Salvini Cichlid vs Jack Dempsey

Salvini Cichlid was a mean fish. So mean that she had to go away for 60 days for kicking every fish's ass in the 75G tank. Now, she's back and there have been some changes... the fish are a little bigger and there's a much bigger tank - for her to rule?

Music: Nine Inch Nails as always. This time 23 Ghosts III

Camera: Panasonic Lumix TS1

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Автор TheTerminator1919 ( назад)
haha cool video

Автор lightofgoku ( назад)
my big male sal is now just over a year old and huge, he has amazing long
dorsal fin that trails like a banner behind him is this normal? i havent
seen any pics like this

Автор Tim Palmer ( назад)
Rad vid man. Do you think a salvini would get along (I use that term
loosely) with a similar, or smaller, green terror? I love their colours!
Also I like how your Oscar just cruises around like nothing is happening

Автор Darren Bunch ( назад)
Grear video I need something in my tank to kick ass , want something very
aggresive but not sure what to get ?

Автор randomdude1191 ( назад)
Was the previous tank 75g or is this one 75g? I really want the same setup
(oscar,jack,salvini,firemouth) plus a pleco but I only have access to a
100g. How is this group doing now?

Автор Et H ( назад)
Nice video but is your salvini a boy?

Автор Et H ( назад)
He is super aggressive

Автор Et H ( назад)
No wonder it has those striking dots

Автор Et H ( назад)
I asked the pet owner, he said I bought a mixed salving + managunse

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
Male Salvini is still laying eggs. She took a break while the female Midas
was in the tank, but now He lays eggs again. Almost got in on video for the
doubters. Next time.

Автор Et H ( назад)
I have a giant salving he is 14 inches he is a big boy male he killed my
two jack Dempsey and killed my umbees

Автор Nanayo Bizack ( назад)
Also, if I add more fish to my tank will my male jack chill a bit and leave
my severum alone?

Автор Nanayo Bizack ( назад)
Dude nice video. That Salvini is like a fucking dragon tho look at his fins
and those bright blue spots. I think it's a male...way too intense to be a

Автор HolySasquatchTurd ( назад)
I had a peaceful Salvini before that didn't even care to fight or chase. I
also had a mean Salvini once that had to go back to the shop. Individual
personality of fish is a big one. 

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
For the record MonsterFishKeepr has admitted the fish is indeed a female.
Other doubters can check out the video response which is my latest upload.

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
Both males and females can have red on the stomach so that means little.
This fish was in the tank only a couple minutes when the vid was shot so
that may explain lack of 'fighting' colors - so I'll give you that.
However, how a fish 'acts' and other coloring are not reliable ways to sex
a cichlid and especially a salvni - except for the ways I've previously

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
I just put up a new video just for you. Argh, cant put the link in
comments. Go look for it. ;)

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
Give me your reasons why you think it is a male? My reasons are dark blotch
on operculum. Not red or missing blotch. Dark bluish blotch on dorsal. Most
of all, the fish lays eggs. lol Keep in mind that the fish was much younger
in this vid than it is now, and colors are much deeper and noticeable. Make
a good argument why it is male and I'll post a pic on MFK. 

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
Operculum blotch+dorsal blotch=???? Google it and be astounded. lol

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
She is worse now - but my female Midas is getting too large for her to

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
The answer is in the vid, doood. 150G.

Автор rob wiebe ( назад)
neat vid

Автор Jonathan Lao (Tonggi) ( назад)
beautiful tank

Автор Anthony B ( назад)
thanks for the tip man. once again, great looking fish

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
I think that when larger cichlids are in spawning mode, it is fairly easy
to vent them w/o taking them out of the tank. If 'it' is pointy it is male.
If 'it' is stubby then female. My Oscar is a few years old now I think and
still have no idea. 

Автор Anthony B ( назад)
thanks. ive used both ways to determine my salvini and jack to be both
female a few months ago, but i have never vented a fish before. im curious
to try, but the fish im currently having trouble sexing is a big one. i
have about a 9" or bigger black belt that appears to ressemble a male and
female when i compare it to others and go by what a male and female should
have as body markings.

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
thanks - getting to be lots of work as my tank is overstocked and they are
getting larger. see my other vids. - actually it's time to update soon.

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
The only real reliable way is to vent the fish. However, almost all female
salvini that i have seen have a dark blue/black blotch on the dorsal fin.
With JD's, the females will 'generally' have much more color spotching on
the lower gill plate while the males have more spangling on body. It's
easier to tell as they get older. Venting is the way to go with some fish. 

Автор Anthony B ( назад)
damn. thought that salvini was a male lol. is the jack a male?

Автор Tyler Spitz (754 года назад)
Beautiful salvini cichlid people who says its ugly shut the heck up

Автор konstantinos .Damoulis ( назад)
I am an amature. Thats why I am doing this whith you the master, so you can
teach me something 

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
If you knew anything about the hobby you'd know a cichlid is usually not
very colorful when put into a new tank like this fish was about 30 seconds
before I shot the video.. or didn't you read that? The fish does indeed
have a red belly and bluish finnage when not stressed.

Автор konstantinos .Damoulis ( назад)
it must be the ungliest female usually they have red bellies and blue on
the top

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
Thanks for all the compliments. The salvini is still laying eggs and is
still female no matter what you all think. :D You have to vent some
cichlids, dammit. So you experts may not be as sharp as you might think. :P

Автор konstantinos .Damoulis ( назад)
its a male

Автор Anthony B ( назад)
noiceee. salvini looks like a male to me tho

Автор gper4mance ( назад)
Awesome tank brosie.. I just got myself a pair of JD's! Great looking fish

Автор Valerie Schoenherr ( назад)
LMAO... I love the commentary! And of course the fishies!

Автор Josh Hayman ( назад)
my salvini is pals with my elongatus. they just dont care. they even take
on my datnoids which are twice the size of them, i like mini ass kickers XD

Автор catfishcichlid ( назад)
two male salvinis disliked this

Автор Anthony B ( назад)
yea true. the reason y i asked is cuz my salvini looks about the same size
and looks really awesome, has amazing colors and everything. my jack
however, is the same size as my salvini and looks really good, but has alot
more black stripes to his body than the one in this vid n that must be
because the one in this video is about a good couple inches bigger im
assuming. i kno jacks loose the stripes as they get bigger so i cant wait
for mine to show more color n less black stripes

Автор Anthony B ( назад)
@hartboy22 how big do u think the salvini and jd are? they look about 4
inches in my opinion

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
@aqairist1 She takes no crap especially now that she and the JD have teamed

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
@rosepedal911 Thanks. That's a great compliment. :) 

Автор rosepedal911 (1989 лет назад)
beautiful colours on you fish! very well done! not everyone has the gift to
make happy healthy fish! your a true hobby-ist!

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
@dinhy34 As mentioned it is a female as she regularly lays eggs. The points
on cichlid fins are a very unreliable way to sex these fish. Generally JD's
look dull in the shops and will much more colorful at home if given the
proper environment and diet. A companion will also get the JD to show
better colors as well. However, genetics/breeding plays a huge role. The
Salvini is this JD's companion now. Their eggs seem to be infertile,

Автор dinh phan ( назад)
wouldnt that be a male salvini? males have pointed/longer dorsal fins just
like all other SA cichlids. Female have rounded/shorter dorsal fins and
they get red patches on body and anal fin. nice fish :) i might grab me a
JD if my Buttis stop being so aggressive. Do they all get that nice blue
color to them? the ones at my LFS has nasty colored ones....

Автор Anthony B ( назад)
@Kivstev yea my black belt doesnt mess with any of my fish, jus goes
towards them for a sec to make them move out of its way, but doesnt chase.
but its a beast, it fights over food with my turtles, im talking
nightcrawlers, feeder fish, crawfish, u name it hell fight for it. n wuts a

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
@leolux10 Thanks - now have a Gold Saum in there and did have a Vieja
Regani, but he died. Got stuck in the wood! May try a Gold Sev in there as
well. Firemouth was booted out by the Regani, but may throw him back in. 

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
@JulianROwen That's all it is - the cheap rock substrate you find @ the
usual places.

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
@7ItalianStallion Thanks. Never owned a BB, so I can't say. It usually
depends on the personality of the fish. My JD is very docile toward all
fish in the tank - including a little Krib which has somehow survived and
thrived. If some fish messes with the JD - he takes no shit. He's a beefy
bastard. ;) Reminds me - Need to get a vid of the Krib running around
biting my Green Terror's tail. lol 

Автор Anthony B ( назад)
good shit, the colors on the JD n the Salvini r great. hey i got a question
for u, how do u think a Black Belt Cichlid would fare in a fight against a
JD? roughly same size, black belt maybe alittle bigger

Автор Erick A King ( назад)
amazing salvini

Автор Ansonidak ( назад)
@Kivstev Lol. The Salvini does look a bit like a female dempsey

Автор jackson jones ( назад)
hey i was hoping maybe u could help me im geting a 90 gallon tank in like
2weeks i had a couple fish in mind but i didnt know if they all would fit
the ones i have in mind are red devil cichlid midas cichlid texas cichlid
jack dempsey and electric blue jack dempsey salvani cichlid and a red tiger
motaguense cichlid cuban cichlid in maybe a silver arowan pls im looking
for feed back im kinda new to cichlids please and thank u 

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
@modri That they do... too much! They are always trying to mate with each
other, but the eggs are not fertile. They pretty much own mid tank. 

Автор modri ( назад)
Do they get along now?

Автор Jessie Knight ( назад)
I have a 4 inch Jack Dempsey with my 7 inch Tiger Oscar,2 inch green
terror,3 inch severum,and close to 4 inches Jaguar.Even though the JD is
the most aggressive one out of the tank,he still isn't in charge of the
tank.My Oscar puts him in his place,whenever the JD is trying to take over
the tank.

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
@eatdrywall Thanks. Going to have to make a new vid over the winter.
They're growing and have thrown in a Gold Saum (Green Terror) and a Vieja
Regani. FM is the biggest instigator in there still. ;) 

Автор Kevin Wright ( назад)
Great vid, Kivstev... nice looking Firemouth you have there too. Thanks for
posting =)

Автор BrownDarter ( назад)
Your tank and fish are very pretty. We have salvini in local canals (Miami)
and other than red devils/Midas they run off other fish when they spawn. I
thought of a pair but just to mean and my empty/new tank is only 40 gallon
long but even for one pair male might kill the female . Your Dempsey is
very pretty .

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
@tray10277 Yeah he's very temperamental water pig. He's always changing
colors and shaking his head. Sensitive guy. I don't think he liked the
fighting that was going on.

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
@Tegulicious Thanks. Went with a Gold Saum (Green Terror) instead. :D

Автор adam moore ( назад)
Damn man, you sure know how to make a video! You need to put a big, nasty
flowerhorn in the mix! 

Автор TragiKMusic ( назад)
i got a 55 gal and a jack dempsey, a salvivi, and a red jewel and the jack
only fucks with the savini for some reason.He chases him around the tank
until he can juke in to one of the hiding holes i have.wtf

Автор brad mooggy ( назад)
the dempsey for sure

Автор will H ( назад)
that firemouth is enjoying the show

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
@DoubleDynamiteMan You're right. The eggs that the MALE has layed is a
genetic miracle. :rolleyes:

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
@MassFisher Correct!

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
@surcin1989 Thanks... I already checked out your vids. Gorgeous Sals

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
@DgosFinnest thanks

Автор DgosFinnest ( назад)
@Kivstev Hahaha wow that was a very nice video. Ur jd is so pretty !!! 5/5
man this video deserves it. :)

Автор MassFisher ( назад)
@MrColombian305 Good question - it depends on the personalities of the
fish. If they are young fish that 'grow up together' you have a better
chance of getting them to share the tank w/o too much fighting.Sometimes
when they get older though they will start to get more aggressive. I have
an EBJD that was too wimpy for the Cichlid tank. He now lives in harmony
with Kribs and Cherry Barbs. (laff) To answer your question - only way to
tell is to try it, but have a backup plan if things don't work

Автор surcin1989 ( назад)
I love this video ,your female looks like a male expect of the black spot
,she is not agresive as mine ,because i had female(bad girl) (13cm-5
inches) that has beat up pair of jack (male was 25cm-10inches,and female
was 18cm-7inches).. you have nice looking oscar an meeki ,good work.View my
clip of a couple salvini, sory about my english.........5 stars from me.

Автор 28rampage ( назад)
@Kivstev cool it just looked male.lol

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
When I bought the fish, I thought SHE was a male because of the coloring.
However, when SHE started to mate with a male Convict I had to separate
them as I didn't want any hybrids - and they aren't homos.The spot on the
dorsal is there as is the spot on the lower gill cover which is more
defined - female. My Salvini is hiding a bit now until she gets used to the
tank, but when in the 75G she was out all the time. She was 2nd top dog in
that tank though - not anymore. O>JD>O>Sal>FM

Автор 28rampage ( назад)
that's a male salvini pal almost identical to mine females have a black
spot on their dorsal fins at the back, my salvini rules my tank as well, he
isn't that aggressive but nobody messes with him, he's a great looking fish
but doesn't come out enough, does yours love to hide most of the time

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
Thanks. He's normally a pussycat unless someone messes with him.

Автор Kivstev ( назад)
Panasonic Lumix TS1 as it says in the info. It's waterproof as well. Highly
recommended for $300.

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