George Michael - White Light

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Music video by George Michael performing White Light. 2012 G.K. Panayiotou, under exclusive licence to Universal Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Ltd

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Длительность: 5:32
Комментарии: 4365

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Автор Gonca Gunbulut ( назад)
why gave a concert in Turkey I wish ve never seen you never Regret.. very
longing now:(( orphan of music we fans peop le

Автор HARDEY LEONE ( назад)
i miss you. i will take care of our old hunting ground x

Автор FFAKO ( назад)

Автор luigi torre ( назад)
grazie mitico , per le tante emozioni che ci hai fatto vivere

Автор Peter Edwards ( назад)
awww man George...

Автор Vestu ( назад)
I liked this song when it came out. Now it kind of has a new feel and
meaning to it... Great voice, great music.

Автор Magda N. ( назад)
one. more try

Автор Corinne Levy ( назад)
Tu me manqueras pour toujours. Ta musique a accompagné chaque étape de ma
vie que ce soit for the feet or for the heart (!). À un de ces jours dans
l'au-delà pour nous faire entendre tes nouveaux titres et ta voix
magnifique. RIP my dear friend .

Автор Ferenc Ginder ( назад)
I know you are still alive....follow the white light....your friends keep
on breathing you .. I am sure, nothing hurts you anymore...❤️ EG

Автор Gra Adamyan ( назад)

Автор salhi raba ( назад)
very very good

Автор salhi raba ( назад)
number one

Автор Mustacchia Susanna ( назад)
Sei con me da tutta la vita .
Grazie per le tue canzoni
Grazie per la tua voce
R.I.P. George ❣

Автор Avik Genny ( назад)
Very sorry, he was gey)) If he was a really man, he will live still!! But
he was so talented ))))

Автор kim parker ( назад)

Автор Kely kely ( назад)
And what a great video

Автор Kely kely ( назад)
When I watch it it actually gives me chills

Автор Kely kely ( назад)
One of the greats that's for sure , he had a message he wanted to share .
And he did a brilliant job of sharing it.

Автор Posh Tart ( назад)
wish he was still here 3 weeks ago today he died seems it is a nightmare I
am living in still

Автор Chrys Gnt ( назад)
It is so tragic to hear him say "I thank you I'm alive" now that he is no
longer with us. This is so terrible. I remember I felt so happy when he
pulled through after his pneumonia health scare in 2011 (which inspired him
to write this song). And after that he sang this song in the London
Olympics 2012 and he was perfect on stage! In this video he looks so
incredibly handsome - the beauty of a gorgeous mature man (he looked
gorgeous at every stage of his life). So tragic to know that he's gone.
Beloved, gifted, beautiful George.

Автор Ross Andrews ( назад)

Автор Milan Lát ( назад)
subscribed thank😁

Автор Emmanuelle Girard ( назад)
I Love him George

Автор Марина Савкина ( назад)
это очень здорово

Автор KeriftChannel ( назад)
You ARE alive in the heart of the people

Автор Dražen Mlinarić ( назад)

Автор Randeep Kaur ( назад)
George Michael is not dead. He is alive and well and has simply.moved into
the spirit dimension.RIP and continue making your music to God and angels.
An angel came to earth for a short time with his epic musical genius.
Heaven is richer with your beautiful musical soul.

Автор Viktori Qwert ( назад)
кумир всех кумиров....ннам бы таких....20 лет я его поклоница,чудо
человек...,земля пухом

Автор linathessaloniki ( назад)
"Was it music that saved me ?
Or the way that you prayed for me ?"Not this time George.We didn't have the
chance to pray.You see,we didn't know...

Автор Julie Hastings ( назад)
Thank You For Answering My Comment , They Should Give Up The Stories ,And
Let Him RIP , George Michael Gave All Of Us A SPECIAL GIFT !!!! Of His
Music And His Sweet Soul Voice TOO!!! And Big Heart OF SHARING !!!!! To And
Giving Back To Others !!!!! Again Would Should All Lead By Example And Not
Judge Him Or Hate Him , For What Kind Of Man He Is ! Or Was !!!! George
Michael Was A VERY TALENTED ARTIST ! I Know There Are People Out There That
Want To Ruin Him And His Image Of What He Was ! They Should ALL GET A LIFE
!!!! And Move On , George Michael Is In A Far More Better Place Where God
Wont Let Anyone Touch Him And Protect Him , Jesus Loving Arms !!! George
You And Miss You And A Big Warm Hug And Big THANK YOU FOR BEGGING YOU !!!

Автор Anna Makarewicz ( назад)
George Michael is my boyfriend........

Автор Nikki Wood ( назад)
he will be truly miss

Автор agata wiśniewska-bryła ( назад)
nie moge się oderwać ,,dzięki,,,

Автор Dorota Skok ( назад)

Автор stafford69 ( назад)
I have a friend who knew him over 20 yrs ago, went to one of his parties,
George was out of it on drugs even then, amazing he lasted so long, waste
of a talent, like many talented people

Автор Nilay Smith ( назад)
i'm still crying...you're through the white light now - why ?? 😢

Автор HaasHaus ( назад)

Автор Amal Raj ( назад)
RIP GM, all ur songs r awesome like U, miss u very badly.

Автор Itim Asma ( назад)
Talented and genious artist RIP George Michael

Автор Jamila Sarraj ( назад)
love You my love 😭😭😭😭😭

Автор Giovanni Franceschini ( назад)
un grande!!!Ma xké buttare la vita cosi' porca troia. .......

Автор mordjana72 ( назад)
The BBC News beat, sampled :) Love it. Rest in power man.

Автор mustafa J. Hassan ( назад)
you are alive ♥

Автор Moorey xox ( назад)
even though george michael was hot in wham and 90s but he still got his
good looks 😍 R.I.P BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED MAN! cant we just swap him with
the attention whores in media now days!

Автор Южный Ветер ( назад)
I hurt too, I myself am a natural

Автор GeorgeMichaelMonkey _01 ( назад)
George, your right, you are alive. Through your music and our thoughts. You
will live on forever. R.I.P I love you!

Автор Ania Makarewicz ( назад)
R.I.P GM 🙏🏻🌟😇💗💗

Автор Daniel1001000 ( назад)
Przesłanie tego utworu jest Zrozumiałe.. Myślisz że cały Świat jest u stup
Szaleństwo,Nie Śmiertelny jestem,nagle wszystko się zmienia i traci
sęs.Mimo Wszystko,jesteś w tym ,,Świecie'' tylko pozornie... I Umierasz...

Автор Steven Sousa ( назад)
Rest in paradise George

Автор Itim Asma ( назад)
Tim Hare you were in this video tell us about this great artist.

Автор stephanie buchanan ( назад)
2016 the year the music died....

Автор BuddyAckerman1 ( назад)
George Michael died and a little bit of all of us died with him.

Автор Biedronka B ( назад)
och.....George. .... 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥 dlaczego tak szybko odeszles?

Автор ichkim341 ichi ( назад)
Beautiful Man!

Автор ichkim341 ichi ( назад)
Really a pity that you must go so early

Автор Brash Cracker ( назад)
We would have a lot more music from this wonder if he wasn't abused by

Автор Licourt Maelle ( назад)
i love you George Michael

Автор Nikki Wood ( назад)
i wish you still alive

Автор georgina46uk ( назад)
Love you george xxxxx RIP

Автор Ramon Diamond ( назад)
Rip great George!

Автор Teresa Osorio ( назад)
para morte depressão .homem com amor dar mundo.nao tinha ele amor .só luxos
.sem amor perda grande amor .isso sinto .tristeza forte poderosas sozinho
tinha dinheiro....faltava lhe melhor companhia verdadeira. não merecia bom
coração .refúgio era música .carinho humano apoio palco.pena

Автор Dorota Szemplińska ( назад)
George jesteś soundtrack mojego życia, zawsze próbowano przenieść moje
serce i duszę. Trudno żyć z myślą, że jesteś w lewo tak nagle, we śnie, że
nie pożegnać. Moje serce drży, kiedy o tym myślę, ale mam nadzieję, że
widzieli jasne światło i znaleźli spokój. Żegnaj, drogi George

Автор Brigitte Gauthier ( назад)
et la "brindille" toujours aussi belle et singulière !

Автор Brigitte Gauthier ( назад)
J'adore cet album même si je ne le connais moins, un nouveau son, et un
nouveau GM !! toujours aussi beau même s'il est différent des années

Автор Ti Martin ( назад)
Always the supermodels....he had way better ones in "too funky"...women
adored this man

Автор là Spezia ( назад)
Best Voice Rip George Michael

Автор Preston Laforge ( назад)
Its possible that he was killing by one on his community. Because GM has
got make lot much of money. I think there are one who want benefit of it.
One of this person make a not really true statement. But think yourself, i
dont believe that it was a drug accident.

Автор Zora Katy ( назад)
Love watching George Michael dance - love his expression and how deep he
gets into the music :) True genius!!! Glad he had that in his life (Music)
helps you in so so many ways. Totally heartbroken that he's gone. Wishing
him all the peace now

Автор Patsy Skinner ( назад)
where are you???

Автор Vera Muravyeva ( назад)

Автор Markus G. Castillo A. ( назад)
Good job my beloved George.. I will miss you.

Автор Julie Hastings ( назад)
I Know There Going To Stories About How George Michael Died , And There A
People Out There Can Ruin Him Or Judge Him , We Should Get Down On Your
Knees , And Bless Him What He Gave Us The Love Of Music And Sweet Soulful
Voice And Giving Back TO Others , Please Let Him RIP ! And Give His Soul A
Ever Lasting Peace In His Mind , Body , Soul ! We Should All Lead By
Example And Not Judge Him Or Hate Him , But Tell Him In Our Prays At Night
Your Amazing And Thank You Your In A Better Place Where You Can Not Be
Touch Or Bothered Any More , You Will Be Missed By All You Really Loved You
! And Family And Friends , Will Remember You And Your Legacy Will Grow In
And In Rich Their Lives For Ever In Their Hearts , RIP NOW Your In Thar
White Light And Protected By God And Angels , Who Wonderful Is That !!! To
Be A Angel Of God !!!! Giving A Big Hugs And Kiss Let It Sail Away Up To
Heaven Of Thank You For Begging YOU!!!!!! Julie

Автор Vanessa Preston ( назад)
Goodnight George. It was like you knew everything about me. Keep on
singing, wherever you are <3

Автор Liz Burton ( назад)
love you George.

Автор Master Gamer ( назад)
1:51 is that slogoman

Автор Boriana Dimova ( назад)
Thank you for the music.

Автор Joey Binky ( назад)
Why the fuck did he have to die? I wake up hearing his voice every morning
at 4am and play his music. I hear his music in my head every day all day
and I can't get enough. this it's awful. I really miss this guy. I'm glad I
got to meet him. Rest I peace George.

Автор Bulent Aydin SongWriter ( назад)
8 oclock news beat?

Автор Alert And oriented ( назад)
I hope George got to do what he wanted to do with the time he had left
after he wrote this song. It's very prophetic. He wasn't ready for the
white light after his pneumonia in 2011 but the Lord took him peacefully to
the white light on Christmas Day 2016. It hit me like a ton of bricks the
last couple of days. I will pray for you that you are now with your mother
in heaven. God speed, with love.

Автор Enfys Roberts ( назад)

Автор Itim Asma ( назад)
What a talented artist, genious and creator, when listening to white light
you discover another artist diffrent from the teen George Michael , his way
of singing dancing, looking over the Horizons, he ceated an atmosphere of
art .we've lost a great Artist RIP George Michael.

Автор Debbie Newman ( назад)
Thank you for the music George, gone too soon ❤️

Автор TEDESCHI Augustin ( назад)
I will always be there on the roads of the castle, roaming over you, always
upon the land, with horses with foam in their months, out of the sea
conquering white blankets for you to be laid down.

Автор Южный Ветер ( назад)
В деле о смерти 53-летнего британского певца Джорджа Майкла появились новые
пугающие подробности. Говорят, артист скончался вовсе не в результате
сердечного приступа — по слухам, его экс-возлюбленный Фади Фаваз напичкал
его запрещенными препаратами.

Автор Faraj Nadia ( назад)

Автор mewowcat ( назад)
I think the 'she' he's talking about in this song is Whitney Houston...
Rest in peace our sweet prince.

Автор shef79 ( назад)
I will pray for your soul dear George

Автор Bulent Aydin SongWriter ( назад)
as a wanna be producer I say nice video nice voice. rip

Автор Pheebs ( назад)
So sad each time he sings "I'm alive" in the chorus :(

Автор Juliette Peterson (Jelly Bean) ( назад)
beautiful soul
rest in peace
much love ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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