Frank Znidarsic's Theory for Podkletnov Effect

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Richard Feynman once said "It doesn't matter how smart you are, or how brilliant your theory is. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's WRONG!" I'd really like to see if this theory is wrong, but I don't think it is. At least until someone can show me how and why it fails. So far it's only given right answers. You get the Compton wave of the electron, the radii and intensities of spectral emissions, and it explains why everything looked so confusing through the only lenses which 1930s science permitted.

The mathematical achievements of the past century are astounding in retrospect to such a simplified theory of quantum mechanics. Yet the math gives us real answers, and tells us these abstract hyperdimensional modelings was just the speed of light refracting into the electron shell which behaves like a Bose Condensate. The first Bose Condensate wasn't created until 2003, the great scientists never performed experiments with large diameter rotating superconductors, so how could they possibly have known or seen this???

The Original Paper:

A-reconciliation-of-Quantum-Mechanics-and-Special-Relativity: http://www.scribd.com/doc/33043355/A-reconciliation-of-Quantum-Mechanics-and-Special-Relativity

Frank Znidarsic "The Duality of Matter and Waves":

Background and additional info:

Schrodinger and Dirac Equations:

Bose-Einstein Condensate:

Harvard Bose Condensates stop and restart light:

Frank Znidarsic:
"I was part of the NASA team and am in your pictures to prove it. We attempted the experiment twice. In both attempts, we made several large SC disks, but never developed the rotation apparatus to test them."

There are only two NASA published reports from this work:

Static test for a gravitational force coupled to type II YBCO superconductors, LI N. (1) ; NOEVER D. (2) ; ROBERTSON T. (2) ; KOCZOR R. (2) ; BRANTLEY W. (2), Physica. C. Superconductivity, 1997, vol. 281, no2-3, pp. 260-267.

This work was using an industrial gravity measuring device on non-rotating, non-two layer small SC samples. Generally this report was wrong as this device was designed to measure long term (10 of minutes to hrs) gravitational effects. Therefore, any conclusion about the SC gravity effects should not have been published at all using the technique reported. Also, as non-rotating, non-two layer SC samples were used, this report has no bearing on the Podkletnov experiments.

Fabrication of large bulk ceramic superconductor disks for gravity modification experiments and performance of YBCO disks under EM field excitation, Ronald J. Koczor and David A. Noever (NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL), AIAA-1999-2147, AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference and Exhibit, 35th, Los Angeles, CA, June 20-24, 1999.

This was only about fabrication.

Plus two in house reports:

Granular Superconductors and Gravity, Noever, David and Koczor, Ron, NASA no. 19990023209. NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Workshop Proceedings; UNITED STATES; 1999.

This is the same as the first one above.

Superconductor-Mediated Modification of Gravity? AC Motor Experiments with Bulk YBCO Disks in Rotating Magnetic Fields, Noever, David A, Koczor, Ronald J and Roberson, Rick, NASA no. 19990019627.

A non-two layer SC sample was used. Therefore, this report has no bearing on the Podkletnov experiments.

Exploration of anomalous gravity effects by magnetized high-Tc superconducting oxides, Glen A. Robertson, Ron Litchford, Bryan Thompson and Randall Peters, AIAA 2001-3364.

ed these effects:

As far as Tajmar and the ESA replications:
Their first report denied the effect:

However they later came out and confirmed the tests:

I just uploaded the Excel Spreadsheet with the radii, I am going to go through and do the intensities of spectral emissions next but check these out for now if you're interested:

Here is an interesting .PDF by Boeing on their research into Gravity:

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Автор Jap2485 ( назад)
it is amazing the amount of dickhead scientists that are allowed to voice
their opinion into the public eye, this needs to stop. I personally think
once you become a scientist you shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the
public domain accept schools/ universities keep them away from tv, and
literature that goes out to the public because they should all be working
towards a greater good not arguing the toss about who's right and wrong,
you don't know everything and half the time science is wrong doesn't that
tell you as a scientist that there might be something new to learn.

Автор Yoga Ashram ( назад)
You make a lot of assumptions about what gravity and photons are. When they
say there is an 'n' percent chance an electron may be anywhere in the
universe, it does not mean the electron can magically appear somewhere
without having been subjected to forces that got it there. An electron can
only be where it got to naturally, in one place at a time. In a wire with
current flowing in it, which atom is entrained to which electrons? Which
electrons to each other?

Автор Hhydrogen4Power ( назад)
Love this shit

Автор Paul Winger ( назад)
A little help! I clicked on your Alien Scientist link above and got
nothing. Something must be wrong with my computer....AGAIN!

Автор misa lazovic ( назад)
this is just awesome , alien scientist you rule dude!!! i have an idea
forming in my mind already. i forgot i saw this!

Автор Mark CreekWater ( назад)
awe-some descriptions !! 

Автор Andrew Palfreyman ( назад)
This is what happens when hairdressers talk about physics

Автор ThalesPo ( назад)
This is according to string theory, which I think is wrong. But you
misunderstood me; The guy from the video said that light is purely a wave,
but it behaves in the same way as all the other particles in the double
slit experiment; So, if light is purely a wave, all the other particles are
too. Photons pass thru the double slit as a wave and are detected on the
screen behind it as particles, and so do electrons, atoms and all the other

Автор Ratlerzz Azeroth ( назад)
Strings, vibrating strings to be more precisely, but strings of what?

Автор ThalesPo ( назад)
So light is purely a wave? Is there something that is not purely a wave
then? How about the electron or an atom?

Автор PG Gurung ( назад)
Even if there is an antigravity effect, I struggle to see the application.
One can have the antigravity object hovering but energy is still needed for
any useful work. Bit like the hanging bricks in the world of Mario.

Автор doceigen ( назад)
This video continues the YouTube tradition of meme mythological induction,
that number one educated scientists are blind idiots and that number two,
the vernacular of science and technology can be reckoned upon like a
magical incantation, and by simply saying out loud a string of terms and
relationships as a possible recipe, that the mantra will self fulfill for
the true initiates, and the truth will enlighten and set you free.

Автор 360gamingfreak ( назад)
If you can reverse the effects of gravity does that not mean you can create
a gravity field too making a sphere space ship ideal for space travel?

Автор Benjamin Stone ( назад)
"the capacitance of the known Universe...".... right.

Автор MTRE ( назад)
I was there ... I was there and can't to return back the last word of a

Автор Fenix Borges ( назад)
Parabéns a esses magníficos gênios das inovações vocês nos surpreendem, e
todos gostam de coisas curiosas que chamam a atenção.

Автор 1emanres ( назад)
cont'd...This is because the speed limit on light is a feature of space
itself and space itself changes in the presence of the things that generate
space, namely matter,energy,mass,etc.The speed of light is not 186,000
miles per second.Rather,it is infinite,with spacial distortions making it
seem finite..Wrapped around any object approaching that speed is a tightly
distorted cocoon of space and time and distorted matter and energy.Likewise
from ITs point of view the"moving"cosmos. Voila!

Автор 1emanres ( назад)
cont'd...Later in life I came upon a man who was an impersonator,the head
of a university physics department.For a long time he had provided up to
date nuclear technology to the Soviet Union while being blackmailed for his
homosexuality. He came clean once he got old enough to retire and knew the
Soviets would dismember him like he had been dismembering children for the
Soviets. Child murder is a way scammers are controlled sexually...cont'd.

Автор myblackdaddy1 ( назад)
Can you repeat this again, i missed something.

Автор Archie Bunker ( назад)

Автор discopoe ( назад)
"...almost ignored by mainstream sicience". True dude, because it's monkey

Автор Magnetic Man ( назад)
phonons ... can you describe the sound concept further ... is it the
frequency of matter? ... in the beginning there was the word of god ... is
this the universal sound ... phonons? ... maybe we didnt have a "big bang"
it would be more like a big BOOM :o)

Автор Magnetic Man ( назад)
lmao ... thats a good one :o)

Автор BigHuggyBear1 ( назад)
The apparent loss of mass/weight of an object above a spinning
superconductor was reported by both finnish and Russian scientists in the
late 90's and was investigated by NASA but without being able to reproduce
the same results. Its not that science is ignoring results of other
experiments, but just like the faster than light neutrino claim last year
at CERN inevitably its errors that explain the apparent contradiction to
current theories. NASA is testing gravity theories all the time...

Автор stephen green ( назад)
Science has been ignoring experiments that prove that our current view of
space is wrong, is this why we really don't understand gravity?

Автор jozsef orgovan ( назад)
why are you in a hurry? jumping here and there? pictures shows only for a
second. are you nerves? it is not enjoyable at all. sorry

Автор ketfoen ( назад)
I skipped that day when the professor was explaining this, no wonder I
didn't get it.

Автор onimotoko ( назад)
Alright, I'm stupid. I didn't understand a word of this >_<

Автор danielerickson137 ( назад)
I like the question, "Where does the photon come from? " When energy is
applied to say iron for example at some point it turns red hot then white
and eventually it becomes a bright plasma. Are the photons locked inside
the FE atom and released when it is in a high enough energy state? The
gravity question as you mention, is related to the source of the photon
from matter.

Автор Phil X ( назад)
The energy of a photon is relatively constant, therefore it has a
relatively constant energy. The intensity of the gravity field is VARIABLE,
and can be greater than the energy of a photon,thus black holes can trap or
pull the light inwards in space; and quasars emit light, and most likely
are the most intense anti-gravitational emitters in the universe.
Therefore, I wanted to talk about quasars because knowing how a quasar
works would be the basis for an anti-gravitational model.

Автор Phil X ( назад)
2-nd part Altough gravity research is relatively new to physics, it does
have a few characteristics: Intensity, and phase. Antigravity is
counteracting the gravity field of an object/s with a generated equal or
greater intensity field that results in a nullification of that
gravitational field,and that has been observed in quasars. 3-rd part below:

Автор Phil X ( назад)
I think gravity is a primordial state of an "energy void". I say "energy
void" ,because it is emitted spherically and it does not have electrical or
spectral characteristics, and is directly related to the relative mass of
the emitter. --- It is also not related to the electrical charge of the
emitter, thus making me say that it's probably caused by neutrons, who
generate it as a subspace wave(at relativistic speed) 2-nd part below:

Автор Brandon Garewal ( назад)
How much would a $10 word be worth now that we know the planet is round
(calculating inflation of course)? Thank you for the vid. I understood just
about half of it but what I didn't I was able to pause and go look up.
Podkletnov and Modanese, the ultraviolet catastrophe and the Copenhagen
interpretation. These are all just pieces to a gigantic puzzle. Regarding
the magnetic fluid, can it be simply ferromagnetic fluid?

Автор Brandon Garewal ( назад)
Do you expect the video to pause long enough for most people to read and
comprehend it all?

Автор madmadmal ( назад)
"..gravitational fields that bind the (atomic) nucleus slip out of
alignment..." What happened to weak nuclear and strong nuclear? When did
gravity become measurable on the quantum scale?

Автор BigHuggyBear1 ( назад)
How about "the physics of the idon vector matrix wave operator"..... haha
mebees not!...

Автор executableapplet ( назад)
I think the topic of antigravity is only suggested because it would attract
a much more curious audience to hear the throughput of this otherwise
stranger hypothesis. What exactly would you call this video in its stead?
"Theoretical Sub-atomic Propulsion?" I don't think that title would be
nearly as attractive here. :)

Автор Patrick McKinney ( назад)
Most people don't work for NASA or easa or scientists at all. When science
becomes cool is when laymen understand it. Do you sell a dictionary for all
those $10 words? So either this is really something or its a load of crap.
If you need $ to make something ground breaking, or rather interstellar ,
try speaking plainly. I have never met a millionaire who talks like that.
And I know quite a few.

Автор ArttalentsCom ( назад)
If you are as cocksure as the speed and tone of your voice, why don´t you
just create the craft within a fortnight? May reality be with you and the

Автор MEGA F4IL ( назад)
I wonder how easy it would be able to do things like this if we did things
the way how Nikola Tesla would do it.

Автор Jack Davids ( назад)
What a nerd

Автор doh1959 ( назад)
i listened to this drinking a beer and didnt understand a fukin word of it
but sorta convinced meself i learnt something

Автор Thomas Lewis ( назад)
I'm a skeptic about UFO 's and what they might be,but whats interesting,if
you read some of the ufo reports,sometimes the observer will mention
something that could be a affect of antigravity or a device that repulses
gravity.Granted 99 percent are other natural or man made,hoaxes.

Автор Avenida Gez ( назад)
the geometry of a sphere which would be a rotation of a circle. Just figure
a point traveling along a path which describes a sphere, imagine that path
and it is not a circle, not even possible as circle. That equation will
give the tangent points which lead you to understand the spin and magentic
poles of the atom, so the normal point to changes in diamater due to the
energy wves. The projection of the path must sync the light wave lenght and
frequency to become a photon because they are nodes

Автор Avenida Gez ( назад)
Why there is no study about the linearity of spheres? That would explain
many things about this behaviour, starting by the spin. All give
explanations but nobody has given that equation which is the key between
matter and energy. You have said "Until now the math treatment on such
quantum systems as relied on abstract mathematical notations which try to
explain the observable rather than explain the actual phenomena that is
producing them" Do not confuse with the geometry of a sphere which

Автор Itsmeeman1 ( назад)
Seems like Stan Meyer used a form of high frequency oscillation of
electro-magnetic waves to fracture water, making it both impressive and

Автор Rich Colburn ( назад)
conservation of energy does not eliminate the possibility of generating an
equal amount of dark energy.

Автор Roberto Paredes ( назад)

Автор BigHuggyBear1 ( назад)
This is not the physics of antigravity, rather a complex explanation of
conversion of a quantum resonance into a propulsive force. Gravity is how
we describe the mutually attractive force between 2 or more energy/masses
as a space time distortion. To achieve antigravity we first need to
establish gravitons exist as per the standard model, and then determine if
the antiparticle ( wave) actually exists, somehow I doubt it!....

Автор pineapplepenumbra ( назад)
Many years ago one of my cats fell into a bath and did, indeed, appear to
levitate, with all 4 legs just stretched out and stiff. She bounced 3 times
down the bath, as if on springs, before somehow leaping out. Luckily, the
water wasn't hot and I wasn't close enough to get clawed.

Автор Cyberdactyl ( назад)
Techno-jargon and bunch of quick flashing pics of equations has yet to
produce any verifiable results. The ONLY thing this video DOES suggest is
the true state of education of the masses, seeing how it has ~96% thumbs up.

Автор xEnder686x ( назад)
Awesome vid! Once again I find myself up until 5am watching this stuff,
haha time to sleep. No longer processing information fully. Website is ugly
though haha Sorry, I'm a designer, I couldn't help it xD

Автор Spongebob Squarepants ( назад)
Oh wait I thought it just a normal nose bleeding topic, but ohh more than
that... Im now in a hemorrhage...

Автор Jimmy Hart ( назад)
It's so arousing, I can get it up:)

Автор Vedran susic ( назад)
and book is called?

Автор arsenioan ( назад)
how its called , the book ?

Автор arsenioan ( назад)
and now in german pls ...

Автор MrRussCornell ( назад)
This is like using Sound waves to move or change or combined atom
structures forms to larger & smaller sizes of matter. Not much energy comes
from this unless you are using Matter & antimatter to make more energy
output through magnetics.

Автор Mintfriction ( назад)
Well is quite obvious why other materials can't defy gravity. Law of lame:
they're not super cool as superconductors

Автор An artist theory on the physics of 'Time' as a physical process. Quantum Atom Theory ( назад)
Could gravitational potential and electrical potential be linked together?
They both use the inverse square law! In this theory gravity is a secondary
force to the EM force. Objects just free-fall towards the greatest energy
because it has the greatest time dilation! In this theory ‘time’ is an
emergent property formed by each new photon oscillation of vibration. By
the way this is an invitation to see an artist theory of the physics of
‘time’ as a physical process!

Автор AgentPsychopath ( назад)
What's the name of the book?

Автор MrDopekid7 ( назад)
36cp¤ x 1pd x Speed of light₩ x density= ₩~£ .....

Автор Hei Bao ( назад)
It seems like you wouldn't need to supercool a material if you had another
way of arranging the atomic structure. Magnets do this, so it seems there
could be a simpler way of achieving this behavior.

Автор Roberto Paredes ( назад)

Автор Hans Aplast ( назад)
Two ring magnets (e.g. two ring coils with pulsed coflow) and a disk
between. Finding the right frequency will be tricky.

Автор Hans Aplast ( назад)
Nice but it's even simpler. ^^

Автор Del Bradley ( назад)
lol good one :)

Автор raymond revenke ( назад)
.. i want to know the materials needed for that anti gravity device..

Автор XtriceZ8917 ( назад)
I'm reading a book about anti-gravity. I can't put it down.

Автор cadkls ( назад)
I didn't understand anything except the excessive use of the word photon.

Автор cadkls ( назад)
His spelling is perfect actually.

Автор Daniel Whipple ( назад)
You want to fly? take this, Osmium "it's an element" match it's natural
resonance and then give it a magnetic field that cancels that resonance.
find that frequency modulation and you shall fly. Separate the units so
they radiate in tandem. so it's not so jerky... I hope it makes sense. ;0)

Автор Daniel Whipple ( назад)
Osmium would be the element....

Автор Daniel Whipple ( назад)
harmonics and magnetism learn to match the two on the atomic level. An odd
numbered atom. "electron count" the extra electron is driven by the tandem
fluctuating magnetic and harmonic frequency matching the freed electron.
What's the densest element available to mankind? harmagnetise "the 3
frequencies" have to match in tandem. That freed electron. Then you shall

Автор Tim Teatro ( назад)
So... you can't post more than one video? I call you to task: make a series
of videos, starting from the fundamental principles. This should be easy,
if it does indeed require only highschool linalg. Assume nothing that would
not be known to a high school physics student. I can do this with what I
know. I can take a student from highschool through Mech., Elec. and Mag.,
Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mech., Stat Mech., Quantum Mech., and even some
field theory. Now you try.

Автор Jon Jacoby ( назад)
For a practical demonstration of anti gravity take Schrodingers cat and try
to put it in water. If the cat is dead it will immerse quietly into the
water. However the live cat will activate the"ball of claws" effect and
levitate its self from the water via your arm.

Автор José Manuel Romero Lara ( назад)
simply great. dont waste time guys , rush to this site and get ur ipad3 or
iphone as per ur choice. i am telling you, make sure you tell the address
and email properly to send the giftbox. rush it here :

Автор Mr. Weathers ( назад)
I was just trying to explain that the word "theory" means something
different in a scientific context than in typical language. If you're not
convinced that general relativity is "true", good. I encourage you to read
about it, and try to find a way to prove it wrong (good luck, there has
never been documented such an observation). Otherwise, your airmchair
physics ramblings are just that. You have no firm evidence for your claim
(doesn't mean its wrong). try to back it up. science is fun!

Автор EvilFlanker ( назад)
Continued : For example there are negatives for every positive observable
in nature, the fact we have not observed this does not mean it's untrue,
just unproved or unprovable.

Автор Mr. Weathers ( назад)
"all we have is a theory" is a misleading way to say that. by virtue of
being a theory, general relativity (gravity) has withstood the repeated
test of experiment. The wiki page for "Tests of general relativity"
exhibits many good tests of the theory. there is no theoretical or
experimental suggestion of a "negative gravitational charge", (even
antimatter has positive mass) but quantum chromodynamics (strong nuclear
force) has 6 charges!

Автор EvilFlanker ( назад)
Funny, I was of the understanding that all we have is theory about gravity,
So your saying it's not feasible you could have negative gravity or even
various strengths of gravity, or are you just disagreeing with the one word
'Field' which if this is the case, your missing the point entirely.

Автор Mike Cavanaugh ( назад)
WHAT are you view points on CORAL CASTLE in Homestead Florida? Ed L??
thanks man and i appreciate your work

Автор Jason Alvarez ( назад)
1:09 there are no quantum physics equation in the paper

Автор Endospirit Stonepath ( назад)
unless your tony stark lol

Автор Peter LaCombe ( назад)

Автор Mr. Weathers ( назад)
unfortunately its not. Gravity, as we know it, is not actually a "field" in
the classical sense. Its a curvature in space time. the idea is that
objects always "fall" in "straight" lines, but energy density (usually
mass) curves what those straight lines are and we see that as a
gravitational acceleration.

Автор Mr. Weathers ( назад)
I didn't finish reading it. Mostly because it was written quite poorly and
its getting late. This guy is trying to unify EM with grav using highschool
physics. At the end he has a couple cool motor designs, but does not
provide any new insight to gravity (except that he hasnt heard of general
relativity) "looking in textbooks all you find about gravity is the
statement that it is an attraction between bodies and varies as the mass
and separation". What textbooks did he look in?

Автор Mr. Weathers ( назад)
The author tries to describe gravity as of electromagnetic origin and back
it up with a strange "wave-mixing" argument that isn't fully explained. He
seems to claim that the mangetosphere is a result of earth's gravity. Also,
the author seems to suggest that the gravitational acceleration at the
center of a planet depends on the thickness of the crust. its a simple
calculation to show that a spherical ball always has zero gravitational
acceleration at the center. . . Seems to be bullshit

Автор Choice777 ( назад)
have you read these papers from boeing in the description ? they're the
last two links. have a look at them and see if it makes sense..specially
the seconds part, near the end.

Автор Choice777 ( назад)
tell us more.

Автор Choice777 ( назад)
that's what tin foil hats are for :)

Автор cinematic35 ( назад)
The mark of a genius is to take something complicated and make it simple.
All things can be simplified. Antigravity is technically rectified
beam-field propulsion. Antigravity must be achieved by using a portable
particle accelerator in the form of a gravity amplifier. Our present
science constructs are not advanced enough in particle beam physics or
cyclomagnetic induction to make a portable prototype that could be
installed in a vehicle. We have at least 3 centuries to go yet for that!

Автор EvilFlanker ( назад)
Being a field, I would supposed its the same as a magnetic field, one
positive and one negative, you could also imagine various strengths of the

Автор WanderAbroad ( назад)
Actually he did, he gave me a missing key I was looking for. Often the
problem is not because we cant find an answer... it's because we are asking
the wrong question. I asked a question and he answered it. (This is not
meant as an "in your face" comment) I simply am trying to say that thinking
and doing extra work outside the classroom taught boundaries is an absolute

Автор hipgnosisninetythree ( назад)
So R u talking about the discovery of quantum locking?

Автор Joe Morello ( назад)
One item left out of this equation is the electricity of the human brain.
If one builds a craft that uses an Anit-Gravity device, such as, Einstein's
Photo Electric Effect and Electromagnetic energy, how does it effect the
electricity of the human brain? : )

Автор hedwegg ( назад)
What's it all about? 1. Instead of equal & opposite go to contour & form as
in continuity & motion. 2. This does away with the strong delusion of force
as energy. 3. force is friction, resistance. It's violent & aggressive -
(heat turned against itself) - no matter how you try to cover it up
(dampen, etc.). It works. hmm, All for being sober, sane & alert, All for a
clear, rational & reasonable mind. Jamieson PS. Do you have your concepts &
mathematical thoughts & art works in a book form?

Автор jim bo ( назад)
Think about this: at one point in time, every piece of matter in the known
universe existed as microwave radiation.

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