Power Rangers Movie Toys Reveal the Putty Patrollers | Collider News

Ashley Mova and Perri Nemiroff with Collider News break down and discuss the first look at the evil Putty Patrollers in the upcoming 'Power Rangers' movie.

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Длительность: 2:17
Комментарии: 148

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Автор JWUniverse ( назад)
So far so good. Can't wait for March 24

Автор Ghost exe ( назад)
remember THIS IS A REBOOT!

Автор andrew palacios ( назад)
Anyone notice the steal rebar in his knee

Автор Martin Gonzalez ( назад)

ryii Mama como tú ya no existen, y por eso agradezco a Dios por haberme
regalado a alguien como tú, hoy es tu cumpleaños, y puedo asegurarte que lo
pasarás espectacular, pues eso es lo mínimo que una persona tan grandiosa
como tú se merece. Te adoro mamá, feliz día”.❤✨

Автор Ken Coleman ( назад)
This looks like a cross between reinforced concrete and the legendary

Автор pwet ( назад)
Mastodon dinozord sucks!

Автор Neo-Xgray87 ( назад)
Well, to be honest...they're actually a lot better than Lord Zedd's putty
patrollers since they were like a bunch o pushovers in season two. Now with
Rita Repulsa's putties in season one of MMPR, they were a lot more
interesting to watch.

Автор Goofball McGee ( назад)
When will the final trailer drop? Also, wouldn't it be cool if Rita killed
Zordon's physical form!

Автор Zach Deleon ( назад)
the thing that will make power rangers flawless will be butch from their

Автор danny 14 cyberkillr ( назад)
i think that zordon is gonna turn out like supermans father in man of steel
he will be a realistic hologram with a body and not a floating head

Автор Adhi N ( назад)
Shit shit shit.. Stop ruining power rangers

Автор JonnySuite13 ( назад)
Makes sense!

Автор Jacob (Obsidian_Wulf) ( назад)
I really wish they would start showing actual movie stills of this kind of
stuff instead of us getting glimpses of these characters through toys of
all things.

Автор Tommy-Cymru-87 ( назад)
cant really judge via the toys, vid or pictures!! but the putty - looks
like a putty?!,, cant see why people are critising it, apart from it being
bulky the putty is the only one that looks the same

Автор J Boy ( назад)
This movie is going to flop. Power Rangers? Seriously?

Автор mezuki64 ( назад)
back into action!

Автор SOG323 ( назад)
I don't understand how you can deride the kids show for being goofy and
then accept this as 'better'... smh. Come on guys, just because something
is different doesn't mean it's inherently better. That is a logical fallacy
and time will prove me right. This movie is looking less and less like the
Ranger movie fans want/deserve and more like a half-hearted cash grab. I
hope they prove me wrong but it's looking unlikely with each update we get.

Автор SuperShanko ( назад)
As long as they're not god awful like the Chitauri then it'll be something.

Автор mike c. ( назад)
I'll be laughing my ass off if the Putties in this movie also have that
ridiculous sound the Putties made in the t.v. series.

Автор Allan Alberts ( назад)
Power Rangers: "Our movies shit guys, come buy our toys"

Kristian harloff: " fark of."

Автор Two guys one ticket ( назад)
+Collider. Guys I believe it's January 2, 2017. Not 2016.

Автор 49ers1975 ( назад)
man that toy looks like crap..i mean yah it's for kids but still...i won't
waste my oney for my kid on that..

Автор Jimmy Her ( назад)
Just release trailer 2 already damn it!! I hope that the movie itself is
good. It doesn't have to be great, but i'll be happy if the movie itself is
decent at least. Crossing my fingers since this is my childhood.

Автор Androvsky ( назад)
Rangers... we need to cook!!

Автор G ( назад)
Perri is sooooooo beautiful <3

Автор Spideymrw ( назад)
Can we get some official pics instead of toy pics

Автор Two-Face ( назад)

Автор Rayden30 ( назад)
I nearly spat my Jack Daniels out when i saw Alpha! Dear lord what have
they done to you Al

Автор Upcycle Shoes ( назад)
Where's the green/white ranger? Cause that guy was everyone's favorite.

Автор Kevin Jones Reviews ( назад)
I like it, I can see them be threatening but I can still see some good
jokes the rangers can make about them

Автор Abdul Bhutta ( назад)
Love this News update! Thank you Ashley and Perri!

Автор Dularr ( назад)
Now that will be a bunch of CGI.

Автор TF2Fan101 ( назад)
Am I the only one who doesn't have a problem with what's been released in
terms of the designs for this movie? I like the designs of the Rangers'
suits, I like the Zord and MegaZord designs, I like Rita's designs, I like
Alpha 5's design, and I even like the design for the Puttys.

Sure, I didn't grow up on the original Power Rangers, but you have to
admit, the corny style of the show wouldn't work in today's filmscape,
unless you could do it right. That said, I don't mind the more mature tone
this movie is going for. These characters are supposed to be 'Teenagers
with attitude', and it looks like this movie is going for that. Not only
that, but we haven't seen anything beyond a first trailer, so we have no
clue what the movie is going to be about. Chances are we'll see another
trailer soon.

I will admit, I have my own fears about this movie not doing well, but at
the same time, my hopes outweigh my fears. I legitimately think this movie
could be good. Who knows? I do know, however, that I am not going to write
off this movie before I see it, like a lot of PR fans seem to be doing.

Автор Mark Michel ( назад)
Sad that a lot of this movie is being reversed through toys/concept art and
not footage.

Автор xReece2010 ( назад)
Doesnt this movie came out in march and we only have one trailer that
doesnt even show them in their suits or show the plot

Автор Rhetro Active ( назад)
Well they look better than the putties in Suicide Squad :P

Автор Rick Deckard ( назад)
Ashley Mova = Jolyne Kujo

Автор JBW W ( назад)
200th like!

Автор BlueKnight ( назад)
Who melted gray hulk??

Автор speedly3000 ( назад)
It looks like the putties been juicing up...

Автор Ahturos (Ahturos) ( назад)
CGI so much CGI. Everything with the Power Rangers in suit and this poddies
will just be CGI. That´s the only sad thing.
But I understand they have to go that way. To get that many people able to
peform this martial arts and be able to play as well. I know you can have
stuns when they are in suits but the actors will also have to perform a

Автор Rockin Nerd ( назад)
These Putties are the only thing that looks decent about this movie.
Everything else looks horrible.

Автор Andrew Lewis ( назад)
They look as I expected tbh, I imagine they are gonna be liquidy on screen,
I like the look.

Автор Grayson Myers ( назад)
I think this movie is going to be bad, but like Power Rangers bad, which is
good I guess

Автор Sug4rkane ( назад)

Автор Aaron Mitchell ( назад)
Until the movie comes out, stop releasing toy photos cuz so far they've
looked like shit and I want all the positive energy to be directed towards
this movie.

Автор Juan Grande Franco ( назад)
Alpha-5 does not need to be an actual physical character. Why not just have
him as an A.I in their suits like Jarvis in Iron Man's suit. The putties
look ok.

Автор stridin ( назад)
The marketing for this movie is so stupid. We still haven't got a new
trailer for the movie. The reveals for classic character have only been
revealed in toys instead of hi-res pics. Hey lion gates if you want this to
be a success follow the marketing of Marvel and DC.

Автор Ace of Games ( назад)
Haha I fucking knew it. I saw some of the action figures and at the bottom
of the boxes showed black out silhouettes for the toys coming soon, and I
saw this silhouette and guessed putty due to the clay figure shape

Автор Cyril Moore ( назад)
their cool

Автор the immortal iron fist ( назад)
I think they took the name too seriously

Автор Raghu Seetharaman ( назад)
It will nice to see Zordon as a former power ranger as well as Rita Repulsa
as a former power ranger that went rogue and destroyed her previous

Автор Chris Villegas ( назад)
Is that Miles the Monster from Dover international speedway?

Автор Sean Thomas ( назад)
all these toys are pure lazy dog shit

Автор Jakeus 25 ( назад)
When are we getting a new trailer for power rangers?

Автор justice greene ( назад)
Arguably the originally power rangers t.v. show had some of the best
character designs on television... so.... what is this shit???? every
design i seen so far looks dumb. the rangers suits ar "ok" rita looks like
shit... WE NEED A NEW TRAILER! the toys look like shit... imo...

Автор John Black ( назад)
When I saw the trailer I lost all hope in this movie. Then I looked at the
comments to discover that people were really digging it. I hope I'm wrong,
I really do. I also wanted to be wrong about Fan4stic.

Автор David Mendez ( назад)
did Ashley say Pay?

they look like cavity creeps

and this video was like a mini crash course

Автор ZENDEL Brown ( назад)
March needs to hurry up so we can finally see that what theyve shown us
sofar with these toys is exactly the crap theyre gonna give us on the big
screen cuz the excuses I keep hearing are getting old

Автор CupcakeHero ( назад)
Putty Patrollers have been working out.

Автор MrBKainX ( назад)
It is weird how much news we have been getting from the toys, I hope we get
another trailer soon that shows more action.
That being said I actually really like the Putties upgrade, they seem like
rock golems now and noticeable larger.

Автор TLparkZ ( назад)
I may be late but this beat...I like it

Автор junsky10 ( назад)
I'm looking for this movie.....Might not be great...But I'll probably enjoy

Автор Nolan Flemmings ( назад)
I came for ASHLEY ! and a little power rangers news...

Автор King of Wakanda ( назад)
I hope this movie is good.

Автор Varinder Bhandal ( назад)
I'm I the only who has a feeling that this movie is gonna be the fantastic
four of 2017?

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