Best Clutch Moments in Sports (Part 5)

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Song: Energy - Elektronomia

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Автор Platinum Jordans ( назад)
Rain drop drop top Ezekiel Elliot hit'n the crop top

Автор AJA Ryan1994 ( назад)
Pardon my ignorance but a "clutch" moment is essentially a big moment in
the last few minutes of a match right?

Автор AJA Ryan1994 ( назад)
0:21 expert analysis there.

Автор Bonnie Callahan ( назад)
omg obj

Автор Ed Vega ( назад)
DON'T stop making these videos!

Автор JE$$ER ( назад)
Odell's drops were clutch for the packers

Автор Zachary haight Vines ( назад)
I loved that so much dude make a part 6 7 8 9 10

Автор ThE DIDDL3R ( назад)
lol best moment was when Clemson WON THE CFP CHAMPIONSHIP!!! EAT A DICK

Автор Chris Villa ( назад)
Next time u should put Elliot's game-winning run vs Steelers and Kansas
City's Overtime game-winning field goal.

Автор josh swartz ( назад)
Best ideas for sports and great videos keep it going👍👍👍👍👍👍

Автор Alric Meyers ( назад)
Best thing I ever saw👏🏻🏈

Автор Mason Kennedy ( назад)
Above soup responsible tourist special curriculum wish household upon

Автор Kyle Abraham ( назад)
do baseball

Автор Tanner Mullins ( назад)
Where's Villanova's game winner for the national championship or when
auburn returned the field goal to beat Alabama

Автор Nezon ( назад)

Автор Tyler Verrier ( назад)
Dude your videos are amazing

Автор DarkSea ( назад)
Dannggg the one at 0:53 tho omg

Автор Matej Palacka ( назад)
what a fantastic video! <3

Автор James Plotts ( назад)
When you run out of video ideas and just do different parts lmao

Автор DaRealestMVP ( назад)
Eric Berry Pick 2 against Atlanta????

Автор Trenton Seik ( назад)
PSU vs OSU field goal block and return for the win?????

Автор Ian Ertel ( назад)
-aguero goal vs qpr
-Didier Drogba vs bayern munich
-Sergio ramos header vs athletico Madrid

Автор TheCoreCG ( назад)
i actually searched up patriots vs steelers super bowl cuz the rams are STL

Автор Jacob Crummett ( назад)
If you do another one of these check out Travis ishikawas clutch homerun to
send the Giants to the World Series

Автор BYU Rugby ( назад)
sup bruh

Автор Kamden 7809 ( назад)
You've never used Carolina hurricanes .2 seconds left goal in the playoffs

Автор Thomas Shaw ( назад)
I am a steelers fan and I like it

Автор Emperor Starscream ( назад)
I Make The Lennys!!! ᕙ(◕ᗜ◕)ᕗ(ง─⏏─)ง( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(⌐■_■)¯\*ツ*/¯ಠ_ಠʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ(づ◔
͜ʖ◔)づლ(꘠ ͟ل͜꘠ლ)(・ ͜ʖ・)[ᗒ෴ᗕ]⤜(ʘ_ʘ)⤏

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Автор Jack Greening ( назад)
Congrats on 200k

Автор Fire Dude ( назад)
A awesome cardinal moment #cardinalsareawesome

Автор ibzz107 ( назад)
This YouTuber is actually a legend. Great video!!!

Автор Tammy gilmore ( назад)
how do you post a comment?

Автор Neil 28 ( назад)
Do best Super Bowl moments

Автор Gage Gibbs ( назад)

Автор Jose A Flores ( назад)
i love these vids

Автор Kye Ramirez ( назад)
Who else thought the first one was the Packers versus the Lions

Автор Kyle Chen Gaming ( назад)
For the next one can you put the usc and penn state rose bowl

Автор 1000 subscribers with no videos ( назад)
here on 1/3/17 have a feeeling this is gonna go viral

Автор Thevol 89 ( назад)
Where the heck is Tennessee vs Georgia Hail Mary?!?!?!?!?

Автор Vicky` Kelder ( назад)
I'm here on 1/3/17 before this video goes viral.

Автор leftnutdangler 83 ( назад)
2013 SCF Game 6, 2 goals in 17 seconds to win the Cup

Автор N Golub ( назад)
Best clutch moments in North American sports*

Автор Jeffery Joanis ( назад)
Write under this comment the best video this year

Автор 100 subscribers With no videos ( назад)
congrats on 200k highlight factory

Автор J - Train ( назад)
Awesome Vid! Next can you make a Worst Referee Calls in Sports History

Автор Alisha Bezotte ( назад)

Автор Young Shots ( назад)
The other ones were better

Автор adk13 ( назад)
lol at first. i thought the first one was the packers vs. the lions

Автор Bringing Home Christmas ( назад)

Автор Fernando Lopez ( назад)
you should do best sports moments of 2016, congrats on 200k subs btw!

Автор Norma Leija ( назад)
Sick do more please🙏

Автор British Person ( назад)
Gives me goosebumps every time!

Автор Vanessa Delao ( назад)
next song do chill bill

Автор Charlie Cannon ( назад)
Where's Mario charmers?

Автор Arturo Martinez ( назад)
What about Andrew Franks game tying field goal and game winning against the

Автор Brice Tikum ( назад)
Sorry I had to rewatch that second one the basketball one over and over and
over and over... again, that was truly clutch.

Автор Colin Doherty ( назад)
please do best layups ever

Автор AREEB AMIR ( назад)
Do boxing highlights

Автор Camden Smith ( назад)
best steals
best 3 pointers
best basketball celebrations
best putback dunks
best alley oops

Автор Declan Figuereo ( назад)
The immaculate extension

Автор Joseph Plesser ( назад)
Good video

Автор PIZZA! PIZZA! ( назад)
Happy New Years everyone:)

Автор PIZZA! PIZZA! ( назад)
Best video the highlight factory has ever posted

Автор Boone Lo ( назад)
I love all of ur vids please make more they're awesome

Автор Gregory Elmokian ( назад)
Good video but I think you missed some more recent clutch baseball videos

Автор Joseph Koreski ( назад)
Ideas for Part (6)
Steven F. Austin vs VCU 4 point play
Stephen Curry vs the Thunder half court game winner :(
Cardinals vs Astros Jim Edmonds Walk off 2 run home run Game 6 NLCS 2004 a
game after Jeff Kents walk off with the Astros

Автор The iMovie Guys ( назад)
Congrats on 200k I've been watching you since 50k

Автор Evan ( назад)
Could you make one to highlight the best moments of 2016

Автор Vic “VicVinegar3” Vinegar ( назад)
Loved Seeing Manny's walk off in the video, that was awesome

Автор Dylan Sloan ( назад)
2 am still must watch

Автор Andy Voss ( назад)
Nothing Cubs they were legendary this post season Javy Baez's homer in game
one the four runs in the ninth to win the nods the grand slam zobrist's hit
in the 10th

Автор TheGamingNerd ( назад)
You deserve 10x the amount of subs you are the best editor on YouTube by

Автор Dineth Altmann ( назад)
Best Broken Glass? Applies to hockey and basketball

Автор Isaiah Bernal ( назад)
should've shown Jimmy Butler's game winner

Автор Anoxi Zynjo ( назад)
I get way too hyped during these videos

Автор Jack Slater ( назад)
great video please upload more often

Автор DiffuseCar Gaming ( назад)
This song was not that hype idk y. Very weird

Автор ShootingYanks23 ( назад)
Have to just like the background music is too loud

Автор Brady Horan ( назад)
I like this vid

Автор Hargis Junior Billyos ( назад)
Oh ya also can u make a best juggling catches in NFL video I would
appreciate it

Автор Hargis Junior Billyos ( назад)
I love your videos and HAPPY NEW YEAR #2017!!!

Автор Christopher Li ( назад)
Great vid but where's the football (soccer) ?

Автор Your friendly neighborhood Siamese cat ( назад)
I subscribed to this guy

Автор alreadidead ( назад)
Henrique its over!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Jesse Ortega ( назад)

Автор mE mysELF 34 ( назад)
can you possibly do more basketball vids

Автор Jacob P ( назад)
Clutch moments are why I watch sports

Автор Jacob P ( назад)
Clutch moments are why I watch sports

Автор Joseph Viola ( назад)
how come Alec Martinez wasn't in there

Автор Dimitrius VanWinkle ( назад)
what about Zeke's game winning run against Pittsburgh

Автор Ry is Awesome 09 ( назад)
AB thou

Автор Aaron Rodgers ( назад)
Bro. What happened to your sick music? And also your best trucks vid

Автор Aaron Rodgers ( назад)
Bro. What happened to your sick music? And also your best trucks vid

Автор J-Dog Squad ( назад)
I have a new idea for you, you should do game highlights or like top 5
plays of the week

Автор Alexander or Alex yanaga ( назад)
do best bicycle goals soccer

Автор Alexander or Alex yanaga ( назад)
do best TD plays football

Автор Mikkel Vlietstra ( назад)
Are You Kidding! No Rajai Davis, bottom of the 9th 2 run homer in game 7 of
the world series to tie it!?

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