Skinny Dipping

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Автор kathy marquess ( назад)
Skinny dipping!!! I love to skinny dip!! I have sex in the pool

Автор Gregor Pseldo Kreo ( назад)

Автор al-b bizzness ( назад)
interesting story

Автор ApexGaming13 ( назад)
i was watching a dipping vid and this popped up and I was like WTF?

Автор steven hale ( назад)
will you be my mom???

Автор Mukuba Chibwe ( назад)
you should consider taking ''porn acting'' as a career you would do well...

Автор Qynne Stanton ( назад)

Автор Qynne Stanton ( назад)
Clearly from honey booboo

Автор LawoftheLandPA ( назад)
I wonder where you learned English.

Автор Eric Taylor ( назад)
I have many time. love it. I hate swimsuits. Stupid invention.

Автор Leno Dyes ( назад)
how did I get here

Автор Rusty Adams ( назад)
i got to have sex with my wife

Автор Chloe Butler ( назад)

Автор Dremora Valkynaz ( назад)

Автор redneck78624 ( назад)
i went skinny dippin once and a fish bit my pecker!

Автор pchop1322 ( назад)
I don't skinny dip! I chunky dunk!!!

Автор Tiffanny Swag overloaded ( назад)

Автор Baboin Mekera ( назад)
stop to talk show your ass !!!

Автор Casey Thomas ( назад)
I wanna go skinny dipping.

Автор Eenya Winther ( назад)
Once, me and one of my best friends went skinny dipping while we were
drunk. Not so smart, now all the guys who saw us keep talking about our
butts, boobs & bellys. Can't believe i did that

Автор wonjun71wj ( назад)
U people skinny dip!!EWW!!!

Автор Crimson Phoenix ( назад)
wo u skinny dip. dah fuck

Автор theBranBran36 ( назад)
i went skinny dipping and a ramdom guy didnt want me to, so he pushed me
into the pool with a towel!!!!

Автор ZeroG188 ( назад)

Автор CrazyHeli123 ( назад)
i went skinny dipping with my best mate n a few other girl friends (no im
not lesbo) and well the boys all ran in on us and like yeah it wa so
embarassing cu all the boys saw us and they were like druling xD!

Автор Spencer Lowes ( назад)
What happens if you are skinny dipping and the water was clear but now
there is a white cloud

Автор chayton mundell ( назад)
@MrHunnybunches true that

Автор ian comings ( назад)
I don't skinny dip, I chunky dunk

Автор Arguing101 ( назад)
If ur not skinny can u still skinny dip?...Am i the only one that found
that a retarded ass question lul

Автор joemoe175 ( назад)
... i went here because of facebook's "truth game" asked something about
skinny dipping and i didn't know what it was... and no i have never wend
skinny dipping

Автор lolfred100 ( назад)
Funny story .. my friend got raped while skinny Dipping

Автор Hoboway ( назад)

Автор Yaaroslav ( назад)
Watch Marina’s psychological portrait. Search: “HotForWords Socionics”

Автор 005showme ( назад)
When "less than skinny" people skinny dip, it's called "Chunky Dunking"....
And no I haven't been chunky dunking in a long loooong time.

Автор BENTLEYQUAMP ( назад)
@futuresonex ...lol...thank you....but you were the worlds first genuine
republic.....that`s something to be proud of...

Автор Gunslinger454 ( назад)
@BENTLEYQUAMP Sadly we've done a pretty damn good job of screwing up this
country ourselves over the past century or so, & especially since the
1960's. The same dope-smoking, Marxist hippies that were doing acid &
rolling in the mud at Woodstock are now wearing suits and ruining the
country from within the government itself!!! Don't be so hard on Britain.
She may have been callous & a bit murderous in her colonies, but she left
behind her a legacy Christian civilization that changed the world.

Автор BENTLEYQUAMP ( назад)
@futuresonex ..lol....i know a little of your history..:))...being a Brit,
i know you kicked us out..lol..good for you....we`d have only F`d up

Автор Gunslinger454 (757 лет назад)
@BENTLEYQUAMP No problem! :-) If you look through her recent videos she did
one where she was celebrating finally getting her U.S. Citizenship. (I
forgot what the title of it is, sorry.) The funny thing about that is that
I can guarantee you that she now knows more about this country's history &
form of government than the vast majority of native-born Americans
(including the elected idiots that run this country)!!!!!

Автор BENTLEYQUAMP ( назад)
@futuresonex ..wow!.....i honestly thought it was fake.....thanks for the

Автор Gunslinger454 ( назад)
@BENTLEYQUAMP I hate to break it to you dude, but that accent ain't a fake.
She really is Russian.

Автор moosey250 ( назад)
all i have to say is dont skinny dip in a lake that has a lot of algae or
lilly pads... bad idea

Автор Robyn Mundy ( назад)
@arefresa fuck you

Автор MsTrashtalker123 ( назад)
i went skinny dipping best day of my life

Автор BENTLEYQUAMP ( назад)
love the fake rusky accent!

Автор ANONYMOUS12349000 ( назад)
I went skinny dipping and was raped by a gar.

Автор Michael Montiso ( назад)
Well my story involves my friend and his woman... Needless to say, that
wasn't her touching his stuff..

Автор Kurt Lim ( назад)
homework: I've never skinny dipped :( i think it will feel very weird...

Автор ArmyStates (782 года назад)
Preess 2-3 realy fast for 5seconds & press 4

Автор meganandbriannavids ( назад)
this is stupid..

Автор LickThis2 ( назад)
that's a weird looking kitchen.

Автор TheRayMan91 ( назад)
tits or gtfo

Автор MrJooberdoober ( назад)
Ah Duh!

Автор dawangstaman ( назад)
So that means Katy Perry swam naked Last Friday Night

Автор drift4life123 ( назад)
@ThisDayInNews press 7 lol

Автор shttykitty ( назад)
@ThisDayInNews why? nothing special happens.

Автор ThisDayInNews ( назад)
keep pressing 6 very fast

Автор One Knight ( назад)
Very Cute

Автор MrSmartypants99 ( назад)
Thumbs up if you think her accent is hot.

Автор ajf53347 ( назад)
Pause at 1:31 HAHAHA :)

Автор sbaust53 ( назад)
Is this a guy with a wig on?

Автор Davis Cooper ( назад)
It's usually the "fat folk" that yell "Let's go skinny dipping" at a lake
party. I'm sure it's just so they can see the "naturally sized" people
naked. I know several fat rich guys that have a hot tub that seats eight
people... yet, is FULL with four of them and their friends! Humans created
"beds" for slumber and sex. Hippos fuck in water.

Автор JUNEORJUNE ( назад)
@ListySarcastic LMAO

Автор aki rogers ( назад)
@msdeannagreen you must be a pedophile if u wanted to see a KID skinny dip

Автор aki rogers ( назад)
@NaretNaret I don't want any skinnies in my pussy, only big fat

Автор Amandork456 ( назад)
yeh, i went skinny dipping. lol. with my friend at an empty beach with a
lotta hot surfers. when we were in the water, i went a little up to joke
like i was gunna get all the way out. n then the wave went down. n this
dude was staring at me. it was a little embarrassing, but funny. good
memories. hey, at least he was hot. lol.

Автор kwiki24 ( назад)
I want to see YOU skinny dip!

Автор DdeadPsy ( назад)
Bliet Xatsiu traxnouch tibia

Автор buffaloborn71 ( назад)

Автор Julix ( назад)
@dwjkkrondor1 youporn youtube what's the big difference?

Автор Hiseumin Go ( назад)
i've never done it and i don't think i want to for a while.

Автор Icanhavethemall (590 лет назад)
@TheJackLavelle yeeeah, and then you woke up and had a huge boner ?

Автор Daniel Jennings ( назад)
Ive seen her on you porn.. i think

Автор noble912 ( назад)
fat ppl cant skinny dip

Автор emospadez ( назад)
ur bra is too big lol !

Автор zanderbal ( назад)
Hoes about showing us what it looks like

Автор AsasdasasdNation ( назад)
@cowboycox3 show some effin respect, internet has no room for haters ( but
haters gotta hate) lol *troll*

Автор AsasdasasdNation ( назад)
whats with all the haters?

Автор Dan Fox (1277 лет назад)
Minkle was skinny-dipping and a turtle head popped up.

Автор MrBlackmamba89 ( назад)
@pixystixy96 You must be a master Baiter

Автор Tariq Hen ( назад)
i want to see you titties bicth and you pussy

Автор Austin Pixler ( назад)
I was skinny dipping and a fish bit my peter.

Автор Diana Hamer ( назад)
@dodgecountrygirl ew!

Автор scarlette leber ( назад)
i skinny dipped with my entire family because there was a death in the
family and we were trying to relieve the tension...it was in the lake at my
house :) fun times

Автор TheJackLavelle ( назад)
Make a video about you showing your vagina

Автор TheJackLavelle ( назад)
Once I went over to my girlfriends house and her older brother said she was
skinny dipping so I went to her pool and I saw her ass hot boobs butt and
the best of all the vagina!!!!!

Автор chriscicoria ( назад)
yes lol

Автор Ineed10thoncod ( назад)
i would like to see u skinny dip and u have a nice pair of tittys

Автор SOCCERCHIX99 ( назад)
Me my friemd my bf and her bf all went to the beach. We rented a beach
house with a pool. Me and my friend both decided to go skinnydipping just
as we were fully undressed my bf walked outside and saw us fully naked

Автор Geoffrey Murphy ( назад)
i would love to skinny dip with her

Автор 092601abc ( назад)
0:52 is saucage fest..

Автор Abdi Arif ( назад)
1:12 YOU WHAT...With out me!!!!????

Автор magnetman224 ( назад)
I'd love to skinny dip with you

Автор Ashley Steck ( назад)
this is the theme song for Steve Spangler Science!

Автор Niels Geeraerts ( назад)
I already see rimples, i give her about 5 years to look like a rotten cunt

Автор weedloveking ( назад)
im gay so.. this is just... ugh fuck you

Автор Joshua ( назад)
Skinny Dipping is a term coined in the southern most region of The United
States Of America. It means to swim naked. My favorite songs to skinny-dip
to is R.E.M. "Nightswimming" and The Smashing Pumpkins "1979."

Автор knfxu ( назад)

Автор knfxu ( назад)

Автор missayaa ( назад)
Woman Talks Bullshit - Man dont care.. She could talk about quantic fisics
and they would hear "Bla Bla Blaaa" While stearing at her tits and thinking
about their BOner :P To her advantage - shes quite Aware of that :P haaa

Автор Bryan Travis ( назад)
If you cant skinny dip you chunky dunk

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