construction of bridge

This is the video that gives u a basic knowledge about bridge construction. And u can see how girder lunching is done. so enjoy it.....................ENGINEERS CIVIL

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Автор Firdaus Chairuddin ( назад)
that is da base study desain brige

Автор Shiva N.halli ( назад)
thanks for the. vedeos composed. ..it's
easy to understanding

Автор aizatzet ( назад)
i see this bridge is for trains. i wonder if it is the same with bridge for

Автор Cece Panda Gaming ( назад)
Tanks! That really matters to me.

Автор Prasanta Dey ( назад)
no sound

Автор Didier Ngufu ( назад)
i'm so happy to watch this. anyway, which software can i use to make such
process for my project?

Автор Imtiaz Abubakar ( назад)
what are those

Автор mohit raina ( назад)
initially water did not create any effect

Автор Hematologist ( назад)

Автор Ilango Cape Comorin ( назад)
Excellent Video

Автор Y. Shakib ( назад)
Hi there. Very good video! I'm wondering though, as a student, I want to
know why was the pier hollow? Why wasn't it filled with concrete? The
padded concrete with bearings went on top of a hollow concrete pier. Why?

An answer would be great. Thanks!

Автор Oneru Matamu- Kafoa ( назад)
is there no sound please?

Автор k.venkatesh naik ( назад)
super planing & structure

Автор Nasir Butt ( назад)
No sound ????

Автор lakshumaiah belgam ( назад)

Автор Lakshumaiah Belgam ( назад)
Thanks to Upload Video

Автор singh123416 ( назад)
Really amazing 

Автор Murali Krishna TATA ( назад)
Very good video for education

Автор Chris Rokos ( назад)
Hey thanks for making this video!

Автор kamlesh prasad ( назад)
very good construction build

Автор Sanjay Urs ( назад)

Автор aung aung ( назад)

Автор mani teja ( назад)
very nice video

Автор shaman chauhan ( назад)
the 20 mtr pier does have reinforcement right?

Автор FoxAttack ( назад)
Nice! Thanks for sharing mate!

Автор Imiey Kun ( назад)
what is the method construction name?...some body please tell me

Автор Chigozirim Torti ( назад)
very good

Автор Antonio Viso ( назад)
very good presentation about a bridge construction,it was made in 3D

Автор Baqtiar Ahmed ( назад)

Автор Daban DT ( назад)
which program you used to create simulate this bridge!?

Автор Edison edward antony ( назад)
very nice so intresting

Автор rey monteiro ( назад)

Автор Wei Wang ( назад)

Автор Y Sree Harsha ( назад)
great video boss..really awesome

Автор some guy ( назад)
thanks bro it's realy helpfull

Автор DiV Borana ( назад)
realy its helpful

Автор Garrin Riggin ( назад)
Very well done and helpful. Thanks.

Автор Rajalakshmi kannan ( назад)
video gives pucca information abt briges thanks a lot
sir.................... :)

Автор Mahedi Mithel ( назад)

Автор andree chandra ( назад)

Автор Nir paL ( назад)

Автор tax deduction ( назад)
great video!

Автор Eng Ahmed Metwaly ( назад)

Автор 111danish111 ( назад)
what is a pcc 0:35 ? is it like a concrete and steel slab ?

Автор Dilnawaz Ali ( назад)
Carry on 

Автор arun g ( назад)
thanks for this video

Автор BINDAS AJIT ( назад)
thanks to all.......for watching........... 

Автор sravan kannekanti ( назад)
after watching this video every one like choose civil engineering

Автор CmdrGendoIkari ( назад)
Is this video a depiction of how a particular real world bridge was
constructed, or just a generalized animation for that type of bridge
design? Just wondering.

Автор BINDAS AJIT ( назад)
lv u all.............

Автор BINDAS AJIT ( назад)
thanks 4 watching ma videos............

Автор Asutosh Panda ( назад)
Nice one..But which software or tools they use to make videos of this kind
? Can anyone answer ?

Автор BINDAS AJIT ( назад)
wow!!!!!!!!! so amazing,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

Автор WikiUnplugged ( назад)
I was in dilemma whether to go for civil engineering or mechanical
engineering,after watching this,I have no doubt...I want to be a civil

Автор Albert Mag ( назад)
Thank you ... I just posted a video when I orked at bridge construction in
84' you might find interesting to Veiw ... search : ..Alex Fraser Bridge
B.C., Piledriving 1984 ..... hope you enjoy it , I shot all footage and do
own all rights Albert , LU 2404 Vancouver BC

Автор Safaree Safari ( назад)
What program do you use to make bridges like this?

Автор Safaree Safari ( назад)
What do you use to build this bridge? Is there a program you can download
for it. I would like to do, its' cool. Good job.

Автор Precast EducationFlorida ( назад)
Shortened video of the FHWA Project Showcase of the Accelerated
Construction of the I-85 Bridge using Precast / Prestressed Bridge Elements
and splice sleeves in order to minimize traffic disruption and speed up
completion of the project. 

Автор CMM laser - steel solutions (1589 лет назад)
very good render

Автор Chetan Rajput ( назад)
The pier had hollow section ........ but the pier cap dint .... how was the
shuttering was done .... not much clear!!!

Автор BINDAS AJIT ( назад)
piercap extension area must required while casting it! Bcoz its the working
area of the engineers or workers when maintainance work required to bridge

Автор selturyil ( назад)
what purpose do those flimsy pier cap extensions serve?

Автор bestamerica ( назад)
' that is so coool design about bridgemaker,,, but 3 things are NOT safety

Автор John Smith ( назад)

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