GoPro HERO 4 | AMAZING THAILAND TRIP | Travel | 2016

Thailand trip • 100% GoPro footage • 2.7K • 2016 • Travel • HERO4 Silver • HD •
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In 2016 we took a GoPro HERO4 travelling through Thailand and Singapore on an amazing 4 week adventure. The trip was filmed entirely on the GoPro Hero 4 Silver, with a FeiyuTech G4 to help stabilize the footage. As you can see the Gopro HERO4 produces some great quality video. I decided to shoot at 2.7K and 30fps and for diving 60fps (so that i could slow the footage down slightly to reduce shakiness)
I Edited the movie on Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects.

Here is the equipment that I used on the trip:

GoPro used: https://goo.gl/am3Qeo
Stabilizer used: https://goo.gl/tgVEhh
Floaty used: https://goo.gl/9kibkf
Time lapse thing: https://goo.gl/5XPAOM
GorillaPod: https://goo.gl/eHxKcb
Memory card: https://goo.gl/aFZR2m
Extra batteries: https://goo.gl/MIwQ1c
Extension pole: https://goo.gl/BTHmdn

My first attempt at filming/editing. Let me know your thoughts.


Music: Treasured Soul by Michael Calfan

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Автор Sunitsa Sana ( назад)
Thank you for this movie ,i'm Thai and proud of my country
,and i think if Thai people see your vdo they feel happy too

Автор Gordon Teo ( назад)
How is Gardens By The Bay in Thailand? Haha..

Автор Bradley Dearden ( назад)
amazing video . just wondering where is was you stayed, what resort was it
with seats in the pool. also is it the same place with the bar with swings
for seats

Автор T.P.M. Marchal Marchal ( назад)
wow .. Super place i booked my ticket to fly Thailand www.liveufly.com

Автор DrRockvoice ( назад)
Nice.. but you should mention Singapore as well since you have taken a clip
of it at the last part of this video.

Автор Sang L. ( назад)
Cool video!
I am planning to backpack through Southeast Asia for 4 months, starting in
March, and I will be using only my GoPro 5 to record videos also.

Автор Digao TV ( назад)
woww i loved :D niceee video

Автор Carlo Hofilena ( назад)
Love this video! How you guys shot it is dope!

Автор Julio Moimas ( назад)
Waw!! Nice video!! And beautifull place! Congratss! ✌🏻🌴

Автор Bruno Cardozo ( назад)
Amazing video! Really great job! But 03:15 don't do that... poor monkey :(

Автор Jackie Leduc ( назад)
Hey ! Beautiful video ! Is this song copyright?

Автор ghalee xxx ( назад)
wow !! beautiful video

Автор Stefan Breitenbach ( назад)
Like!! See my trip https://youtu.be/iZwpOAEtKVY

Автор Christopher Lee ( назад)
Wait wasn't 2:42 Singapore?

Автор KONOVA ( назад)
This is really helpful for the GoPro users.

Автор Roberto Arellanes ( назад)
What pro tune settings did you use? Awesome video!

Автор Main ( назад)
Wow! Amazing Video dude:)

Автор Jirka Jamnický ( назад)
The Best video about Thailand ever seen! I love it. I was in Thailand in
2015. If you want, check my Thailand movie, it was my first editing movie
ever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0xhLZZicOY&t=2s. This year i was in
Sardinia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHDvTTHQDe8&t=9s

Автор Zuzanna Szwedek ( назад)
it's gopro hero 4silver or black?
great video:)

Автор Benedict Yu ( назад)
Nice video! Great job at editing! I just went to Thailand and did a travel
video too. Mainly Bangkok and Hua Hin. Check out my video and let me know
your thoughts and how i could improve!

Автор Nirut Chuensukhon ( назад)
สวยดี น่าไป

Автор DanBrox ( назад)
Hey did you use protune on the GoPro?

Автор Kalin Anguelov ( назад)
Man this was awesome! I recently finished a video of my Europe trip (first
time editing a video). Please check it out and let me know what you think!


Автор ridwan yusoff ( назад)
nice video bro! but i noticed that you went to Gardens by the Bay,

Автор Mr. Lemtosh ( назад)
This is inspiring! Thanks mate for sharing this!

Автор AKI ( назад)
i fucking love it! great job, man!

Автор Laureen Arnuco ( назад)
What did you use to o edit your videos?

Автор Gesta travels ( назад)
Great video, great edit! Check out my trip trough Asia and South America
2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_rinqA0LgM&t=171s

Автор Robyn Waves ( назад)
Your video is amazing! I also do travel and lifestyle videos. Feel free to
check it out!

Автор Joseph Ryan Mabaquiao ( назад)
hi can you send link where we can download music something like you used

Автор Traveler's Step ( назад)
Huge !!! For more information about travel in the world, tou can use this
website : https://travelerstep.org/

Автор POLO & Lifestyle the London Magazine TV ( назад)
Great video

Автор Léa Hermange ( назад)
Awesome video!! Really nice work!
Actually, I'm going in Thailand soon with a friend and I'd like to know
where you have been, because some places look incredible (with the
elephants, the different beaches, the boxing match...) Thanks! :)

Автор RoRo Laf ( назад)
Hello, I’ve just watched your video and it reminds to me very good
memories. Very good footage!!!
Occasionally if you have time to watch my last trip in Thailand and tell me
of what you think of it? :)
Thank you again for your images

Автор Bank Bam and Police ( назад)

Автор 吴学鸿 ( назад)
Awesome! I will have trip to Thailand in May. This video makes me has more
expectations about the journey. LOL,BTW, what's the beach you went to and
went divingin the video? THX a lot! I'm looking forward to your answer !

Автор Plndrm ( назад)
Really nice Editing!

Автор Noel Morata ( назад)
This is an awesome post, love it..I just did a post I also want to share
adventure and eco activities to do around the world

Автор A Corner of Our World [!] ( назад)
Amazing trip!! Keep going on James! I did subscribe and am waiting for the
next video.

Автор Adnan Mkamel ( назад)
Hey nice trip! I'm going to Thailand in 2 months from now with a GoPro Hero
4 Silver. Do you recommend recording at 2.7k/60fps or 4k/30fps? Any tips or
tricks on getting good, stable shots with the GoPro? Also, do you have any
nice places you recommend me going to visit?
Thanks in advance!

Автор Sergey Morozov ( назад)
Awesome video! Check out my new clip from Thailand and Singapore!

Автор R9 Product!on ( назад)
0:23 effect plz tell me ?

Автор rodolfo ribeiro ( назад)
turista padrão, q vem pro brasil e não sai de copacabana xD

Автор Robert Bauer ( назад)
Hey this video is amazing!! Great Job on making it! Which program did you
use? Great vacation :) Super jealous!

Автор A L ( назад)
Great video! How did you capture the time-lapse? It was great!!

Автор Lauras Welt ( назад)
Amazing stuff dude! It's amazing that all of the clips are filmed with a
GroPro. I also own one and I tried to make a GoPro Summer video! But your
video is just incredible.

Автор Life Of Pierre ( назад)
Amazing video James 👍
I got inspired by you in some ways for my video


Автор Mindaugas Bilevičius ( назад)
Really amazing trip! :) Check it out my new Video from Bali (Dec. 2016). I
hope you enjoy it!

Автор Robert Sinaga ( назад)

Автор Gerry ( назад)
Heading out at the start of Feb with 4 grand, and a Hero 3+ Black. Doing
South-East Asia until I run out of money. Amazing video you've got me
looking forward to it.

Автор Josh Wisda ( назад)
Amazing Video! Check out my 2016 Adventures video!

Автор Zoltri Helium ( назад)
Cheers on this one James :) Might I ask though if you use a DLSR for videos
or purely use a Go Pro?

Автор Efrendo X ( назад)
Wow amazing video, I also do traveling videos, always nice to get inspired

Автор Khade Muangkroot ( назад)
what editor app did u use??

Автор Cristian Gaggi ( назад)
Could you please make a travel guide of the things you did and the places
you went cause this looks amazing

Автор Andrew Olvey ( назад)
Where did you go scuba diving? And the bar with the swings? The floating

Автор ANDREY FEDOSOV ( назад)
Very very nice!!!

Автор Maxime ( назад)
my life is so bored

Автор Luis Alvarez ( назад)
make a new one :)

Автор Luciano Barros ( назад)
Did you use a grip stabilizer?

Автор solarfreezer ( назад)
Amazing. James

Автор VIETNAM TRAVEL ( назад)
nice place, I really like your video, thank you

Автор Travelvids ( назад)
Been making videos for about a year, for your first attempt thats is
brilliant, hats off

Автор Mike SaKonNakhon ( назад)
ขอบคุณมากเลยนะครับ ><

Автор Piyush Arora ( назад)
Amazing shots, brilliant video and a terrific compilation ! Hats off.

Автор kiwuana ( назад)

Автор Nara arsa ( назад)
Please do not give food to all wild animals you see.

Автор Smart Khrobsin ( назад)
welcome to thailand.
land of smile ,cuture and traditional. 😊 Sa wad dee krap 🙏

Автор ibyl ( назад)
Great video!

Автор André Krint ( назад)
Which city ?

Автор Mr.Midd's Channel ( назад)
Nice video man. May i know what render/settings did u use for this?

Автор Travel Travel Travel ( назад)
Wow, it's amazing

Автор Caroline Green ( назад)
I also want to travel. I always seemed to have no time and no money.

Автор Caroline Green ( назад)
I also want to travel. I always seemed to have no time and no money.

Автор Kyle Lockhart ( назад)
Amazing Vid - how did you get the into image 'Thailand 2016' @00:06 ? I use
the gopro software but cant work it out

Автор the Watsons ( назад)
i love how stable the video is. not shaky at all.. do you use a specific
handle? we do travel videos as well :)

Автор nindito rizki ( назад)
I thought at the end of video you just took some of footages in Singapur
right haha

Автор Andrew Pelx ( назад)
hey, nice video and nice editing, if you want pass on my channel

Автор Dennise Tayo ( назад)
the video looks amazing! can I ask what software did you use to edit it?

Автор Charoenpong GTO ( назад)
Welcome to Thailand <3

Автор John Milligan ( назад)
so beautiful thanks jack

Автор Eagle Eye 9 ( назад)
Great Video! At 3:21, where is that?

Автор Dylan Heathcote : Travel Videos ( назад)
Awesome Video I had such a Great time there!!

Автор Travel Hub 365, Inc. ( назад)

Автор Shanna Marie ( назад)
Such a well edited video!

Автор Aleksandra Schmidt ( назад)

Автор Jubal Sheard ( назад)
When did you go to Thailand? How is the weather in January in Thailand?

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Автор Viet Nam Travel ( назад)

Автор Travel Vietnam ( назад)

Автор Thomson Tan Wei Da ( назад)
like your video very much...


Автор ExPiReD F34R ( назад)
Can u please tell me ur video settings you used for under water

Автор My Channel ( назад)
Here's a great guide about Australia.

Автор ShabindShevixia ( назад)
I like it!!!
Could you also check my video??

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