GTA SA "Acro-Parkour Mod" (Full Version)

Author: http://www.youtube.com/user/suhodolskiydj

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Автор Miguelangel Calderon ( назад)
press? 1:18

Автор Miguelangel Calderon ( назад)
someone tells me that this trick is 1:18

Автор Miguelangel Calderon ( назад)
hi please let me commands tricks letters and numbers all the tricks please
this is my face book Miguel Calderon out a picture of me in black and white
please let me commands on the wall
Traductor de Google para empresas:Google Translator ToolkitTraductor de
sitios webtest

Автор Miguelangel Calderon ( назад)
tell me the letter you do this 1:18

Автор Miguelangel Calderon ( назад)
To What Please

Автор Miguelangel Calderon ( назад)
como haces la del minuto 1:18 porfavor responde porfavor

Автор Miguelangel Calderon ( назад)
He leaves in the description as do tricks porfavooor not speak English
translator just want to please use the 1:18 minute

Автор Miguelangel Calderon ( назад)
1:17 y 1:18 please tell me how you do

Автор Le Matas ( назад)
It's very easy to install this, just download spark IMG editor, then open
the editor, go to gta Sa folder, models and gta 3.img then just place ifp
file and save, cleo files into the cleo folder. Done.

Автор stepan12 ( назад)
yupiieee the monkey vault 

Автор rey joseph ablao ( назад)
how do do a vault

Автор LuisCFSousa ( назад)
Name song - Dj Pablo - W.A.R

Автор Alexis San Jose ( назад)
NEED HELP! PLEASE, How Do We Install This Mod?!?!?!? Were Struggling To
Test This MOD!

Автор Łukasz Skiera ( назад)
Ty, wiesz moze jak go zainstalowac xd ?

Автор PurpleCPU ( назад)
how to install this mod ? (sorry for my bad English)

Автор arabicanflute ( назад)
full real!

Автор Vsgravity sincron ( назад)
txd workshop is better than img tool 4ever... & fack justin biber!!! 

Автор Николай Григорьев ( назад)
coooooool ебать 

Автор vlrpa ( назад)
i cant do the vaults 

Автор vlrpa ( назад)
pk40 mod

Автор DCSmovies ( назад)
I'm looking for a mod where I can just roll after any jump no matter how
high, anyone know where I can get something like that? 

Автор Noke Dice (1845 лет назад)
Can I get readme in english please ?

Автор Anime Lyrics ( назад)
how can i control of camera 

Автор CynnicalScout ( назад)

Автор Marnx Noval ( назад)
if u want to add the acro-parkour.ifp u have to use alcis img editor

Автор Archangel Sarah ( назад)

Автор Slade D. Evil ( назад)
@rudolf2390 to do those vaults you must be facing something you can do the
normal vault then press the key PS:dont be too close and you must run to it
hope that helped :D

Автор LuisCFSousa ( назад)
MUsic name??? PLEASE 

Автор Sam Black ( назад)
is it visible in samp for other players? 

Автор Dominik Sodomka ( назад)
Music ?

Автор Sqerty Evers ( назад)
Name Music ? 

Автор Archangel Sarah ( назад)
HOW TO INSTALL **Filipino 1- I-kopya ang cleo at i-extract sa "gta sa"
default (C:\Program File\Rockstar Games\San Andreas) 2- Ilagy ang
"ACRO-PARKOUR.ifp" sa desktop,gamitin ang "IMG tools" o "Game Archieve"
Viewer" dungagan "ACRO-PARKOUR.ifp" sa "GTA3.IMG" MASAYA KA

Автор Trong Thien Phuc Nguyen (117 лет назад)
HOW TO INSTALL **ENGLISH 1- copy cleo in to "gta sa" default (C:\Program
File\Rockstar Games\San Andreas) 2-put "ACRO-PARKOUR.ifp" on the desktop
use "IMG tools" or "Game Achirve Viewer" Add "ACRO-PARKOUR.ifp" in to

Автор Trong Thien Phuc Nguyen (121 год назад)
Cách cài ****Vietnamese 1-copy thư mục "cleo" vào chỗ cài game Mặc
định (C:\Program File\Rockstar Games\San Andreas) 2-để 'ACRO-PARKOUR.ifp"
ở ngoài hinh nền ( desktop ) sử dụng "IMG tools'' hoặc "Game Achirve
Viewer" để add " ACRO-PARKOUR.ifp" xong rồi !!!! :) chén nào 

Автор FRAT60 ( назад)
@TheTOPProductions Download 'Alci's IMG editor' (:

Автор Tommi Saarinen ( назад)
i get this error when i try to put the ACRO-PARKOUR.ifp file into gta3.img
on img tool: I/O Error 123. help?

Автор dzoo11 ( назад)
nice mod :D

Автор Dominik Sodomka ( назад)
Good MOD

Автор Izzy ( назад)
I know how to install it you need to ACRO-PARKOUR.ifp copy on your desktop
and open the img tool. gta. and Citrl + a and ACRO-PARKOUR.ifp

Автор TheHoodboy12345 ( назад)
nice mod your awesome

Автор Daedalus ( назад)
um this parkour is corrupted whenever u put it in anim it say ERROR:123
right thts the parkour fault u need latest version for this i think

Автор KamikazeKZ ( назад)
after the loading screen is an error. :| help? i put the acro-parkour.ifp
in anim folder and all .cs files in CLEO folder. something's wrong? please

Автор FRAT60 ( назад)
man i dont get it! i put the acro_parkour.ifp in gta3.img and put all cs
files in cleo folder my game freez after the loading screen when i put the
Acro_parkour in anim folder there is a runtime error plz help

Автор Nikola Marinkovic ( назад)
Whats the song name 

Автор avash011 ( назад)
@AztecaBoyGTA it always crashes can you help me?

Автор avash011 ( назад)
@AztecaBoyGTA thank you :)

Автор DeNzZ Romania ( назад)
how install plz 

Автор avash011 ( назад)
if you tell me where the .ifp file goes ill subscribe

Автор avash011 ( назад)
@GNFart 100% non troll

Автор Rélayia .Gaming ( назад)
how do you jump like you do at 0:46 to 0:48?

Автор GNFart ( назад)
Cool video is is a great one! Bless you!

Автор OxIBiA RS ( назад)
what is the name of the song

Автор chris1234667 ( назад)
fail in description.

Автор Manuel Mendez ( назад)
nice mod but the kash and the kong didnt work really dude...... dont knoe
why i try it like 20 times 

Автор Robert Gal ( назад)
@IndustriesOno It's working! At the vaults just run to a rail or something
like that, and then press the y. And at the double frontflip get on a
building's edge, and try it.

Автор IndustriesOno ( назад)
not working: kong vault , kash vault ,double frontflip , double backflip

Автор BaxxAgent77 ( назад)
@jjetleb thx :D

Автор da dadad ( назад)
best mod i ever seen,but i do not know how to do vaults please tell.....

Автор SpiritEdits ( назад)
@BaxxAgent77 Bboy-War

Автор BaxxAgent77 ( назад)
name of the song? :P

Автор foradalinha ( назад)
@andr3ynh0 me too i wanna know how to do the kong and the dash.

Автор 3runner ( назад)
Very nice moooood!!

Автор Schwipsy ( назад)
Cool mod!!!!!

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