Frank Znidarsic's Theory for Podkletnov Effect

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Richard Feynman once said "It doesn't matter how smart you are, or how brilliant your theory is. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's WRONG!" I'd really like to see if this theory is wrong, but I don't think it is. At least until someone can show me how and why it fails. So far it's only given right answers. You get the Compton wave of the electron, the radii and intensities of spectral emissions, and it explains why everything looked so confusing through the only lenses which 1930s science permitted.

The mathematical achievements of the past century are astounding in retrospect to such a simplified theory of quantum mechanics. Yet the math gives us real answers, and tells us these abstract hyperdimensional modelings was just the speed of light refracting into the electron shell which behaves like a Bose Condensate. The first Bose Condensate wasn't created until 2003, the great scientists never performed experiments with large diameter rotating superconductors, so how could they possibly have known or seen this???

The Original Paper:

A-reconciliation-of-Quantum-Mechanics-and-Special-Relativity: http://www.scribd.com/doc/33043355/A-reconciliation-of-Quantum-Mechanics-and-Special-Relativity

Frank Znidarsic "The Duality of Matter and Waves":

Background and additional info:

Schrodinger and Dirac Equations:

Bose-Einstein Condensate:

Harvard Bose Condensates stop and restart light:

Frank Znidarsic:
"I was part of the NASA team and am in your pictures to prove it. We attempted the experiment twice. In both attempts, we made several large SC disks, but never developed the rotation apparatus to test them."

There are only two NASA published reports from this work:

Static test for a gravitational force coupled to type II YBCO superconductors, LI N. (1) ; NOEVER D. (2) ; ROBERTSON T. (2) ; KOCZOR R. (2) ; BRANTLEY W. (2), Physica. C. Superconductivity, 1997, vol. 281, no2-3, pp. 260-267.

This work was using an industrial gravity measuring device on non-rotating, non-two layer small SC samples. Generally this report was wrong as this device was designed to measure long term (10 of minutes to hrs) gravitational effects. Therefore, any conclusion about the SC gravity effects should not have been published at all using the technique reported. Also, as non-rotating, non-two layer SC samples were used, this report has no bearing on the Podkletnov experiments.

Fabrication of large bulk ceramic superconductor disks for gravity modification experiments and performance of YBCO disks under EM field excitation, Ronald J. Koczor and David A. Noever (NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL), AIAA-1999-2147, AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference and Exhibit, 35th, Los Angeles, CA, June 20-24, 1999.

This was only about fabrication.

Plus two in house reports:

Granular Superconductors and Gravity, Noever, David and Koczor, Ron, NASA no. 19990023209. NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Workshop Proceedings; UNITED STATES; 1999.

This is the same as the first one above.

Superconductor-Mediated Modification of Gravity? AC Motor Experiments with Bulk YBCO Disks in Rotating Magnetic Fields, Noever, David A, Koczor, Ronald J and Roberson, Rick, NASA no. 19990019627.

A non-two layer SC sample was used. Therefore, this report has no bearing on the Podkletnov experiments.

Exploration of anomalous gravity effects by magnetized high-Tc superconducting oxides, Glen A. Robertson, Ron Litchford, Bryan Thompson and Randall Peters, AIAA 2001-3364.

ed these effects:

As far as Tajmar and the ESA replications:
Their first report denied the effect:

However they later came out and confirmed the tests:

I just uploaded the Excel Spreadsheet with the radii, I am going to go through and do the intensities of spectral emissions next but check these out for now if you're interested:

Here is an interesting .PDF by Boeing on their research into Gravity:

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Автор ChrisGotSkillzz (6 месяцев)
There's still alot to discover when it comes to the physics of gravity, but
I believe it will the way forward in the future, I think ancient
civilisations were more clever than we think, they understood alot more
about the planet than we do now, the incredible things they did can't even
be fully explained today and I think they used their own techniques of
anti-gravity devices, when you think of the possibilites if we unlock the
secrets of anti-gravity, it would change the world; maybe building an
anti-gravity aircraft and using the earth's gravity as a means to travel
would result in the speed of light becoming possible and therefore

Автор Randall Snyder, Jr. (2 месяца)

Автор J.C. Daniels (2 месяца)
I don't think we will truly master gravity my belief is that we will learn
to cooperate with it. Like a stone skipping across a pond we will learn how
to do the same with gravity waves. Skipping across the cosmos in tremendous
surges of velocity kinda like a Gravity Jump Drive.
Along that learning path may lay other discoveries possibly faster and more
efficient who knows.
It's fun to Imagine isn't it. =)

Автор ne1cup (6 месяцев)
very good video... I only understood half of it...thanks

Автор Urs Schweizer (1 год)

Автор Milton Menjivar (2 месяца)

Автор ROGER RABBIT (8 месяцев)
hmmm... @ 7.53 he states that "the speed of light changes..." - how can
the speed of light change? If it slows down then it is no longer 'the speed
of light' and similarly, should you miraculously manage to speed it up it
wouls also not be 'the speed of light.' It would, for all intense and
purposes not be the speed of light but something else??

Автор Marios Damoulianos (6 дней)
From all the commentators over here, I doubt there is a single one who
truly understands the mathematics behind all this.

Автор David Craig (5 месяцев)
Ball lightning defies gravity without knowing Planck's constant or any
physics knowledge at all. Get a clue. 

Автор Christian Simard (2 месяца)
this sounds strangely similar to the "Searl Effect" any relation in the
basic principles ? 

Автор Miguel De Zayas (4 месяца)
It all sounds good and a lot of effort was put to the production of this
video but let's go to the point:
This russian guy "discover the effect of levitation while working on
superconductivity when the smoke from a cigar was floatting on top of the
sc disk. That happened back in the nineties for God sake! Where are the
flying souccers made in Finland or Russia for that matter?!!!
That is all smoke and theories made for the fouls... Show me a closed
system without linkage to the surface: no magnetic, no speakers! An object
trully going up without being influenced by anything then! I will accept
the use of antigravity... for the time being you are only allowed to use
magnetic, superconductive or eddy currents induced levitation. Thanks.

Автор misa lazovic (3 месяца)
you sound like you know your shit, awesome!

Автор John Doe (5 месяцев)
We are all victims of gravity 

Автор Anna J (4 месяца)
I love you!!!

Автор Brendan Townsend (7 месяцев)
Yet again we see mathematics explain observable effects hitherto
unexplained, but STILL no explanation of what a photon 'is' other than a
"wave". Well, we observe waves as cyclic events in a period of time, but
that's time in the observer's fixed frame of reference. However, consider
the elusive photon as a quantum of TIME and this could explain the
energistic transfer from the change in orbital electrons to free space (AKA
photon emission). Then, a whole new picture emerges... *Gravity is the
product of time dilation*, and to alter the effective mass under
gravitational influence requires a shift in the time domain relative to
that creating the gravitational force. THEN you can go on to unify gravity
with inertia (time dilation of a moving body as the medium of energy
transfer), and could explain why inexplicable craft counter the effects of
G-forces under sudden acceleration or shift in trajectory. Magnetic fields
are also the result of aligned orbital electrons, the united effects of
which create a 'time vortex' which explains the polar property that
magnetic fields possess. We need UNIFICATION before we can properly
consider how the universe hangs together and break free of focusing on
merely the effects we observe and can mathematically predict.

Автор Pete Vatistas (1 месяц)
If you back the astrological and tectonic plate clocks back to about 118
thousand years ago, all of those "vent shafts" perfectly line up with the
non-circumpolar stars. The TRULY ancient civilization was one that existed
LONG before the Egyptians VANDALIZED the pyramids. It was another age of
humans that saw their demise, and wanted to build something for our current
age of people to show us that they existed... And they were VERY advanced.
Maybe even had vehicles and computers! Read the book "Fingerprints of the
Gods" by Graham Hancock. You will be convinced.

Автор SrmthfgRockLee (7 месяцев)
"May the force be with you!"

Автор Nivaldo Cesar (7 месяцев)

Автор Jeremy Rys (5 месяцев)
Planck's Constant is a fly in the soup of Quantum theory... Glad you found
a fundamental meaning for it Frank. So strange that when you calculate the
spring velocity of an electron-proton 1D Coulomb attraction, and take the
ratio of that velocity to the speed of light you get the Fine Structure
constant... Maybe that's just a coincidence, or maybe it actually means

Автор DINO FOURKAS (5 месяцев)
Will the photon release occur at the same state as to get closer to a black
hole,and your so called super fluid has almost the same atomic structure
similar to mercury just add 2 atoms to make it a little more dence

Автор Gerard Jerry Garramone (4 месяца)
hey people check this out

Автор nimitzopsoi (7 месяцев)

Автор Spartan League (3 месяца)
STOP!!!!!!!!!!!! Your reading of a script is completely confusing. Maybe
you intend to confuse anyone who watched your videos. Creating a video
is a means of communication, your job is to do the communication so the
audience can understand your message. All your videos are scripts which
you read at great velocity.
STOP!!!!!!!! your reading of scripts and actually communicate your
message, slowly, concisely, and completely. Otherwise stop posting any
videos on this video site.
As a former independent technology film producer, I went thur what your are
having difficulty with. People turn off, and run away from your
messages. Does not matter what your message is, if you do not slow down
and talk, (not read) in your messages, no body will even listen. . 

Автор tristansdew (5 месяцев)
thanks for posting this video !

Автор Reconnective Healing (2 месяца)
great vid, thanks, will go through it again. =) would be helpful to slow
down the image speed - too fast to follow, really. great content

Автор Louis Snipe (4 месяца)
-_- just put it on my skateboard already.

Автор TheProfiler (5 месяцев)


Автор Ronald Patrick Marriott (6 месяцев)
Mantle dynamics produces dark energy that allows this to happen

Автор Robert Martin (3 месяца)
Brilliant. Now I have to watch again stopping the video every few seconds
in order to digest the finer points. 

Автор Jason Johnson (8 месяцев)
I thought this video was incredibly fascinating, however, does this theory
include an explanation for the Quantum Entanglement state and the act of
observation on an electron producing two separate results based on the
actions of the observer(ie. the Two Slit Experiment)

Автор Wilmer Hernandez (2 года)
Explanation seems very convincing

Автор Imma Leada (1 год)
If we are so desperate for another source of fuel, why not this?

Автор Darrell May (1 год)
For you math technicians,Here you go follow this for your

Автор Daniel Roberts (8 месяцев)
Here is a video that explains quantum locking, which is a real phenomenon.

Sorry guys, this video is a bunch of BS and consists of lies mixed in with
the truth. There are many things wrong with it. Do you want to explain
how empty space has a capacitance AlienScientist?

Автор DINO FOURKAS (5 месяцев)
You half to shoot 12 lasers in front of your space ship concentrate them at
a point in space and creat a small black whole in front of you shrip and
keep it there while you move through space then to stop do the same behind
you very simple do the math and publish it but don't metion my name

Автор inagod (7 месяцев)
gravity is pushing us down,through the bending of space time right ?.So
even though it is a very weak force pushing us and everything down,you
would have to some how alter space time to control the effect of it and
that would require incredible amounts of energy.Do I make any sense or I'm
I way off base ?.Thanks

Автор mithras1001 (4 месяца)
alien scientist...... just one question and i hope its not too personal.
Where do you work and what is your profession?

Автор Geoffrey Hillend (7 месяцев)
Phonons are not sound waves; sound waves in matter are traverse waves like
light though. Phonons photons or wave packets in matter. The Compton
effect explains Einstein's photo electric effect and is due to the fact
light is a particle or wave packet which knocks out electrons from a
material. Also the double slit experiment proves that light is both a wave
and a particle because individual photons fired one at a time at the double
slit still cause an interference pattern due to the fact that every light
particle is a probability wave.

Автор Sergio Gural (3 месяца)
Very Low screen.

Автор Adolfo Rios-Pita Giurfa (6 месяцев)

Автор Ian Bradley (1 год)
This may take some watching, but the concept and the possible applications
of the subject matter, makes the effort taken to view and understand this
short film, well worth while!

Автор Geoffrey Hillend (7 месяцев)
Phonons are wave packets in mater like individual particles or photons. An
individual photon goes through both slits at the same time since the
Feynman sum over the histories proves that one photon follows all possible
paths simultaneously. See Grand Design, Hawkiing, and The Quantum world;

Автор J.C. Daniels (2 месяца)
I don't think we will truly master gravity my belief is that we will learn
to cooperate with it. Like a stone skipping across a pond we will learn how
to do the same with gravity waves. Skipping across the cosmos in tremendous
surges of velocity kinda like a Gravity Jump Drive.
Along that learning path may lay other discoveries possibly faster and more
efficient who knows.
It's fun to Imagine isn't it. =)

Автор doltBmB (2 месяца)
Total nonsense through and through. Try using words that mean something in
sentence structures that create additional meaning. You also cannot dismiss
experiments because they violate a law, since a law is only a law in so far
as it is not contradicted by experiment. You are putting the bathwater
before the baby.

Автор EP Emsley (4 месяца)
Free space impedance: Z(f) = (μ0ε0)^1/2 = 376.73Ω

Автор Robert Galletta (7 месяцев)
I am not sure but could this effect help the Quantum Computer guys ?

Автор 57kgViking (10 месяцев)
What is it called? :)

Автор Magnetic Man (10 месяцев)
phonons ... can you describe the sound concept further ... is it the
frequency of matter? ... in the beginning there was the word of god ... is
this the universal sound ... phonons? ... maybe we didnt have a "big bang"
it would be more like a big BOOM :o)

Автор arsenioan (11 месяцев)
and now in german pls ...

Автор ketfoen (10 месяцев)
I skipped that day when the professor was explaining this, no wonder I
didn't get it.

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