750hp snowmobile

750hp 640lbs nitro harley drag bike motor kelowna b.c CR racing

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Автор Brian Williams ( назад)
Lets hope for our sake he did, by driving that piece of crap off a cliff.

Автор Brian Williams ( назад)
What a piece of fucking shit. Sounds like a blender full of nickels.

Автор MrWjs125 ( назад)
Put rideind vids on.?

Автор lawnchair 11 ( назад)
@rsw450 yea search 750 hp sled....the first video should be it, its 1.30
minutes long

Автор rsw450 ( назад)
? any video of someone running this thing

Автор 092601abc ( назад)
stud flies off and hits somebody haha xD

Автор matt trendell ( назад)
so much power, makes the track look like a rubber band

Автор Polaris 175 ( назад)
Can you really call that a snowmobile?

Автор Jaron Varga (1683 года назад)
@mindfuckerification haha more like king of the mountain.

Автор slyder lewis ( назад)
o com on my kitty cat could smoke that pos lol jus kidding thought since
there where no youtube haters id take up the roll

Автор finkle6384 ( назад)
you guys are freaking retarded its not 4-stoke or a freakin harley drag
bike, or a nitro motor. Thanks to the man who said it sounds like a tractor
cause they are diesel engine hahaha which is what it is retards so go back
to you stupid little couch and ponder about the things you acctually know
about. hahahahaha retards

Автор jeremiahskates ( назад)

Автор petter tysk ( назад)
i would like to see this sled climc !:D

Автор SANDRAY69 ( назад)
@SeeNanners Your friends owns a Nitro Harley, that doesn't mean all Top
Fuel bikes are 2 cylinders and certainly doesn't mean this one is. I have
seen this sled with my own eyes literally thousands of times going back to
the day Chad started building it. It was a running, rideable drag bike
called "Instant Rice" that he ripped apart to use as a donor for the build.
Lots of videos on here clearly show 4 exhaust pipes and the blower is
mounted at the front. Harley's have them on the side. Sorry!

Автор SANDRAY69 ( назад)
@SeeNanners 4 cylinder Kawasaki motor

Автор Digger AKA Scummy ( назад)
What's that bugger worth.

Автор Myles Ganske ( назад)
@kawasaki66100 that would be retardidly awesome!

Автор John Smith ( назад)
sound very nice tho

Автор kawasaki66100 ( назад)
take it accross the lake!

Автор STICKMAN531 ( назад)
colefmx31- yo fucker, im pretty sure your gayer than aids, this sled would
rip you apart i dont care what you are driving this sled would woop ya, and
obviously they have there ears pluged, you have obviously never seen a mod
sled in person those fuckers are sooooo loud, louder than any sled you ve
ever heard..

Автор TheCatstomper ( назад)
How many cylinders the ol' betty gots?

Автор MxChris951 ( назад)
Lmao how many mpg's¿

Автор TheSupersample ( назад)
thats a bad ass track

Автор Genex Films ( назад)
he taps the throttle and the track is hauling ass

Автор Cole T ( назад)
gayer than aids. That thing would never last. You rednecks get fuckin
earplugs you all look retarded.

Автор MrBillbob911 ( назад)
I want one

Автор snellbill398 ( назад)
this thing will take you from 0 to holy shit in two seconds, that's for

Автор ImNewish ( назад)
what engine is it on that beast?

Автор bendikn ( назад)
/watch?v=qFgJ9iEkJ84 for someone riding it

Автор TheSledDawg ( назад)
Put a parachute on that bad boy! It doesn't look like it'll stop at the
top. It must turn big mountain climbs into ramps!

Автор chrisporgsweet12 ( назад)
What's the milage like 2 km?!?!?

Автор Styles Wurgler ( назад)
I bet everyone is too afraid to ride it.

Автор fartsmellsfunny96 ( назад)
@brianbert907 no they suck

Автор fartsmellsfunny96 ( назад)
@brianbert907 ok,chuck noris jokes are not fun any more....

Автор Alex Tomaszewski ( назад)
i'm gonna go drop that motor in my friends mini z lmao!

Автор fartsmellsfunny96 ( назад)
@crazedfarmer wow....thats was sooo not cool said....

Автор crazedfarmer ( назад)
pussy on the throttle much? open that bitch up

Автор zulu king ( назад)
dnt ride it am tellin u dnt do it,it luks as if it belongs to the evil
robots from the transformers...he hardly touched the throttle n it seems as
if it went WOT

Автор thirstychicken ( назад)
holy fuck! that's sick!

Автор plazzax ( назад)
that's the scariest fucking thing, I've ever seen in my entire life.

Автор matt m ( назад)

Автор sbeyea8 ( назад)
I'll ride that BEAST! I may die in the process, but I'll have a huge smile
on my face.

Автор sbeyea8 ( назад)
I'll ride that BEAST! I may die in the process, but I'll have a huge smile
on my face.

Автор InTheWoodsVideos ( назад)
i think i just came!

Автор cbeck611 ( назад)
@firmclock you obviously dont know chuck norrises history hes not just an
actor lol he was the fighting champion of the world at one point in his
prime until bruce lee came along and bruce lee proved its not about
strength and size its about speed and quickness

Автор Toyota fourwheelins ( назад)
if you guys need a rider ill do it for ya, LOL

Автор Demerjian1 ( назад)

Автор firmclock ( назад)
@brianbert907 way all u fucking fagots think chuck naris is the shit he is
a fucking fagot he is week as hell he is small he can go suck and choke on
a dick a die

Автор Rooch ( назад)
i would cream my pants if i got to ride this... XD

Автор paulfultz41 ( назад)
you bet ya....lets see someone ride the big guy

Автор Dillon Goshko ( назад)
rated r!! :)

Автор Dillon Goshko ( назад)
@PearlFan4life they do ride it in one of the mountain mod mania films

Автор Cole Preston ( назад)
@brianbert907 im tired of hearing about chuck norris

Автор ShootNWeld Dean ( назад)
Expensive cheese grater or body parts. Ride that thing like the bitch it is!

Автор StreetLegalSleds ( назад)
I want to put one of our street kits on one.

Автор cfire600 ( назад)
@bambam9969 it's a nitroharley engine. of course it's loud. haha. but damn,
love the smell...

Автор kartz4fun ( назад)
is that gary christophers sled from hope?

Автор rich howell ( назад)
Man that must be loud .Just look at the crowd plugging there ears

Автор mattseeley1992 ( назад)
I agree with mag2395

Автор cartmanpoop101 ( назад)
i dont think go could ride that

Автор 001whitelighter ( назад)
lol it chain saw bike

Автор firebirdjimbo ( назад)
@russianbmxer98 the devil

Автор elax songunarss ( назад)

Автор russianbmxer98 ( назад)
who the hells gunna ride it?

Автор Mikeyssss ( назад)

Автор rhwerkman ( назад)
and i would try

Автор Jake Westergren ( назад)
this sled is just screamin ride me and die!

Автор SANDRAY69 ( назад)
It's not a Harley Motor, it's a supercharged Kawasaki 4 cylinder that makes
a 1000 hp on 95% nitromethane, 750hp on the 80% mixture he usually runs.
And no, he didn't die, and yes the sled's still around. It's getting
freshened up right now and will be out again soon. I see this sled all the
time at Chad's shop so I'm not just speculating here.

Автор Kikidud ( назад)
Did he died?

Автор hloneca ( назад)
it sounds pissed 2 scary. nice for a kart hahaha or make an scooter out of

Автор broseph52 ( назад)
is this even ridable? lol

Автор jaribmccann ( назад)
no one gives a shit about your tractor

Автор Keon Vassar ( назад)
strap some wings on that bitch and she'll fly

Автор DidUAskMeFirst ( назад)
I dont think I really care ! So where are the vids of a 1000 HP sled doinga
run on the ice ? How fast is it where are the time slips and dyno sheets

Автор steveak93 ( назад)
I think you are wrong. This is the well-known sled "Rated R". Its motor can
easily push 1000hp on Nitromethane.

Автор DidUAskMeFirst ( назад)
John Deere 9630 8WD articutator I ran JD dealer told me it had 500+ HP ...
I know it was one Bad ass tractor I got it stuck once but I was trying !!
and all I had to do was unhook the soil saver and it came right out

Автор DidUAskMeFirst ( назад)
why ?

Автор tharrington11 ( назад)
@DidUAskMeFirst LMAO

Автор DidUAskMeFirst ( назад)
I think they meant 75 HP

Автор keneth stuart ( назад)

Автор kaden1414 ( назад)
that thing looks mean...i mean look at the track iwant to ride that

Автор hgsfhsdf ( назад)
that sled is 750hp its a harley motor that he got from a buddy and he put
it in the sled and yes that is rated R

Автор Jed Wheeler ( назад)
just guessing but i think thats "Rated R" and if im right its a kawasaki 4
cylinder drag bike engine that is capable of 1000hp when in on Nitro so its
very believable that he runs 750hp believable not SANE

Автор Mathew Messerschmidt ( назад)
That's fukin disgusting! Daym that much torque on single sled... whew!!!

Автор HarrisRacing177 ( назад)
its quite possible out of a harley motor, this sled has a shit load done to

Автор SIMOPARAS ( назад)
bad... thats bad ... TRUE KILLER haha , i want it

Автор oldblaa obla ( назад)
its a jr dragster nitromethane engine, its tuned town from 1000hp

Автор StangOh'Niner ( назад)
ok, high powered yes, 750? not a chance.

Автор kendallalex ( назад)
omg i would be so fuckin scard to ride one of those things lol

Автор Ajjager27 ( назад)
thats sicker than shit

Автор JuniorHRP ( назад)
@muska200 It's horsepower. Difference is the combine can operate at that
rating 24 hours a day for a month on end during harvest season. I wouldn't
try that on this race motor.

Автор muska200 ( назад)
750 HORSE POWER????? fuck, that's higher than a new case ih 9120 COMNBINE.
but its not horse power is it?

Автор AHBackwaterFishing ( назад)
It takes some balls to try and tackle that thing.

Автор dragoncustomcycles ( назад)
@r2native so tjhats where my tax dollers ended up.

Автор travis gagne ( назад)
bullshit wat kinda engine?

Автор Toyota fourwheelins ( назад)
i live in kelowna theres lots of people with shit like this

Автор Jim Bob ( назад)
@r2native what makes you an expert

Автор LelandSelene ( назад)
@thewillbilly Hahahahahahahahaha

Автор Jim Bob ( назад)
Nice job flooding the engine out. High horsepower needs high rpms.

Автор BMTH1fan ( назад)
ahahaa you are all lil bitches :P i would fuckin rip that sled

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