George Michael - White Light

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Music video by George Michael performing White Light. 2012 G.K. Panayiotou, under exclusive licence to Universal Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Ltd

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Длительность: 5:32
Комментарии: 5364

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Автор Xiompro ( назад)
God rest the soul of Thy servant George Michael George of the deceased , and forgive him all his sins voluntary and involuntary, and grant him the Kingdom of heaven. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen

Автор El Cruiser ( назад)
a "Prequel" To His End. R.I.P GM Miss Your Voice ALLWays!

Автор Kelly Sherepita ( назад)

Автор Hafdis Ben Fridriksdottir ( назад)

Автор sirisoj ( назад)
0:22 - Gangnan Style intro xD

Автор Sameer Aftab ( назад)
great voices never die.

Автор Patricia Emerton ( назад)

Автор Patricia Emerton ( назад)
R.I.P. George you are truly an angel.

Автор Patricia Emerton ( назад)
R.I.P. George you are truly an angel.

Автор Patricia Emerton ( назад)
R.I.P. George you are truly an angel.

Автор Ana Gordillo ( назад)

Автор Rocio Mendoza ( назад)
beautiful man.....

Автор Kenyonni1 Kenyon ( назад)
One of his best tracks in my view. Shocked it never reached higher in charts in 2012. Sad to hear the words ....if only he was still alive ...RIP.

Автор Kathleen Collins ( назад)
Still breathing. My answer to people asking "how are you?" Clearly in this song, this man knew his time was near.

Автор КНУГЕ КНУГЕ ( назад)

Автор КНУГЕ КНУГЕ ( назад)

Автор КНУГЕ КНУГЕ ( назад)

Автор КНУГЕ КНУГЕ ( назад)

Автор Kerstin Kirchner ( назад)
I Love Traversos..play😎💙💙💙

Автор Amanda Tapper ( назад)
Beautiful song by a beautiful man. R.I.P lovely 😘😘😘👑🎩💖💖💖💖🌸🌹🌺🌻🌼😍😍🎵🎤🎶🎷🎺🎸📺📻📀💽💿🎬🎨

Автор Aeirial echols ( назад)
I saw the dove 2 years ago

Автор Wonderful Chanel ( назад)
I miss youuuuuuuuu 😢 😢

Автор eric eric ( назад)
RIP, voice made by god himself.

Автор Anett ( назад)
There is no single day without listening to this song. "I'm alive". Perfect motivation for living our one single life by fulfilling it with anything we can experience and be glad for it, I wish he was still here. Rest in peace, Angel.

Автор Lillie Chastain ( назад)
Rest in peace, beautiful man. Your music lives on and you live on in our hearts forever.

Автор mariajmadalena ( назад)

Автор Renata Costadoni ( назад)
💗💗💗💗 George Michael 💗💗💗💗

Автор Aaron Wesley ( назад)
he's gone.

Автор AJ K ( назад)
I miss you, my love 💕 The world is a much sadder, darker, more violent place without you. I wish you were here to say your piece about what's been going on, since you left us! You would have plenty to say, I'm sure!This video is very difficult for me to watch, without tears falling 💔Now, all we have to do is find a way to put FF in jail, where he belongs, for taking you from us. I am sure someone in there is a fan of yours and will give that murdering gold-digger what he deserves. I love you💗💗

Автор Aeirial echols ( назад)
I love you George

Автор Aeirial echols ( назад)
I know the crow. I saw the spirit descend as a dove a year ago

Автор Aeirial echols ( назад)
I know her

Автор Aeirial echols ( назад)
Rev 12

Автор Linda Lang ( назад)

Автор Linda Lang ( назад)
LOVED & MISSED <3 <3 <3

Автор Xatuna Mindiashvili ( назад)
l love you l miss you George 🎤😇👑👄💖❤😢

Автор TheStasios ( назад)
George Michael a great person in a world of mediocrity
You were a great and always will be !!!

Автор Steve McQueen ( назад)
Georgey, my Sweet Lisa Marie misses you like crazy and listens to your albums endlessly.

Автор stuart morris ( назад)
Did so much for those without and music to all whose could here him rip

Автор Charis Rittenberry ( назад)
Beautiful song intense and powerful video this man was a freakin mastermind i swear freakin brilliant

Автор Diane Velasquez ( назад)
I miss you. I hope everything is being handled the way you wanted. so sorry we can't ask you. you are so much your own man. I'm never going to see your beautiful smile. I'm missing my baby George it's you.

Автор Laura RIVERA-CARBAJAL ( назад)
Miss You ... ❤️

Автор Jennifer Sumner ( назад)
one of the greats he had a lot of good music

Автор Kelly Sherepita ( назад)
I loved looking at this gorgeous face and listening to this evocative, soulful, perfect voice thirty years ago. I still absolutely adore you George. You should be here with the millions who loved, adored and needed you.

Автор Lookingland ( назад)
i wish all these ppl would not do drugs that shorten their lives rip

Автор Grant Gray ( назад)
His music made a big difference to my life. When I was 17 I had a really tough time at home and considered giving up. His Faith tape (tapes at the time) played over and over again pulled me through. Freedom 90 opened up my mind and even songs like Always/As made a big impact on me. A loss of a legend.

Автор allgäuer bär ( назад)
F..... george we miss you

Автор geff kirk ( назад)
love this man's music no matter what!

Автор Александр Ивенков ( назад)

Автор Puppy lover 101 ( назад)
George I hope u know this u were a beautiful person and a lovely person

Автор Treino aqt ( назад)
O melhor do mundo class

Автор Eslam Thunderwolfspirit ( назад)
rest in peace George Michael

Автор Julie ( назад)
I will never Stop missing him.

Автор Mizz Papooch ( назад)
Great song. Wish so very much that he had stayed alive. RIP.

Автор LillianaBMS ( назад)
Beautiful man with a beautiful soul to match. Thank you for your tremendous, tremendous gifts George Michael. Thank you for enhancing and enriching our lives. RIP

Автор JAMET betty ( назад)
J'Aime la Vidéo et la Musique est Bonne Merci "georgemichaelEVO " Betty le 3.04.2017 !!Good !!!

Автор salgaldenco ( назад)
This song is brilliant. Does anyone know what was George's musical education as a kid?
Was he involved in instrumental and vocal lessons or is his talent self taught? Of course God given but...?

Автор Mustacchia Susanna ( назад)
Mi manchi George
Ogni giorno é come l'ultimo per te.
Ogni giorno non ci sei più con noi.
Vorrei tornare indietro per non perderti.
Vorrei tornare indietro per vederti uscire dal tuo cancello nero, alzando la mando per salutarci.
Sei andato via ed eri solo.
Non posso perdonare la vita per questo.
Ti sei portato, anche, una parte di me e mi manca terribilmente.
Ci incontreremo nella Casa dove sei adesso.
Chi ti ama ti cercherà sempre.

Автор Rosco Pico ( назад)
He looked ill in this

Автор Julie Williams ( назад)
Forever loved and missed respect to you George Michael R.I.P your music will live on forever.

Автор BelovedBloxYouTube ( назад)
1:01 - 5:17 Why are the cops there?!!

Автор balogh jozsef ( назад)
istenem kár érte!!!!

Автор res123190gamer ( назад)
Still miss u George 😭😭😭 love your music

Автор 2dostone2 ( назад)
I fucking love you george.
thank you for everything

Автор Muscle Asylum ( назад)
The Music will live on R.I.P. George a Friend

Автор steffen dix ( назад)
George was with me through all my life with his music and I always felt that he is a very sensitive and sensible man: outside a tough one but a heart that easily could be broken...Freddy Mercury and George had a lot in common.. From the bottom of my heart I really miss Michael a lot...🌹

Автор bruno beaune ( назад)
tu nous manquera toi qui as été mon idole et a fait de moi une personne qui assure son homo ! tu me manque terrible !! tu méritait pas cette mort de merde ! c est la vie . ..mais tu méritait bien mieux ! tu resteras mon ange !!

je suis en tristesse moi qui ta connu avec ma jeunesse ..

Автор Frida Locatelli ( назад)
I believe that with White Light has left us a strong testimony of what could happen...all duality white doves and black crows,peace and the omen of death,zebra striped black and white,the coin toss..
Your music,your Voice,your smile will live forever.
RIP Angel.😇😎😘
Frida Locatelli

Автор Rute Pico ( назад)
miss u sos now predise is complet

Автор Kavita Baldwin ( назад)
wish you were still here George. Our pain is nothing to that of family and friends. Hope you are at peace.

Автор Viktoria Semenenko ( назад)
And that divine brought you back to me was only my practical need in you. So it's about a crucial fact that onlt a need in man keeps him really alive. Think about.

Автор Barb Wyskowski ( назад)
Right now, this song is making me seriously sad.

Автор Sam Ayres ( назад)
Goodnight George. Thank you for the memories. x

Автор Marcellina Plantow ( назад)
Thank You, the most beautiful soul I've ever met .

Автор zr de ( назад)
Why does everyone say he is a tortured soul?? He was just sad that his boyfriend and his mother passed away, and I think anyone would go into a depression for a while.

Автор Vinienne S ( назад)
This True Vocalist, Musician, Soul , Spirit, is Irreplaceable
A True Gift to All and The Industry Of Music
The Best REAl Vocalist
Lip Sync etc l
The Real Deal
What A Phenomenal Talent
I'm Sure a Will Be Missed

Автор Lisa ( назад)
RIP George . . . You have found the white light and followed it home. I hope you are with your mother and Feleppe.

Автор Andrey Kiriyan ( назад)
love this song

Автор mariajmadalena ( назад)
great song...i just want to cry, so sad...I AM ALIVE AND I`VE GOT SO MUCH MORE THAT I WANT TO DO!

Автор Anna Guz ( назад)
George Michael forever the best..rest in peace

Автор Viktoria Semenenko ( назад)
It's a song about a crucial real life fact that only a need in man can really keep him alive. So think about.

Автор Viktoria Semenenko ( назад)
Just because here it's you who looks like a hunger for life so for me but I've already not wanted you in MY life! And this real war in my steppes really looks like your revenge for my try to elliminate you that time.

Автор Viktoria Semenenko ( назад)
No, really can't watch this video. How could you even think after that you've done to me I would choose you?!

Автор sammy boy ( назад)
I hope George will forgive America during the 90's because the tabloids and the media tortured this man for being true to himself. Enough hate on just being different. America take a stand and stand up for LGBT rights. We are all GOD'S children. Get to know someone who is different.

Автор Ryan Ryan ( назад)
Awesome !!!!!

Автор Denise Michele ( назад)
If you saw the white light.. Id see you

Автор zZAD ( назад)

Автор Bernice Guercio ( назад)
I wanted to light a candle 🕯💐for George Micheal and pray for him 🙏🏼 in my home, the day of his funeral. I know the family wants privacy. I have seen post from a French news The he was buried on 3-13-2017 🕯not sure if this is true ? I have prayed for his soul everyday 🕯 so happy he is with his mother 🕊🕊🕯I will continue to pray 🕯💐 for George Micheal beautiful soul 🕯💐🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊

Автор English Countryside ( назад)
His natural voice is so creamy.

Автор Deb Nevermind ( назад)

Автор Cecilia Santos ( назад)
How I wish you could live among us again !!!

Автор Tapera Mashangombe ( назад)
Beautiful song ......so sad his gone...

Автор TOM tom ( назад)
you are an angel! melodiile tale sunt un privilegiu!

Автор Tina Louise ( назад)
Ya see in this clip why Kate jumped off the plane. RIP George xxx

Автор Mierelli van der Kwast ( назад)
im still wondering..did he even know how much we loved him..? and still do..all our love couldnt take his pain away. He was a tormented soul and thats hurting me the most. GM..you were so blissed, so talented, so soulful and so genuine to people..
You deserved so much more. Hope you finally found your peace and destination.

Автор Marc v.d.Marques ( назад)
...kann man als Superstar irgendetwas richtig machen ? ..für mich war er eine Persönlichkeit die meine Jugend begleitet hat , in meinen Erinnerungen sind seine Songs Unsterblich...

Автор Amalia Patricelli ( назад)
grazie George siamo nati con la tua musica moriremo con la tua musica.

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