Roy D Mercer - Horse Feed

This is probably one of my own personal favorites. Such a great laugh.

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Длительность: 4:23
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Автор Smaugren (5 месяцев)
It'd be a fine privilege to be a friend of this woman!

Автор hfisher352 (4 года)
@theamazingplant2 it comes from the audio being ripped from the cd. I've
notice when my cd's are scratched, each one of them makes this noise.

Автор JohnnyangelNIU (6 лет)
Fix that thumping!!!!

Автор Ryan Glenn (5 лет)
Clear your throat to fart! hahahah

Автор arnyig (5 лет)
still thumping

Автор brewcrew01984 (5 лет)
Prevert horse...LOL

Автор ren2020ky (3 года)
this is not volume 2

Автор stonewall01 (4 года)
shes gonna kick your ass so hard your going to have to clear your throat to
fart. lol

Автор EiNSkraft (6 лет)
Hmmmm Thanks for the feedback, I'm not sure why it's making that thump
noise, but I will look in to it. Again, thanks for your feedback :)

Автор nincumpoop4580 (5 лет)
I didn't even pay any attention to the thumping until I read the comments.
It's not distracting if you focus on the dialogue - which is golden as

Автор johnlewisbrooks (5 лет)
@EiNSkraft ...I'll tell you why you got a thumbs down! It all makes sense

Автор TheChiken Man (4 года)
The thumping is the speakers. Something wrong with the sound is causing the

Автор EiNSkraft (5 лет)
Sorry about the thump noise. I'm not sure why this one is like that. And
I've no idea why the thumbs down either! Though thanks for feedback :)

Автор Rosilee Lace (2 года)
I imagine that horse ain't hard to track. LMAO!! love me some classic Roy
Damn Mercer. Brings back my good 'ol high school days listening to all his
antics off his CD's at parties, big fun!

Автор MrJTMagnum23 (5 лет)
sound like she was smokin something that makes work fun, LMFAO!

Автор TheChiken Man (4 года)
It's called "My BIG Pony" LMBFAO!

Автор jwizzledude (5 лет)

Автор zinfandel66 (6 лет)
fix it plz

Автор Rocking Dustpan (2 года)
Dirty or scratched CD

Автор RomMechEng (6 лет)
You go Clara!

Автор mgordon503 (5 лет)
This is one of my favorite Roy Mercer calls. Her laugh is hysterical and I
just crack up the whole time. What a sweet cheerful lady she must be...

Автор Kalaeb Wilson (4 года)
How big ah gal are ya?!

Автор rabbinirvana (2 года)
"Prevert horse", LOL

Автор hfisher352 (4 года)
@EiNSkraft it comes from the audio being ripped from the cd. I've notice
when my cd's are scratched, each one of them makes this noise.

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