Random Sonic Battle Battles

just as the title says:

Fight 1: Sonic(me) versus Tails, Knuckles, and Amy
Fight 2: Emerl(63%) vs same as above
Fight 3: Sonic and Knuckles vs Amy and Cream
Fight 4: Sonic and Tails vs Amy and Cream

sync problems? yes

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Длительность: 10:30
Комментарии: 27

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Автор Shadow Jara ( назад)
sonic va shadow x 3

Автор Shadow Jara ( назад)
my is very easy wins in sonic battle shadow :3

Автор GravityZero ( назад)
Battles Battle Battles

Автор Trixie "Great and Powerful Trixie" Lulamoon ( назад)
Wow, someone hates Cream and Amy.

Автор Finlay Bowerman ( назад)
What is the game?

Автор bigmacchasi ( назад)
that game was hard to play in this game its like melee at the time 

Автор GameAndWatcher96 ( назад)
No mention of Sonic the Fighters?

Автор Redmander785 ( назад)
Sorry for misspelles

Автор glquam07 ( назад)
a remake...sonic team! this on 3ds or a console with online capabilities
(optional). the money will flow!

Автор Redmander785 ( назад)
They sjold makr a remake of this game

Автор Joshthepikachu2123 ( назад)
Take that back you motherfucker *turns hyper* 

Автор glquam07 ( назад)
*turns super* you take that back.

Автор MoganMoe ( назад)
the only game that was worse then sonic 06

Автор glquam07 ( назад)
this made me laugh hard cause i know the pain!

Автор bigmacchasi ( назад)
i love this game i can kick the shit out of tails for all those years as a
kid of him killing me in sonic 2 

Автор glquam07 ( назад)
yes but this was on an emulator

Автор PotatoGaming207 ( назад)
This for gba right?

Автор Hypn0 Fandom ( назад)
nice video

Автор beybladean45 ( назад)
i want this game for my gba 

Автор samuel clemente ( назад)
qual é o nome desse jogo do sonic 

Автор glquam07 ( назад)
@MyShadow0 after you select the character the arrows should point up/down.
that's when you can switch teams.

Автор glquam07 ( назад)

Автор Pinkie582 ( назад)

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