New Nexus 7 vs original Nexus 7

Last week, Google announced the latest addition to the Nexus family, the successor to last year's wildly popular Android tablet, the Nexus 7. But is the new Nexus 7 a worthy addition to the family, a worth upgrade to the original?

We've had the 2013 Nexus 7 in our labs for several days now, and figured it would be appropriate to compare it with last year's model. We know it's updated and offers newer specifications, but is it worth the upgrade? Watch the video to find out!


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Автор Clara Wafflez ( назад)

Автор nehal shenwari ( назад)
i have at 2013 when was new and a couple months later my sister have broken
it that was te original.But the new won every month have apdates

Автор Tah NiKK ( назад)

Автор Tah NiKK ( назад)
*suck a dick*

Автор Tah NiKK ( назад)

Автор Michal Wiech ( назад)
The nexus 7 II has new software, the nexus 7 I doesn't have. If you
reinstall software in nexus 7 I you could see that the different betwen
N7II istn't that huge like in your video :)

Автор WHITE CAT ( назад)
오호 그렇구만

Автор Cranges McBasketball ( назад)
I can't believe how Google gave us a crappy firmware on the old Nexus 7.
It's so slow and buggy

Автор Aaron Slater ( назад)
My local Walmart has Nexus 7 2013 for $150! Should I get it?

Автор Objectified Cross ( назад)
That's the fucking problem right there.
They cheaped out on the fucking Tegra 3 model they used.
Maybe if they used the fucking T30 or T33. But noo it had to be the slowest
model. The T30L.

Автор MarcusTheGamer 2 ( назад)
I hav got the olde nexus 7 and I luf it

Автор Alex McCulloch (Badcatalex) ( назад)
To fix a nexus 7 2012 (might also work on 2013) that won't boot. Step 1.
Hook the tablet up to a USB charger. Step 2. Wait 50 minutes and then
unplug the tablet. Step 3. Press and hold the power button and when the
screen lights up, plug it back into the charger. Step 4. Let it charge to
100% and then unplug the tablet and turn it on!

Автор XMasie Thomas ( назад)
it is sent by some youtubers that installing the upgrade of lollipop 5.1
will fix the lag and other issues in the 2012 version of Nexus 7 is that
or should I just go ahead and buy the new up to date Nexus 7 and will it
give me the same problems later on.

Автор XMasie Thomas ( назад)
I love the tablet except for after 3 months to 4 months of use it slowed
down so much that's barely usable Does the newer 2013 newer version slow
down to a crawl Bailey unusable with a 45 seconds to a minute lag time like
the 2012 version??

Автор Craig Walkup ( назад)
Better than Apple :)

Автор Phonzo Cisne (1996 лет назад)
Damn I can't believe it's been over a year now. It feel so new :3 with 

Автор TnT ( назад)
Nexus 7 2013 with android lollipop is OP

Автор Zero ( назад)

Автор weepingwillowmc ( назад)
My old nexus 7 is still holding up really well and is actually a lot better
than my iPad of a similar age. I am actually using my mold nexus to watch
this video with 0 lag etc. 

Автор ian ( назад)
What game is that at 8:10?

Автор Tanner Leary (302 года назад)
I'm watching this on my nexus 7 

Автор ChozoSR388 ( назад)
I just did an Antutu benchmark on my 2012 Nexus 7, and it hit almost 18000.
I don't know where you're getting "barely reaching 12000"...

Автор sk1yn3 ( назад)
(I know, it's old video.)
But I hope the Lollipop will be fast as Google said, up to 4x. I want
faster Nexus 7 2012 !

Автор Scarlet Q ( назад)
What did he do to slow his old model down? I was testing it against my old
model and mine seems as fast as the new version. I guess he did what they
do when they compare Apple and Android i.e. have programs running in the
background on the Android device. I expect he did this to make the video
better as if there were not much difference it wouldn't be so interesting
to watch.

Автор Bob Le ( назад)
0:28 what the fuk lol 

Автор Tanish Gupta ( назад)
What is that red flame icon on nexus 7

Автор Toni Pitteloud ( назад)
après deux ans ma nexus 7 ne veux peux plus s'allumer

Автор SgtDrPeppers ( назад)
Ah-soos XD Wow. I stopped watching after that. Ay-suss you dunce.

Автор Babak Jalilian ( назад)
I wonder why some push thumbs down for videos like this? He was really good
and i found the video helpful....

Автор Izaiah Brauer-Point ( назад)
yes the old nexus 7 slowed down but did u try to clear the cache forcestop
apps or anything?

Автор Robyn Madsen ( назад)
Also, the charging port on my nexus has broken completely. I've gone
through about 4 chargers in the last 5 months and this whole time I've
thought it was a problem with the chargers I was buying but lo and behold,
the port itself has completely blown out! I've decided not to get it fixed
and instead I bought the official nexus charging dock on Amazon this
morning. Hopefully it'll charge just as fast.

Автор Robyn Madsen ( назад)
i have the 1st gen nexus 7 and i love it but there are indeed some
performance issues. specifically, LAG!

Автор Michelle Levy ( назад)
I love the new nexus 7 I have no problems with it

Автор Michelle Levy ( назад)
I love the new nexus 7 I have no problems with it

Автор V I N C E P R I N C E ( назад)
i hate the dimples.

Автор Matthew Concepcion (1376 лет назад)
Fuck you

Автор james therrell ( назад)
I'll be fine with my 2012 nexus. It has great graphics and is cheaper than
the new one, now that it has come out.

Автор Dylan smith ( назад)
I'm using my new nexus 7

Автор Joel Betances ( назад)
What was the game he was playingat the end of the video?

Автор Saktuscactus ( назад)
You made me sad. This old model cost 280€!

Автор Johnathan Simmons ( назад)
What game was he playing towards the end?

Автор syndicateprox ( назад)
the new nexus 7 definitely has a smaller screen size than the old one

Автор On A Stick ( назад)
Get a iPad oj love this nexus 7 shame about the 5mp camera tho! 

Автор Maius Wong ( назад)
Honest criticism, at the beginning it honestly sounded like you said "Fuck
it now"

Автор mady bali ( назад)
prefer having tablets with no back camera

Автор muhammed safan ( назад)
Hey man you gotta return it and buy a new one

Автор Urb Nation ( назад)
I own the new Nexus 7 and it's wonderful. 

Автор MrQwert7 ( назад)
My nexus 7 2013 doesn't even make a day without charging again

Автор Yella Dart ( назад)
You can pick up a 2012 nexus in the UK for £99 in a lot of places at the
moment. It's not as high spec as the 2013 model, but it's a steal for a
basic tablet.

Автор Omar Briseno ( назад)
Even tho I got the older tablet,I think the 2nd is better!but compare the
older nexus 7 vs iPad mini or air! d:

Автор Gary Kennedy ( назад)
OK I agree, i was hyped in 2012 when Google announced their first 7 inch
tablet. Got it and was very happy with it; but looking back now, yeah it
isn't all that great. It still gets the job done however so I'm keeping it
until i see what 2014 has to offer.

Автор Andrew Hickey ( назад)
Well my original nexus 7 does not drag or stutter at all after a year of
use... of course I use cache cleaners etc..I wonder if the reviewer did
likewise before this comparison test? I do think the new model has a better
screen, no doubt, but I would question some of the other performance issues
highlighted ...

Автор Abhishek Raj ( назад)
soooooooo big hands!!

Автор sssteve72 ( назад)
Had my Nexus 7 since just before Christmas. It's just awesome...

Автор Jaden Rosencrans ( назад)
My old nexus 7 isn't nearly as bad as this one. Mine doesn't lag, bog down,
or hiccup like yours is?

Автор Thirty Mars ( назад)
The game he played at 8:10 is called Slingshot Racing 

Автор TechyLord007 ( назад)
performance issues on the old nexus 7?!

Автор Brandon Wu ( назад)
Just got my 2013 Nexus 7 to replace my crack-screened first generation, so
far so good! 

Автор kevin young ( назад)
you thick american fuck the 2012 has 216 pixels per inch and the 2013 has
323 how the fuck is that twice as many its right you americans are fucking
thick you would be lost without us intelligent british getting you out of
the shit doh

Автор vignesh kamath ( назад)
I think the lag in first gen nexus 7 has been fixed with "fstrim" in 4.3.2.
It was because of the storage drive.

Автор PR MAGNISOE ( назад)
You can just go to development settings and speed everything up that's what
I did on my Nexus 7 2012 

Автор michael kagan ( назад)
I own the new version and enjoy it very much and glad to see mine is
better. Than the old one. I have had Asus tablets before and found on some
of the new models they skipped on some features but not with one it really
good like it better than my Ipad 3.

Автор Randy Rodriguez ( назад)
i sell my old nexus 7 to buy nexus 7 2013..
For me its worth the upgrade, the new nexus 7 is very fast, i play nba2k14
without lag and it has awesome display..unlike the old nexus, old nexus 7
was so laggy and has low speaker..

Автор atl3630 ( назад)
I got the N7 (2013) because of budget constraints, but man I love it. Meets
my every need and I love the 7 inch form factor much more than I thought I
would. Vanilla Android is the bees-knees. I'll always have Nexus phones and

Автор kiyonexus ( назад)
Am I the only one who thought he said "fucking now" instead of pocketnow in
the beginning?

Автор schizowallflower ( назад)
I got the new (2nd generation) Nexus 7 in July and since day one it's had a
problem being used on surfaces. The touchscreen becomes mostly unresponsive
if it's not touching something that's grounded (myself, sitting on my
laptop, being plugged in, etc.). Do you know of any workaround?

Автор The SuperUser ( назад)
If you optimize and maintain your old nexus 7 correctly, it will outperform
any new one easily. If you get any lag at all on the old one, you have
poorly maintained it.

Автор EinkOLED ( назад)
The display on the new nexus is amazingly sharp. Pictures look incredibly

Автор J Pauxleen ( назад)

Автор J Pauxleen ( назад)
google knows better why did they even release some shit like that like
really google obviously the display was horrible!

Автор Daniel Sorensen ( назад)
The biggest contrast is the displays... Heh.

Автор californianigga ( назад)
I have an original Nexus 7 and it is still very fast

Автор StopMotionMaster ( назад)
+AbasikMusic yes u can.

Автор xX_lildoge_Xx ( назад)
I have the old nexus 7 its poooooooooooooooooooop

Автор Pratyush Praveen ( назад)
I got 13000 on antutu Nexus 7(2012)

Автор walspeed ( назад)
What game is that at 8:10?

Автор Jim Horvath ( назад)
Nexus 7 (2013) on sale at Best Buy for $194.99. Free shipping.

Автор thecarter702 ( назад)
wow sir, you give perfect reviews

Автор Gabriel Lord ( назад)
I have the nexus 7 2 and I love it if I was to have the nexus7 1 I would
buy the nexus 7 2.

Автор CyrodilicMonkey ( назад)
were did you get those little android guys they look funny as hell idk why

Автор Christian A ( назад)
The screen and speed upgrades rant enough to make me pay 90 dollars more
now that the nexus 7 original is really cheap and i do NOT want to give up
those dimples

Автор rollins esperance ( назад)
nexus 7 2012 white dirtier than a

Автор Anthony Johnson ( назад)

Автор Aaron “aarondredd91” Dredd ( назад)
definitely worth the 40 or 50 bucks to upgrade.

Автор Alex Hitchwins ( назад)

Автор RoyalBlackjoker ( назад)
pretty strange your old nexus stutters so hard , mine is still running as
smooth like the day i bought it .

Автор irq.vet05 ( назад)
how do they compare in gamin, the tegra chip is unique and gaming is
better than in any other device I tried, how does the snapdradon perform in
this area?

Автор Jalen Grant ( назад)
#Nexus7 FTW

Автор SibaNL ( назад)
My Nexus7(2013) only crashed one time since i bought it, while my old nexus
7 crashed ±2 times a day

Автор SibaNL ( назад)
never buy a white one, they wil look dirty

Автор SibaNL ( назад)
never buy a white one, they wil look dirty

Автор tupacpsp ( назад)
How do you know which version you have? 

Автор Mike Rayl ( назад)

Автор Miguel Silva ( назад)
Dude, your Nexus 7 2012 is way more slower than mine! Yes, the 2013 model
is a better product, but Nexus 7 2012 is still a very good one!

Next time, try to be more fair about the older products! ;)

Автор QG ( назад)
Well done

Автор magdalenajessica1986 ( назад)
does anybody know if the new one supports all the same video formats as the
old nexus?

Автор dzoni bravoo ( назад)
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Автор stonecrestmovies ( назад)
Just flash SmoothRom on the old Nexus 7 and it'll be just as fast.

Автор Oksana Andrienko ( назад)
Да они оба хороши !)

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