US Family of Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBM)

Polaris, Poseidon and Trident I & II SLBMs.

The Polaris missile was a submarine-launched, two-stage solid-fuel nuclear-armed ballistic missile (SLBM) built during the Cold War by Lockheed for the United States Navy. It was designed to be used as part of the US Navy's contribution to the United States' arsenal of nuclear weapons, replacing the Regulus cruise missile. Known as a Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM), it first flew from Cape Canaveral on January 7, 1960.

Following the Polaris Sales Agreement in 1963 Polaris missiles were also carried on UK submarines between 1968 and the mid 1990s.

Polaris was replaced in the US Navy by Poseidon, beginning in 1972. In the 1980s both were replaced by Trident I.

The Poseidon missile was the second US Navy ballistic missile system, powered by a two-stage solid fuel rocket. It succeeded the Polaris missile beginning in 1972, bringing major advances in warheads and accuracy. It was followed by Trident I in 1979, and Trident II in 1990.

The Trident missile is a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) designed by Lockheed Martin Space Systems in the United States which is armed with nuclear warheads and is launched from SSBNs, nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines. Trident missiles are carried by fourteen active US Navy Ohio class submarines and, with British warheads, four Royal Navy Vanguard class submarines.

During the late 1970s, the Soviet Union developed a large number of heavy, increasingly accurate, MIRVed ICBMs (like the SS-18) that seriously threatened the survival of Minuteman III missiles in their silos. The second variant of the Trident is more sophisticated and can carry a heavier payload. It is accurate enough to be a first strike weapon. All three stages of the Trident II are made of graphite epoxy, making the missile much lighter. The Trident II was the original missile on the British Vanguard and Ohio SSBNs since USS Tennessee (SSBN-734). The D5 missile is currently carried by twelve Ohio class SSBNs.

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Автор Zach Treichel ( назад)
Ok, but in all seriousness...what is the name of that bomb ass song in the

Автор goog le ( назад)
stop the music!! Please.

Автор mwyatt787 ( назад)
Wow thats a scary fact. Thats in one submarine carrying enough firepower to
wipe out some nations. Then there is 8 of them floating around. I wonder if
we cut back on the sub patrol down tolike 4-6 how much money we would save?
Same with the aircraft carriers?

Автор Derek Wall ( назад)
this country has at least 10,000+ nuclear weapons that the general public
knows about thanks to the media, but ill bet you this country has double
that number stashed away in hidden silos, installations and on board our
ships and nuclear subs

Автор Derek Wall ( назад)
yep. hopefully thered be enough of us left over to repopulate. because by
the time its over, im sure as many as 300,000,000-4,000,000,000+ could be
killed but that's just a guess though so don't quote me on that. but I know
the death toll would be some where in the middle to upper millions. the
only way I can see casualties being in the billions is if we fired pretty
much every weapon in our stockpile

Автор Derek Wall ( назад)
another thing thatd make surviving it all a pain in the ass is the lack in
resources thatd be left over (if any at all). even if you were no where
near any impact point like a major city youre still gonna have things like
electricity failure, no flowing water (or non-radioactive water), no
communication like telephones, radioes, or any kind of communication method
to find out who is all still alive. that's if anyone else survives at all

Автор Derek Wall ( назад)
i think thatd be a good place to be. after all you do die so quickly that
you don't even feel the slightest amount of pain. dying in a nuclear
explosion during a nuclear exchange isn't what everyone should fear, its
survival. fallout, famine, disease, lawlessness, and having no where to go
or any place to call a safe haven is what you oughta worry about. surviving
a nuclear apocalypse and possibly having to fight other survivors for the
last scrap of food would be what youd have to worry about

Автор Derek Wall ( назад)
if youre not afraid to die then I agree, launch those fuckers and let all
of Russia cook

Автор Derek Wall ( назад)
yeah I know right. the human mind cant even begin to imagine what itd be
like short of going to straight to hell

Автор Derek Wall ( назад)
that's a hell of a lot of firepower on both missiles

Автор Stratboy999 ( назад)
I like the cheery music that accompanies the description....

Автор Jason Clark ( назад)
Ka-boom! Bye bye muslim psychos!!!

Автор Derek Wall ( назад)
i like the "satan" missile aka the SS18 series. one missile carries 8-10
kiloton class M.I.R.V. warheads that can be as powerful as 100-300 kilotons
each. can you imagine the amount of firepower thatd be released by one of

Автор Derek Wall ( назад)
the end of the world may not scare me, but surviving to see the
post-apocolyptic land that was laid to waste is what scares me. surviving
the aftermath from what i hear can be hell if every single ounce of
resource youd need was either contaminated by fall out, or vaporized by one
of the nukes when it went off

Автор LaserGuidedBomb (1124 года назад)
Launch the Polaris, the end doesn't scare us

Автор indyfan22k ( назад)
@eliojaupi1 God doesn't have any favorites.

Автор b3boneman ( назад)
hope we never have to launch one for real...

Автор bestamerica ( назад)
' come on america,,, america can make it many misisles / rockets with
submarines,,, america can do it

Автор Occupy Cherno ( назад)
Music to the left - Narration to the right

Автор christian beier ( назад)
You totally forget that US also have a back up in France there have its own
SLBM program. And UK there also have Trident like US but with UK warheads.
Satan and rs-24 missils are good, but the fact is just 4 Ohio Class
Submarines if you put MIRV 10 warheads in them, can kill around 200.000.000
million Russians. And Same can Russian Submarines do. The danger is when
there is a good chances off winning a Nuclear War. US had that option in
Cuba Crises and Russia had in late 1970-1980es

Автор ruffsocks ( назад)
@nukewarfare2 omfg i know! us scrapped one of its best land based icbms
which we made to be more resilient against russian missiles and it had MIRV
capabilities. russia still has the satan missile and a new rs-24 missile
both very powerful with alot of MIRVs and throw weight. now we only have
minutemen for land, trident for subs and bombers..

Автор Sub Zero ( назад)
@eliojaupi1 who bless america? YOU DONT BELIEVE IN GOD- freak show...

Автор William de Freitas (WillReach) ( назад)
@Sidewinder9877 Why r u so mad? 

Автор William de Freitas (WillReach) ( назад)
@Sidewinder9877 The sentence "God bless AMERICA" is damn selfish, thats
what I'm saying.

Автор AlmightyTrapGod ( назад)
@nukewarfare2 It was George.H.W Bush the father of the president before
Obama. The START II treaty never came into affect so usa would have to
decommision them but decided to anyway a few years later.By 2030 the
minuteman's will probably be taken down and replaced I bet.

Автор AlmightyTrapGod ( назад)
@nukewarfare2 We should have kept our peacekeeper missiles since the
Soviets kept they're SS-18 Satans

Автор William de Freitas (WillReach) ( назад)
@KiloByte69 Yes, i'm not proud of my country, thats why i'm ashamed to live
here. If I could, I would move to Europe. In fact, I'm not patriot in any
way. But I hate people who think their country is the one chosen by God or
Muhammed or Zeus to be the best and make so much atrocities, like in Holy
Wars and nowadays, America... 

Автор KiloByte ( назад)
@willsilent The difference is we take care of our people and people around
the world, in your country slum areas are common.

Автор William de Freitas (WillReach) ( назад)
@KiloByte69 The nazis were narcizists just like yourselves. 

Автор KiloByte ( назад)
@willsilent Awww, you brazilians are just jealous your shithole country
couldn't fight its way out of a paper bag.

Автор William de Freitas (WillReach) ( назад)
God bless the world, fuckin selfish americans.

Автор joshkilla67 ( назад)
Traveling at mach 2 towards the enemy, A lil' peace of Freedom one launch
at a time :)

Автор erik s ( назад)
@donzaliko yeah, when you realize you got free healthcare, low rate of
unemployment, beautiful girls, free education and stable economy. I really
do cry out loud

Автор 7 Screaming Dizbusters ( назад)
what do we need missiles for? oh yeah, world domination!

Автор HomelessOnline ( назад)
I am so glad that I wasn't born in some other shihthole of a country.
Namely, any other country outside our borders. Now if we could just start
protecting our borders...

Автор HomelessOnline ( назад)
@kawasakikx250ff - Except to end WWII, don't forget that. Oh yeah, and
those pesky Iranians. Oh wait, what about the North Koreans? And that leads
to Syria's nuclear ambitions...(thank you, Israel!) Leftists make me want
to puke 'n' shoot.

Автор HeathLedgersChemist ( назад)
@jaglavaksoldier FLEET Ballistic Missile.

Автор donzaliko ( назад)
it sucks when u recognize that you are born outside of USA somewhere in
Europe :( 

Автор George Santana ( назад)
@ewthmatth Just like n.vietnam and the viet cong were supplied by the

Автор eyeAMtwinkEE ( назад)
@bestamerica What?

Автор bestamerica ( назад)
eyeAMtwinkEE, ' okay thank,,, dont use a word - YOUR - on me,,, it is a not
important about currency

Автор eyeAMtwinkEE ( назад)
@bestamerica Your "R/C model rocket launcher" doesn't cost millions of
dollars and it didn't take a team of extremely intelligent people to design
it. Just because a $20 model rocket needs fins doesn't mean these highly
advanced missiles need them.

Автор bestamerica ( назад)
eyeAMtwinkEE, ' okay thank explain,,, but dont use 2 words - YOU / YOUR -
on me,,, my R/C model rocket launcher must have fins

Автор eyeAMtwinkEE ( назад)
@bestamerica No they don't. This missile, amongst most other missiles,
doesn't have fins and it files just fine. You obviously don't know much
about the engineering behind such technologies, and you're embarrassing

Автор bestamerica ( назад)
eyeAMtwinkEE, ' all missiles / rockets must have fins on the rear rocket
motor for better guide to the air,,, saturn V, saturn 1B, patriot missile,
mercury redstone missile, V-2 missile, space shuttle

Автор eyeAMtwinkEE ( назад)
@bestamerica It doesn't need fins. The engine itself can redirect thrust in
order to maneuver. 

Автор Matthew H ( назад)
@wildwildwest1414 The Afghan forces fighting the soviets were armed by the

Автор bestamerica ( назад)
' how come this missile rocket do not have 3 or 4 or 5 FINS on the rear
rocket engine

Автор Jose Alvarado ( назад)
@alvaradokids sorry not akula .....typhoon

Автор Jose Alvarado ( назад)
@sritger polyus.....totally stealth.....can shoot down all us guidance
satellites and all earth launched missles.....with 80s tech....the only
thing scarrier than nuclear missles is the weapon that was made to stop
them......worst even the akula class subs that were made to hide under the
polar icecaps for two years in a nuclear war only to surface and provide a
third strike capibility.......double tap...renuke the surviveing

Автор JoeGancher ( назад)
What's with the music over voice.....annoying

Автор maxballot907 ( назад)
@sritger Very True

Автор anisocoro ( назад)
There is an important question which I would ask: On Wikipaedia it is
written Trident acquires a low earthed orbital pathway few minutes after
launch. If it is true, Trident should be unlimited in range, because an
orbiting missile can reach any point on surface, I think, if opportune
orbital parametrtes are achieved

Автор George Santana ( назад)
russia got its ass kicked by primitive puny afganistan what an
embarrassment and they have the nerve to chide the U.S because we pulled
out of vietnam that politically restraining conflict!and as far as
hizbullah they're alahs rejejects cowardly sick evil twisted demented
terrorist who brain wash kids and send teenange girls on suicide missions
cause they're to chicken to do it them own warped mind selves... Long live
the U.S of A god bless america ,and base ball and hot dogs and apple pie!

Автор sritger ( назад)
Each of our Ohio class subs carries 24 missiles, each with 8 warheads with
a yield of up to 475 kt. That's 192 nukes that are each accurate enough to
hit an individual building over 4000 nautical miles away, which means they
can obliterate even hardened targets. At any one time, we have a dozen of
those subs prowling the oceans, silent and undetectable. Attacking the USA
would be suicide.

Автор mucahit nurullah ( назад)

Автор 88ABRAMS88 ( назад)

Автор pi3detsNosorogam ( назад)
fucking american missiles

Автор yvesgomez ( назад)
it's wonderful indeed

Автор auschwitzu ( назад)
trident is ookk!!

Автор David Poteat ( назад)

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