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Green Hill Zone Remix - Dj Hexor

Просмотров: 113352
Длительность: 2:57
Комментарии: 58

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Автор Pieskillet2002 ( назад)
@Nikefier Wow, you're a dick..

Автор Nikefier ( назад)
Aww, idc. Recolors are the lowest of the low in terms of mods dude. Didn't
say it didn't.

Автор KidChemic ( назад)
dude I was like 14 when I made this. And I'm pretty sure mod stands for

Автор NaudizCubed ( назад)
I still play this game on gamecube and pc (all legit copies) to this day XD

Автор Nikefier ( назад)
Mods are like the super sonic one, things you can activate in-game. Not
trainers you run alongside. And the chao garden animals and shiz is all in
the fusion chao garden editor XD What a fail. And you can get infinite
rings in like 5 clicks with cheat engine, lolololol. (but thats also in the
fusion chao garden mod too!)

Автор Xenos ( назад)
Can any of these hacks be done using cheat engine?

Автор Aaghaaz Madan ( назад)
How long did it take you make this?

Автор Werley92 ( назад)
wat did u download for all those hacks 

Автор willguitar1000 ( назад)

Автор yairjafet ( назад)
as the song is called 

Автор machoveli ( назад)
um im kinda new at hacking but i hackt sadx sonic to metal sonic not the
robot i used pvm editor and i exported the hand of knuckles and imported it
to all of sonics textures and here we go 

Автор WarGreymon ( назад)
@Kitsuneaku just PM me...I can send this music to you !!!!

Автор TheKeyblade2000 ( назад)
how do u use HSADX

Автор TheKeyblade2000 ( назад)
@dannytheparrot its not Viola is either TADAAA or Walah!

Автор KYLoS ( назад)
hsadx doesnt work,

Автор Loki Scarlet ( назад)
well.... I'm noticing it on chrome but not firefox, and I'm NEVER opening
IE. Either way, it's Google screwing up.

Автор Nighthazel ( назад)
for who cant do this download it then go to system folder and put the file

Автор XTheDarknessOfLightX ( назад)
how do you get it to work with sadx?

Автор MizoxNG ( назад)
that doesnt even really count as a hack, that's just a retexturing, anyone
can do that as long as they can open a PVM file

Автор Neoshadow66 ( назад)

Автор WarGreymon ( назад)
want that song...here you go download that video and convert it to any
music format you want ! download with save2pc convert with total video con.
i am not adv.ing but it's the best way :D

Автор StarfireDragon ( назад)
yes it is.

Автор Cannibal Cow ( назад)
isnt this an techno version of green hills theme?

Автор coolcrash05 ( назад)
Where did you get the tune, it's mint!

Автор Amer Zalt ( назад)
good ol days,i hate the sonic storybook series and all

Автор coolsmile1234557689 ( назад)
is this the pc version

Автор spiderbyte1337 ( назад)
watch the vid!!!!

Автор Urbanstreetflow Asten ( назад)
Can I get Rings To buy some stuff for my chao ? With this hack ?

Автор redfoxbennaton ( назад)
Bad camera.

Автор neil1c2000 ( назад)
Yeah, but they sorta did that in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and it came out
kinda horrible

Автор redfoxbennaton ( назад)
It would be awesome if they made a full 3-D remake of the Sonic the
hedgehog series 1,2, and 3. With the a slite regression of the art style.

Автор spiderbyte1337 ( назад)
eat my dick

Автор ikujameytreekotreeka (1928 лет назад)
You should make a Manic hack!

Автор Darkspines22 ( назад)
killer music....

Автор greenblur12 ( назад)
Dude my son just wants to download the full version. Do that on your next

Автор alexororro ( назад)
i luv that music =D

Автор SpyxedDemon (1050 лет назад)
omg green hill in the chao gardenXD!! by the way what's song called?? I
know it's a remix of green hill but witch one?

Автор MazzyDoodle ( назад)
whats debug mode

Автор Mike Hemmingway ( назад)
would it be possible to make an entirely new chao garden bsp?

Автор migis senpai ( назад)
wikid awesome. put them all on.

Автор spiderbyte1337 ( назад)
good job!

Автор sonichaqer ( назад)
Next Mod is Marble Zone Garden. Nice job using HEX encoding twice.

Автор MajinVaderXIII ( назад)
what does the metal sonic hack do?

Автор spiderbyte1337 ( назад)
Hmmm. Try on a different PC. I havnt got this error reported at all. Make
sure you are using it right, use the About/Help thingy

Автор spiderbyte1337 ( назад)
yes it does, you have to redownload it. it is at the forums now. When you
download it, you start Sonic then you start the hack

Автор spiderbyte1337 ( назад)
ahhh i just realized i didn't pack in the zip. ill upload separately later

Автор SamVision ( назад)
Where is HSADX?

Автор shadowfan111 ( назад)
thanks thats way cool!

Автор spiderbyte1337 ( назад)
look in the description

Автор n64dude2 ( назад)
where downlaod this?

Автор kickme003 ( назад)

Автор spiderbyte1337 ( назад)
Green Hill zone remix :D look on newgrounds audio portal

Автор kickme003 ( назад)
awesome! btw whats the name of that song?

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