Alan Parsons - Silence and I - In memory of Eric Woolfson at the Night of the Proms

Alan Parsons - Silence and I - In memory of Eric Woolfson at the Night of the Proms 2009 in Frankfurt

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Длительность: 7:54
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Автор Fernando Catan ( назад)

Автор Keld Guldhammer ( назад)
Alan Parsons sounds absolute unempathic and like a person who do not care.
Must have been really bad between the two of them at the end :-(

Автор Jeremy Roberts ( назад)
Those aren't cell phones. They're LED torches given to the audience when
they present their ticket.

Автор lön L ( назад)
You re absolutely right - shame on YOU!

Автор AartOfHorus ( назад)
Well, stopped halfway the song, couldn't bare it any longer and put on the
original ;-)

Автор AartOfHorus ( назад)
TERRIBLE ! The voice is a disaster compared to Eric's !

Автор AartOfHorus ( назад)
What an extreme ugly voice ! Great example how to ruin a masterpiece .....
shame on you !

Автор keitheyoung ( назад)
Those aren't lighters. They're cell phones.

Автор JEANVIPERE ( назад)
Que c'est beau...

Автор Daniel Nordeen ( назад)
One of my favorite TAPP songs but it makes me cry because it reminds me of
my troubled lonely youth!

Автор Derek Dieter ( назад)

Автор MaximuSIMX ( назад)
Завораживающая космическая музыка

Автор Judith Contresceri ( назад)
I didnt want the song to end, I was so absorbed by the beauty. P j Made it
his. Alan's input was intense. Wow. Love these guys.

Автор Judith Contresceri ( назад)
@darkskidz I agree, Completely. when will these kids get it?

Автор darkskidz ( назад)
This song alone should prove the dominance this music has over modern music.

Автор Skip63 ( назад)
How awesome is PJ. Answer-Totally Awesome!

Автор laurent percher ( назад)
Sauf erreur de ma part c'était Eric Woolfson lui même qui chantait ce
morceau sur l'album Eye in the sky

Автор Paulo Feitosa ( назад)
Vocals @ 1:45-1:53 are fantastic!

Автор Paulo Feitosa ( назад)
Danke, uploader!

Автор Ron Stewart ( назад)
@Zylrex there married to thy're love of music only

Автор Zylrex ( назад)
Pj and alan will marry each other

Автор donnyp1966 ( назад)
A very moving tribute to one of the signature voices that made the Alan
parsons Project such a success. He will be missed by this APP fan.

Автор alexis191295 ( назад)

Автор Steve Palmer ( назад)
Great track! - Eric is sadly missed - a musical genius

Автор Gianmaria Framarin ( назад)
Alan, finally... after all these years of darkness, a new light shines over
your long-term and wonderful brotherly friendship wi' dear auld Eric. Hands

Автор NudistPoet ( назад)

Автор Paula A ( назад)
this is fantastic.. we miss you eric

Автор NudistPoet ( назад)
Absolutely fantastic! Chills! It gave me chills! PJ's vocals were a
beautiful tribute to Eric. The orchestra was phenomenal, as was the stage

Автор Cecil Robert ( назад)
cool !!

Автор Ron Stewart ( назад)
a fine tribute to eric and a far superior version than 2008's night at the
proms which featured silence and i, p.j. did a fine vocal performance which
i found very moving here, even if he was a little low, as was alans intro,
he may of beern tired emotionally after eric;s service and given the travel
i found it respectful and moving, also check out john montagna's lime light
as real as it gets, very good indeed.

Автор Skip63 ( назад)
Oh, you can type in Latin, you must be really smart...I was not speaking to
you. I am not interested in your thoughts. Please leave ME alone.

Автор Skip63 ( назад)
urbania70, I was not speaking to you. Piss off.

Автор Skip63 ( назад)
Man you are a baby. Have a nice life.

Автор urbania70 ( назад)
Quod erat demonstrandum PS Please note that your above comment has been
disapproved by a dozen of persons and is now marked as spam. I will not
lose any more time with a vulgar person like you

Автор Skip63 ( назад)
Shove your judgementalsim up your ass. Have a nice day.

Автор Syngularity ( назад)
Yes, I would love to see a good video version one day... but thanks so much
for sharing. PJ performed so well, a bit similar to Colin Blunstone.

Автор urbania70 ( назад)
@CSavageSR: There's no doubt, but reality is another thing. But overall,
your language clearly classifies you as a very ignorant person. Show
respect for Eric in this very sad moment. PS If you visit my channel you'll
see that I have a huge respect for him.

Автор Skip63 ( назад)
Eric would want that you stupid Fuck!

Автор Ännii Roxx ( назад)
Es war sowas von atemberaubend :D Voll ergreifend, wie der Sänger das
performt hat! Ich war gaaanz vorne gestanden *happy*

Автор urbania70 ( назад)
@MsCalandro. This is the Night of the Proms, a multiartistical event. Alan
sang three songs here, more is not possible. On the other hand, Proms
furnishes Alan the rare opportunity to play live with an orchestra. S&I was
done live by Alan only at Proms this and last year. You can see an
additional video of AP from this show on same channel.

Автор MsCalandro ( назад)
I second that!

Автор MsCalandro ( назад)
Just that from Alan? And the concert go on? OMG! Eric deserve more than
that! We love you Eric! Shame Alan

Автор Fazıl Okudan ( назад)
Very well performed! Thank you Alan Parsons Live Project! it was
Eric's&Alan's 9th symphony.Immortal...R.I.P

Автор Juan Carlos Herrera Ruiz ( назад)
Ty very much, for this video

Автор Alec tributes to brilliant music artists ( назад)
Greatly done ! Thanks for sharing ! I hope that the PROMS have made one
professional recording of this one, 'cause it really deserve to be
immortalized in high quality in a CD or DVD format. Long live the memory of
Eric Woolfson - this is my favourite song of him above all !

Автор ln2675 ( назад)
I was at the Mannheim concert when Alan Parsons tols the audience, in
german, that Eric Woolfson had died earlier in the day. I can tell you the
rendition of "Silence and I" that the orchestra did that night, the emotion
in Alan Parsons' voice and the way the audience reacted really made it a
unique musical moment.

Автор urbania70 ( назад)
Many thanx for posting really. Eric is greatly missed by the fan community.
I heard about this performance, with Alan's dedication to Eric, but didn't
hope to see it in video. Giorgio, Italy

Автор DoctorTarr ( назад)
Wooow, thank you very much for posting this amazing tribute to Eric, in
these sad days, by Alan. My dream came true, Alan, Silence and I in NotP...

Автор fjorab ( назад)
...well, a subdued version of PJ's stage antics, anyway. :-) And like a
friend of mine mentioned, it's neat to see all the lighters (real and/or
electronic) that people lifted up.

Автор AceGallagher ( назад)
Beautiful and fitting tribute... thank you for posting.

Автор fjorab ( назад)
Wow, that was really powerful, very moving. I've never been to an
orchestral concert with Alan performing, but i can tell just from this that
it's got a flavor just as powerful as the APLP band. And PJ did an awesome
job singing! Even for such a somber song, he did some of his signature
stage bopping. Very nice, thanks for sharing this!

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