Lully Gavotte

Suzuki Book 2

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Автор thepianoplayer416 (11 месяцев)
Lovely playing.

The 1 issue that comes out a lot in Baroque music is whether or not a
performer should play some of the notes with vibrato. In some performances
vibrato for string players was left out completely making a piece sound
plain & uninteresting. On Easter Sunday, our music group performed the
Hallelujah Chorus with a church choir. String members were asked not to
play with vibrato. After searching online still no clear answer. It is more
likely musicians would do the vibrato because instruments were not tuned
very well and so by varying the pitch of notes a bit to disguise imprecise

Автор Erin Sun (3 года)
I'm playing this song right now :) >me>>noob :(

Автор Ashton Martins (3 года)
Why do talented violinist always move there body so much? At 1:04 she even
did a little hop. No complaints about the playing though.

Автор thepianoplayer416 (1 год)
Nice playing. Even hit the high high Cs on the E string properly (a common
problem found with many of the performances). Keep up the good work...

Автор Cabbycabbage (3 года)
Given that the accompaniment is in the form of a box playing the music, I
have to say that the performance of this piece is far superior to most on
this channel (including some other notable players!) Your feeling and depth
of understanding for these pieces of music, and I dare say music in
general, should be a total guiding inspiration for anyone lucky enough to
be a student of yours. You play with all the knowledgeable soul of a true
teacher! Thank you.

Автор Rick Martin (4 года)
Very nice!

Автор remember65 (3 года)
Ganz große KLASSE !!!!!! Ich liebe dieses Stück !!!!!!!

Автор 101lovethediamonds (4 года)
Ya I don't know WHY nobody commented on this...this was really good keep it

Автор Tony Lai (2 года)
good job!!!!!!

Автор thepianoplayer416 (3 года)
Nice playing, good vibratos... I think this is probably the next piece I'll
learn on the violin...

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