Elf - Baby It's Cold Outside Scene

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Автор Josefina Williams ( назад)

Автор A-TRAIN Vandeventer ( назад)
Jovie yells "Get out! Don't look at me! Get out!"

Автор Noah Wrobel ( назад)
crazy in. funny

Автор Espn Daniels ( назад)
is she really naked

Автор Nichelle Susan ( назад)
Zooey's singing voice is similar to Judy Garland. ( In my opinion )

Автор Jazline Malave ( назад)

Автор Clusteredx Mind ( назад)
Can we just talk about how her voice is so deep when she's singing but then
so squeaky when she yells at Buddy

Автор Ghillie's Assassin ( назад)
Should've been rated R

Автор bldm ( назад)
they did good

Автор Rmichaelhimself ( назад)
So I'm in a debate with my entire family. I'm of the stance that Will
Ferrell did not sing here. Everyone in my family says I'm wrong. Am I?

Автор The Avenger ( назад)
Dayum she's hot. The things i would do to her.

Автор Donna Clayforth ( назад)
what sad bastards disliked this

Автор JustAFan Adams ( назад)
The last part was funny

Автор GennyKoala ( назад)
Best scene ever 😂

Автор deedooc ( назад)
I dont blame him i would've got a piece of that song too Lol look at the
satisfaction after he sing Lol

Автор Tonda Cuthbert ( назад)
she has such a beautiful singing voice, i could see her playing a voice of
a disney princess😄😄😄😄

Автор Scarce Likes Deletos ( назад)
d o n g e x s p a n d s 💯 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор MissDelaneyLove ( назад)
Love it

Автор Kelly kitty ( назад)

Автор Kelly kitty ( назад)
hahahahahhah so funny

Автор Tom Lucas ( назад)
Check out the PRINCE CHARLES CINEMA at Leicester Square. Saw it today with
a free mince pie and glass of mulled wine.

Автор Joe Whitehead ( назад)
The first time I heard this song is from this scene

Автор H4B33B R4HM44N ( назад)
damn shes sexy

Автор Stones Jones ( назад)
Will Ferrel really plays the innocent adult really well, the sincere-like
innocence is why this movie to me is also a Christmas classic. Same for
Home Alone 1 and 2 and Bad Santa.
Also that song is so fcking good. I hate all the other new covers tho..they
lack authenticity

Автор Jenesse Ramirez ( назад)
What's this movie called

Автор Alexander Azar ( назад)
0:33 / 1:27

Автор Travis Eugene Brown ( назад)
Who here only for christmas

Автор iiAwesomeSandyii Msp ( назад)

Автор Jenny rodriguez-fito ( назад)
I love this part I just watched this one again today. :DD Will Ferrell is

Автор Jonnie Pashia ( назад)

Автор William Fischer ( назад)
Lol LOVE YOU buddy

Автор KingB Fleury ( назад)
Baby it's cold outsiiiiiiiiiiide!

Автор Joel & Lia ( назад)
I love Zooey's voice

Автор Zeppolino100 ( назад)
She looks so completely different in this film than any other time. Here
she is devastatingly appealing--but most times, not!

Автор Gary Liseo Jr ( назад)
Almost me at work, minus the shower... And then people came in for tutoring

Автор Kcw Wrestling ( назад)
Christmas is the best time of the year

Автор Captainsparkist ( назад)
"No copyright infringement is intended." Ex Deeeee

Автор Mershal Scalph ( назад)
is she going to wash the top of her head or only the ends haaaaaaa

Автор Sinéad ( назад)
believe in Jesus

Автор Sadieee ( назад)
I watched this movie so many times as a kid and I never realized it's

Автор Jack Napier ( назад)
She looks like Katy perry

Автор Romy En Britt Germeraad ( назад)
I wish it was Christmas now

Автор Lily Stepanek ( назад)
I love this movie

Автор Alana Christa ( назад)
This is inappropriate and Buddy wants to have sex with her

Автор Lia The fox ( назад)
Who watching in 2016??

Автор Lizzie Cook ( назад)
tbh I love Christmas more than he does

Автор Kelly Theatre ( назад)
whos that girl? its jess! (who gets it?)

Автор madi baby ( назад)
btw zooey deschanel is my QUEEN

Автор madi baby ( назад)
i cant wait till christmas lmao

Автор Berit Hazleton ( назад)
That is not ok

Автор SuperJackster01 ( назад)
Makes me laugh everytime

Автор Miranda S ( назад)
This will forever be one of my favourite scenes

Автор Danny Neuman ( назад)
Funny scene.

Автор halona Dorsey ( назад)

Автор Conall Smyth ( назад)
The just copied naked gun

Автор James Merkel ( назад)
look up the meaning of puppies n dreams(see Fallon show). The 1st & only
boy to sit on fake Santa's lap is named Paul. NOW look up Pigeons. THE LAST
PG's OF HIS/THIS story r not printed/missing.

Автор mark hutchinson ( назад)
I thought this sounds like impossible year

Автор Tyler Hall ( назад)
Who turned on the captions

Автор Nancy Sanchez ( назад)
I wached the whole movie of elf before

Автор Bella G ( назад)
Lol it's February why am I watching this...
Okay I just really like her voice

Автор Shell Fleck ( назад)

Автор Dewayne Brown ( назад)

Автор The DayDreamer ( назад)
If it would've been ME in the bathroom. Instead of running into the fucking
door, I would've jumped in the shower with Her and Had some fun.

Автор Tina Hewer ( назад)
this is absolutely hilarious 😂

Автор hhhjgfejjejddghdjdj Mommy ( назад)
I. like. jovie

Автор Kacey Games ( назад)
I have been made of the most important thing

Автор Hareka Tysiri ( назад)
I always sang this song when I shower!!

Автор Carol Swartzlander ( назад)

Автор Sarah Turner ( назад)
The holidays go by fast now it's New Year's Eve tommorow is 2016

Автор Kayla Cyrus ( назад)

Автор XxDragon Slaya ( назад)
absolutely love the ending

Автор Talon Diwisch ( назад)
These actors are so lucky getting to act with these absolutely beautiful
girls. Sometimes I wish I could have some of them.... :(

Автор Joseph Forest ( назад)
A dept store change room that has a shower???????sure !!!! and why ? no one
wants to pay the hot water expense. But then employed as a guard for many
years snuc many showers on the graveyard watch although not at a dept

Автор Cristian Hernandez ( назад)

Автор Little Kittyboy ( назад)
"I wish I could staayyy,Baby, it;s coold ouuutsiide!"

Автор Arthur Harris ( назад)
kpb forzó y en PCCh CNC

Автор Roberto Aguilar ( назад)
I mean hot

Автор Roberto Aguilar ( назад)
she is hor

Автор HaileyBee ( назад)

Автор Valeria Gomez ( назад)
that is funny

Автор Darius Standridge ( назад)
When you realize that's Zooey Deschanel

Автор CJ Dangerfield ( назад)
That's Zooey dechannel OMG I didn't recognise her as a blonde and I've seen
Themis film like 5 times

Автор Armando Saltiel ( назад)
Why do i find this so funny?

Автор Lobsang Dhondup ( назад)
i like your clothes and act

Автор brod2man ( назад)
I wish this is how the real song ended.

Автор Yuvaez ( назад)
Is that actually her voice?? It's so wonderful, she's got that real Andrew
Sisters 1930-1940's vibe.

Автор MinecraftMaxF Plays MC ( назад)

Автор Condrea Woods ( назад)
My kid like it

Автор Brook Boice ( назад)
that is so funny

Автор Alan Hood ( назад)

Автор Olivia Rose ( назад)
LoL i love this movir

Автор Sparrow The wolf fox dragon ( назад)

Автор Raegan Roberts ( назад)
Wow that was weird but funny as well

Автор Rafael Gonzales ( назад)
didn't realize until now. the shower isn't actually running!

Автор jarrett mark ( назад)
my mom loves this song

Автор ZNearX ( назад)
The water isn't even running, lmfao.

Автор Jordan Rich ( назад)
Her voice is beautiful

Автор Chris B. (499 лет назад)
I love that scene. But I'm always left with the following question: If
Buddy led such a sheltered existence at the North Pole how did he know the
lyrics to such a suggestive song??? Hmmmmmmmmmm.......

Автор Edgar Munsen ( назад)
81 perverts wanted tits.

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