Minecraft Xbox - Legend Of The Holy Grail - Cranberry [2]

Hello everybody and welcome to a adventure map with my good friend mister stampylongnose! Today we are playing an adventure map on the 'Legend Of The Holy Grail', this amazing map is made by mutant marine!

Map Download - http://mcdn360.com/legend-of-the-holy-grail-download/

Mutant Marine - http://www.youtube.com/user/MutantMarine1

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Автор Ruby Kenny (499 лет назад)
Sinclair's sounds like you two

Автор Lisa Johnson ( назад)
I agree

Автор Kristi Gregory ( назад)
when u shushed stampY that was so loud

Автор Kristi Gregory ( назад)
and squid in ur. little voice u need to take a vid with u and stamps
talking like that the whole vid

Автор Kristi Gregory ( назад)
I agree

Автор Ryan Herring ( назад)

Автор Maranda Roberts ( назад)
do berry forest

Автор Maranda Roberts ( назад)
do barry forest

Автор smiley cupcake ( назад)
you named the video cranberry instead of dewberry

Автор Kaiden Pett ( назад)

Автор Chastity Singer ( назад)

Автор Jeremiah Santos ( назад)
I do man squid you are the best I would say

Автор Graciejanielucy Dougherty ( назад)

Автор Zackary Wright ( назад)
I'm on the world

Автор BFHippyCat ( назад)
you called it cranberry and not duberry!!

Автор Ashleigh Sinclair ( назад)
I think you said Sinclair anyway my last name is Sinclair

Автор Isaiah ortega ( назад)

Автор Sophie Smith ( назад)
dooberry Forest

Автор ranee heath ( назад)
I'm watching in 2015

Автор Charlie Powell ( назад)
get the Stand at the river

Автор Gilbert Cooper (373 года назад)
it's dome berry borris

Автор Westley Packwood ( назад)
LET'S GO TO dobery forest

Автор Lord Sky ( назад)

Автор Vera Hodgkinson ( назад)
Thanks squid I was wearing headphones on when you shouted
CCCRRREEEPPPEEERRR!!!!!!!!!!!! And I fainted then I missed the rest of the

Автор Bryan Thanner ( назад)
#dubbery forest

Автор Gary Hayes ( назад)
I had headphones on and when you yelled creeper you almost made me death

Автор Vitaly Romm ( назад)
The creeper scared me so much I fell of my bed and hit my head on the wall.
Stampy always yells when he sees a creeper.

Автор Gabrielle Tuffy ( назад)
I scremed

Автор Gabrielle Tuffy ( назад)
I'm washing on 2015

Автор Ashley Roybal-Bowman ( назад)
I fell off my bed!! and thru my phone dang!!!STOP YELLING STAMPS!!!!!!!!!👹
become friends with arkangelray000

Автор Jarod Van Assel ( назад)

Автор Jackie vuong ( назад)
Hey stampy and squid when you saw the creeper and when you screamed you
scared me

Автор Louise Pitchers (1224 года назад)

Автор Putri Nabila (1671 год назад)
Watching it again and again..

Автор Michael Kanaly ( назад)
My dad hates you so stop!🎃

Автор Nate Pope ( назад)

Автор Maddie J ( назад)
stampy cool your dog dooberry

Автор Conor Murphy ( назад)

Автор Carissa Taylor ( назад)
hey stamps go on YouTube and spell best stampy in preshon

Автор PineappleUnicorn772 ( назад)
I just realized that the pig in cave den is called doobie doo AND THAT

Автор Kori Ander ( назад)
Love this😻

Автор Alex Jenkins ( назад)
its 1234

Автор Paula Barker ( назад)

Автор Paula Barker ( назад)
I am watching in 2015

Автор Joanne Neale (1745 лет назад)
Dooberry forest

Автор abrah ( назад)

Автор Billy Karikis ( назад)
Anyone watching on 2015 ??????

Автор Ian Reddie ( назад)
How did he think of the name stampylongnose

Автор Jessica Gore ( назад)
Yes doobarry

Автор Joanna D. ( назад)
Duberry forest!

Автор Sarah Waddingham ( назад)
hi ☺

Автор 20 Delgadillo ( назад)

Автор Andrea Miranda Martinez (1334 года назад)
nice hat

Автор Chloe pezzetta ( назад)
I almost screamed when the creeper appeared at the library

Автор Kris Miller ( назад)
my heart

Автор Alex Pope ( назад)

Автор Pinay Acenas ( назад)
call your dog anti sqiud for me pls

from anna

Автор sqwashy and stampys daghter ( назад)
i fell down my stairs

Автор Grace Horton ( назад)
has anyone noticed its based on Indiana Jones and the last crusade

Автор Darcey Hogarth ( назад)
You and sqid
are good friends

Автор CH4RBONS ( назад)
wish u luck also great video

Автор CH4RBONS ( назад)
squiddudley u nearly have 3 million subscribers well done

Автор Amy Hunt ( назад)
Stampy shoud Name his dog Max

Автор Amy Hunt ( назад)
Sçid you shoud of Named Your dog Blue bary or Sçid jr

Автор tania reyes ( назад)
🐱 🐙 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍗🍖🍖🍉🍉🍞🍞🍞

Автор simon barrett ( назад)
crann berry

Автор simon barrett ( назад)
du berry blue berry

Автор simon barrett ( назад)

Автор Alexander Ayre ( назад)

Автор P. Van Mook ( назад)
hoi sem of Pascal ik ben brent de graaf
ik ben stijln

Автор izzyb peters ( назад)
Stampy squid squid why you have the camera

Автор cade King ( назад)
you are asome

Автор Madison Evans ( назад)
hahahahaha catch the creeper squid potter

Автор Madison Evans ( назад)
i am moo the one who played cops and robbers with you stampy and squid

Автор Madison Evans ( назад)
oh and the sand is money

Автор Madison Evans ( назад)
i love you squid and stampy long nose

Автор Rachel Adams ( назад)

Автор Iryna Zahlinska ( назад)
when you and stampy saw a creeper and screamed i jumped up cause i got
scared lol

Автор Iryna Zahlinska ( назад)
when you and stampy saw a creeper and screamed i jumped up cause i got
scared lol

Автор Anand Nota ( назад)

Автор Bethany Rigley ( назад)
Spare dogs... I have 4 dogs a 16 puppiez

Автор akarafilakis ( назад)
RIP cranberry

Автор Bollywood Lover ( назад)
LOL! The person that said WHO ARE YOU LOOKING AT? GET OUT! At 6:35

Автор Bollywood Lover ( назад)
Stampy and Squid are hilarious together? Who agrees?

Автор shapeshifter squid ( назад)

Автор Doge398 ( назад)
Ummm what's the difference between stampylonghead and stampylongnose?

Автор Pizza Dude ( назад)
Of wenrer

Автор Pizza Dude ( назад)

Автор Christane Salavador ( назад)
you guys are funny

Автор Enrico Enriqo ( назад)

Автор Rowan Robertshaw ( назад)
I hope stampys kid likes minecraft

Автор harry rickelton (1570 лет назад)
My heart beat /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/(stampy said

Автор Yolonde Entsch ( назад)
my last name is werner ....so cool

Автор aodhan robert mcconnell ( назад)
R.I.P earphone users

Автор Red Beejemy ( назад)
it would be awesome if they made the helicopter into a tnt cannon and when
you land at the next destination you land in another helicopter and the
previous one blow up to make it seem like you use a helicopter. the
destination would have to be close though

Автор cobie connor ( назад)
stampy should quit youtube

Автор Colt Green ( назад)
I loved it

Автор Niamh Joyce ( назад)
How come stampy talks but lo for lee doesn't in this show

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