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Dance by Angelgroupkk

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Автор Gilbert Diaz ( назад)
This sucks

Автор Vren Angel ( назад)
hehe its so cute when moms dance^_^

Автор Vale J ( назад)
en el min 2:26 pasa un gato...

Автор santiago alzate quiceno ( назад)
JAJAJAJAJAJA cabrones es lo mas gracioso yo estoy practican

Автор Yaya Lopez ( назад)
JAJAJAJAJA, me dio risa pero esta buenisimo :3 yo quiero bailar esooo *-*

Автор Justine Shepard ( назад)
thumbs up for the cat in the background, 2:25 :) oh yea and great dancing

Автор Eliška Matějů ( назад)
Guys, you really don't know what "Line Dance" is, am I right? How you can
say it's bored?

Автор soyrequetecabron ( назад)
chaleeeeee están mas tiesas que un pollo de 3 diasssssss

Автор Mine Perez ( назад)

Автор Junnie Vidal ( назад)
nice steps..

Автор Kendall Biggs ( назад)
i love this song i am doing it in pe

Автор kerry0010 ( назад)
If you got a bunch of high energy dancers to do this it would look fantastic

Автор Liubov Novikova ( назад)
Fall asleep))))

Автор Rosemarie Vogl ( назад)
lol XD kitty!!!! :D

Автор Silvia Miranda (1968 лет назад)
I didn´t like it! It´s so BORRING!!!! It´s Mambo!!! You have to move your
hole entire your body!!! And you make the same thing in the hole song! I
felt asleep!

Автор Lexi Read ( назад)
and she has been working on mambo no. 5 since she was 4. and she 9 right
now. and her coach is Ryleigh lynsenmeijer. soooooo. reply if you want me
to upload it as a response and i will try as soon as possible :)

Автор Lexi Read ( назад)
you guys could have added more energy into it... if you guys want i can
maybe upload my friend: Layne thomerson's mambo no. 5 dance as a video
response somtime. she is a pro. she did mabo for competion and won 1st place

Автор Marc ( назад)
I can do that.

Автор Macadesamis ( назад)

Автор jones2012pdit (500 лет назад)
Haha how cute

Автор Oana N ( назад)
gosh! whi are you guys so...racist???? i dont care if the people who are
dancing are white or black or asians or whatever.........they are HUMANS!

Автор Oana N ( назад)
@Julissa843 you suck

Автор Oana N ( назад)
you girls.....are dancing in....JEANS???

Автор Matt Stone ( назад)
闭嘴吧你楼下的SB。你Y漂亮是吧。那就传些视频上来看看阿。哈哈。 不然就省点时间多读点书吧。 垃圾

Автор Julissa Chavez ( назад)
its not white people its ugly chinese people

Автор deejay pagado ( назад)
got to learn the steps for my simple choreography.. It's a lot easier to
learn than the one's jumpin' like a frog dance...thanks for posting

Автор TheWarlordinmars ( назад)
GOOD GOD MAN! white people should be banned from dancing. this is

Автор Karla Gallegos ( назад)
El gaato qe ba caminando atras <3

Автор angelgroupkk2 ( назад)
@ekathyohman Thanks kathy..really nice of you...

Автор Kathy Ohman (245 лет назад)
@angelgroupkk2......I condensed the dance...Hope this helps! LF to “D”10o’
L,drag RF 4x’s(8) Zig Zag back RF(1-2)4o’,LF 7o’(3-4) Cont. back Zig
zag,(8) Shimmy to R 2 X’s(8) Shimmy to L 2 X’s(8) Kick RF,(1-2)turn L ¼
RF,LF (4) Kick LF,5-6,Kick RF(7-8) Twist R to L 2X’s(4) Kick RF 2X’s(4)
Twist R to L 2X’s (4) Kick LF 2X’s (4) Begin Again:Kathy O

Автор sonkndela caribali ( назад)
k wuebaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Автор ADRY890890 ( назад)
no me gusto por ke se repiten mucho los pasos =/

Автор jestor58 ( назад)
I like it...it´s so easy...and funny....thanks

Автор angelgroupkk2 ( назад)
ok.. thanks for your info..

Автор Don Corrigan ( назад)
The Step Sheet is posted on the Kickit line dance site. Mambo No. Five,
Choreographer: Totoy Pinoy

Автор angelgroupkk2 ( назад)
@creatvent Hello.. I m sorry i dont have the steep sheets for the dance.. i
just learn the dance from youtube

Автор RedTigerKelly19 ( назад)
this isnt mambo!!

Автор angelgroupkk2 ( назад)
@kenilworthlinedancer Your welcome and Thanks for vewing...

Автор Amelia Javier-Corrigan ( назад)
Nice style and "energy"! Thanks for posting Totoy Pinoy's steps.

Автор Zia Graythorn ( назад)
thanks for the dance video...... you helped a lot in our project i our

Автор ambitioneleven ( назад)
don t like it, i can t see the energy of the dance!!!

Автор Dawn Burns ( назад)
We should all learn this...it'll be fun! Kind like the cha cha slide or
Cupid shuffle ya know? Lol

Автор papawarren14 ( назад)
where can i find the stepsheet for this dance?! is there a choreographer
??? its a great dance! i'm looking to teach a dance to this song .. thanks
much! my email is motov555@yahoo.com

Автор sashathepanda ( назад)
lmao! aw! I love the twists! haha! :D

Автор victoria4554 ( назад)
Its ok, its just a little boring, you guys should make like it a little
more action, but other wise pretty good! : )

Автор Sarah Yambao ( назад)
nice ;)

Автор patas125 ( назад)
Awesome job :)

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