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Автор Mieke Van Tunen (1 месяц)
Did someone notice that stamps quotet dr who?!😱😂❤️❤️ he said

Автор shariffah qistina (4 месяца)
When I was watching this, I was eating chips but than,when the creeper
apear I accidentally throw my chips al over the place. Because I jumped!

Автор Lucy Maguire (1 месяц)
damn u creeper
u freaked all of us out

Автор KezzerMenezer (2 месяца)
it's so funny when the women says hey what are you looking at get out

Автор Yeneka Gurrola (2 дня)
Squiddy I am your biggest #1 fan

Автор JessieDoesCopics B. (1 месяц)
I'm wearing headphones and when stamps screamed I literally fell off the

Автор Sophie Beveridge (2 месяца)
OMG when the creper came I jamp and hurt my self I almost broke my arm that
was what it was and then I scremd and then my gran perints gave me a fright
but it was funny at the same the for the laf

Автор Jeorge ver (2 месяца)
When Stampy screamed in the library because if the creeper , he gave me a
heart attack...😂😂😂😝😁haha

Автор mishapocalypse (21 день)
The synchronized screaming when the creeper appeared was the most priceless
thing ever witnessed by man.

Автор yasemin Jurczynski (18 дней)
I love your vids

Автор rachel simmons (21 день)
When stampy shouted AHHHHHHHH i threw my device on the floor like this if
it happened to you

Автор Kate Seccombe (1 месяц)
When squid and stampy screamed because the creeper I couldent stop larfing
I replayed it over and over again 100000 times!!!

Автор Rachel Kurtz (23 дня)
I love this video this makes me so

Автор Marionette (20 дней)
13:10-13:12 RIP headphone users LOL i freaked the hell out and i fell off
the couch with my laptop and now i twisted my wrist but seeing the scream
again makes me laugh!!!!!

Автор ام قاسم (26 дней)
its bang bang

Автор Bree Wallace (1 месяц)

Автор QT377665 (1 месяц)
Can I play with you after half past 3 because that's when I finish school

Автор Bryan Wasson (3 месяца)
Stampy why you kill squids dog Hmmmmmmmmm...😠

Автор Tricia Polito (1 месяц)
i was eatting my mac and i made it fall because the creeper scard me

Автор Holly Curran (1 месяц)
You nearly give me a hardatac squid nugget 

Автор Kevin Dunbar (2 месяца)

Автор lpMcGugan (2 месяца)
well stampy you need to stop screeming when a creeper is thair

Автор Kayleigh Pettitt (6 дней)
When squid screamed i was drinking milk but when I heard aaaaaahhhhhh milk
literally came out my nose!

Автор JBell300 (1 месяц)
soon will you play on the candy texture pack?

Автор Karl Edward Almoete (14 дней)
I was watching this with earphones with a MAX volume when suddenly that
annoying creeper show up and stampy and squid scream i accidentaly throw my
tablet away but its funny when it blows up hahahhhaha

Автор Animals32555 Aj (4 месяца)
The creeper scared me too! XD I felt the same was Squid. Lol "Oh my god, my
heart" Felt your heart's scaredness dude XD

Автор Shawna Gaines (1 месяц)
The title. Says cranberry squid

Автор Stephanie Coulson (3 месяца)
Hi stamps do you like fish beater or cake

Автор Yolis Muniz (1 месяц)
No it's the book of virtues 

Автор asiyah Esmail (2 месяца)
you scared me when there was a creeper there my heart went boom

Автор Charisse Buckley (1 месяц)

Автор Rachel Kurtz (23 дня)
Are you love this video squid

Автор Abigail Shepherd (4 дня)
It is weaner!

Автор Edgar Martinez (2 месяца)
Why didn't you just put the bed as a block 

Автор Nail Hurmiz (21 день)

Автор O Tabak (2 месяца)
I think I just had a heart attack because I wasn't looking and when Stampy
screamed "CREEPER!!" I just about died😸💦

Автор alan trott (1 месяц)
Doo berry florist!!!!!! LOL

Автор Sheryl Kosowski (13 дней)

Автор Jamison Rose (1 месяц)

Автор James McGivern (1 месяц)
Dog doo

Автор Hamza Mabrok (1 месяц)
Gooooooood hahaha Stampy squid

Автор Teesha Clarke (15 дней)
Hello squid

Автор Francesca Whitney Shortt (27 дней)
My sister just said she loves stampy

Lol =)

Автор Don Lomibao (1 месяц)
Yay yay yay 

Автор Romelia Hernandez (2 месяца)
Dear stampy , I think you should make a firefighter station !😃

Автор Christopher Nielson (1 месяц)

Автор krystyna Kudlacz (1 месяц)
Poop bery forest

Автор TheGamingTiger (2 месяца)
I❤️this series 

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