DnB Step Tutorial by Phlash

This is my Drum and Bass dance tutorial,here I show some moves that were not used yet, some old moves and 2-3 combos. This tutorial is not for the beginners, but everybody will find here smth new and useful.Thx 4 watching.

для тех, кто есть в контакте-моя оффициальная страничка http://vkontakte.ru/public23256015

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Автор Notch Herobrine ( назад)
thanks man this is much better than all other tutorials since you show a
lot of moves im tryna incorporate all of them into my step

Автор Juraj Švec ( назад)
Song Malpractice - Don't Hold Me Down (Body & Soul Remix) :)

Автор Juraj Švec ( назад)
BEst tutorial :)

Автор Tomáš Vrbka ( назад)
Cool shoes! What's the model?

Автор 1000DaysWasted ( назад)
Drop the Dark, Drum and Bass Forever!

Автор dima nesky ( назад)
Song name pls , nice video

Автор Jokii Sudio ( назад)
BEST... I like this :) DnB 4ever :)

Автор Shawn Ruby ( назад)
I had this song downloaded, who is this again?

Автор Nicola Jiráková ( назад)
Like a boss!

Автор teomandi ( назад)

Автор Tom Szala ( назад)

Автор campincharzard ( назад)
DnB Mix: /watch?v=AIWSSMMAeJk

Автор :^) Snowman Face With A Caret For A Nose :^) ( назад)
Lovin those shoes bro!

Автор campincharzard ( назад)
Drum and Bass Mix: /watch?v=VSA2Kf2vo_c

Автор streed BASS ( назад)
es facil bailar este dance seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Автор Bibidinorawrz ( назад)
For some reason it reminds me of a lesser jumpier version of jumpstyle x.X
eh. Its cool though ..

Автор Hotandcrunchy ( назад)
i like dat shoes :D!

Автор Arkrad ( назад)
song name??? }

Автор AnOverdoseOfAwesome ( назад)
Do you really? o:

Автор AnOverdoseOfAwesome ( назад)
Drum and bass is pretty wide in the UK. But i have not seen a single
stepper here...

Автор MARKO-DUBSTEP ( назад)
music ?

Автор RayCos ( назад)
I know, but Drum and Bass isn't all that big here. Especially the West Coast

Автор RayCos ( назад)
What about the Canadians?

Автор RayCos ( назад)
Haha yeah!

Автор Sam M ( назад)
lol 30 likes in a year

Автор themaras3 ( назад)
awesome video if you wanna try more advanced stuff... it really helped me
and my dnb skills!!

Автор Ritchie V ( назад)
i want the shoes! adio jw legend, anyone knows where to find them??

Автор IreneFelton ( назад)
imagine Canadians =_=

Автор vvvvvHAXvvvvv ( назад)
Malpractice - Don't Hold Me Down (Body And Soul Remix)

Автор pawlouseakk ( назад)
old school style ;))

Автор NeoUzzy ( назад)
America is big, i doubt you could be the only one. :)

Автор Valerio Gariboldi ( назад)
Great tutorial, I think I'll try one of these days.. Love d'n'b, I just
want to know how to dance even if here in Italy we don't have a big d'n'b
scene.. It's not so much followed here T.T

Автор TheeCupcakeMonster ( назад)
Definitely trying these tricks :D

Автор Darius Dobos ( назад)
Name Song??? PLease

Автор Darius Dobos (1996 лет назад)
Name SONG please please !!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Radek Kučera ( назад)

Автор Kamila Maráziková ( назад)
tiež by ma zaujímalo :)

Автор Kamila Maráziková ( назад)
guys!!! I need to know the name of the song, its AWESOME!!! :) thx!

Автор Lies Segers ( назад)
I suggest you start with the basics. First learn how to do the basic jumps
without hurting your knees (like I did because I was doing it wrong..).
Then proceed with small tricks like the one in the beginning of this video.
And then learn more tricks, level up the difficulty, and finally start to
combine them. And practice. A lot. But if you like DnB, it won't be a
problem for you. Just don't forget to make fun and express yourself :D Good
luck man.

Автор SixthPeinLoL ( назад)
Nothing is difficult if you really want to do it ! :D

Автор Bas Wongprachan ( назад)
Big up you ;)

Автор Demetra L. ( назад)
Why do I look so unskilled when I dance like this...Gosh I need

Автор Ritchie V ( назад)
ADIO JW LEGEND!!! shoes that I'm looking for, but they don't sell em anymore

Автор XUI3 ( назад)
thank yoy))

Автор retedou (2033 года назад)
thanx for leason. i enjoyed! "learning" =D

Автор Mates Shorre ( назад)
My dick is CZZZ

Автор jacksterizer ( назад)
That was amazing thank you so much that video helped a lot

Автор ChosenXIII ( назад)
Great tutorial

Автор Timesplit1 ( назад)
You are crazy good!

Автор dorien verrees ( назад)
heey does anyone know where he gets those shoes i realy like em ! :p

Автор patrik štěpán ( назад)
pls jak se jmenuje ta pisnicka co tam hraje??

Автор dimitrijs84 ( назад)

Автор dimitrijs84 ( назад)
In arhaic times man had warrior dance...Today we dance x step!:D

Автор reioniji1 ( назад)
Practice and practice... I got the basics last year and I'm still
practicing the basics but I'm trying to learn the tricks little by little
just to make sure that I can do it...

Автор Rinma-dijemivna ( назад)
I wish I had those shoes.

Автор Razor parisis ( назад)
i cant do it i have disorflexion problem on my left foot..... anyone know
some exersises to help me raise more my heel up?

Автор Kostya361 ( назад)
кто русский палец вверх)

Автор Fantasy5001 ( назад)
You will if you don't give up. Keep on man

Автор Razor parisis ( назад)

Автор TheCrapfish ( назад)
ok i give up i will never learn this crap ^^

Автор P4eLa11 (297 лет назад)
подпишитесь плизз отвечаю темже плиз

Автор Lilah Tutu ( назад)
liking the blue shoes <3 love the song as well

Автор Vigilante ( назад)
I love your style. :) very elegant moves

Автор xClaudiiaah ( назад)
OK. xD

Автор Deweydog90 ( назад)
i said ya this is difficult to dance like that. ;) .

Автор xClaudiiaah ( назад)
So, what did you want to say? (:

Автор Deweydog90 ( назад)
srry i wasnt looking when i was going. ;)

Автор xClaudiiaah ( назад)
Maybe you could use punctuation so i would understand you..

Автор iSwearToCod ( назад)
and you're a really bad speller

Автор Deweydog90 ( назад)
ya this is difficult too like germans,or russins can do that im only
mexican boy i cant do dnb dance

Автор Adam Lenz ( назад)
yarfulll rofl kiddies, how bout ya just feel the music

Автор xClaudiiaah ( назад)
This is too difficult for me. D: Maybe because I'm a girl. :(

Автор Iuliana-Mihaela Nedelcu ( назад)
Big Like!! :X

Автор Jura Bilenko ( назад)
my fucking feet hurt, but i keep doing it.

Автор Paola Oicatsue Leon ( назад)
This Is a cool boy!

Автор Kyle Gorbski ( назад)
@RagedImmortal We're growing my friend. Soon, we'll have an American style
of DnB Step. Just need to find that style distinction.

Автор sporky111 ( назад)
Great breakdown of the steps, saving this

Автор antigaruda ( назад)
...he just bought new Adio boots and wanna show us :D nope, just kidding
bro, nice moves :)

Автор Darkinozuki ( назад)
@RagedImmortal Hell yea I do!

Автор RayCos (614 года назад)
If you X-out and you're American, please thumbs up this comment. I don't
want to know that I'm the only DnB Stepper in America. -__-

Автор AnarchoNationalist ( назад)
I'm 35 and used to dance in clubs in my teens. I've decided to start
dancing again because it's an amazing workout. I love dnb and all these new
steps I've been learning lately. Thanks for posting this!

Автор IKiTTiIE ( назад)
@SalladSupport lmfao

Автор K0sm1cKid, SWIMlovesyou ( назад)
@animemefreak74 I am actually experimenting with that too! XD I have one
sort of test DnB track on my channel now if you wanna hear it ;)

Автор The Bass'd God ( назад)
@K0sm1cKid It would take a lot to get dnb more known in the U.S. I think
the biggest contribution we can make to the genre is try to make our own
drums and bass, get some american artists...

Автор Andronic Andronicx ( назад)
@ItsMyFrog -1 thumbs down, your girlfriend is a slut. or you're a fucked up
kid asking for thumbs up..

Автор ILShred4FrenchFries ( назад)
haha i think i can finally play around with this:D thanks!!

Автор ItsMyFrog ( назад)
if this comment reach 30 thumbs up my gf will let me fuck her. thumbs up

Автор K0sm1cKid, SWIMlovesyou ( назад)
@TheMasterOfSoccer7 Ima try and learn this, maybe if I get any good I can
expose my friends to it and get DnB more known here in the U.S

Автор JoRainMR ( назад)
i should be workin on my spanish hw right now.... fxck it :D

Автор dnbUoi ( назад)
Nice Adia !! :D

Автор NekrstenKonj ( назад)
by the way this is a realy bad turturial :D

Автор NekrstenKonj ( назад)
@NearbyHermit man you should go on some dnbs partys and you will se how is
it actualy easy :D

Автор Frosty Salt ( назад)
what shoes do you have pleas right back and FUCKING AWSOME VIDEO BRO!!!!!

Автор Ирина Д. ( назад)
классно топчешь,держи пять

Автор GameGuyLithuania ( назад)
2 steps learned . THanks MAN ! BEST

Автор NikesL0L ( назад)
i dont wanna learn this

Автор iNSOLANE ( назад)
@MrDawe97 Malpractice - Don't Hold Me Down (Body & Soul Remix)

Автор MrDawe97 ( назад)
nice.. please song name :)

Автор Hitokiri Lekonal ( назад)
@The10TwinBrothers no.. fuck off

Автор Simon Volcom ( назад)
@suplyseackxxxy me2...lazy people.

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