Deportation of Mexican-Americans During the 1930s

During the Great Depression, anywhere from one to two million people were deported in an effort by the government to free up jobs for those who were considered "real Americans" and rid the county governments of "the problem." The campaign, called the Mexican Reparation, was authorized by President Herbert Hoover.

Estimates now indicate that approximately 60 percent of the people deported were children who were born in America and others who, while of Mexican descent, were legal citizens.

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Автор Iamhereblossom ( назад)
Why is this never taught in American schools? I have to find out about this through Youtube? Why is it also hidden that Hispanic schools were worse off during the segregation era than even black schools? This information must be spread and I thank you for putting this video up.

Автор Martha stewart ( назад)

Автор Joe E ( назад)
Even to this day with have no RESPECT, you can see that in main stream media and through out America. We are not being represented very well in this country, groups like MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund), LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) are nothing but a joke and are there to look good for themselves. Read about Dr. Hector Garcia and you will see what he really stood for

Автор Amaru N ( назад)
Thank you sister for this post!! much love much respect! 

Автор sultanz66 ( назад)
i have some mexican friends and i want to show them this video to stop calling me an arab "terrorist" and support u.s gov lol unfortunately u.s gov showed a bad pic of arabs in latin world, at the beginning of our friendship they were scared of me even their parents kept telling them to stay away from me and i was like wtf. what u.s did was personally effecting me as an arab and muslim. but im gonna tell a story that i have never told to anyone, when i was at age 9, i was use to scare of the air plane sounds and i go to the window to see if its israeli or u.s air force, it was cuz of what i see happens in Palestine. that's what it's called terrorism, when 9 years old kids is terrorised. wake up people, i wish if all people unite against all gov to be in peace, one heart, one love :D

Автор Hana Coil ( назад)
Please dont send us illegal hispanics back we come to America for tons of reasons my parents came here and im grateful for that no trouble for stuff like violence

Автор Orville Wedderburn ( назад)
The system need to get fix "Boss Minion"

Автор migman75482 ( назад)
Very sad piece of History.

Автор fleiva30 ( назад)
Sad to see another trail of tears by the US government.. plus people don't know that Mexicans built California during those times, past and now days..!!

Автор LazyBunny ( назад)
Thank you for sharing this video.
The US government would NEVER allow schools to teach this just like they hide many truths.

Автор Xorxe Villalobos ( назад)
thank you for this.

Автор micki mickey ( назад)
AWW! the ignorance in you is so sad. The fact that everybody's ancestors had to have immigrate here at one point, accept if you were Native American, makes you sound hypocritical. Also, almost half the land here was once a part of Mexico. And their children would also be consider Mexican American too stupid, not Mexican citizens.

Автор razalas salazar ( назад)
because they were LEGAL residents as they video states listen to what he says .

Автор alma trevino ( назад)
our ancestors were here hundreds of years before the white man came along and claimed our lands, now it's us that are illegal? who are the ones that are illegal here? my greatgrandmother belonged to the kikapoo tribe, my grandmother was born in Eaglepass in 1897 was she illegal? at one time the border was opened no legal papers required, do you have legal papers, OH! if your parents don't then you are illegal too! or maybe your great ansestors were illegal? than you a are illegal.

Автор Ger Vas ( назад)
Horace Greeley editor of the New York Tribune, was opposed to the war. He wrote, “People of the United States! Your Rulers are precipitating you into a fathomless abyss of crime and calamity! Why sleep you thoughtless on its verge, as though this was not your business . . . ? Awake and arrest the work of butchery ere it shall be too late to preserve your souls from the guilt of wholesale slaughter!”

Автор Ger Vas ( назад)
“The invasion of Mexico in 1846 and the subsequent war and conquest was unconstitutional” Abraham Lincoln.

Автор Ger Vas ( назад)
John L. O'Sullivan, a vocal proponent of Manifest Destiny, later recollected:
“ The regulars regarded the volunteers with importance and contempt ... [The volunteers] robbed Mexicans of their cattle and corn, stole
their fences for firewood, got drunk, and killed several inoffensive inhabitants of the town in the streets.

Автор Ger Vas ( назад)
U.S. soldiers' memoirs describe cases of scalping innocent civilians, the rape and murder of women, the murder of children, the burning of homes, and the desecrating of Catholic religious objects and buildings.
One officer's diary records:
“ We reached Burrita about 5 pm, many of the Louisiana volunteers were there, a lawless drunken rabble. They had driven away the inhabitants, taken possession of their houses, and were emulating each other in making beasts of themselves.”

Автор Ger Vas ( назад)
Representative Joshua Giddings
led a group of dissenters in Washington D.C. He called the war with Mexico "an aggressive, unholy, and unjust war," and voted against supplying soldiers and weapons. He said:
In the murder of Mexicans upon their own soil, or in robbing them of their country, I can take no part either now or here-after. The guilt of these crimes must rest on others. I will not participate in them.

Автор Ger Vas ( назад)
John Quincy Adams
Another issue on which he was most combative was his opposition to the Mexican War.
It was on this issue about the Mexican War that John Quincy Adams’ final vote in Congress was cast. There were many others, including Congressman Abraham Lincoln, also opposed to the war. John Quincy Adams also voted “no” in 1848 when a measure was called that commended veterans of recent battles to that still ongoing war.

Автор Ger Vas ( назад)
Congressman Lincoln and some of his fellow Whigs had a very different opinion of the president, Manifest Destiny, and the war. Lincoln believed that Polk had started the war based on a lie.On two notable occasions, Lincoln questioned Polk regarding his motives for going to war. Upon addressing the president, Lincoln said: "Let the President [Polk] answer the interrogatories I proposed. Let him answer fully, fairly, candidly. Let him answer with facts, and not with arguments.

Автор Ger Vas ( назад)
Representative Rovert Toombs
"This war is nondescript.... We charge the President with usurping the war-making power... .. with seizing a country... which had been for centuries, and was then in the possession of the Mexicans.... Let us put a check upon this lust of dominion. We had territory enough, Heaven knew"

Автор Ger Vas ( назад)
Many Northerners believed that Polk, a Southerner, was trying to gain land for the slaveholding South. Other Americans simply thought it was wrong to use war to take land from Mexico. Among those was Second Lieutenant Ulysses S. Grant .He would later call the war "one of the most unjust ever waged by a stronger against a weaker nation. It was an instance of a republic following the bad example of European monarchies, in not considering justice in their desire to acquire additional territory."

Автор Ger Vas ( назад)
It seems like its hapening again. Many places wont hire you if you look Mexican. I have heard people say that when they went for an aplication or interview that they heard other people working there say o no not another wetback.

Автор scar0134 ( назад)
u cute ;)
and totally agree with you, im glad i found this video

Автор Blah Blee ( назад)
Mexican's dont have to try to be victims..a majority of the American soil belonged to the Native Americans AND the Mexican people who lived here before the Anglo's came and decided they were the superior race.

Автор James Bell ( назад)

Автор James Bell ( назад)

Автор jezeboo ( назад)
Umm... A lot of grown ups who were legal citizens were deported too- people that were born here, with children that were born here. Was that ok???

Автор blake valot ( назад)
" AMERICA " has border laws if these laws are breached than shouldnt your right to be protected under such laws as well be denied ??? Why should our laws apply to those who had a blatant disregard for them to begin with ??? If you enter our country illegaly that makes you a CRIMINAL, that is the truth sorry you cannot grasp that concept due to your ignorance. "ANCHOR LAW " is a blaring misuse of the 14th amendment that needs to be addressed to reflect AMERICAN CITIZENS and not illegal criminals

Автор blake valot ( назад)
Right on !!!! YES YES YES !!!

Автор Chuy Mendoza ( назад)
Why is it that European-Americans feel that their ancestors never broke any immigration law? Hmmm....I guess back then maybe the immigration laws were pretty lax when it came to Europeans immigrating to America. There were no laws to break.

Автор Johnny A ( назад)
thank you Gurl for this Im hungry for Truth

Автор Wicked1360 ( назад)
in school do they ever say this happened NOPE but with blacks they give them a holiday

Автор William Martinez ( назад)
Its sad that most Americans forget that Mexicans helped build America also by helping build the railroads in the 1900's and before !!Mexicans also fought in the Civil war and many other things bought I guess people just do not do enough research

Автор carlos gonzalez ( назад)
i just want to leave this comment to remind all Americans that they are here in the US only because they broke the law against their own nation. i truly don't think you should judge in the way you do. As if the patriarchs did not violate the laws of another country just to form this one.
As if you dont realize that most of these people are discriminated against.
yes, they broke the law, but its not like you've never done it

Автор LazyBunny ( назад)
We never hear about Mexican history and Americans relationship with the Mexico in school.
You have to go to a nice college to really dig out this kinda of information.

Автор aaron gomez ( назад)
Not every event in history in this so called great nation U.S. will be forgotten. This nation has done so much harm to other nations peoples race cultures just as
98bigbutt wrote: This nation along with those whom did wrong in the past will get their KARMA back for what they've done. !we may forget but God doesn't!

Автор aaron gomez ( назад)
why are you so stupid you moron! you only spit out shit because your mouth is filled with it...so did your grandparents came here unlawful across the atlantic and thus make them 100x illegally. we Mexicans were here way before you scum whites arrived, but enough with this nonsense we ought to be better human beings in this hard times.

Автор tuopinas ( назад)
It didn't matter if they were illegal I still have my grandfathers resident alien booklet, because they weren't cards back then. He spoke perfect english, was a teacher, served in the navy and was still deported. He never returned.

Автор zamzetroc ( назад)
the same reasons people from Europe came to this continent, to make a living; why the couldn't make a living back in Europe?

Автор Rainer Rizalo ( назад)
Poor Guys, that is the worse that could happen to an american born individual reagardless of your race---

Автор wethesaltandlight ( назад)
Mexico was all of the U.S before the land was taken by force from the natives of this land the mexicans of so called native americans to confuse the ignorant.The True American is the Mexican peoples all others are immigrants to U.S.

Автор haricotsvert ( назад)
Thank you for clarifying to these people with facts that go painfully unknown most of the time. Nothing like counter-argument with truth!

Автор lordcycle ( назад)
Whats funny all these dumbass people on here saying that these mexican americans who were deported in the 1920's are children of illegals when in fact these people who were deported are children and grandchildren of mexicans who were already in the southwest before it was even part of the united states. according to the treaty of guadalupe all mexicans living in the southwest automatically became us citizens. So how were they illegal?

Автор lordcycle ( назад)
White people think there the only ones who have the right to be a us citizen.

Автор Yesenia Rosales ( назад)
Hoover was just plain evil not only he did this, he also targeted blacks and MLK with slander and lies to prevent the civil rights movement

Автор peopleofthecircle ( назад)
They made room for 'okies' - needed a new group to repress.

Автор peopleofthecircle ( назад)
@melmariemartin Norteno slavers were just one factor of the war.

Автор GrandMasterSuperPhD ( назад)
This is were the bad guy Hitler got his crazy ideas !

Автор John B (991 год назад)
If a person is here illegally, they should be deported. If they have children, they should go with the parents. They are only "U.S. citizens" through the current misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment. Their parents came here unlawfully and thus were under Mexican jurisdiction as citizens of that nation. Their children are also Mexican citizens, and must go back with their parents.

Автор Gustavo Serrano ( назад)

Автор 98bigbutt ( назад)
At least the Japanese-Americans didn't suffer this even though they were locked up in those Detention camps.

Автор 98bigbutt ( назад)
They should mention this in history more because they're repeating the same acts.

Автор mdesatx97 (1166 лет назад)
history wont be repeated this time, for there is more support to do the right thing and not blame everything on immigration, only this time when those kids grow up and are the majority will it be pay back to those who forgot what goes around, comes around. so everyone needs to think about what laws they push.

Автор LUVJONZ99 ( назад)
Thanks for posting, this is invaluable history.

Автор telectronicguy ( назад)
did you heard about Amnesty Law passed by President Reagan? I guess thats the way to apologize for all the wrong they did to my people but it will be nice to hear it from a president.. God bless America and may this dark years never happen again

Автор Tricia Smits ( назад)
@armba12113 I guess you didn't actually take the time to watch the video and are also not educated on US history if you had realized that 1.2 MILLION US CITIZENS were deported. stop with the BS and get the facts straight.

Автор 1REVINT (2024 года назад)
I'm so glad I live in my own country.

Автор poindexterwitkowsky ( назад)
The so called"MEXICAN REPATRIATION"of the 1930's was a BLACK MARK in American history. 1 MILLION Mexicans&Americans of Mexican descent were forced out of the U.S.through WIDE SPREAD harassment&abuse. Of these 60% were U.S.CITIZENS. Now Alabama wishes to TRUMP FEDERAL immigration law by passing its own immigration law. ALABAMA,the state that refused to fully recognize BLACKs as equals 100 years after their EMANCIPATION. Consequently, Alabama must not be trusted to respect the RIGHTS of HISPANICS.

Автор LuzMaria Romero ( назад)
@98bigbutt I fully agree with you. Everything eventually gets back to it's original owner.

Автор htownlithium ( назад)
@1980vince agreed!

Автор 98bigbutt ( назад)
In the year 2050,the white race will get their karma for what they've done.

Автор 98bigbutt ( назад)
Thank goodness for that 1965 immigration law because it prevented stuff like what this man or many of these Mexican-Americans went through.

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