Lion kills cheetah

lion move in slow then attack cheetah and finish him

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Автор Ricksonkimura ( назад)
I would have shot that lioness with my 9

Автор Jullian Uribe ( назад)
Sometimes cheetahs can chase young lioness

Автор Eagle Pride ( назад)
America and Saudia and Israel kill iraqi and Yamini and Syrian people
...where is humanity

Автор Prabhas Limbu ( назад)

Автор Nasir Little ( назад)
I don't know why cheetahs are not strong and other big cats are stronger
including Bobcats, Lynxes, Caracals,
Severals, and Even Housecats

Автор Dolph C. Volker ( назад)
My heart cries everytime a Cheetah dies.

Автор Nasir Little ( назад)
This was sad

Автор joesph Dicesare ( назад)
um I like lions but poor cheetah

Автор joesph Dicesare ( назад)
Go lion

Автор REN LOU ( назад)
what the name of this show? I can not find it by english.

Автор Marquita Longstreet ( назад)
I hate lions my favorite animal is a cheetah

Автор SPAWN CAMPS ( назад)
Gay ass fucking music

Автор Rananjay RJS ( назад)
There is a difference between "lion" and "tiger" which people need to
differentiate !!!!

Автор L Goodwin ( назад)
It would have outrun a Lion easily but the Cheetah must have been injured.
A Cheetah has the capability to go form 0 to 60 mph in 3 strides, if your
doubting check out some of the National Geographic clips which are also
featured on Youtube.

Автор Sébastien ( назад)
Look like cheetah beat the lion

Автор Dionys84 ( назад)
Thank you miss. Evanescence is a horrible band

Автор Lovella5 ( назад)
Just like the tiger

Автор Badwolf ( назад)
This cheetah was sick.Didn't run at all.Cheetah' maximum speed 120
km/h.Lion's maximum speed 60 km/h.

Автор Ken Bangar ( назад)

Автор bob joe ( назад)
theirs no way the cheetah would have outran the lion 

Автор Mad9977 ( назад)
absolutely right, i like all felines, all of them have their speciality,
Tigers and Lions are big and strong, Leopards and Jaguars are great
climbers and Cheetahs are the fastest runners...

Автор Hazem ElSherbiny ( назад)
He's a predator, he's not good at dodging attacks, he wasn't designed to do

Автор stef willemen ( назад)
In what world do you live ine?

Автор LegionAire Minion ( назад)
Wow, aside from hunting I never knew that female lions were such viscious

Автор A Han ( назад)
An ambush predator the lion is

Автор wisdom4life ( назад)
"Circle of life". LOL you clearly get your "knowledge" on the big African
predators from a Disney movie, and yet you think that you know what kinds
of big predators that Africa should have on its plains. Typical youtuber to
use The Lion King to determine his or her feelings about these African

Автор queenbodicea ( назад)
It was heartbreaking to watch.

Автор tabundo001 ( назад)
At first it caught him by surprise, and it takes some time to accelerate,
then it was hurt so it was easy chase.

Автор tabundo001 ( назад)
Oh man she killed her cousin what a bitch

Автор Blackops2dominater56 ( назад)
cheetah= fast lion = lets thro down boi

Автор Ricksonkimura ( назад)
That cheetah was violated. I wish I were there. I would have shot the
lioness with my 9.

Автор MaX AraKaL ( назад)
Cheetah can Run only when it is Hungry haha WTF cheetah is not running

Автор Rejenlei Karyl M. Fabro ( назад)
a cheetah is very fast,i cant believe that lion was faster than a cheetah

Автор Johanna Saichen ( назад)
Why the idiotic song? 

Автор stsilas01 ( назад)
Shite muic

Автор Dre ( назад)
oh, you are very tough behind the screen, i am aware that 50 % of all prey
hyena eat has been hunted by themselves, same number for lions, no, lions
dont make a living by stealing meals from hyenas, i still think we dont
need em

Автор terminator847 ( назад)
go learn a little zoology you obnoxious ignorant little shit. Hyenas hunt
most of their own prey, and lions live off of stealing kills made by
hyenas. Read wikipedia and some nat-geo websites a little bit before
posting the crap you picked up from disney movies on youtube.

Автор Dre ( назад)
we dont need the fucking hyena in the circle of life, if hyenas didnt
existed, it would be atleast three times as more leopard, cheetah, and lion
cubs, so if all hyenas died, nothing would change, we also already have
alot of scavangers as the vultures...

Автор terminator847 ( назад)
And if it was a hyena getting killed by a lioness, everyone would be going
"Hell yeah! Kill dat pest! Lions rock!". Typical youtubers.

Автор Kingvlad Esplana ( назад)
@belldn3 She is a lion a male lion has a mane a female lion is called a

Автор christopher loonskin ( назад)
yup deadly 

Автор Koby Souchou ( назад)
No... If you watch it with attention you'll see that the cheetah is having
a hard time while it's trying to run. That motherfucker lion damaged some
vital point on it's back and cut her speed. If there were cubs, the cheetah
would lead the lion away.

Автор wikiporno2 ( назад)
why wouldn't the chettah run? It's not like the lion could catch it.

Автор Mayank Tripathi ( назад)
what had that music got to do with the video ??

Автор IsolationComplete ( назад)

Автор belldn3 ( назад)
Right back at you, Bitch!

Автор dsuchmiel ( назад)
You're a stupid motherfucker.

Автор Ismadlight ( назад)
o.O xq corrió tan lento el cheetah

Автор Facundo Garcia ( назад)
Where I can see it with the original audio?

Автор cti69 ( назад)
Run chita Run.... mas é ferido...doente..

Автор took our jobs! took errr jeeerbs ( назад)
si son fuertes las chitas pero nada cerca pa un leon menos un hombre leon
esa es una mujer 

Автор christian valencia ( назад)
las chitas son fuertes rapidas y agil incluso le dio batalla a leon logro
escapar una ves si hubera sido dos chitas quizas se salvan 

Автор took our jobs! took errr jeeerbs ( назад)
los fuertes viven y las chitas son bien weak 

Автор ORVlogSsS ( назад)
que se muera esa estupida leona de mierda!!!!!!!!!! jodete puta mierda mi
animal preferido es el chita puta leona mal nacida!!!! :'(

Автор Dadiris Agrom ( назад)
Die Bitch !

Автор Becca Russell ( назад)
aww it tried to get away but it was just too hurt...

Автор BigRed Ali ( назад)
so did ugly peace of shit big cockroches looking things, dont reply this i
will report you, dinasour lover eat dino dick lololol. jk just dont reply
back plzz

Автор Рслан Сафин ( назад)
зато бегемоту все похер даже крокодилы,он ходит над всеми ржёт и пожёвывает

Автор belldn3 ( назад)
Lioness, not lion. If it was a lion it would have had a mane. Look how big
it was. At two years old lions have a mane.

Автор ExperimentalJackass ( назад)
I'd say crocs are the king.. they've inhabited this planet for millions of
years.. even lions know not to fuck with them.

Автор Mad9977 ( назад)
a Cheetah is very agile and fast, but against a much bigger and heavier
Lion he does not have much chance in a fight.

Автор Aristóteles Benício ( назад)
For all of you, sad for the bad fate of cheetah. THIS IS NATURAL SELECTION.

Автор shiren bhalekar ( назад)
1:14 You mad bro ?

Автор BigRed Ali ( назад)
lions man fucking beast, even cheetahs couldnt get away, shit king of
animals alright 

Автор Nominay ( назад)
she killed it to ward off competition so she could feed her cubs

Автор Nominay ( назад)
ha, what would he do, shoot it? that's much worse

Автор Nominay ( назад)

Автор JuliusC ( назад)
because you retard you cant its illegal 

Автор LifePopRainbows ( назад)
The guy filming... Y YOU NO HELP THE POOR ANIMAL?????

Автор John Kingston ( назад)
Cheetah.. Y U NO RUN?? 

Автор sinusbradycardia ( назад)
Nature is what it is and humans have killed far more wild life, then a
lioness have.

Автор sinusbradycardia ( назад)
Cheetahs r very specialized hunters, no other land animal can come close to
generating the speed of the cheetah & then maneuver like the cheetah. I
love all the super predators, hyenas, lions, leopards, wild dogs and
cheetahs. I hope they all survive. The cheetahs numbers are dropping and
the genetic diversity isn't there. Female cheetahs pick who they mate with
it is hard to have them mate in captivity. On several occasions where there
were successful the mothers keep killing the cubs.

Автор cheetahlover156 ( назад)
Fuck the lioness, hope she suffers from killing the cheetah but nature is
cruel like that, like how most of the cubs don't live

Автор ollen cabanit ( назад)
poor cheetah, the lion is playing with him, stupid lion.....

Автор trt3d (540 лет назад)
why do you always expect that the tiger can eliminate lion easily? am fan
of both.. tiger = fighter ..hits first lion = killer .. bite first. each
one has own advantage 

Автор savaş keskin (833 года назад)

Автор Long Shlongs ( назад)

Автор FOOSBALLA ( назад)
specialized cat like a cheetah against a lion....yeah thats fun to watch.
post more boolshit, like a teenager beating up a nursery school kid, i want
to watch that.

Автор brian5578 ( назад)
The video says lion kills cheetah. Then you say "lion move in slow then
attack cheetah and finish him"...I saw no finishing in this video. I'm sure
the lion killed this cheetah, but I didn't see the "finish". Also, for all
of you that keep the lion vs tiger argument going, let me clear something
up for you. Although I like the lion better, in a one on one fight the
tiger wins 99.9% of the time.

Автор Tonetare (626 лет назад)
Bitch ass whtie trash lioness

Автор madhairsilence ( назад)
Tiger will own Lions!

Автор manny tom ( назад)
ikr cheetahs r my fav animals 

Автор blancmerlot ( назад)
Lions will not become extinct... They are pretty well looked after in South
Africa. The real worry is the rhino in Africa. More than 265 rhino's were
killed illegaly in South Africa alone this year for their horns. The people
in the East (Korea, China) think for some reason the rhino horn has medical
properties which is sad, because it has none.

Автор tlig ( назад)
Tigers routinely kill leopards in India too.

Автор Doctorr Zeus ( назад)
i wish it was a tiger there instead of a cheetah....

Автор SamDM1 ( назад)
Poor cheetah :(

Автор wheelmanstan ( назад)
wow, that was sad to see, big cats are the real rulers of the planet,
imagine if man didn't have guns, life would be completely different and big
cats wouldnt all be going extinct, we might lol, seriously though beyond
sad we are wiping such beautiful creatures from a unique planet called
Earth, it's a travesty!

Автор sinusbradycardia ( назад)
Well looks like I will have to plan the vacation of my life sooner than I
thought. I want to see these animals in the wild, not in the zoo.

Автор terminator847 ( назад)
Actually they're all endangered, Lions, Spotted Hyenas, and cheetahs are
highly endangered, and Brown Hyenas are on the brink of extinction. On the
NatGeoWild channel they said that lions have only ten years left before
they disappear off the face of the Earth. And btw, tell that person that
there's other sources of information than the Lion King..

Автор sinusbradycardia ( назад)
You I thought it was a wide known fact that Hyenas have the greatest bite
force of any predatory mammal, I have this person arguing with me. They
can't believe a male lion's bite < hyena's. I thought Predators at War was
a somewhat educational documentary. I didn't realize a leopard would just
run, most of the time, if they start eating their kill on the ground and a
single hyena shows up. Poor Cheetah's give up to vultures. My hope is that
the super predators remain for generations to come. 

Автор sinusbradycardia (1673 года назад)
I don't want to argue about percentages as I believe it is very hard to get
objective data. That is why I said I thought African Wild Dogs were the
most successful. Because they do the same thing, run their prey to
exhaustion and can run longer than any other predator. Anyway, I find all
the super predators to be amazing. I don't watch one particular animal. I
think the most dangerous land animal is a bull elephant in must. There are
very aggressive and purposely beat up other animals.

Автор Darnell Sanderson (1951 год назад)
Lions are king of the jungle, enough said.

Автор terminator847 ( назад)
The stronger steal the kills of the weaker. In large numbers that
compensate for their smaller size, hyenas are stronger than lions, thus
they steal their kills. And Hyenas have a 90% kill rate, precisely because
they can run their prey down to exhaustion, whereas lions can only make
short sprints so they have a low success rate of 17%. Lions are designed by
nature to steal kills from hyenas, they can distinguish hyena vocalizations
from everything else so they can find their kill and steal it.

Автор sinusbradycardia ( назад)
I have never seen a hyena kill a cheetah. Because cheetahs will not
generally risk injury, an injured cheetah is a dead cheetah. As we see
here. I have a seen a three legged hyena hunt with its clan. I thought that
was pretty cool. I'm sure hyena do kill cheetahs, their cubs moreso, but it
is a rare event. A cheetah need not run a full speed to out run hyenas.
They are only at about 1/3 throttle and they can probably run quite a long
way at that speed.

Автор sinusbradycardia ( назад)
If she would have given up her kill she may have starved to death and it
was a lone hyena. That was on Predators at war. Hyenas are formidable
hunters in a clan or even alone. I didn't particularly like what I saw, but
I hyena attacked wart hog and was able to bite the wart hogs leg, with its
crushing jaw power it bit the wart hogs leg completely off. I don't
understand the hatred of hyenas. They are unique animals and p4p some tough

Автор sinusbradycardia ( назад)
Definitely not true. I've seen Hyenas viciously attack lionesses and take
their kill. Now if a Cheetah has cubs, because the cubs start eating meat
at about 6 weeks, they are usually near the kill. A Cheetah will pretend to
defend its kill to divert the Hyenas attention and make sure her cubs are
safe. If a Cheetah doesn't have cubs it will usually give way to the Hyena,
if there is just one. I have only seen a cheetah not give way to a hyena
one time. The cheetah was starving to death.

Автор terminator847 ( назад)
The stronger steals the kills of the weaker, that's nature, these idiots
think there is some kind of code of honor among lions

Автор Tristen Pedersen ( назад)
No way bro, lions are way to strong

Автор sinusbradycardia ( назад)
Whether I like Cheetahs or not has nothing to do with this video. The lion
actually ended the cheetah's suffering, because a cheetah that is
injury/sick can't hunt and will die a slow miserable death. I guess I don't
have the curiosity to watch something like this, nor do I watch lions kill
the cubs when they take over. Nature is cruel. I don't love these animals
because they are great predators, I love them because how they have evolved
and adapted. What's wrong with posting my opinion?

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