Minecraft Xbox - Legend Of The Holy Grail - Cranberry [2]

Hello everybody and welcome to a adventure map with my good friend mister stampylongnose! Today we are playing an adventure map on the 'Legend Of The Holy Grail', this amazing map is made by mutant marine!

Map Download - http://mcdn360.com/legend-of-the-holy-grail-download/

Mutant Marine - http://www.youtube.com/user/MutantMarine1

Squiddy T-Shirts - http://iballisticsquid.spreadshirt.co.uk/

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Автор Marvin soliman ( назад)

Автор Nada Jemmal ( назад)
where did those wolves come from?

Автор Rylie Wilson-Hart ( назад)
and yeah peace out

Автор Rylie Wilson-Hart ( назад)
dubbery bery forest ha so funny you clever squid and silly cat

Автор Maisie L ( назад)
Dubbery forest

Автор Milkshake moo Moo ( назад)
But your dog stampy

Автор Karen Reinbacher ( назад)
It's church not school

Автор Menchu Nonato ( назад)
where Are ur diamond sword squid

Автор Marl on do Taylor's ( назад)

Автор Marl on do Taylor's ( назад)
many. lol. poo. you

Автор TeaCupPig 464 ( назад)
I read as I walk... 😦 lol

Автор Da Gamin Dorito54 ( назад)

Автор Roxanne Solari ( назад)
Nice Niall

Автор Liam Christensen ( назад)
ha ha ha

Автор Randy Winn ( назад)

Автор Jasmyn Burkhart ( назад)
it was saposto say winter

Автор Matthew Passano ( назад)
Stampy I like your videos And I will be on YouTub too

Автор Bethy Adams ( назад)
Squid creeper catch!

Автор Christopher Cole ( назад)
seriously Weener

Автор Millie Glen ( назад)
that creeper came out of nowhere

Автор Slayer Gamer ( назад)
what do you record with

Автор Clayton Thomas ( назад)

Автор Cookie Crumb123 ( назад)
That terrified me!

Автор Dan Reimer ( назад)
Dubbery forest!!!!!!!!!!😛🙃🏆🍔🧀☃🍉

Автор Donna Turner ( назад)

Автор filip does anything ( назад)
Why did you not catch the creeper

Автор Danny Thomas ( назад)

Автор Junior Bahena ( назад)
I love your videos

Автор kayleigh edwards ( назад)
Squid paintings change tips do you get it

Автор kayleigh edwards ( назад)
Squid paintings change tips do you get it

Автор David Spitznas ( назад)

Автор Ben Hinojosa ( назад)

Автор Tais Brown ( назад)
my god the creeper

Автор Blaze David Soy ( назад)
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa crepe

Автор Israe Ram ( назад)
I am 7 years old

Автор Master cheif ( назад)
stampy is a MAN not a man

Автор Bradley Watkins ( назад)
12 and 3

Автор Andy Talbot ( назад)



Автор Andy Talbot ( назад)

Автор Drinking orb 91 ( назад)
I'm seven

Автор Liam Webster ( назад)
2edx the Uedeffffff3K, I am not a good 3rd of and the rest of the most
popular games and

Автор Lou Ngo ( назад)
that crepper!!!!!!

Автор Luca Mullins ( назад)

Автор Kaci-jade Cole ( назад)
Go to library in do very forist

Автор Leyah Davies ( назад)
stampy is a man man man man YAY

Автор Millie Cooper1 ( назад)
At 6:13 stamps gamertag said gnose on squids view

Автор Wolfie ( назад)
Awesome videos

Автор Tonia Edozie ( назад)

Автор Keira Hayer ( назад)
Amagine if you had a baby dog that would be so cute

Автор cococookie xoxox ( назад)
hahaha the CREPPER!!!!!

Автор cococookie xoxox ( назад)
hahaha the CREPPER!!!!!

Автор Heidi Leggett ( назад)
They are calling their dogs in the the wrong order it should be stampy then
squid du_berry

Автор Kiyra Holland ( назад)
U 2 are so funny about the creeper and the library

Автор Connor Cole (1264 года назад)
how old are you?

Автор David Toepfer ( назад)
vdbcgcgtbchfg. fzcvcbdbx d. CHF Fuchs DVD chfhsbfhebxbf. fhdvdbdgfbfbdbxv,
chfhddbdbdhd CHF c

Автор David Toepfer (46 лет назад)
hd Buchführung jcgcbxvv ch

Автор Angelina Duncan (778 лет назад)
When The Creeper Came And stampy and squid screamed it made me jump

Автор Qihua Zhao ( назад)
squid Creeper CATCH

Автор Allyssa Nabb ( назад)
Hey squid ... doom berry forist

Автор Edward Kelley ( назад)
Epic music
epic sorry if you did dent understand

Автор Harley Ellis ( назад)
sqiud is squid is the squid is better than stampylongnose

Автор Madi Sykes ( назад)
Squid! Creeper! Catch! 😂😂

Автор Roadrunner ( назад)
I could hear the sheep when squid jumped off the castle baaaaaad idea

Автор Bethany Tyers ( назад)

Автор Jenelle Porter ( назад)
hey I like ALL of your videos

Автор Expecto Patronum ( назад)
I love the movie!

Автор jack the ripper fan (1784 года назад)
Haha saved by the bell😂

Автор Fiona E ( назад)
also stamps had a girly screem 'case no one noticed

Автор steven orandello ( назад)
I got soooooooooooooo scared 😂

Автор Jeff is 21 ( назад)
Have you made the tnt canon? Look it up on google

Автор Ishbel Black ( назад)
R.I.P headphone users at 13:18 minutes.

Автор Maya Cairns ( назад)
How do you send the pics to you stampy? X YOUR THE BEST YOUTUBER

Автор emrald gamer227 ( назад)
you rock

Автор Camila Sanchez ( назад)
i like you're videos because stamps in them ☺😉😍

Автор Liam Gaming ( назад)

Автор Shay Holman ( назад)
your. so. nice😜😜😜😜😜😜

Автор Caitlin Hern ( назад)

Автор Ethan Brown ( назад)
the creeper scared me

Автор Mar Jean's video channel ( назад)
Thar's no endearman

Автор Beth Davies ( назад)
Why's the title cranberry? They go to DUMBERRY FOREST.

Автор Katie Kinsella ( назад)
You guys made me spit out my drink I was laughing so hard I'm not messing I
actually spit out my drink lol : )

Автор kitty author ( назад)
when squid freaked out about the creeper I had a heart
attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0 aaaaaaahhhhhhh

Автор PROYOUTUBERTV // PRO ( назад)
That do bery forest lol

Автор Leanne Leiper ( назад)
Thanks again, I think it will take a while to find the contact us at our
new site is now in a couple. This email and any files which I think it will
take a while to find the contact us at our new site is now in a couple.
This email and any files which I think it will take a while to find the
contact us at our new site is now in a couple. This email and any files
which I think it will take a while to find the contact us at our new site
is now

Автор Leanne Leiper ( назад)
cat ibalistiksqwiud

Автор Brian Horne ( назад)
stamps ur in the plastic texture pack! Oh u already know. U spoilt it😤
That would of been the first thing I've ever done right.😧😧(jokes)☺

Автор INDIA RILEY ( назад)

Автор minecraft master Arroyo ( назад)
123 you are cool and stampy I am a very good fan of you and stampy

Автор William Spencelayh ( назад)
name your dog duberry

Автор Gian Angeles (289 лет назад)
stampy it is me I all search your movies

Автор Gian Angeles (425 лет назад)

Автор sarah weremiuk ( назад)
love it

Автор Silver gam3r ( назад)
ya I agree

Автор Taco Cat ( назад)
13:6 That scared me soooo much XD XD XD

Автор the black n green wolf96 ( назад)
whyis the video called cranberry not duberry

Автор Heather Robertson ( назад)
legend of youse guys

Автор Nailah Outram ( назад)
my heart is beating when stampy said creeper

Автор Aneesa Rasool ( назад)
What the heak i am a Muslim e4rrrr

Автор Tina Wilson ( назад)
you guys as in stampy and squid and a future youtuber

Автор Tina Wilson ( назад)
i do and i been watching you guys for a long time by the way names david
aka sharkboy891 this is the wrong username sorry

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