200 Days - A Trip Around the World Travel Film

My wife and I traveled to 17 countries in 200 days. This film is the story of our incredible trip! Enjoy!

We used a GoPro and a Nikon D7000 for all of the filming.

For Business Inquiries please e.mail me at 40northdesigns@gmail.com.

Website: 40northdesigns.com

Music Credits:

Please check out and buy the music from these incredible artists that made this film possible. They are in order of appearance.

M83 - Outro

Eric Hutchinson - Tell the World

Vance Joy - Mess is Mine

Avicii - The Nights

The Kooks - Bad Habit

Yumi And The Weather - Must I Wait

American Authors - Best Day of My Life

Tim McMorris - On Top of the World

The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

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Автор Aggeliki Lampri ( назад)
The highlight was the Foo Fighters concert :D <3

Автор Travel World ( назад)
nice video

Автор jilo ( назад)
HaHA i was with u in morroco ♥

Автор Datboidre22 ( назад)
This video is so AWESOME 👏😭

Автор Chanell Eskridge ( назад)
Where we are from travel is something DREAMS are made of. Help us begin a
new chapter in our lives...


Автор Dave Fischer ( назад)
very nice, love it. I can't wait to travel lol

Автор Addy J ( назад)
why india is not here

Автор Clementine Heath ( назад)
Very similar to art of flight movie beginning....

Автор Anurag Anand ( назад)
You won my respect through just the opening sentences, I wish I had know
about this video! I share similar perspective about this digital world, but
shouldn't criticize too much as Youtube is also one of those places on the
web. I hope to enjoy your video.!!! :)

Автор Kray TV ( назад)
Awesome video!! Traveling is literally the best form of education🙌

Автор Karan Jung ( назад)
Wow! just incredible. Couldnt stop watching the video and was hoping that
you also went to Nepal which you actually did. That made me smile. You guys
just inspired me to do what I love to do which is to Travel around the
world. A big THANK YOU!

Автор Steven Melgarejo ( назад)
whats the name of the first song

Автор Julio Terán ( назад)
It says around the world but you didn't came to the middle of the world
(Ecuador). Hope to see you soon here :)

Автор The Big Wow Wow ( назад)
The world is a beautiful place.

Автор Prakash Rai ( назад)
I really liked it. I hope you will visit my country again.
-From Nepal :)

Автор \_ Krishnam2525 _/ ( назад)
I Truly Wish i could do this too with my friends
Ima tries this when i get a little old cus im just 17 😭😭😭

Автор Ferchis Mena ( назад)
amazing video👏🔝❤

Автор Rita C ( назад)
gosh, you 2 are very adorable. thank you for sharing this amazing
experience with all of us :)

Автор jasis ( назад)
amazing... getting jealous!

Автор Richard Ofori ( назад)
This is how life is supposed to be spent

Автор Jaime Magana ( назад)

Автор jonas emmerik ( назад)
y'all rich as fuck

Автор Shubhamkar Barman ( назад)
one of the best videos i found on travelling

Автор GoProSession ( назад)
What does something like this cost :p i mean its all verry beautifull but i
think its not affordable for the most of us

Автор Choirul Roziqin ( назад)
thank you for staying at our home, Indonesia. Then, I'm envy you so much

Автор Ethan Gilliam ( назад)
how do you not get copyrighted?

Автор Kevin Lu ( назад)
where did you guys see those cute baby turtles

Автор Alexandra ( назад)
Wow, this is amazing. You are a source of inspiration for me. Good job with
the video also :)

Автор The EZ Computer Store ( назад)
Must be nice to have money to do this. #BornWithASilverSpoon

Автор ann b ( назад)
So inspiring! Could you post your itinerary please?

Автор Natural High Life ( назад)
hey i am your big fan i just created a new channel. and its just begining i
will improve videos and explore more. please help me to grow my channel .

Автор Taeyeon Yoo ( назад)
What a fantastic travel it is!! This video motivate me traveling the world
that I've been always dreaming. Thank you for making me traveling the world
in 20 mins.

Автор Eli Solidum ( назад)
this is so epic!

Автор Niall 09 ( назад)
Holy lord. Im only 57 seconds in and in love. I went to Iceland last summer
and it was the best experience of my entire life. Being a Geography student
it was amazing to get to know about the glaciers and the natural wonders

Автор Francis Damian Adorable ( назад)
Hi. Not sure how to start... But I'd love to go on a trip like this. Can
you give me any tips?

Автор serena coady ( назад)
awesome work! you inspire my travel videos :)

Автор Peace and Love ( назад)
IM in LOVE. Praise God.

Автор nbzworld ( назад)
mtb ya! you guys are awesome excellent video

Автор Ajinkya Meshram ( назад)
this is dope!

Автор Grace ( назад)
Disappointed to see that man chuck oil to the ocean so thoughtlessly... :/

Автор David Kreisl ( назад)
mainstream action adveture - nothing about the world - this pictures are
not more than a dream of the west, and with the commercial for
40northdesigns, it make it perfect...

Автор Colton Busch ( назад)
All audio creds to Art of flight

Автор Mahka Awng Sut Naw ( назад)
That is a lovely video. I dont know how much money you spent for it, but I
want to say thank you for posting that. It inspired and educated me.

Автор Juyung Yoo ( назад)
whoa went into the cable car a woman came out a man

Автор MerelyVladimir ( назад)
17 countries in 200 days? Definitely more sane than what I did: 16
countries in 9 weeks.

Автор Austin Paz ( назад)
Awesome!!! Should have made a whole separate video for each trip !

Автор Malvina Lindström ( назад)
I love how genuinely happy they look! Loved this video!

Автор julie lazukina ( назад)
Doing this when I get married!

Автор MLB Films ( назад)
Hey everyone! I make action based travel mini movies , check them out if
you'd like :D Have a good day ;)

Автор World Travel Scrapbook ( назад)
Very Inspiring you two. We are a couple who have also traveled on our own
for two years. Its so awesome to see how much is out there, thank you for
taking the time to share the experience.

Автор Déli Drones ( назад)

Автор marvin vermehren carreño ( назад)
This is motivation

Автор yaniar prayogo ( назад)
Really amazing and inspired to me., how much money you spend to travelling
arround the world?

Автор kiddie smalls ( назад)
Perfect video. But no Central America??? Cmon ahaha

Автор Dominik ( назад)

Автор Cameron Perkins ( назад)
This video looks amazing!!! Any other aspiring film makers out there? If so
comment below and I will check out your channel! :)

Автор 5goodfellas ( назад)
I would like to try this one day. How much did you guys spend for 1 person?

Автор acam00056 ( назад)
Top three countries visited???

Автор i get money for comments ( назад)
ugly fat butterface wife

Автор calvtol ( назад)
Great video, was that the order of the countries that you went to?

Автор Sean Jiang ( назад)
Ah... you went to Asia but no China?

Автор Elle Meadows ( назад)
Hi there! I don't know if you respond or not, but I'd love to hear from
you! What did you film this on? If it was a GoPro, did you use 1 memory
card and upload the footage to a computer or did you use multiple memory
cards? Also, how do you find such good music? Did you have a drone for some
of this footage? Around how much money was it to do this? What software did
you use to edit this? And lastly, how were you scared of not dying? I know
that's an odd question, but I've always wanted to travel so badly but I'm
scared of dying and want to learn to get over that! It's fine if you only
answer some of these questions if you respond at all. I hope to hear from

Автор Cody Kemp ( назад)
My wife and I are attempting a trip like this and would love help making it
a possibility!

Автор Ashley Paul ( назад)
My boyfriend and I are planning a trip around the world. I would love to
get some advice and insight from you. Do you have an email where I could
ask you some questions? Best regards!

Автор Mahedi Hassan ( назад)
I like you travel around the world

Автор Life is an Adventure ( назад)
Great man! I will do this someday!

Автор Eveline Leddy ( назад)
wauw amazing!! i watched the whole video

Автор Gee Man ( назад)
i play wow and watch this video
fuck my life

Автор A2Y Travellers ( назад)
This is soooooooooooooooooooo AWESOME! Very inspiring! Yas

Автор Erika Bettencourt ( назад)
This is incredible. We definitely live in a beautiful world. You guys
should have also visited Portugal. It is extremely beautiful :>

Автор sabah vblogs ( назад)
amazing and looking forward to do something similar u inspired me guys !!!

Автор Gonçalo Marum ( назад)
Portugal isn't on the listl! :C

Автор Alex P ( назад)
Hi guys i'm a small youtuber who does travel videos and vlogs. I've just
got a montage of "My Year" up with action and adventure all shot on GoPro.
would be awesome if you guys could check it out! :) not trying to annoy
anyone. :)

Автор fabiq1980 ( назад)
You are really great couple, greetings to you :) , the adventure is

Автор Anderson Karing ( назад)

Автор Love Of Travel ( назад)
That looks like so much fun!

Автор Travel Hub 365, Inc. ( назад)
Thanks for the video post.

Автор Babin karki ( назад)
You both are really amazing...I really enjoyed watching and you guys
inspired me even more to travel...

Автор KiaTube ( назад)

Автор Felix Müller ( назад)
how did you finance your trip?

Автор Harshith Bangera ( назад)
loved it...

Автор Ingrid Bkind ( назад)
Super Beautiful!

Автор Javier de la torre ( назад)
How much cost a travel like this more or less?

Автор Socarrat ( назад)
Great video! Very inspiring to travel!

Автор StoryofmyWorld ( назад)
Really cool travel video! Did you got yourself a drone half way through the

Автор Kelly Kranstuber ( назад)
This is the best movie of love and adventure I have ever seen. Thank you
for sharing this with the world!

Автор Keith Barr ( назад)
Beautiful film, and an epic voyage. As I was watching I was thinking that
you had to be fellow Coloradans, and when you passed through DEN on the way
to Argentina I was even more sure. I live just north of 40°N. :^)

Автор Ralph Mumbeck ( назад)
Wonderful to see that many places haven't changed too much in the 30 years
since I visited...great.

Автор Y Traveller ( назад)
Cool inspiring video.

Автор mm rr ( назад)
I want to travel the world but I am always afraid that during my one in a
lifetime trip, a terrible emergency will happen and I will need to go back
home. This way I would lose incredible amounts of money and ruin my trip.
I'm just not ready to take that risk

Автор Victor whitmore ( назад)
I wanna take 1 friend around the world and see the world and to show we are
capable of doing things we wouldn't usually do in daily life. I'm taking a
loan out from the bank and definitely doing this

Автор SOURAJ RAHA ( назад)
you guys covered a lot but still missed a hell lot of places ..India,
Russia,Brazil...anyway super cool video

Автор GoProPauly ( назад)
Mokatat life vest😱😂😂made in Alaska 👌

Автор The Art of Travel ( назад)
Lovely! Pure wanderlust! Greetings from The Art of Travel. Please check us
out. Pura Vida!

Автор Nadio Tri Pambudi ( назад)
why borneo and bali not become to be one, cause bali and borneo is in
indonesia right?

Автор Amanikins ( назад)
amazing amazing amazing!

Автор Jose Montoya ( назад)
Where are they at 1:16?

Автор Scolopente ( назад)
Best travel video ever...love it.

Автор Izzy D-T ( назад)
I do not understand why this video has dislikes , awesome vid !

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