People Are Freaking Out And Boycotting Over A Book Deal...so dumb.

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Internet Outrage Over Milo’s Book Deal: http://mashable.com/2016/12/29/milo-yiannopoulos-book-deal/#gNpIZy2cbPqF

I Know What You Downloaded: https://torrentfreak.com/i-know-what-you-downloaded-on-bittorrent-161223/

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Family Suing Apple Over Fatal Crash: Family Sues Apple, Claims FaceTime Distracted Driver in Fatal Crash

Trump’s Tweet Drops GM Stock and Ford Changes Manufacturing Plans: http://www.dailydot.com/layer8/trump-gm-mexico-chevy-cruze-tax-free/

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Автор JoshKeatonFan ( назад)
This show is always so great!

Автор Antonia A ( назад)
I personally would be happy if Milo just died, but since he's here, he has
the same right to sell shitty books as Stephenie Meyer.

Автор Jimmy Robertson ( назад)
better question is who the hell is milo

Автор Kent Merr ( назад)
I have no idea who any of the online people are and I'm on Youtube
everyday. Is that due to teens that they are so popular so why I'm never
going to see such twats? What do these ppl do?

Автор Brandon Packwood ( назад)
I'll never understand people's obsession with forcing their opinion on all
of society. "I hate this guy that many people support so I'm requesting
everybody boycott the publisher that chose to publish his controversial
book. While ironically by making such a public fuss, I'm only further
promoting this same book I don't want people to see by making it known to
more". Idiots... just idiots...

Автор Alexander Østervold ( назад)
this is my obligatory comment on one of phil's videos.

Автор Good Stuff ( назад)
It's horrible what happened to that little girl but the parents are just
being ignorant taking it that far.

Автор Ravenzilla ( назад)
I do agree on many things of what Milo says, and how he presents them. But,
I also agree that he is unprofessional at many of his college campus talks.
The reason that he does this, if to get his point across. You don't have to
agree with what he exactly says, but it really doesn't matter. The majority
of those who disagree with what he says (leftists) whoop and holler many
negative slurs toward him and his supporters (me being one) and the only
thing to get them to stop, is toughen up and tell them F off or laugh in
their face. For the past couple of years, we haven't been able to have
civilized conversations, and Milo is the one to finally stand up to those
who silenced us.

Автор Jonathan Deeter ( назад)
Its not a profitable best seller it is the no. 1 best seller on amazon

Автор M Solo ( назад)
Suing apple is too far. That's fucking stupid. That's like suing starfrit
because I smashed your face in with one of their frying pans. "There's no
warning that it could be a deadly weapon" !
They can't control what consumers do with their products. There are laws
that you can't use cellular devices or anything like that while driving...
its not apples fault people are fucking ignorant and stupid.

Автор 5UR3X3 ( назад)
This is the problem with left wings. They have this mob mentality which
always ends of blowing up in their faces. (referring to the first topic)

Автор Armando Montero ( назад)
My internet conection is so slow that no worth what im torrent-ing... :D

Автор Cataclysm ( назад)
The law suit against apple is uncalled for I believe. I feel for the couple
and I and sorry for their loss. How ever using a phone while driving isn't
the Apple's fault. It's like using a gun, there are laws against it, and if
someone goes and hurts some one with it, it's not the companies fault who
made the gun that hurt that person.

Автор homer422 ( назад)
Milo is the Harley riding variety of faggot.

Автор Caleb Lambright ( назад)
Maybe I'll sell that Felicia Day book I pre ordered called you're never
weird on the internet and use to money to buy Milos Book. But why would I
force Felicia days shitty book on another person. Also Felicia day blocked
me on twitch so I'll admit I am biased and hurt from that people let you
down. Milo hasn't yet but Felicia day has sooooo

Автор abugina ( назад)
Freedom of Speech is just appeasment to facism. In Europe we learned that
harsh lessons that freedom of speech without bounderies can lead to very
very bad things.

Автор Mike799XD ( назад)
It is quite sad that Ms. Jones needs to express her need for violence to
convey her message.

Автор Negligent Gamer ( назад)
I went to the Dangerous Faggot tour and it was awesome. I LOVE MILO!

Автор Lazy Spark ( назад)
I like Milo. I don't agree with a lot of what he says but I don't think
he's racist. He's extremely critical of the "black community" in America,
Islam and feminism but I wouldn't say what he says is racist, sexist or
"hate speech", I'll admit it get pretty close to Islamophobia but even

He gives an extreme voice to the views many people have but don't admit to.
People are worried about what Muslims in the west actually think, he points
out the faults in the black community, third wave feminism and SJW's and he
basically say's it's okay to be concerned you should be. He'll give
statistics, that I presume are from sources that are biased towards his
position, but not entirely inaccurate.

He's open for free speech and he is open to debate which is something I
cannot say for his critics. He insults people to be sure and talks down to
them but he does give them the right to speak.

He also gives viewpoints that I hadn't considered. I may not agree but I
don't think that he's a bad guy, he's just a troll by his own admission
that set to challenge views that he feels are forced on the general

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
nope! I don't care if you lost your daughter, you are stupid if you blame
apple for the cause of death.Blame the fucking guy that killed your child,
not apple. Don't tie apple and the rest of the world to your claims.

Автор Abdul Hussein ( назад)
Buying books in 2017 lul

Автор Abdul Hussein ( назад)
Black muslim here, I could not disagree more with the narrative Milo has
created concerning white males in America and the suffering they go
through, muslims, his warped belief of the Catholic church and how
"progressive" it is. But this boycott is dumb af, no matter how much i
disagree with his narrative, it's his narrative. If he decides to create a
book that attempts to create fear in the American people then it is the
American people's responsibility to call him on his bullshit. And if he
doesn't good on him, but no matter how much we disagree with a persons
narrative if it is not blatant hate speech they should have the right to
voice it

Автор GraceAfterDeath ( назад)
Ctrl-left? Alt-right? Can we just control, alt, delete these stupid issues
with no purpose and focus on something real in the world. Like, I
dunno...cracking down on bad cops or trying to get rid of our nation's
debt? No? Oh my word means nothing? Oh I'm probably being censored now?
Okay, thanks government, lol.

Автор Dan Lipp ( назад)
I'm very liberal, as in UBI, UH, raise taxes, etc. But I agree with almost
everything Milo says. He attacks all the bullshit from the left that
liberals who are white aren't allowed to disagree with. Fuck Title IX, fuck
affirmative action, fuck SJWs, fuck third wave feminism. Milo is a very
intelligent, well read person. He is someone most should agree with, but
are afraid to.

Автор Conservative Puritan ( назад)
I'm buying the book just to piss off leftists.

Автор Drew Carter ( назад)
To the couple at 6:30
Look, I know you just lost your kid and I hate to be the jerk here but that
is some dumb crap
Sue apple? cause the driver wasn't smart enough to know that you shouldn't
be using your phone while driving?
Why not sue the car manufacturer for not putting in a NEON sign that says
Let's sue a wine company for not sending personal emails saying "DON'T
What? a kid got hit by a car while crossing the street and wearing a VR
headset? Well let's sue the makers cause damn.
Later we'll sue HP for not telling their users to not bang their heads into
the computer
Sue samsung cause....wait nevermind

Автор Drew Carter ( назад)
Thanks to 2016, whenever I see "boycott" I see "stupid".
Mostly because nearly every boycott protest that happened last year was
nothing short of...well, stupid

Автор Beardo Fett ( назад)
Good old social media, affecting the stock market. Amazing what a few words
can do.. if only those words were used for good..
Like, the bees!
*dun dun dunnnn!*

Автор Gabrielle Faust ( назад)
The most powerful form of boycott is to simply ignore that
person/product/etc. Ignore and you take it's power away.

Автор Thatcher Nap ( назад)
I think Milo is extremely good at what he does, and although you do have to
have serious discussions sometimes, I think Milo very often exposes taboos
and behaviours which we should know about. He jokes about himself as well.
The lgbt community may be the most liberal/left-wing subset of people, and
as an LGBT kinda centre-right libertarian, it's extremely refreshing to
hear Milo spit truth about gay rights and responsibilities

Автор Emily Holton ( назад)
Im from michigan. 40,000 people lost their jobs in one day. When all of the
auto-industry outsourced jobs.

Автор Joshua Fraim ( назад)
7:38 yeah that's a great idea but only if all the stuff made in the trump
line in mexico also has major border tax. oops i guess that doesn't sound
as good right trump?

Автор Joshua Fraim ( назад)
7:38 yeah that's a great idea but only if all the stuff made in the trump
line in mexico also has major border tax. oops i guess that doesn't sound
as good right trump?

Автор Amanda Lepley ( назад)
I thinks he makes a lot of valid points u can't argue with some of what he
says cuz it is very true like him or not facts are facts 

Автор Victoria Crozier ( назад)
I mean niantic put the disclaimers in pokemon go, FaceTime could've done
the same minor thing.

Автор Jonathan Williams ( назад)
I can't wait until we are all riding in driver-less cars. Take out the
human element and the roads will be safer...probably.

Автор claris drouet ( назад)
Happiest New Year you, you glorious bastard! Mr D'F. So on the first
question you asked about boycotting S&S. I agree with you, it will only
boost the book sales! Also it would be unfair to all other authors
published, like for example if it were "You" totally, unfair and more
Hitlerian than Milo would ever remotely be. ( By the way the Alt Right!,
want to kill him, so trust me on this I am from the deepest South) Milo is
who he is and what he does is true freedom of speech, he begs for debates.
Protesting will only drive the book sales higher! Chic-ching!!!

Автор Mega Therion ( назад)
You can rest assured that the publishers don't make their money from
whinny, immature, know it all liberals. These subhuman creatures don't buy
books because they already know everything of value there is to know and
therefore if they stop buying books nothing will change because they
weren't buying books in first place. What books are you going to stop
buying subhumans? The communist manifesto or something about queer studies?
The reason you are like this is because you weren't reading books in first
place, real books like science and biology, now you have one more excuse to
remain ignorant fucks because of ideology. When people are free they are
not equal, and when they are equal, they are not free.

Автор Lo Lo ( назад)
Lmao why do leftists think that if they don't like something it shouldn't
exist and they have the right to silence someone who doesn't agree with
them? Pretty fascist to me. and scary too

Автор Yin Liu ( назад)
I'm a big supporter of freedom of speech because is a basic human right.
You're allow to say whatever you want or express your opinion, like saying
I hate all black/white/chinese people because of this, this and that. But
now you're passing on ideas to other people who might agree and take that
form of opinion to higher heights. Is like Hitler, I might not agree with
his idea but some people did. And they carried out his belief.

Автор Gordon Cartee ( назад)
Protesting a book... Guess what? It sells books...

Автор FatxPeoplexMeet.com ( назад)
Milo is my god

Автор PrimalLIQUID ( назад)
im now terrified to click any link for fear of people knowing just what
kinda weird shit im into...

Автор Savannah “Nana” Patterson ( назад)
Would the boycott work? I really don't think so. Boycotting the book will
just make it more popular. Maybe boycotting all of Simon & Schuster would
work as far as making a financial point but not everyone's going to do that
and it's unfair to the authors that also condemn this decision.

Автор volkswagenginetta ( назад)
people dont seem to understand the barbra streisand effect.

Автор Jake Abel ( назад)
So if someone picks up a tree branch and starts hitting me with it I should
start a lawsuit against the tree. "TREE YOU WILL BURN IN HELL!!!!".

Автор American Liberty ( назад)
Milo, his supporters, and the protestors are all dumb people.

Автор William Esping ( назад)

Автор Wilson Ong ( назад)
Milo is not the kindest person but he has the best way to handle triggered
snowflakes. That's where my support go, his calm, sarcastic, logical
responses are what make him better.

Автор Deejdesign ( назад)
the 'giggity' edit killed me haha, James you a fool

Автор ORB1T4L ( назад)
Are you buying Milo's book ? I am.

Автор Syd Ziemniak ( назад)
1,000th dislike

Автор Pyro Mike ( назад)
oh shit TrollTrace exists now, minus the fact u need IP addresses, instead
of info like s..s...n, shit now that I say it that's even worse

Автор Sunflower ThriftingPower ( назад)

Автор Desert Jesus ( назад)
"pay attention to what your fucking doing" probably the smartest line I've
heard on YouTube

Автор Wesu Maru ( назад)
This bs makes me want to go and buy Milo's book. Don't try and tell me what
I can and cannot buy.

Автор Sarah Reeser ( назад)
I think that the lawsuit just gives the man an easier way out. You're not
putting the person who did it accountable for their actions. It is not an
app or a companies fault that someone was being irresponsible.

Автор Link the Hero of Time ( назад)
lol I love Milo, he's a badass and always ends up #winning
SJW gonna drown in their own tears

Автор Hulitchigo ( назад)
straight up lols. I like milo(in theory, not enough to buy his book) but
Ill probably buy it now, just cause. lols. it might sit on my shelf for
years and never get touched, but Ill throw him my money as a stab aainst
the left.

Автор Cecelia Cross ( назад)
Book banning is WRONG!!!! I don't agree with him but banning is wrong!
There are many books that are Banned Today! People need to know this and
that is wrong! Educate yourself and go read all the books that are Banned!
It is scary! Silly reason's as well!

Автор Malik Prince ( назад)
I usually watch YOU on MY ps3, which means I don't get to "comment" much.
MY living situations have changed & i'm using MY computer a lot more. I've
been a B-E-A-UTIFUL BASTARD for a few years now & YOU are the best guy to
get the news from. YOU have an UNBIASED, UNADULTERATED, HONEST & FUNNY take
on what's happening in the WORLD. I LOVE YOUr WORK. YOU ARE THE MAN! (not
"THE MAN", man, but one of those guys who keep it REAL &TRUE) #ALOEBLACC

Автор Stef K ( назад)
I'm buying the book

Автор killinitquinn ( назад)
Milo is NOT alt right. I disagree with breitbart news (biased media is
never a good media. example: cnn) but everything else he does is pretty
steady, including advocating for free speech.

Автор DowskiVision MagicalOracle ( назад)
How would Apple's hardware know that he's a driver and not a passenger?

Автор William Norris ( назад)
Phil, on the apple case, I do see your standpoint, but I have to disagree.
I think that we really need to hold tech companies to a higher standard for
safety, honestly if this technology wasn't available roads would be safer,
would they not? We expect car manufacturers to keep the roads safer, that's
why I can't program my GPS in my jeep if it's in gear. cell phones have the
ability to know what you're doing, they even know when you're looking at
the screen and for how long. So shouldn't they use that technology to
protect the people that have allowed them to be a successful business as
well as protect the future customers that may have came from that child
that lost their life? Would love to hear your response on this! KCCO!

Автор Nate G ( назад)
I agree that the case should be thrown out BUT I would like if it turns
apples head and they incorporate these safety features, it can't hurt.

Автор Nolin Bohon ( назад)
the apple lawsuit is just a money grab

Автор Nolin Bohon ( назад)
man I really don't like Tyler Oakley

Автор The Shady Rest Inn ( назад)
While tragic they lost their daughter, blaming a company for an individuals
actions is ludicrous. Does Philip Morris get sued every time someone dies
in a car accident and the person responsible was smoking, no of course not.

Автор Shwat Toddle ( назад)
Wait, so Trump made 1 tweet and it ended up creating 700 American jobs
without costing tax payers? And this dude is supposed to "ruin America."
Some people are fucking incredulous.

Автор gvrobi ( назад)
i crashed going like 10 over the speedlimit on a highway,, headfirst into
the guardrail, spun out and totalled my car, but somehow i walked away
without a scratch or bruise. PLEASE EVERYONE BE SAFE ON THE ROADS, PAY

Автор gvrobi ( назад)
i am going to post this at risk of being ridiculed for being uniformed, but
who the fuck is this milo guy? like i literally have never heard about him.
i would watch news but i don't trust any of the stations

Автор Tommy Kenyon ( назад)
I don't see any real reason to sue Apple considering that the brand of the
phone the driver was using could've been any other and the outcome would be
identical. Blaming Apple is nothing short of retarded. Why are they going
after a company which should be completely irrelevant and ignored in this
situation rather than going after Apple with the only possible outcomes of
suing them being money or nothing at all.

Автор Michael Wang ( назад)

Автор itsebm ( назад)
I Oh so heartily agree about martyrdom/censorship/boycotting. I've stopped
adding my voice to all the controversial talk on social media, specifically
to not endorse either side. Because, as you've said, the line between
douchebag of the day and badass, is thin - and there's definitely been at
least a handful of times where someone's been one and then flipped to the
other the next day when new events unfolded

Автор Diogenes the Cynic ( назад)
What brand is the shirt Phil is wearing? Anyone?

Автор Jibbergander ( назад)
Griffin McElroy is a good good 30 under 30 boy.

Автор SwimmingInTheDark ( назад)
Same reaction -- If only those silly boycotters realized Hate is like
kerosene to the match of publicity. People that have an issue with his book
are just helping it likely grow enormously. That's how presidencies are won
and public icons are made. Get at least 50% of the population to hate you
(goes for both duopoly presidential candidates). *Mmm, delicious hatred...*
(insert visual of Mr. Burns, Emperor
Palpatine, or any other dark master villain to your own taste). Personally,
I find almost nothing offensive that isn't actual physical or
personal/emotional violence to other living things (especially more
helpless entities), but even then it's not personal offense (seems
egotistic to me) as much as its feeling deeply troubled.

Автор La Katrrina ( назад)
I listen to Pimsleur language audiobooks, which are some of the best audio
language books I've encountered (I've tried many) and also published by
Simon and Schuster. I'm not changing to something worse now.

Автор mike conz ( назад)
The thing about when you "cut off a mans tongue you make his words become
that much more meaningful" is like Donald Trump and the Media, and the
general Public lol!

Автор Gordon McWilliams ( назад)
High key though. Fuck Milo. I'm not gonna buy his book, he can have book.
But seriously though fuck him. I'm not saying he can't talk. I don't think
he should, but that's an opinion. Do I think Milo is hate mongering?
Absolutely. If Hitler can have a book, he can have a book.

Автор Shark Man ( назад)
I find it hilarious how these Liberals wanting to Boycott Milo even though
they would never buy it anyways. It's like a right wing conservative buying
the newest book from the Young Turks

Автор Brien steve ( назад)

The decision to allow Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf to be republished in
Germany for the first time in 75 years has sparked controversy.
The copyright for the Nazi manifesto has been held by the state of Bavaria
for 70 years, which prohibited its reissue.
But that copyright expires in December, meaning a new, heavily annotated,
version will be published by Germany's Institute for Contemporary History
in January.

Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' Reprint Races Up German Best-Seller Chart
The autobiography has sold about 75,000 copies and spent 35 weeks on the
German "Der Spiegel" best-seller list in 2016

Автор Dillon Rogge ( назад)
who buys books anymore?

Автор Doctor NUZ ( назад)
I watched this video while driving

Автор rha600 ( назад)
I myself and glad to finally see someone implementing what Hillary Clinton
was campaigning on for a year. Hillary for some stupid reason, wanted to
repeal a law that bans people from suing a gun manufacturer for something
their customer did with one of their guns. Which to me is a stupid law to
begin with, because no manufacturer can monitor what their customer do with
their products.

So, great, now you Hillary supporters see how stupid something like this
is. Do I think Apple is responsible for this accident? Hell no. But I'm
happy to see someone taking what liberals think is a great idea for gun
makers and use it on manufacturers of other products as it should be.

Автор Taqiyah Jacobs ( назад)
"What kind of sausage are you?"

Автор Taqiyah Jacobs ( назад)
just heard the word "Yiannopoulos" and thought of The Princess Diaries

Автор chayden153 ( назад)
I don't like Milo(so I wouldn't by his book) but if he wants to write a
book, he has that right! don't boycott the company for publishing his book!

Автор Med Down Plays ( назад)
I see a lot of parallels between Trump and DeFranco. As if one were
designed to counter the other. Mostly because DeFranco titles videos like
Trump tweets. Yeah... that's about all the evidence I have...FOR NOW!

Автор Spartanspear ( назад)
Tasty liberal tears...

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