GoPro HERO 4 | AMAZING THAILAND TRIP | Travel | 2016

Thailand trip • 100% GoPro footage • 2.7K • 2016 • Travel • HERO4 Silver • HD •
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In 2016 we took a GoPro HERO4 travelling through Thailand and Singapore on an amazing 4 week adventure. The trip was filmed entirely on the GoPro Hero 4 Silver, with a FeiyuTech G4 to help stabilize the footage. As you can see the Gopro HERO4 produces some great quality video. I decided to shoot at 2.7K and 30fps and for diving 60fps (so that i could slow the footage down slightly to reduce shakiness)
I Edited the movie on Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects.

Here is the equipment that I used on the trip:

GoPro used: https://goo.gl/am3Qeo
Stabilizer used: https://goo.gl/tgVEhh
Floaty used: https://goo.gl/9kibkf
Time lapse thing: https://goo.gl/5XPAOM
GorillaPod: https://goo.gl/eHxKcb
Memory card: https://goo.gl/aFZR2m
Extra batteries: https://goo.gl/MIwQ1c
Extension pole: https://goo.gl/BTHmdn
Mounts: https://goo.gl/VH72hF

DONATE: https://goo.gl/c8xl8a

My first attempt at filming/editing. Let me know your thoughts.


Music: Treasured Soul by Michael Calfan

No copyright infringement intended. All rights reserved to respective artists.

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Автор theroywalkerfanclub ( назад)
wow! Best gopro video on youtube - well done. SUBSCRIBED!!!

Автор nAxiD ( назад)
Great video!
Maybe you like my thailand Footage too? Check out "Thailand - A Journey 2017"

Автор เงี่ยน ปั๊ด ( назад)

Автор TOMYUM KUNG ( назад)
Fantastic Videos Amazing Thailand

Автор Happy Travel videos ( назад)
so lovely video.

Автор Giuseppe Ragazzo ( назад)
Great video Jams Goldenboy. Subscribed!!

Автор mark's garden ( назад)
great footage and editing .. where is the place at 3.34??

Автор Gabriel Llobera ( назад)

Автор Erlich Souberlich ( назад)
OMG! This video is awesome! I can´t wait to go to Thailand !

Автор The Globetrotter ( назад)
Amazing video pal👍🏼 check out my video on my channel

Автор Christian Angelo Eran ( назад)
How do you take videos without a lot of shaking? :)

Автор Obitob's Life ( назад)
Nice video! Youtube creators let's support each others!

Автор Funguj ( назад)
Superb video! Love gopro videos :) check out my, im new -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHVwBXtqBhY GoPro hero 5 movie!

Автор justjays ( назад)
This is fucking awesome👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Автор Brandon ( назад)
Awesome video! I love Thailand so much I recently visited there and went to a few of the same places you did! Feel free to check the video out on my channel!👍

Автор Pablo Pantoja Sánchez ( назад)
Hi! Can I know what is the font?? Please! :)

Автор Jermaine Jackson ( назад)
Just came back from Bangkok and Phucket. Loved it! What did you edit your video with? Which GoPro settings did you use and did you do any post editing for more sharpness or clarity?

Автор Nicholas Dodici ( назад)
this video is such an inspiration! I'm heading there next month...i just want you to ask a question: where do you film the palms at the beginning of the video (0:03-0:12)? I want to film something similar....

Автор Yuki kats ( назад)
my friend and I want to go for a 3 week holiday in Thailand and Vietnam. how much would it cost approximately. we want to discover the country and it's people.

Автор Billy Elliot ( назад)
Welcome to Thailand :D

Автор Joshua Bakunawa ( назад)
Annoying as it sounds, Check out my channel! Similar to this one #Travel

Автор goes travels ( назад)
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Автор Vladimir Massillon ( назад)
This was a really well done vid. I'm heading there next week and hope to come back with a vid half as good

Автор ben fletcher ( назад)
You have another way of contacting you ? I'd like to ask you some advice if possible as I'm going to Thailand in July but duno what equipment to use I have a d3300 but I want to buy an action camera and duno if the hero session will Do me or not

Автор Snehangshu Debnath ( назад)
Great!!! Great!!!
Watch our take on Thailand.

Автор ben fletcher ( назад)
I'm planning to make a video similar to this when I go to Thailand as this has inspired me so much! But I'm wondering how you did your shots where they are slightly sped up, I tried shooting a video in 2.7k 30fps and when I tried to time lapse it in premiere it was really choppy. Hope to upload the video in the summer sometime any advice is much appreciated I love your video man it's a fantastic edit so inspiring

Автор MPisco4 ( назад)
Great video :) I try to make videos just like this

Автор morph1989 ( назад)
Elephant Discovery Chang Mai best place to be! :)

Автор Top Hermes ( назад)
ถ่ายทอด การท่องเที่ยวไทย ออกมาได้สวยงามมากครับ

Автор Bella Vita ( назад)
Wow! Cant wait, planning now!

Автор Leon Szeli ( назад)
Awesome Video man :) I did a Thailand Video which is inspired by yours :)

Автор Join The Sunny Side ( назад)
Awesome video!! Nice job!

Автор kitorichan ( назад)
like you vdo from Thailand

Автор เราไง ทําไมล่ะ ( назад)
oh....nice to meet you i come frome Thailand
Welcome to Thailand!

Автор KbarameeOfficial ( назад)
welcome to Thailand :D

Автор Viajando afora ( назад)
Nice video!
I just uploaded a new one about our Thailand trip! It´s a real PARADISE!!!

Автор KuppyTravel ( назад)
Incredible video for a GoPro! Any future trips and content coming up?

Автор Joelson Santos ( назад)
Perfect I loved one day my video will reach this level

Автор Joelson Santos ( назад)
One day I'm going to blind this level.

Автор ผมชื่อ กาย ( назад)
มาเที่ยวกันเยอะๆนะคนไทยใจดีนะครับ แต่ไอ้จีนอย่ามาทำบ้านเมืองเลเทะหมด ชอบคุณครับ

Автор Eliza scott ( назад)
I live there

Автор Meong miauw ( назад)
hello james, nice video btw is that the marina bay sands building in 3:34 @singapore?

Автор Tony InSpires ( назад)
Great video and music! Please check out my cruise trip to Atlantis! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IXvjbS2ucvA

Автор Ale ROMA ( назад)
hello, which accessory do you used for gopro ??
the Stick or the accessory to the helmet ??

Автор LUCID DREAMS ( назад)
Wow, great shot. I can share my Thailand trips..

Автор Samuel Ward ( назад)
Hi Guys,
Just starting out my youtube journey, this is my first real video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vqg7Cf3MdCU , i would love some feedback on how to improve.
Thanks Sam

Автор Giulia Rj ( назад)
Awesome video! Check out my last Thailand trip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6daA5oB_AM&t=55s Thank you ❤️

Автор GMontv ( назад)
ประเทศไทยยินดีต้อนรับนะครับ welcome to Thailand

Автор Laurin Schädle ( назад)
Hey man check out my video!! i like this a lot.

Автор 高元 ( назад)
Hi, I am the editor of the Peng Bo Travel Channel, which is committed to looking for the world's exciting travel videos and broadcasting in China.
We would be really grateful if our platform could be licensed to broadcast your videos, which therefore will help 70% of the Chinese audience to understand your videos.
Hope to get your reply.
thank you.

Автор Evines.cz ( назад)
wow, amazing!

Автор Jake Rawlinson ( назад)
Subscribed !Amazing footage! Im heading to thailand in a week what straps and mounts do you recommend?

Автор Santiago Lozada ( назад)
awesome trip !!!

Автор black snowy ( назад)
yo how much did all that cost??

Автор Rama Hordijk ( назад)
Awesome vid. How did you edit this and how long did it take?

Автор Viajando afora ( назад)
Amazing Video!! Congrats!!
Check out our last GoPro Video!!
This one is about Koh Lipe!! A PARADISE in Thailand!
All scenes with a Hero4!
Please give us a feedback, commenting, subscribing, liking, etc! ☺️🤙

Автор david meehan ( назад)
Excellent video. I love your style of filming. Keep up the good work!

Автор theBANs ( назад)
beautifully put together!

Автор lleon z ( назад)
Great video!! Nice editing! Can I ask how you make it possible to have a commercial song like this on youtube / I'm working on my holiday movie ;)

Автор Sergey Morozov ( назад)
Awesome video! Check out my new clip from Thailand!

Автор dave hyper ( назад)

Автор Aa Bb ( назад)
you made me fly
( ° ʖ °)
( ⊙ ʖ ⊙)
( ◉ ʖ ◉)< ̄`ヽ、       /  ̄ >
 ゝ、  \ /⌒ヽ,ノ    /´
   ゝ、   ( ( ◉ > ◉) /
     >     ,ノ

Автор Xabier Merino ( назад)
Cool video man!
I do these kind of videos as well, if anyone has some spare time and wants to check out my channel I would appreciate it! Thanks

Автор YoKl ( назад)
Very inspiring channel. :-) Doing travel vlogs and stuff ourselves and love watching "real pros" like you :-) Always interested
to hear some good advice of how to improve our channel content and vids :-) Feel free to check out our channel if you like. Always interested to hear some good advice of how to improve our channel content and vids :-) Greetings from Bangkok :-)

Автор Tino Rößenr ( назад)
Great movie!!!

Автор lucas zacarias ( назад)
How you make that time lapse with the go pro?

Автор Gino K ( назад)
extreme stupid music

Автор zimfreak ( назад)
bro epic video for first time. nicely done

Автор Chris N ( назад)
W hotel

Автор Lk Trt ( назад)
Very nice video!! You can check the following

Автор Amerul Shah ( назад)
damn awesome video Sir. !!!

Автор Tanveer Kabir ( назад)
Great Video. BTW did you use a few clips from Singapore as well? At 2:41 to be precise.

Автор Rachel Clauser ( назад)
HEY! I'm new to YouTube, check out my new content.... more to come /~~~~~


You're video is awesome.

Автор Aye.Khajai ( назад)
A beautiful video I was in Thailand, but no video is beautiful. After seeing this video, I wanted to travel.

Автор Sam Warren ( назад)
Great vid! Going to thailand this summer can't wait! My summer video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nKKlSkG_do

Автор Chris Pagalidis ( назад)
Amazing video! Keep on filming!

Автор LukeB Films ( назад)
this is truly a masterpiece, the editing on this is insane and you chose the shots so perfectly! I strive for videos like this. I mean it this is one of the best travel videos iv seen, please keep making more! :)

Автор Eric Daniel ( назад)
What is the name of this track?

Автор Life Users ( назад)
Awesome vid! I have the same gopro but I have to work on the editing. Come visit my gopro clips and give me your thoughts!

Автор masterpanus ( назад)
Nice Video, good Job👍

Автор Ryan Welsh ( назад)
Awesome video. Especially all being shot on a GoPro! What is the place at 3.21 also. Guna drop you a sub for that!

Автор Dmitriy Silenko ( назад)
nice video!

Автор costitravel ( назад)
Great video!

Автор QT Adventure Diary ( назад)
Loved the video!! We just started our youtube channel as we just started to film our holidays with go pro, would appreciate if u could check out our channel and subscribe if u like it for more videos coming soon :) Thanks so much, The link to one of our videos is below:

Автор Imlinungsang Longkumer ( назад)
Amazing Video! Love it! I travel a lot and I like making short videos but the quality isn't that great because I only use my android phone and mobile video editor. Time to get a GoPro maybe. Any tips on making better videos and editing would be great. Thanks :)

Автор Irfan Khalis ( назад)
Awesome video💪👍🏻, if u guys have time, please do watch my first travologue to dahab n sham el sheikh 😁 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KLY6qXyHbh4

Автор keyifliyim ( назад)
Great vid! Have fun!! :) We are also getting ready for a 1 year world tour ! ♥
Please check our adventures of me and my husband on;
Blog: www.keyifliyim.com
Youtube: http://youtube.com/c/keyifliyim
Instagram: www.instagram.com/keyifliyim

Автор Cody Maynard ( назад)
Awesome video James! Were you able to get sponsored by GoPro for this trip?

Автор Earn Money ( назад)
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Автор James C ( назад)
Wow really good video guys and good quality too👌

Автор Sunitsa Sana ( назад)
Thank you for this movie ,i'm Thai and proud of my country
,and i think if Thai people see your vdo they feel happy too

Автор Gordon Teo ( назад)
How is Gardens By The Bay in Thailand? Haha..

Автор Brodie Crathern ( назад)
Sweet Vid! Really enjoyed the vids. Im new to vlogs, have alook at my vids and give me some feedback if you have some time :) thanks

Автор Bradley Dearden ( назад)
amazing video . just wondering where is was you stayed, what resort was it with seats in the pool. also is it the same place with the bar with swings for seats

Автор T.P.M. Marchal Marchal ( назад)
wow .. Super place i booked my ticket to fly Thailand www.liveufly.com

Автор DrRockvoice ( назад)
Nice.. but you should mention Singapore as well since you have taken a clip of it at the last part of this video.

Автор Sang L. ( назад)
Cool video!
I am planning to backpack through Southeast Asia for 4 months, starting in March, and I will be using only my GoPro 5 to record videos also.

Автор Digao TV ( назад)
woww i loved :D niceee video

Автор Carlo Hofilena ( назад)
Love this video! How you guys shot it is dope!

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