The Flash : Black Siren(E2 Laurel Lance) Scenes(Canary Cry!!)(Katie Cassidy)

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Автор Ştefan Plăvițu ( назад)
Well, I, I don't understand.... I only watch arrow (i know about The Flash
and The Legend Of Tomorrow, but..nah), I am here just i heart about Black
Siren when I watched vids with Laurel's death and what is an earth 1 and
earth 2 Laurel? Please explain.

Автор Marielle Glen ( назад)
I'm surprised after Hartley's sonic gloves and the deafening sound they
didn't install a soundproof thing in Barry's suit.

Автор Menma Uzumaki ( назад)
1:17 do you bleed?

Автор The greatest guy ever ( назад)
why doesn't zoom wear his mask around siren... I think their old friends

Автор Kw ( назад)
We loved her yet you didn't go to her funeral 😂

Автор Dominic RedBorrelli ( назад)
Arrow you should be afraid, cuz this Siren is coming for ya!!!

Автор X- spider ( назад)
How does the black siren effect work?

Автор WorkBitch24 ( назад)
We loved her. LOL they didn't even know her. The only reason people like
her now is because she has a costume. You people weren't around when she
was on Arrow and she never trends when the show is on.

Автор magic713m ( назад)
Is it just me or does it feel like Katie was having more fun in this
episode of Flash than her entire run on Arrow.

Автор Richard Jr ( назад)
She's back..

Автор Jahanzaib Ahmed ( назад)
who came here after watching the promo of Arrow 5x10

Автор David Salazar ( назад)
Arrow episode "Who Are You?" promo

Автор KingpinPasta ( назад)
I say what you put in the thumbnail under the title😂😂😂

Автор Beard ( назад)
I think this laurel is the one on the latest episode of arrow (S05E09)...I

Автор Aisha Hassan ( назад)
arrow is the best

Автор Aisha Hassan ( назад)
hey whoever did this movie u suck allow is the best fucking ass hole

Автор Katie Herzig ( назад)
I can't scream REDEMPTION ARC loud enough. Give us Dinah Lance the
metahuman as the Black Canary. GIVE US WHAT WE DESERVE.

Автор jayblade2000 ( назад)
Wait... they know a hertz that can kill a human?

Автор Alisha Greene ( назад)
The black canary cry in a black siren cry is so different

Автор Jonathan Myers ( назад)
0:42 "Laurel Lance is dead...on this Earth anyway! Poor Black Canary,
bye-bye birdie!!" 😈😈😈😈😈

Автор Horrifyingly Hillarious ( назад)
I didn't think it was possible for laurel to get any hotter, apparently I
was so so wrong 😍

Автор ToxicDubZ ( назад)
This was a perfect send-off for her, seeing her one last time with her true

Автор tim ( назад)
am i the only one that would watch zoom and black siren fuck

Автор Patricia rivera rivera ( назад)
which episode and season is of the flash

Автор mysteryman111100 ( назад)
Black Siren needs to be on Arrow & Legends

Автор BadGirl KitKat ( назад)
OMG! It is The Vibe and Killer Frost!

Автор koushik raja ( назад)
hey, Guggenheim? you getting triggered? this organic enough for ya, ya bald
piece of pathetic shit?

Автор kalihiboy ( назад)
Only this is Black Siren not Black Canary!

Автор Dudu Berardo ( назад)
Omggg i'm in loveeeee😻😻😻

Автор TheKurgain ( назад)
Not a fan of hers. She is a terrible actress on Arrow in my opinion.
Watching her ramble on then get hit by a car had my laughing out of my

Автор Orlando Alvarez ( назад)
The comic books are very clear that black canary came from earth 2. Black
canary was a meta human and not a regular human!! Laura lance from earth
one needed to die because it was not her destiny to be black canary.
Actually the show did a good job of making Laura lance earth 1, not meet
the part because she is not now or ever really been black canary 👌

Автор Josh Dawson ( назад)
1:18 Barry: Tell me, do you bleed?

Black Siren: Yes Flash, once every month.

Автор Red Blue ( назад)
TBH i dont hate fecity and diggle but who are they in the comics? felicity
is the immitation of oracle and diggle is the copycat of guardian with his
magneto helmet. black canary died, roy left, ugh. im so over with OLICITY

Автор Elijah Watson ( назад)
Lol @ Zoom "You're good but not that good"
Bitch! She was a second from killing him till Wally showed up. She took him
down but he had unexpected help

Автор Spiritx1992 ( назад)
This like kreisberg and berlanti's way of apologizing for what Guggenheim

Автор Antroicz ( назад)
Its not Canary cry its Sirens Song for her

Автор FILMES PLAY K ( назад)
mesmo sendo uma vila ainda é personagem preferida

Автор Gabriel Vargas ( назад)
It is possible to put earth 1 laurel´s soul in black sirens body? maybe
with constantine´s help? like what he did with sarah?
maybe a big crossover between LOT, Arrow, constantine and flash? maybe when
sarah discovers what happened to laurel, and when team arrow discovers that
theres another laurel? I hope it happens because not only we will have
laurel back, but also we will have the real black canary (with real powers,
no devices).

Sorry for the bad english, greeting from Perú

Автор Mona Katherine ( назад)
The real canary cry

Автор TheHolyMakaveli ( назад)
So uh basically Black Canary went evil then traveled to earth 2 to join the
evil metas.....sounds more legit than the BS they did to laurel's character
on Felicity: The Crime Diaries.

Автор Duster Man ( назад)
Love her outfit.

Автор idiosyncraticsociety ( назад)
I want to see more of her on The Flash. Maybe not as a regular but just
like how Captain Cold appeared every now and then in S1.

Автор Kylie Padila (Ian Quinto) ( назад)
Black Siren speaks sexier and has a more powerful cry than Canary

Автор Lost Eyes ( назад)
Now that's the canary cry.

Автор Elderzeth ( назад)
The writers need to invent some way to either redeem Black Siren and start
making her call herself Black Canary or revive earth 1's Laurel and give
her these metahuman abilities.

Автор Patikli Abim ( назад)
she is so lame..

Автор allieloulou85 ( назад)
I liked this version of Laurel.😎

Автор Karlee Craziness ( назад)
Also KC has a very nice figure!

Автор Karlee Craziness ( назад)
Also how does she beat up Barry in better moves than her E1 character ever

Автор Oliver Queen ( назад)
that's black canary

Автор Joséph Robloxguy ( назад)
Does she use the necklace or is like a metahuman?

Автор TERMINATOR 54x0 ( назад)
E2 sara lance is White siren

Автор Mike Putis ( назад)
I think Black Siren is supposed to be Scream Queen from Justice League:
Crisis on 2 Earths, but with a different name since there has been no Crime
Syndicate in the cw.

Автор Vencislav Gunev ( назад)
1:55 that kick

Автор Quyen Tran ( назад)
Isn't the flash supposed to be faster than sound? If so then he could have
just ran away from the canary cry

Автор tony666 ( назад)
I'm confused...can. Someone explain to me respectfully my confusion? Laurel
died on arrow...and Sarah disappeared. Now on legends of tomorrow laurel is
still and Sarah is the white canary after I thought she'd disappeared on
arrow. Then laurel is this evil bitch villain now? Someon explain. Thanks.

Автор THE Nab J ( назад)
black siren? like the stripper?

Автор Brandon Alvarez ( назад)
I fucking love her as Black Siren!!! She's badassz Hope I get to see her
return to The Flash season 3

Автор Mitchell A ( назад)
Is Black Siren a hero or villain?

Автор Marielle Glen ( назад)
Once Again Katie Cassidy is treated way better on the flash

Автор Kevin Tierney ( назад)
My idea for how she could be a regular...

I still have mixed feelings about killing off Laurel, but I really think
they actually have an unexpected ace in the hole with a dark/evil Laurel
currently locked in the Central City particle accelerator. In the Flash
flashbacks we saw Earth 2 Harrison Wells watch the news where Oliver Queen
was confirmed to have been killed on the island whereas his father survived
and became the Arrow on Earth 2. WHAT IF this confirmation that Oliver is
dead is what drove Earth 2 Laurel Lance to become Earth 2 Black Siren???
One of the last things Laurel said was that Oliver was the love of her
life, and although she clearly hated Oliver when he got back from the
island, maybe even after all that time, she was truly in love with him even
while she thought he was dead, and was secretly holding out hope for him to
come back. When the news breaks out that Oliver Queen died, though, she
just starts screaming out of rage and despair. BOOM. Particle accelerator
hits, and her screams of despair become spiteful and sadistic, turining her
into the Black Siren. Even better, she accidentally brings down the house
where her father is staying with her, and she accidentally kills him. That
would leave Oliver dead, her father dead, and Sara dead (as far as she
knows on Earth 2), meaning that everything that made Laurel-Laurel would
have died, and KABOOM, you have the Black Siren that teams up with Zoom and
gets defeated by Team Flash.

Can you imagine how interesting it would be to have THAT character on
Arrow? It would be like having Season 1 Oliver again: she would be a meta
human with a lot of blood on her hands, and she struggles adjusting to a
world where everyone she loved (Oliver, Sara, and her father) are all alive
again. You could have a great redemption arc, and the fans would finally
have the metahuman Black Canary from the comics.

Take that Guggs...

Автор Bboy Floor ( назад)
I think everyone should know this. When they had earth 2 metahumans coming
on to earth 1, they use the same characters with different names. And back
when they were going to earth2, the director changed the graphic of the
visions on for earth 2 so it looks different from earth 1

Автор Mohammad Alfuqaha ( назад)
seriously, you can tell that the actress had a lot of fun playing the BC on
the flash more than arrow

Автор Mohammad Alfuqaha ( назад)
when she said bye bye birdi, is she making fun of the fucking olicty fans
because when laurel died those fuckers started using #byebyebirdi in the
social media

Автор Ryan Thomas ( назад)
I thought light moved faster than sound, I guess I'm wrong

Автор Natali Pecht ( назад)
she was only in one episode?
and how they made a clone of laurel if she's dead?

Автор Mangle The Fox ( назад)
Since shes black siren now.. Wouldn't her cry be something like: Siren

Автор Karlee Craziness ( назад)
Does anyone else want to see Oliver get his ass handed to him by this
Laurel I sure do!

Автор Dean Winchester ( назад)
I thought earth 2 cisco was dead

Автор Jesus romero ( назад)
I wonder if they going to take the flash changing the past as an
opportunity to bring back Laurel because they know they fucked up!

Автор jazz265 ( назад)
Earth-2 Laurel: Destroys buildings and presumably kills countless people,
tries to kill Barry, Cisco and Caitlin, everybody cheers for her.
Felicity: Saves the world from nuclear apocalypse, everybody complains

Автор Cedric Martin ( назад)
What's the tune when Flash meets Black Siren?

Автор JustMonique ( назад)
I like how you included Arrow sux lol :) thanks for uploading.

Автор mysteryman111100 ( назад)
Personally I prefer Katie Cassidy as a Brunette

Автор xVenomKnightx ( назад)
Hopefully earth 2 laurel changes and joins team arrow

Автор Godzilla kaiju ( назад)
Black Canary + Siryn = Black Siryn lol.

Автор JPDC92 ( назад)
I love Black Canary... I'm one of her biggest fan.. maybe THE BIGGEST.. but
does anyone else notice that they used the same shot twice when she screams
at Barry? I mean its okay, but the distance when she walks forward nearer
to him to attack doesn't correspond with the angle she aims in the second
shot.. I think they shudve used a new one.. Regardless, this episode was
still awesome, and they got her cry right

Автор bolatluver29 ( назад)
2:22 oh COME ON!! That was such a puss out

Автор Sir Thomas Kobus ( назад)
The best Laurel's Black Canary all the time in Arrow/Flash universe TV

Автор strykerx24 ( назад)
the fix her in one f****** episode. can she please go over to start City
and kill Felicity then take up the Black Canary

Автор Joseph Simpson ( назад)
I prefer Black Siren's costume. Not only does it look better, but I really
like the way the coat tails flap about when she walks. Also, it reminds me
of Valkyrie Cain's clothes.

Автор Izi Wilson ( назад)
It's good to know that no matter what Earth she's from, Laurel Lance can
kick ass!

Автор LCNighthawk ( назад)
On earth 2 Oliver Queen is death and Robert Queen became the Arrow, surely
Earth 2 Laurel became a supervillain for not save his son, and possibly
tommy merlyn is dark archer on earth 2 for the same reason

Автор LCNighthawk ( назад)
great i dont know what is worse: Dinah Laurel Lance earth 2 being a
villain... or that she looks more like the black canary than earth 1 Dinah
Laurel Lance even she is meta human

Автор Jojo Van Kelly ( назад)
She better face Silver Banshee cuz Sirens are powerful than Banshees!

Автор Kevin Zou ( назад)
what is the name of the background music when they start fighting?

Автор Bianca Hercules ( назад)
Am I the only one who thinks that Black Siren really looks like Dr. Light
from the back.....?

Автор DJFroggz ( назад)
i REALLY hope they at least give her an episode or two on arrow...i want to
see how the team would react to her and see her kick oliver's ass! Also, I
hope they explore her background a little more, i imagine it being similar
to earth 1 laurel's except instead of rising up out of her depression and
drug abuse and becoming a hero after sara's death, she goes in the opposite

Автор Karlee Craziness ( назад)
These scenes make me happy and sad! Happy because Katie Cassidy was amazing
as Black Siren and was so bad ass and could actually kick ass fighting and
sad because we could have had this version of Laurel as black Canary!

Автор Hanan Awan ( назад)

Автор Juan Pablo Palacio ( назад)
She is hot as hell

Автор T-ZER0 ( назад)
I like your new logo.

Автор Waldo Pupo ( назад)
Hey ah it's your old friend Waldo to ask you if you can put some game of
thrones scenes once more please

Автор Joan De La Rosa ( назад)
this is an evidence that it wasnt katie cassidy's fault why black canary
was an epic failure

Автор Joan De La Rosa ( назад)
black canary was ruined by arrow writers that is why they killed her off,
and flash writers made a better one

Автор Pratiksha Arun ( назад)
Katie did a great job on Flash. Arrow writers ruined her character really
bad coz those writers only cared for that selfish & annoying felicity.

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