PS2 USB Extreme

How to use PS2 USB Extreme


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Автор Jaegar Ultima ( назад)
I've tried every method to play ps2 backups and nothing works PS2 is too much hassle to run emulation on Wii is soo much easier to deal with.

Автор Locutz M ( назад)
omg that music is too annoying my dude damn i couldn't watch the whole video , thanks anyways 

Автор 嘉祥邓 (386 лет назад)
no cd play?

Автор 嘉祥邓 (404 года назад)
so ?

Автор Krish Negi ( назад)
plzzzz reply, what we have to do after this can anyone help mee plzzzz!!!! :(

Автор FRED QUIMBY ( назад)
finally , i modded my ps2 and i installed games

Автор sunny sandhu ( назад)
hey dear can ny1 tell me how to put downloaded game file in usb extreme........

Автор ZahranExpo ( назад)
does it work for usb stick ?

Автор omegadavid99 ( назад)
hey i have a problem it wont let me put more then 1 game what i mean is when i p[ut more then one games on the usb it only reads one what can i do to put multiple at once

Автор The Blue Flash (842 года назад)
I kinda had the same problem too lol

I did try using Img Burn it worked very well

thank you for your help anyway

Автор eddy olivares ( назад)
dude, i just want to convert my ps2 9pin controller into a usb 4pin ps3 controller.. at home DIY no adapter and i cant find a freakin diagram anywhere for this.. can you help me out?? ANYONE??

Автор NeDa_Cr7 ( назад)
if you wont link for UBS Extreme send mi message and i'll say you ...

Автор mosa fadel ( назад)
I can not found the brogram please tell me where i can found it

Автор The Blue Flash ( назад)
i always try to do the usb extreme thing but everytime it says "cannot write data" plz help :(

Автор beNzemA 09 ( назад)
dude can anyone tell me where to download this USB EXTREME GAME INSTALLER ....CAN ANY ONE SEND ME A LINK.. :)

Автор Safwan Alzam ( назад)
How to mount the iso file ?

Автор Shriram Kathir ( назад)
wtf page not found!

Автор Charlie Koonce ( назад)
name of song?

Автор TheLiltleB ( назад)
Page not found

Автор MrMoodyPants ( назад)
@yogi1226 needs to be a FAT32

Автор Valette ( назад)
do the games run very well or is kinda slow?

Автор SuperBumblee ( назад)
I have got a pen drive but when i try to do that to find at hard drive i don't see my pen driver F
i just see my hard drive off computer...

Автор SuperBumblee ( назад)
I have got a pen drive but when i try to do that to find at hard drive i don't see my pen driver F

Автор Floyd Hunter ( назад)
so basically we copy games that we have saved, onto the usb drive and it runs the game off the drive? also couldnt you do that with a regular usb drive?

Автор Shinkie24 ( назад)
does USB extreme work with PS1 games?

Автор techvision011 ( назад)
@dhruv771 : Yes

Автор SwrdBreak ( назад)
@techvision011 thanks for the reply :)
great tutorial too

Автор techvision011 ( назад)
@SwrdBreak : No, you need HDD with single partition with FAT not NTFS.

Автор SwrdBreak ( назад)
i already have an HDD with a ntsf partition (and some other types of partitions) if i get usbextreme will i have to reformat my ntfs partition or modify anything or i'd be good to go?

Автор techvision011 ( назад)
@boglemeaster : I bought Swap Magic CDVD, which cost me around 35$ and to me it is the easiest and cheapest method.

Автор boglemeaster ( назад)
will i need my ps2 to be modded or anything else in order to play games from a usb? what's the cheapest way to get this to work?

Автор techvision011 ( назад)
@homerflander3568 : At the same time you can use it with computer....

Автор techvision011 ( назад)
@sulemankhalid98 : Yes you've to do it for all the new games. What error are you getting ?

Автор laronswank ( назад)
@techvision011 Ok, cool. I was starting to think I'd messed up a step. Thanks again.

Автор techvision011 ( назад)
@n00bTuber87 : Yes, depending on the size of the game, you will see 00, 01,02 etc.

Автор laronswank ( назад)
@techvision011 Quick question. After putting the game on the flash drive using USBExtreme, it comes out as a 00 file, a 01 file, and a CFG? Its supposed to come out like this, right?

Автор techvision011 ( назад)
@n00bTuber87 : Good to know.. Njoy :)

Автор laronswank ( назад)
@techvision011 Thanks man. Once I get my memory card with FMCB back, I'll be playing Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild and a shitload of other games thanks to you. ;) Happy Softmodding!

Автор -*AnimeXGamer*- ( назад)
hey everybody! i can't install magic ISO because i'm just a limited account and my dad is not coming home for 2 days.....anyone pls help me doenload magic ISO without installing!....:D tyhnx advance

Автор techvision011 ( назад)
@Atma01 : I too don't have this file as I've used from Youtube's audio swap tool. But you can easily download the mp3 from youtube video. See my video "How to download youtube video (mp4 / mp3 / avi) for free"

Автор techvision011 ( назад)
@Atma01 : I hope you will njoy it...
Name : Something Special
artist: Musicshake
genre: Instrumental

Автор techvision011 ( назад)
@itzemilyftw5 : Yes my mistake, with 1TB you can play many games :)

Автор techvision011 ( назад)
@Atma01 : Yes my mistake, with 1TB you can play many games :)

Автор techvision011 ( назад)
@luanld3 : I think not. but try out. USBExtreme will give you an error if size is not enough.

Автор luanld3 ( назад)
Will a 2gb usb support a fifa or winning elven game?

Автор techvision011 ( назад)
Yes but with 1 GB device you can only small CD games :)
To play latest DVD games you need larger USB drive

Автор techvision011 ( назад)
I didn't understand your question. Please provide more info.

Автор techvision011 ( назад)
Yes, there are few games which are not compatible with it but I tried several and it worked for me.

Автор KJuice ( назад)
@techvision011 i meant i cant lol typo well any way i fixed the problem but for some reason Shadow of the colossus wouldnt load on the ps2 it when black screen and never start not sure why but im gonna go test it on another game

Автор techvision011 ( назад)
@RIPCAT22 : You can or you can't ?
If you can't then first plug-in your USB drive and make sure it is FAT 32 formatted and then start USB Extreme

Автор KJuice ( назад)
i can select my usb drive why?

Автор techvision011 ( назад)

Автор techvision011 ( назад)
You need Swap Magic or similar program CD/DVD or modded PS2. If you PS2 is new then go for Swap Magic as this does not void your warranty and if you have old PS2 then go for mod.

Автор Fians Moorrees ( назад)
Do i need a modded Ps2 to play a game like this ?
Because my ps2 is a ntsc :P

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