How to make a WoW Cataclysm private server

Hi and welcome to my World of Warcraft Cataclysm Tutorial on how to get a Cataclysm Private Server!

Keep in mind, that this video is from 2010 and will probably not work for everybody. I do not tolerate any rude comments, and I will delete them.
If you need help, write a private message for me with a lot of details on what the problem is, but there is a high chance of me not answering, because I haven't worked with private servers for a long time.
And I will most certainly not delete this video.
Good luck!

1. Download the Cataclysm Client enGB or enUS.
enGB: http://www.mediafire.com/?ynjtiku0mzy
enUS: http://netload.in/dateiEavUuqngtb.htm
Credits to P1raten for enGB
Credits to Anon for enUS

2. Access the folder which you have installed the enGB or enUS, and run Installer with Admin.
Install the Client. This will take some time since they are reconfiguring all those new areas.

3. Download Novo's Easy WoW Cataclysm Server
Credits to Novo.

4. When you have installed Novo's Easy WoW Cataclysm Server, do what I do.

5. Now go to World of Warcraft Beta/Data/enGB (or enUS) and click on realmlist.
Now write: set realmlist
If you want to make your server public, watch my other tutorial "How to make your WoW Private Server Public with Hamachi"

6. Start Novo's Easy WoW Cataclysm Server and run World of Warcraft Beta-
Please access the World of Warcraft Beta folder to enter World of Warcraft, or else you would have to download a patch and then you can't enter the server.

Have fun.

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Автор guijoga2014 ( назад)
hellou broooski if u have some free time now please upload the links again
:) i still want to play with the old version of the worgens @ninja flash
games & tutorials

Автор DJ LW ( назад)
+Isaiah Mendez +duke welsh u really don't have to.. using hamachi you
don't, using a port listener instead of portfowarding, is still fine if no
one connects install superantispyware, then disable the firewall... and u
should be fine.

Автор Kazuto Kirigaya ( назад)
HELP '' World of Warcraft could not be found. Please make sure the game is
properly installed'' whati must do...

Автор Sh Dragoon ( назад)
google is your friend :)

Автор troubledhappysad1234 ( назад)
i need a new link to the wow server please thanks ^^

Автор Qu Bird ( назад)
How do I batch custom Items?

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)

Автор iluvit4ever ( назад)
new link please?

Автор iluvit4ever ( назад)
internet explorer....Internet Explorer.....INTERNET explorer......INTERNET

Автор WoWFrost1 ( назад)
Do u have to download the patchs

Автор Gakaxo ( назад)
fedt :P

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
Yes :)

Автор Gakaxo ( назад)
Are you from denmark :D

Автор Marissa Daoust ( назад)
It's sad because the majority of these older private server setups are
unavailable or no longer functional due to Blizz really hammering down on
people using it to play for free. So, people like me and my brother who
want to run our own PS on our LAN and are still paying to play on the live
game are screwed out of enjoying some old content.

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
I don't remember - it's 2 years since this video was uploaded. This still
works for some people, but I bet you can find a cataclysm repack that is
better - but that will also be harder setting up.

Автор Oldi Xemnes ( назад)
hmm actually i found another way beside this one and finally it worked but
the game was terrible cos u can level up in 10 secs, you can't chat either
and you can't use abilies and etc...is this one too does the same thing?

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
It works for some, and doesn't work for some others. 50/50

Автор Oldi Xemnes ( назад)
did it work guys? plz reply me

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
You can search for Novo's repack on google.

Автор 69 The World ( назад)
fix link dude cause if u dont noones gonna watch ur tuts due to busted

Автор Dark Tech ( назад)
same here fix the link please :(

Автор Dark Tech ( назад)
i get a bunch of weird errors and i cant use this can someone please help?

Автор 7Deer7 ( назад)
novo's easy wow catacalysm server ( "file not found" )

Автор Dark Tech ( назад)
all i have is wow cataclysm is there away to make this work with it? or do
i need the origional WoW?

Автор DaMinersify ( назад)
Har nogen en aning om hvordan man fixer "WoWError" Som kommer når man
starter wow, Så lukker det og siger WoWError "Send" "Close".. Og btw Linked
till Rapidshare virker ikk :P,

Автор MCexplorerdude ( назад)
Linket er nede. plz lav en ny tut som er lige så simpel. har kæmpet i mange
mange uger for at fine ud af hvordan man gør :I ?

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
Det her er beta'en, så det er ikke den fulde private server version, det
forklarer også nogle af de bugs der er der osv (:

Автор Zurakk ( назад)
When i try to open the loader i get Error message. ive downloaded 2
different loaders but it keeps erroring. help plox

Автор tobias olesen ( назад)
Is this able to play on only LAN?

Автор Carlitos Way ( назад)
Rapidshare link is broken mate can you fix it please? you have no idea how
hard i looked for this server

Автор El Loco ( назад)
is online server ?

Автор helperf0ra11 ( назад)
link is broke please put new one soon ty

Автор brodygates ( назад)
can you upload the 'Download Novo's Easy WoW Cataclysm Server ' to
mediafire cause that site is block in my country

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
@QuickMineServer It's impossible to please everybody, mate.

Автор QuickMineServer ( назад)
i hate mediafire, next time, make a voice tut

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
@sindingjensen I'm not sure mate. Yes, you will. It will patch back to
normal WoW when you try to access WoW from the launcher.

Автор Baranagon ( назад)
wait...do i have to Download client if i already got? and if so, will i
Still be able to Use normal wow?

Автор Filip Stojmenovic ( назад)
this is free create server?

Автор EelfGaming ( назад)
HELP! when i run installer i get an error that says "The installer does not
need to be applied. It requires a version of "Wow.exe" older than, but you already have version" what do i do/can i
skip that step? also i cant go to your link for Novo's Easy WoW Cataclysm

Автор MisdermeanerJ ( назад)
This is the free private server right? That lets you play higher than level

Автор Azawel Ojeda ( назад)
it says i need wow version 3.0.0+ .-.

Автор The Bald Guy ( назад)
i cannot create mpas automaticly, it sais 100% but they do not exist :/

Автор brodygates ( назад)
does this work with 4.3 cataclysm.. do i need internet to get this
working.... do i need an excesting acount to play this ..... and can i play
private server with my online charactors vise-versa

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
@youtubreguy Well well well, someones a little mad. Take a look at when I
posted this video. Dont expect it to work today, but the pm's I got
comfirmed that this tutorial still does work, if you just do it the right
way... So many people complain about this and can't get it to work, but the
real reason is that they ain't doing it right. So calm down, and stop being
rude, when you can be nice.

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
@youtubreguy Calling me an asshole wont help you with anything. I am
currently making a new tutorial on this. But you just motivated me to not
do it. Thank you.

Автор Miks Gedmins ( назад)
why installer dont work . i have error

Автор C00LX100 (679 лет назад)
@Datobz98 no hahahha

Автор PabloSanLucas ( назад)
@NFPGamesAndTuts I have the same problem, I`m doing everything right it
just says 100% right away but the tool says no maps exist...is there an
external way of downloading the maps or am I going to have to find another
private server download?

Автор AllianTheRogue ( назад)
@NFPGamesAndTuts im having same problem can u help?

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
@JimBotison It's the same...

Автор jonigod24 ( назад)
free ?

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
@JimBotison Go watch the other video I made, please :)

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
@pitj123 You head to where your world of warcraft folder is, right?

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
@TheGameStadion I promise to you, it's not.

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
I did not expect people to ask so many questions, when I created and put up
this video on youtube. You may think "What an idiot, of course there is
going to be a lot of questions when you make a How To video." And you are
right. I was an idiot. I thought I could handle every question you asked,
but I just can't. I'm definitly not God. I also want to apologize on my
language. It's never okay to use words like this. Sorry. -NFP

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
Okay everybody. I understand people getting frustrated about this. You
really want it to work, asks for help, but gets nothing. Let me be honest
and say that I have too much to do at this moment. I really want to help
you all, but as I have not played World of Warcraft nor running a private
server. I have thought about creating private servers, doing tutorials. But
this time I will use more time of learning this.

Автор 4legends1 ( назад)
I can't :S My realm stand as offline! Please HELP ME!!

Автор VDW -Vandewalle- ( назад)
if i do "create automatically" and do like you do "maps" still say: not
exist what should i do?

Автор t0uc4n ( назад)
I already have wow Do i have to use step 1

Автор HarazedWin ( назад)
@guijoga2014 thanks, got it now. but the next major problem i got is that
my realm stand as offline, how do i get it online?

Автор ProtossHydralisk ( назад)
Anyone wanna tell me how much space this may take?

Автор guijoga2014 ( назад)
@HarazedWin only inevnt and username and pass

Автор HarazedWin ( назад)
Hey mate, nice tutorial, but got one quistion, i got it all running fine
and all, but where do i creat my pass and user name?

Автор guijoga2014 ( назад)
hey man please help me qhen i ejecute the installer bring me the next error
No installer data could be found. If this problem persists, please contact
FOR ME THIS :( srry for my english is not very good

Автор davidherz44 ( назад)
rapidshare isn;t letting me use the free download option :/

Автор Patrick Fernandes ( назад)
ye me to when i try to install mapsautomaticly says 100%, and still say me
not exist!! HELP ME!!

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
@Wolfram2202 No problem dude.

Автор Gotta LoveIt ( назад)
man thanks ur the best !

Автор Bubblesy ( назад)
@NFPGamesAndTuts PM me please

Автор Bubblesy ( назад)
@NFPGamesAndTuts mmk

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
@Blackopsucks677 Aint sure mate, sorry. I'll check.

Автор Bubblesy ( назад)
Does this work with 4.2.? If not can u make another vid? Please lol

Автор dragonizer97 ( назад)
does this works like my own private server? ^^

Автор Matthijs van den Berg ( назад)
When I click on 'Create Automaticly' in the First Install, it does not
create the map files... is this because my WoW is at 4.0.x allready? I've
searched online for the 3.3.3 map files, but I can't find them.. The
downloader in the Novo Installer does not work :( Plx help @NFPGamesAndTuts
or anyone else!

Автор isaiah8846 ( назад)
is it safe to turn off my firewall for this?

Автор IMrZparKzz ( назад)
my realm is offline please help!

Автор CoY0shii ( назад)
this no longer works find a new video

Автор Kennedy Wong (1550 лет назад)
This may sound stupid but do u need MySQL installed first?

Автор Dr. House - The Sarcasm Lord ( назад)
@Theigre you are fucking noob this is so good go and fuck yourself
somewhere else

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
@Zodiacman16 Hehe, thanks mate. Glad it worked :)

Автор Makoren ( назад)
Wow, there's a few errors in the comments. >.> Mine works fine, nice vid. :D

Автор OriginalzProductions ( назад)
when i download maps and it said finished it still says maps not exist =[

Автор Joseph Soydan ( назад)
It says unable to connect :/ Any suggestions?

Автор Manijak878 ( назад)
if i play on private servers will i still need to upgrade trial to full
acc?????? if i have to can u tell me where can i download full wow
cataclysm for free????

Автор TheRofladin ( назад)
How to get the realm online :S?

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
@jeghateralt666 No it does not... It depends on which virus program. That
is a false alert. I got avg too and I haven't got any trojan? So please
shut up and be 100% sure that it has a virus, and if it did, I wouldn't
freaking upload a video with it moron ?

Автор jeghateralt666 ( назад)
I got a trojan for installing novos...my virus program avg ty avg u saved
the pc)) Dont instal the novos please it got lots of virus ..

Автор Chewy Dermatologist ( назад)
in order for this private server to work, it needs to be cataclysm beta,
which is included as a download. it cannot be a later version or it will
not work.

Автор Solvit ( назад)
can anybody tell me why there are no npc´s at the start place of the
goblins and worgen?

Автор Igor Petrenko ( назад)
i clicked on create autmatically. put the destination folder WoW. then it
started to complete. it says completed. but i look were it says maps. not
exist, what do i do,

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
@DragonMitko No problem mate :) Thanks hehe :)

Автор Mitko Dragon ( назад)
this video rocks.thx for tutorial you are my hero

Автор Kong The Entertainer ( назад)
I can't get the database server to start at all. any suggestions?

Автор Crytel ( назад)
if i want to make te folder it says map is created in like 5 sec but if i
clik it away it says ''maps dont exist'' i reinstald it alredy please help!

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
@CompleteWow1 Because this the beta server. It weren't released at that
moment, but the beta for it was :)

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
@tomboygurl5 Write a private message to me, please. Then I'll try to help

Автор Ninja Fish Games & Tutorials ( назад)
@bri7clan Try reinstalling novo's server and then do it again. Make sure
you set it to your folder World of Warcraft. PM me if you need more help.

Автор Zickino167 ( назад)
@Theigre Why don't YOU delete your stupid account instead.

Автор Zickino167 ( назад)
I think this is more fun that real world of warcraft cataclysm, because you
can act like an admin in this program

Автор xRFGSxFullmetal ( назад)
I need help, when extracting the maps, it just sits there an says "Wait
till process is 100% done", Any advice?

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