jahanam

Автор XXL Boutique & Rrobaqepese ( назад)
The Wahabis are the CANCER OF ISLAM !!!

Автор Akif ajja ( назад)
hate wahabis they are wost dan jews

Автор SIKM4N ( назад)

Автор Henry ( назад)
complete and utter hypocrisy. Hypocrisy in its truest form.

Автор ray217bot ( назад)
the devil dancing hand in hand with the devil. so who's the devil?

Автор sulayman shaker ( назад)
ya5re tegulon enu nehna neheb al sahayna ou nehn al nuheb al fahsha ou
nehen ele eneb al sahayna ehna al shia al mazlumin men al sinaaaaa

Автор faizeAslami ( назад)
@binbaaznajdi Masha Allah - Allah swt bless you and your family ameen

Автор shamsjahanzeb ( назад)
@Abuattar86 agar yehi kam pakistan mein ho to shirk bidaat ho ga or wohi
kam hijaz muqadas mein ye dayyus karain gay to culture hoga ye kaisa insaaf
hai allah kay rassol ki birthday celebrate karna shirk or is dog king ki
birthday manana kiya tauheed hai harami ki oulaad zara souch allah ko kiya
jawab do gay

Автор StuntXL ( назад)
You should when trying to understand the man. The Saudi Ruler thought that
Ibn Abdul Wahhab would give validity to every attack he made to conquer the
land. Ibn Abdul Wahhab however never showed any support to these attacks
but only sanctioned a few where he thought it was just, irritating the
Saudis imperial ambitions. Mainly wanted to spread his views through
dialogue but remained silent when it came to the Saudi atrocities due to
the support they gave him. Interpet that however way you will.

Автор binbaaznajdi ( назад)
@MAFHHZB I will tell you the acheivement of Abu Bakr (r) with the words of
Allah (swt): "when they both were in the Cave, and when he said to his
companion 'Grieve not, no doubt Allah is with us', then Allah sent down His
satisfaction on him, and helped him with armies which you did not see, and
put down the words of the infidels." (Quran, Surat Taubah, v. 40). Now if
someone disagrees with Abu Bakr (r), they will have to disagree with Allah
which will prove that they are kafirs.

Автор binbaaznajdi ( назад)
@Revolutionaire100 The Ahmadiyya (Quadiani) and Wahhabis are similar.
Ahmadiyya beleive the big kafir Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani as a Prophet
whilse the Wahhabis believe in Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhabi Najdi as equal to
the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Автор binbaaznajdi ( назад)
@StuntXL You can't separate the two. Both are the same and would not exist
without the other. Look, there is no Wahhabi state in Somalia and Pakistan
so they have to resort to US made Saudi paid weopens to take over and kill
Sunni Muslims. Once their funding is stopped, they die.

Автор binbaaznajdi ( назад)
@AbdulBari3 No, Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab Najdi brought a newly invented
version of tawhid which taught that all Muslims other than himself were
really mushriks and he alone was a muwahhid. So he was actually trying to
replace the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He used the accusations of kufr,
shirk and bida to make his political goals and carry out his perverted
murders under the name of Islam. The terrorists of today are all Wahhabis
and use this same excuse to kill Sunni Muslims.

Автор binbaaznajdi ( назад)
@ahyahyahy It doesn't matter whether you support the Saudis or not,
Wahhabism would not exist without the Saudi and US support and they would
not exist without Wahhabi mullas support. Shirk is carried out by the
Najdis when they describe Allah like a man, saying that he really sits on
the Throne, has the power to lie and is in the "up" direction. These are
all shirk beleifs not Muslim beleifs.

Автор ahyahyahy ( назад)
@H30382 You talk non-sense. You sound as much of an idiot as some American
talking crap about Islam. You guys are just mad you got kicked out of mecca
for your biddah and shirk. Both the sufis and the shias.I 'm not supportive
of the current Saudi government however what you're name calling was merely
revival of islam in the region, when different schools prayed seperately
from one another... and shrines were erected all over the arabian
peninsula, such jahaliya that people were making shirk.

Автор ahyahyahy ( назад)
@ALIxATTARI Sorry but you're talking non-sense and sound like a typical

Автор Ali Ahmad Attari ( назад)
@ahyahyahy Because our beloved (peace be upon him) is Arab that makes all
of Arab. Welcome to Islam, Stay away from the Wahabis and those who send
blessing on Yazid the dog and his kind. These wahabis are the worst enemy
had to face ever. They are a cancer in the body of the umma and they are
consuming the umma from the inside out. they are the real threat and
enemy's of Islam. May Allah forgive us

Автор ahyahyahy ( назад)
@ALIxATTARI Idiot, I'm not even arab, i'm a convert to islam.

Автор Ali Ahmad Attari ( назад)
@ahyahyahy there was a time when Arabs held pride in the heart of the
believers but because of you and your leader abdul wahab the dog Arabs are
being disrespected all over the world. You dumb-asses took the emama off
the heads of Arabs and replaced it with a rag and a ring – that used to be
used on an ass when it got to hot in the old days but I guess it looks much
better on you wahabi najdi dumb-asses

Автор Ali Ahmad Attari ( назад)
@ahyahyahy I am a Sunni not a shia. THe shia disrespect the Sahaba that is
almost the worst crime i can think of. But you Najdi have done 1 worse, you
disrespect the Prophet (peace be upon him). You dumb-asses kill innocent
people, you send peace on Yazid the dweller of Hell - you bastards yell
anti American slogans yet your kingdom is protected by the kuffars

Автор RmraDON ( назад)
The Saudi Arabians are Muslims. This is the welcome ceremony for every kind
of visitor. Don't forget that Makkah & Madina is in Saudi Arabia & they
know much then you. So don't get dissolve yourself in the flood of sins.

Автор Shining Light ( назад)
I cant understand anything your trying to say. . ?

Автор TheSmartboy77 ( назад)
nothing good came from najd..only fitna had emerged..abdul wahab
najdi[shaitan] and all his followers r the destroyer of islam. is it this
islam which there spreading which show's lot of love and respect to the
enemy of islam and show hatredness towards prophet[peace be upon
him],sahabas,ahle baith,auliya allah and imam's ?..which islam there were
spreading...i must say the wahabis did that which non-muslim's fail to do
against muslim's..endless shame be upon wahabis and shia's..

Автор Raees Khan ( назад)
following shia ism is more harmfull

Автор UHF333 ( назад)
color on the rag heads scarf is also similar to USA

Автор MohdSalmaan786 ( назад)
Every terrorist is a wahabi and every wahabi is a Terrorist , similarity
between jews and wahabi : Both of them r enemy of Islam, Both of them hate
our last Prophrt(saw), Both of them misinterpret Quran for their evil
benefits, Both of them believe in the killing of innocent Men, Women and
children, Both of them r the followers of Satan, Wahabies r doing Terrorizm
and their father Jews are funding them through Saudi Arab. Saudi
Arab(wahabi) is the Agent of Israel.

Автор bladeofmuhammad786 ( назад)
@aishadk uhhh....no actually i know a few wahabs who call them selfs salaf
so what he means is that the self proclaimed ones

Автор bladeofmuhammad786 ( назад)
@82812007 what do you mean sufis worship their saints and the graves? you
are mistaking them with another sec of "islam" also the ignorance yo have
concerning the wahabs the entire ulima in saudia have turned saying things
about shariah and altering it they have no sunnah they follow less fard and
they are enemies with the people who are the centre of kufr if he was
joking he would know right from wrong scholars dont joke like that if you
want to discuss more talk to the ulimah

Автор bladeofmuhammad786 ( назад)
@binbaaznajdi imam abu bakr (r.a) only became the leader after the
prophet(saw) because he already a leader so he was accepted as the leader
faster same to as for the other caliphas....but astagfriallah if he is the
head scholar and dancing may allah save them....and also where is sunnah
beard? this is so weird how they have no beard but want to teach islam when
Qur'an and sunnah go hand in hand

Автор kashif ali ( назад)

Автор reza1977reza ( назад)
fuck wahhabi

Автор R Heron ( назад)
@Tigris363 u have a wrong information

Автор 19Lion8 ( назад)
Clear proof wahhabi munafiqin are best of friends with the mushrikin
enemies of Allah swt. These munafiqin wahhabis say it's 'bidah' to praise
the Holy Prophet or do zikr in groups. Yet the najdi munafiqin dance with
this leader of mushriks as if he's their prophet... Hypocrite najdi dogs!

Автор ahyahyahy ( назад)
@ALIxATTARI wow so this is what you think a muslim is huh? My leader is
prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alayhi wa salaam). "Dumb-ass", I suppose this
is from the sunnah of the prophet (saw)? "Najdi", "Yazidi", "bidati" ...
okay hold on... a shi'a talking about bidd'ah? You put Ali (radi allahu
anhu )'s name in the ATHAN! Talk about biddah! DOGS? Wow, you're vomitting
diaerhea language. Sunni and shia united? You and your ulema curse sunnis
in your 'hadith' books as well as the sahabas & Aisha (raa)

Автор Muzafar Zargar ( назад)
u Rafdis are simply kafir becoz u claim the God's words to be wrong. u say
Quran is incomplete, Mehdi will bring full Quran, Ali is equal to Prophets,
Ali met Allah at Arsh. For us Ali (R.A) is like other companions of the
Prophet (S.A.W) and we don't waste our time in differentiating them. They
will all rejoice in Paradise of Allah. All your false claims are from your
desires for which you will definitely burn in hell unless u turn to the
Mubarak feet of Prophet (S.A.W).

Автор binbaaznajdi ( назад)
@hatela007 This shows your ignorance. Muhammad bin AbdulWahab Najdi was the
one who forged this unity in the first place. Without collonial Britian and
Americas support, there would be no Wahhabism today. The first Wahhabi
rebels were destroyed by the Ottomans but they then came back from Najd
with the help of the British.

Автор binbaaznajdi ( назад)
@islamicjihaduk Silly nick.

Автор binbaaznajdi ( назад)
@howie1962 What you said is not Islam. It more closely resembles the
Buddist Communists of Vietnam.

Автор Ali Ahmad Attari ( назад)
@ahyahyahy because he is your leader you dumb-ass. InshAllah in our life
time we are going to see the end of wahabism. Your days are numbers you
Najdi, Yazidi, Bidati, dogs. Sunni and Shia united agianst you brothers of

Автор machine9191 ( назад)
i think as the zionists claim to be the real jews just as wahhabies claim
to proper muslims they are just evil doers allah will punish them with
severe punishement inshallah

Автор AMERSIDD ( назад)
look at these wahabi najdis making love with pharoah!

Автор janab11 ( назад)
whatever you guys are writing bull shit about this video I don't give a
dam.. All I know the remix of 1st song is dam fucking fantastic :)

Автор 6blade7 ( назад)
This is no surprise. Wahabiism came to power with the help of polythiest
British & have always had best relations with polythiests ever since,
wether it's Britain or America. They have top relations with Israel too. In
short, all the enemies of Allah. They told polythiests to build bases in
the Holy Land to launch attacks on Islamic states. It's ironic they regard
muslims as being 'mushrik' while being in such friendly terms with real

Автор StuntXL ( назад)
It's complicated. If I were to be as simple as possible, Ibn Abdul Wahhab
was a well educated scholar seeking reform - mainly through dialogue and
discussion. Unfortunately due to the actions of the the Saudi rulers with
whom he was allied, whose actions he doesn't seem to have condoned, and
with various other reasons, the Wahhabis of today don't really represent
much of his stances well at all. You should seperate Ibn Abdul Wahhab from
the "Wahhabis" of today.

Автор Smirdorf ( назад)
It doesn't matter if they are Wahabi or other group; those who shake hands
with SATAN belong to SATAN! These fat bastards with a big ZERO over their
heads are nothing else than SATAN worshipers. They are slaves of America
and not slaves of Allah. Imagine today and with all the OIL money they have
and yet living as slaves. How are they going to live when the OIL is gone!
They are so stupid and retarded. Besides the OIL, they have nothing. No
industry, no technology, no agriculture, nothing!

Автор OMMAR30991 ( назад)
@emad2196 fuck u and ur all wahaby dady's.

Автор TheTableeghisareliar ( назад)
As Salaam wa Alaykum Brothers and Sisters I have found a very interesting
video called: "RESPONSE HD: Zakir naik answers about Tableeghi Jamaat [I
FOUND THE MISSING QUESTION] " Thank you Ma'asalaamah

Автор adam punchy ( назад)
@OMMAR30991 fuck u lil mut

Автор zahak200 ( назад)

Автор G SAR ( назад)
@UsmanSideeqi aur baat hai yahoodi ki unko ehle sunnat se koi khatra nahi,
unk khatra hai to wahabion se hai, aur ye sheikh saudi ke ye tou america ke
chamche hai usi tarah jaisay hamri govt hai, ye islam ke theke daar nai.
yahoodi jihad se darta hai qataal se, wahabi lar rha hai khuun baha rha
hai, tumhari la ilmi aur jahalat par zid hai jo tum kafir ke qahar se
dartey ho aur Nabi ke ummation ko galyaan bakte ho. wahabi naa uthhte to
ummat e muslima shirk ki lapet me ajati

Автор G SAR ( назад)
@UsmanSideeqi baat hai meray nabi (SW ) se nafrat karne ki? tu kaisay keh
sakta hai wahabi Allah ke rasul se nafrat karte hain? aaj kaafir ne humari
gardan pakri hui hai ye konsa aman hai jis ki tu baat kar rha hai? kisi ko
kaafir kehne se pehlay sochlia kar.. Islam ki khud taaleem hai ke agar koi
musalman kisi dusray musalman bhai par kaafir honay ka fatwa lagata hai wo
khud kaafir hai, Allah se dar aur Nabi SW ka ummati honay ki kuch to laaj

Автор G SAR ( назад)
@UsmanSideeqi oye Allah se darr ja, hazur (SW) se har muslim pyar karta
hai, wahabi ho ya shia. Nabi(SW) ahle sunnat ki malkiuyat nai, balke saari
ummat ke lye aur kainaat ke lye rehmat hain, aisi baat mat karo ke roz e
akhrat Nabi (SW) aap ko apna ummati na kahein

Автор Abuattar86 ( назад)
@OMMAR30991 Now I have given you 5 days to reply to me personally. So I
will regard this hatred towards "wahabies" as KIBR, arrogance of the worst
kind, wa audhubillah. It was you who picked the scabs of the wound so it
started to bleed, and now you don't want to put a patch an the bleeding
wound. Wahabies don't Have any sence of hatred towards what you just
mentioned, THIS IS YOUR CLAIM ONLY! We only have hatred towards bidah in
ibadah, and fitra. This is al-wala wa al-bara!

Автор danyal ahmed ( назад)

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