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Автор Notch Herobrine (1 месяц)
thanks man this is much better than all other tutorials since you show a
lot of moves im tryna incorporate all of them into my step

Автор Norton DNB (6 месяцев)
Song Malpractice - Don't Hold Me Down (Body & Soul Remix) :)

Автор Norton DNB (6 месяцев)
BEst tutorial :)

Автор dima nesky (8 месяцев)
Song name pls , nice video

Автор Tomáš Vrbka (7 месяцев)
Cool shoes! What's the model?

Автор Jokii Sudio (9 месяцев)
BEST... I like this :) DnB 4ever :)

Автор Shawn Ruby (9 месяцев)
I had this song downloaded, who is this again?

Автор 1000DaysWasted (8 месяцев)
Drop the Dark, Drum and Bass Forever!

Автор Tom Szala (1 год)

Автор teomandi (1 год)

Автор Nicola Jiráková (1 год)
Like a boss!

Автор IKiTTiIE (3 года)
@SalladSupport lmfao

Автор Hotandcrunchy (1 год)
i like dat shoes :D!

Автор RayCos (2 года)
What about the Canadians?

Автор Icy Ice (3 года)
Song name ?

Автор Dennis Wetzler (3 года)
whats the name of the song ???

Автор Draven (3 года)
still cant do it.

Автор Bas Wongprachan (2 года)
Big up you ;)

Автор Demetra L. (2 года)
Why do I look so unskilled when I dance like this...Gosh I need

Автор dimitrijs84 (3 года)
In arhaic times man had warrior dance...Today we dance x step!:D

Автор Daniel Fiq (3 года)
thumbs up if u watch in 2012 .... thumbs up pls

Автор aNzI Lopeirada (3 года)
Its funny when both top comments are about the same thing

Автор K0sm1cKid, SWIMlovesyou (3 года)
@TheMasterOfSoccer7 Ima try and learn this, maybe if I get any good I can
expose my friends to it and get DnB more known here in the U.S

Автор Kostya361 (3 года)
кто русский палец вверх)

Автор killburnDeluxx (3 года)
78 people saw the 'Hip Hop' spray at 0:14 in the background ;)

Автор NeoUzzy (2 года)
America is big, i doubt you could be the only one. :)

Автор Lilah Tutu (3 года)
liking the blue shoes <3 love the song as well

Автор TheCrapfish (3 года)
ok i give up i will never learn this crap ^^

Автор GameGuyLithuania (3 года)
2 steps learned . THanks MAN ! BEST

Автор xClaudiiaah (3 года)
This is too difficult for me. D: Maybe because I'm a girl. :(

Автор AlIeNvsPrEdAtOr21 (3 года)
Thx a lot

Автор Andronic Andronicx (3 года)
@ItsMyFrog -1 thumbs down, your girlfriend is a slut. or you're a fucked up
kid asking for thumbs up..

Автор Hitokiri Lekonal (3 года)
@The10TwinBrothers no.. fuck off

Автор Antonio Marc (3 года)
@NearbyHermit haha XD

Автор Myu4Lio (3 года)
@yudistiv14 Malpractice - don't hold me down (body n soul remix)

Автор John Wick (3 года)
Btw?That's awesome! Keep it Up!

Автор xClaudiiaah (3 года)
Maybe you could use punctuation so i would understand you..

Автор Mates Shorre (2 года)
My dick is CZZZ

Автор abLe asfa (3 года)
song name ?

Автор byEzuria (3 года)
@k1ngm3rkage Adio :)

Автор Ottó Jehodek (3 года)
this what kind of adio shoe?? I need an one like this!!!!!!!

Автор Sam M (2 года)
lol 30 likes in a year

Автор Arkrad (2 года)
song name??? }

Автор Andrew Warwick (3 года)
what shoes are these?

Автор jonrskitlez (3 года)
-.- this is too hard... Still trying though!

Автор Deweydog90 (3 года)
i said ya this is difficult to dance like that. ;) .

Автор IreneFelton (2 года)
imagine Canadians =_=

Автор NekrstenKonj (3 года)
@NearbyHermit man you should go on some dnbs partys and you will se how is
it actualy easy :D

Автор MyMoon234 (3 года)
hi, you are the best !!!! :*and nice shoes

Автор xClaudiiaah (3 года)
OK. xD

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