gmod ragdoll falling

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Автор Bobby Forbes (4 месяца)
That video sucks it doesn't show the good parts

Автор Giotix (2 года)
game name ?

Автор RainbowNoms (2 года)
Map want.

Автор reddy112 (5 лет)
nice video, and how do you make that dead ragdolls bleed ?

Автор Sol_Protege (3 года)
reminds me of the continue screen for mortal kombat 64

Автор alexander7991 (5 лет)
I used ragmod 2

Автор HUNAdamus94 (5 лет)
wow funny i have know what you need to type to kill yourself but i always
respawn automaticly after 5 seconds please you can help me how to not
respawn autamaticly? thanks

Автор YourMomBakesPies (3 года)
This is not Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah

Автор Look Beautiful (2 года)
can you upload the map on mediafire or sendspace please

Автор xelander2 (4 года)
Don't right click. :D

Автор Lucian Frunza (2 года)
@cedric01chef =)) Is gmod NOOB !

Автор alexander7991 (5 лет)
use ragmod

Автор Diddleflip329 (2 года)
i dont know if there ragdolls if there is blood O_o

Автор XXXsandvichXya (3 года)
how do you get that mod with the blood cause it did'int work with mine

Автор drixerr (4 года)
this in 3d <3

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