200 Days - A Trip Around the World Travel Film

My wife and I traveled to 17 countries in 200 days. This film is the story of our incredible trip! Enjoy!

We used a GoPro and a Nikon D7000 for all of the filming.

For Business Inquiries please e.mail me at 40northdesigns@gmail.com.

Website: 40northdesigns.com

Music Credits:

Please check out and buy the music from these incredible artists that made this film possible. They are in order of appearance.

M83 - Outro

Eric Hutchinson - Tell the World

Vance Joy - Mess is Mine

Avicii - The Nights

The Kooks - Bad Habit

Yumi And The Weather - Must I Wait

American Authors - Best Day of My Life

Tim McMorris - On Top of the World

The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

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Автор Manu Sarangal ( назад)
Love it guys!

Автор Dush Bandara ( назад)
amazing video....

Автор Mamadou Diallo ( назад)
You've played a lot FIFA songs.

Автор Luigi Potenza ( назад)
WONDERFUL video. :)

Автор Rustem Batyrshin ( назад)
you're amazing guys!

Автор Piyush Nahar ( назад)
I cannot believe you that you skipped India!!!

Автор Travel - Ride - Camp - Repeat ( назад)

Автор Jago ( назад)
wow great moments

Автор Raeven Cockrell ( назад)

Автор Luciana Cagnin ( назад)
Hi there! If you had to choose, what would u say it was your favourite place?

Автор Irfan Chairullah ( назад)
wow bali

Автор Sajir ka ( назад)
wonderful trip, amazing , very nice . why ur not going INDIA?

Автор Happy Travel videos ( назад)
lovely travel video. i like this

Автор MaisyGal ( назад)
This gives me a whole new sense of wanderlust. You went to like all my bucket list travel destinations (especially Argentina !) Seeing as you are from the US you should plan something around US, Canada and Central America!

Автор FFELIKS1 ( назад)
i doont want to be offensive but it is never a good idea to pet animals like a leopard or other wild cats because they have most likely beem sedated

Автор James Beardwell ( назад)
nice film !

Автор Wandering Madmen ( назад)
Amazing trip! looking to do something similar

Автор DelBoy1203 ( назад)
Wow! Great video and some amazing places that you visited. You brought a tear to my eye when you visited my home - Cape Town!! I haven't been back there in 8 years (I live in Australia now)

Hopefully you can visit Australia next time!

Автор REVEL GEAR ( назад)
What a beautiful trip! You guys definitely did it right! With love, from Boulder, CO

Автор oOcitizenOo ( назад)
Inspiring video. Thnx guys!

Автор Carlos DA SILVA ( назад)
the first music have copyrighr?

Автор onnjangnaball ( назад)
I love this video

Автор Travel With Me ( назад)
Nice job....

Автор WesLovesMayo ( назад)
I'm the 10,001 like. I'm sorry everybody there's a special place in Hell for people like me.

Автор Max Theill ( назад)
Love it. Awesome video

Автор Ella Minina ( назад)
The video is so amazing, inspiring and just beautiful! Thank you, keep traveling together, you are nice indeed guys.
Btw, music that you chose brings lovely atmosphere c:

Автор Wiktor Pietrowski ( назад)
Whats the name of this song on start. Help please ! :)

Автор bluestripedpyjamas ( назад)
Travelled for 110 days to over 20 countries. We Vlogged every day. Loved this video. Well executed with great editing. Keep it up:)

Автор Veronika Marsland ( назад)
Wonderful video! So far I did 'only' a 3 week long travel but this is definitely on my to do list! Very inspiring, guys :)

Автор Surfing Persia ( назад)
nice video

Автор Ilona B. ( назад)
Great!!!!!!! :) I want that :D

Автор Valentina Mariano ( назад)
thank you guys amazing. I can't wait to experience this too x


Автор electrasonic ( назад)
loved the video, just wished it went longer (200 minutes) -)

Автор Mary Casarreal ( назад)
As a fellow travel blogger I love how you got all that footage into 20 something minutes ! I love this video you did an amazing job

Автор Liz g ( назад)
These videos are so beautiful! I hope to do something like this too! :)

Автор Diane Methot ( назад)
Life is short enjoy.

Автор Samarjyoti Deka ( назад)
this is amazing.... a bit difficult for us indians....we too want to flee from home, but our moms do not allow...period

Автор Katie Correll ( назад)
This was one of the best videos I've ever watched. I can only dream to experience as much as you guys did! :)))

Автор Tourist Road Track ( назад)

Автор Wanderlust8760 ( назад)
Wow! That was so cool. Thank you for being such an inspiration. I can't wait to go on my next trip!

Автор MissionForDays96 ( назад)
Oh shit he went to Barcelona game!!!!! I'm doing that one day!

Автор Keuc Cunz ( назад)
The best travel film ever <3

Автор Annex maharjan ( назад)
i really wanna know how much it costed can you ???

Автор The Unique Travellers ( назад)
Guys... even we are a couple.. we travel almost as similar to you both... Thanks for sharing this amazing video... it gives us an enthusiasm to share our story too....

Автор Jose Vazquez ( назад)
how much did you spend? I'm planning to do something similar but I only have 12k

Автор xtinahenz ( назад)

Автор Dial Days ( назад)
Super envious! Smiles are huge for a reason! Good job guys!!!

Автор Eleonora Gonzalez ( назад)
Great video love your editing skills! Def subscribing :) I make similar videos in my lifestyle section it would mean a lot if you can check them out :) just subbed to you

Автор Juergen - On - Tour ( назад)
Cool Movie and a Amazing Trip Around the Planet. Thanks for share..;-)

Автор Lin ツ ( назад)
Thank you for coming in the Philippines ♡♡♡

Автор Tatiana Mckeen ( назад)

Автор JC Deutschland ( назад)
Thanks sooooo much for this really really coooooool video that shows thats this world is simply amazing and worth to visit! You guys are so inspiring! Dankeschön, muy buen video!

Автор Tobago Vibes ( назад)
www-tobagovibes-com Caribbean TRAVEL GOALS!

Автор Andrew L. Xiong ( назад)
Thanks for sharing...what an incredible adventure that most of us only dreamt about.

Автор ALI DAWOOD ( назад)
nice trip

Автор Linus Hjärtstam ( назад)
too bad some of the animals featured where obviously abused.

Автор Chase B ( назад)
How much did this cost because I'm interested in doing the same thing?

Автор YatiTrip ( назад)

Автор Eduardo Neves ( назад)
I just like this movie. Your travel was simply amazing!

Автор IcompilationTV ( назад)
Great work, probably one of the best videos I've seen on YouTube! :)

Автор David Ricardo ( назад)
Nice video :), trip of a lifetime.

Автор Positive Success ( назад)
awesome video

Автор Brooke Kelley ( назад)
What is the song at 8:36

Автор ExploreTheworldWith Ameerhamza ( назад)
subscribe me everyone for best travel videos

Автор Yuna Kurai ( назад)
T H I S I S A M A Z I N G !

Автор YourDailyKall ( назад)

Автор David Ziesman ( назад)
looks like you guys had a a pretty solid trip .... props

Автор SARA ECHEVERRY ( назад)
I really want to do what you did some day. By now just taking advantage of my Erasmus and PhD studies in Europe. Please follow my website sarabackpacker.com

Автор Noel Morata ( назад)
loved the visuals and places you showed around the world and being present. I'm sharing some of my favorite traveled places from around the world this past year for your audience http://travelphotodiscovery.com/travel-photo-discovery-top-posts/

Автор Ash French ( назад)
I want to do that!

Автор Marco Wolfart ( назад)
Fucking amazing, cannot wait to do my own.

Автор firman firdaus ( назад)
bali is an island in INDONESIA, the country is INDONESIA.

Автор Laura M ( назад)
What an amazing couple - I love that you were both so active on the trip. How much did it cost in total?

Автор Игорь Петрушин ( назад)
потрясающий фильм

Автор Ronja Veg ( назад)
first i thought cool video. Than i saw the animal cruellety clips ( a crustacean dieing, camel riding etc.) Please dont do things like that again and look it up what it is really like. Thanks

Автор Johanna Vidal ( назад)
<3 meta

Автор Mr. Brightside ( назад)
a lot of these songs are on fifa hmm lol

Автор Kevin ( назад)
What an amazing video! But I have one question for you, those camels in Egypt didn't look well-treated in my eyes. They had many scars on their bodies. Didn't you guys notice?

Автор Fi Ka ( назад)
2017 :D

Автор WoShiDaveChen ( назад)
May i ask, how'd you make the decision to go on this trip? IT IS AMAZING!

Автор Kid Motivate ( назад)
Iceland is the backdrop for my next adventure. I plan to ski and explore this March. Do you have any advise for packing for Iceland, maybe gear you used? By the way, what DSLR were you using. Cheers, Lucas

Автор Neel Joe ( назад)

Автор Med Concepcion ( назад)
i'd like to know what songs did you use in making this video :) btw, i love it! you're an inspiration to me! :)

Автор shane just ( назад)
what an amazing trip you guys had. Thanks for sharing

Автор Shqipe Shala ( назад)
I hope you guys live happy together until the last days.

Автор Rodney Bukuya ( назад)
EPIC video guys. Thanks for sharing your journey.

Автор mroxo77 ( назад)
Very impressive, and nice. Last year we have been to Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Greece, Spain, and Great Britain, and this weekend we are off to Rome, that's nothing compered to you. Well done

Автор INflowmotion Travel ( назад)

Автор amIdoingyoutube? ( назад)
so much time invested i this :) well done

Автор Uus Hita ( назад)
Nice, OMG both of you was awesome. trip around the world and doing something that challenging. i'm envy actually. i like all the things that you do like doing sport, visiting beach, cave, doing rafting, diving and all of it. i rally wanna try it.

Автор Ignatius ( назад)
0:55 they filmed a part of interstellar there! XD haha just had it point it out

Автор Luggage for Every Occasion ( назад)
Amazing Info for this trip. For your luggage needs, refer to LuggageforEveryOccasion.com.

Автор satyajit mondal ( назад)
love u guys nice video.....

Автор Galih Jati ( назад)
wonderful experience for you!! incredible trip!

Автор Claire Allard ( назад)
That's an awesome video! Great work on the editing. This looks like a fantastic trip. I'm beyond jealous!

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