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Автор ggiizzmmo (5 лет)
hollly fuck it looks pissed

Автор fartsmellsfunny96 (4 года)
@brianbert907 ok,chuck noris jokes are not fun any more....

Автор cartmanpoop101 (5 лет)
i dont think go could ride that

Автор firebirdjimbo (5 лет)
@russianbmxer98 the devil

Автор bigstudtommy93 (5 лет)
your retarded its nitromethane, it does have 750 hp

Автор plazzax (4 года)
that's the scariest fucking thing, I've ever seen in my entire life.

Автор Jean Beauregard (5 лет)
More like 7 gallons a mile this nitro man

Автор cbeck611 (4 года)
@firmclock you obviously dont know chuck norrises history hes not just an
actor lol he was the fighting champion of the world at one point in his
prime until bruce lee came along and bruce lee proved its not about
strength and size its about speed and quickness

Автор Zachay Cwikla (5 лет)
haha race gas doesnt make the engine louder, its probably because hes
running an open exhaust

Автор H Prasad (5 лет)
Rape? thats a lot of horses

Автор mattseeley1992 (5 лет)
I agree with mag2395

Автор Ajjager27 (5 лет)
thats sicker than shit

Автор JuniorHRP (5 лет)
@muska200 It's horsepower. Difference is the combine can operate at that
rating 24 hours a day for a month on end during harvest season. I wouldn't
try that on this race motor.

Автор Cole Preston (4 года)
@brianbert907 im tired of hearing about chuck norris

Автор SANDRAY69 (4 года)
@SeeNanners Your friends owns a Nitro Harley, that doesn't mean all Top
Fuel bikes are 2 cylinders and certainly doesn't mean this one is. I have
seen this sled with my own eyes literally thousands of times going back to
the day Chad started building it. It was a running, rideable drag bike
called "Instant Rice" that he ripped apart to use as a donor for the build.
Lots of videos on here clearly show 4 exhaust pipes and the blower is
mounted at the front. Harley's have them on the side. Sorry!

Автор hloneca (5 лет)
it sounds pissed 2 scary. nice for a kart hahaha or make an scooter out of

Автор Brian Williams (1 год)
Lets hope for our sake he did, by driving that piece of crap off a cliff.

Автор slyder lewis (3 года)
o com on my kitty cat could smoke that pos lol jus kidding thought since
there where no youtube haters id take up the roll

Автор Kikidud (5 лет)
Did he died?

Автор Joel peltier (4 года)
What's that bugger worth.

Автор GoldenCamera (5 лет)
ive seen it run across a lake . and it is 750 horsepower

Автор Jaron Varga (3 года)
@mindfuckerification haha more like king of the mountain.

Автор travis wettlaufer (5 лет)
holy shit i want one just so i can look at it

Автор fartsmellsfunny96 (4 года)
@brianbert907 no they suck

Автор greg (5 лет)
well at least its 750 hp so at least you would have a chance to get away

Автор Alex Tomaszewski (4 года)
i'm gonna go drop that motor in my friends mini z lmao!

Автор SANDRAY69 (4 года)
@SeeNanners 4 cylinder Kawasaki motor

Автор travis gagne (5 лет)
do you really?

Автор Keon Vassar (5 лет)
strap some wings on that bitch and she'll fly

Автор matt m (4 года)

Автор StangOh'Niner (5 лет)
ok, high powered yes, 750? not a chance.

Автор muska200 (5 лет)
750 HORSE POWER????? fuck, that's higher than a new case ih 9120 COMNBINE.
but its not horse power is it?

Автор Alex B (5 лет)
I have my own Nitro harley engine and it produces around 800 BHP, messured
on the wheel, not on the crank

Автор broseph52 (5 лет)
is this even ridable? lol

Автор travis gagne (5 лет)
bullshit wat kinda engine?

Автор Toyota fourwheelins (4 года)
if you guys need a rider ill do it for ya, LOL

Автор pehmanndragon (5 лет)
That thing is called a big waste of time, and too much money on your hands!

Автор Cole Whitmer (5 лет)
Yeah I would be covering my ears too.

Автор lawnchair 11 (3 года)
@rsw450 yea search 750 hp sled....the first video should be it, its 1.30
minutes long

Автор JoeyJaeb (5 лет)
Search for nitro harley drag bike... watch the pass then tell us if you
still think it has 300hp

Автор Jim Bob (5 лет)
Nice job flooding the engine out. High horsepower needs high rpms.

Автор SANDRAY69 (5 лет)
So you just decided to call me dumb?

Автор 666jasonxxxx (5 лет)
nitro harley drag bike motor kelowna b.c CR racing it has 750 to 800 HP all
depends on what % of nitro is in it and it is a 4 stroke

Автор fartsmellsfunny96 (4 года)
@crazedfarmer wow....thats was sooo not cool said....

Автор john smith (1 год)
750 hp my ass

Автор yizzer2 (5 лет)
yeah you'd have to be suicidal just to get on that thing...

Автор matt trendell (3 года)
so much power, makes the track look like a rubber band

Автор Mikeyssss (5 лет)

Автор SANDRAY69 (5 лет)
Really now, I'm dumb? The sled is sitting 20 feet from me dipshit! I've
been involved with this sled since it was still an engine in a drag bike.
The bike was owned was Gary Christopher and was called "instant rice".
Why?, As a reference to "rice rocket"! Google "rated r snowmobile", there's
numerous articles describing the engine. Look at the spark plugs and
exhaust pipes dipshit, there's 4 of them! You ever seen a 4 cylinder
Harley? So you're in fact the "dumb" one there Joey.

Автор Brian Williams (1 год)
What a piece of fucking shit. Sounds like a blender full of nickels.

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