Animal Planet

Theme Song
Round the animal planet we go, round & round the world

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Длительность: 1:29
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Автор Jay Nordell Trudeau ( назад)
I heard tht they are playing this song in Sam and Cat in either new episode
or new season... :)

Автор Jay Nordell Trudeau ( назад)
Can someone upload the Bungle in the Jungle Animal Planet version please?
that version was way better!!

Автор Dave Simmons ( назад)
This song is an original produced by HeddRokk Productions & written by
artist Johnny Dread for Animal Planet !That's fact... Because I'm one of
the producers for HeddRokk Productions!

Автор Dave Simmons ( назад)
Sorry dude! The music IS Not summer haze...

Автор mennyus ( назад)
@bronchomeister please let me know if you've found the video! i bloody
loved it, too bad we didn't have a digibox or whatever it's called back
then! the music was summer haze by bmg atmosphere though, but it's just not
the same without the bee keeper man

Автор mennyus ( назад)
@bronchomeister summer haze by bmg atmosphere actually

Автор Dillon Wright ( назад)
there is a song i heard on animal planet it goes so tell me what your
looking for and sve me. i dont know what it is called can someone tell me
if they no

Автор ALPHALYON ( назад)
Where Can I obtein this track? I want this track if exist complete.

Автор Sasha Broncho ( назад)
Actually it's called Summer Haze by ben Cocks. But unfortunately I have it
in a very low quality :( Could you send it to me, if you have it in good

Автор onutza6 ( назад)
its Sunny Haze by BMG Atmosphere ..:)

Автор Sasha Broncho ( назад)
cool promo, thanks! Guys, who could help me out finding this other Animal
Planet promo from "Love Animals" series, where this guy bee-keeper, from,
probably Holland is telling about bees and this sweet music is playing!!!!

Автор deoman3k ( назад)
How the hell can this great theme song still not be available to download,
surely someone could make a small fortune???

Автор sweetgirl93x ( назад)
it should be some kind of turkey

Автор cpriego ( назад)
i thing that was a song specially made for this commercial... but yes, its

Автор jocbean ( назад)
can you send me the mp3 format?? really like the song

Автор Gilbert Koa ( назад)
I dont know the title but i got the Video and Mp3 format file..

Автор aloevera80 ( назад)
hullo! can you send this song to me? its really nice haha.

Автор WesleyMarkLincoln ( назад)
does anyone know what the blue and red chested bird is? If u wanna c the
bird, pause the video at 55 seconds. If u noe its' species, can u tell me ?
PLZ? Major de ja vu much !

Автор Gigi Lee ( назад)
I've been asking every where for the title and the singer of this song, but
no one knows! So sad... I love this song~

Автор peelandrenew ( назад)
Hate to be the echo here but WHO SINGS THIS GREAT SONG?

Автор jollymah189 ( назад)
yes i want to know who sang it too!?

Автор thaylang1234 ( назад)
who sang it!?

Автор WilliamJesseMagnum ( назад)
so? who?

Автор aswinchari ( назад)
haha i think everyone is trying to find out who sang this!

Автор sweetgirl93x ( назад)
i love it! who sang it?

Автор lorris ( назад)
i loove this song :) i even uploaded it with my friendster account lol..

Автор lorris ( назад)
i looovvee this video :) especially with the chameleons.. lol

Автор Jerry Leong ( назад)
erm...any idea who sang this song?

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