George Michael - White Light

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Music video by George Michael performing White Light. 2012 G.K. Panayiotou, under exclusive licence to Universal Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Ltd

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Длительность: 5:32
Комментарии: 5162

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Автор Vinienne S ( назад)
This True Vocalist, Musician, Soul , Spirit, is Irreplaceable
A True Gift to All and The Industry Of Music
The Best REAl Vocalist
Lip Sync etc l
The Real Deal
What A Phenomenal Talent
I'm Sure a Will Be Missed

Автор Lisa ( назад)
RIP George . . . You have found the white light and followed it home. I hope you are with your mother and Feleppe.

Автор Andrey Kiriyan ( назад)
love this song

Автор mariajmadalena ( назад)
great song...i just want to cry, so sad...I AM ALIVE AND I`VE GOT SO MUCH MORE THAT I WANT TO DO!

Автор Anna Guz ( назад)
George Michael forever the best..rest in peace

Автор Viktoria Semenenko ( назад)
It's a song about a crucial real life fact that only a need in man can really keep him alive. So think about.

Автор Viktoria Semenenko ( назад)
Just because here it's you who looks like a hunger for life so for me but I already don't want you in MY life!

Автор Viktoria Semenenko ( назад)
No, really can't watch this video. How could you even think after that you've done to me I would choose you?!

Автор sammy boy ( назад)
I hope George will forgive America during the 90's because the tabloids and the media tortured this man for being true to himself. Enough hate on just being different. America take a stand and stand up for LGBT rights. We are all GOD'S children. Get to know someone who is different.

Автор Ryan Ryan ( назад)
Awesome !!!!!

Автор Denise Michele ( назад)
If you saw the white light.. Id see you

Автор zZAD ( назад)

Автор Bernice Guercio ( назад)
I wanted to light a candle 🕯💐for George Micheal and pray for him 🙏🏼 in my home, the day of his funeral. I know the family wants privacy. I have seen post from a French news The he was buried on 3-13-2017 🕯not sure if this is true ? I have prayed for his soul everyday 🕯 so happy he is with his mother 🕊🕊🕯I will continue to pray 🕯💐 for George Micheal beautiful soul 🕯💐🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊

Автор English Countryside ( назад)
His natural voice is so creamy.

Автор Deb Nevermind ( назад)

Автор Cecilia Santos ( назад)
How I wish you could live among us again !!!

Автор Tapera Mashangombe ( назад)
Beautiful song ......so sad his gone...

Автор TOM tom ( назад)
you are an angel! melodiile tale sunt un privilegiu!

Автор Tina Louise ( назад)
Ya see in this clip why Kate jumped off the plane. RIP George xxx

Автор Mierelli van der Kwast ( назад)
im still wondering..did he even know how much we loved him..? and still do..all our love couldnt take his pain away. He was a tormented soul and thats hurting me the most. GM..you were so blissed, so talented, so soulful and so genuine to people..
You deserved so much more. Hope you finally found your peace and destination.

Автор Marc v.d.Marques ( назад)
...kann man als Superstar irgendetwas richtig machen ? ..für mich war er eine Persönlichkeit die meine Jugend begleitet hat , in meinen Erinnerungen sind seine Songs Unsterblich...

Автор Amalia Patricelli ( назад)
grazie George siamo nati con la tua musica moriremo con la tua musica.

Автор helen belcher ( назад)
Wonderful video!

Автор Rosie Goulis ( назад)
I wish you just kept on breathing . Suddenly this song has a whole different meaning !

Автор giusy moretti ( назад)
R.I.P George 💔💞

Автор Invisible Man ( назад)

Автор Tiaan Burger ( назад)
what a great video with friend Kate Moss! iconic

Автор davide del braca ( назад)
I am life is very fantastic and incrediley, I have learn as the people could be fantastic and beautiful. .. wow ... white light ...

Автор Thermal Geothermal ( назад)
Thank you Yiorgos

Автор 팅커벨 ( назад)
동전의 양면을 보니 아직은 갈때가 아니었구나.. 그땐 i'm(조지마이클) alive ..

Автор Nairy Markarian ( назад)
can't stop listening to it daily more than 5 times

Автор JR Richards Official ( назад)
I wanted to share this tribute I did for GM - He will be sorely missed.... https://youtu.be/-r-LYNeMniU "One More Try"

Автор willsupreme ( назад)
what a song!!!!

Автор Sergey Rudakov ( назад)
Красавчик обожаю тебя.

Автор Anaximandro Amorim ( назад)
When I was 30 I had an ADE after suffering a seriour car accident. This video reminds me a bit what I saw in the other side of life.

Автор Vaibhav Arora ( назад)
love you george. ....will miss you

Автор Vaibhav Arora ( назад)
you are alive george. ..you are still with us. ...you will remain in hearts

Автор Vaibhav Arora ( назад)
an absolute legend

Автор jonglb Mork ( назад)
What a lovely tribute. And he did it hmself...

Автор mark anthony lloyd ( назад)
will miss him what a voice and writer he was God bless you George

Автор Viktoria Eutsler ( назад)
Always remembering of you.. awesome artist at all times! After MJ and David Bowie passing...you make an awesome team in Heaven...miss you guys

Автор Bonnie Chiaccio ( назад)
His music formed the tapestry of my childhood, teenage years and into adulthood with my children and I could never forget the gratitude that I will share with millions of others

Автор Bloggers In The City ( назад)
Now that natural death is confirmed by the autopsy all the media that after your death you spoke of a drug overdose should at least apologize to your family

Автор Papounet Fernandez ( назад)
rip george repose en paix et merci pour tes tubes

Автор salgaldenco ( назад)
GM is singing of WH and MJ. And himself of course.

Автор Tracy L ( назад)
This song is just ... especially heartbreaking now. What a work of art he was. Physically and vocally. Rest easy, sweet soul.

Автор Ellie Davison ( назад)
Watch the signal. He knew what was coming but didn't know when. Loved this man and his music Still can't believe he is gone.x

Автор Aneudyù Lozada ( назад)
This song is sort of a view o his future

Автор Aneudyù Lozada ( назад)
He aged to fast too soon and his voice changed dramatically

Автор julie roser ( назад)
Go to the light now George. You are finally free. Love forever xxxx

Автор Margie Hess ( назад)
What a shame that the one album he wanted to do - a dance album - which this song I believe represented - now will probably never see the light of day....  I respect the family totally for knowing George wouldn't want anything released that he had not approved of but what a loss....  He said in an interview that his mother was the most beautiful woman he knew and that he chose Kate Moss to represent her here because she is such a beautiful woman.  He felt his mother tell him when he was sick that it wasn't his time to come to her.....  I will forever miss him and all the lost possibilities, as will so many of us, but so good to know he now IS with her - and with Anselmo too....  Be at peace sweet angel!

Автор Sky Andropoulos ( назад)
Boy, he sure must have been on some crazy sh*t when he made this video, it's totally bizarre!

Автор George Michael Team ( назад)
This man is almost perfect! Physical appearance, voice, music, clothes, attitude and personality, everything...

Автор Bridget ( назад)
An old soul. God bless him. ♥♥♥♥

Автор Любовь Вовк ( назад)

Автор David Jamieson ( назад)
A True Genious

Автор Наташа Керимова ( назад)
Сколько же душевной теплоты исходит из этого человека. Жаль, что лучшие уходят так рано...

Автор Marc v.d.Marques ( назад)
White Light at the Music

Автор Marc v.d.Marques ( назад)
....der Song sagt alles ! ....

Автор Marc v.d.Marques ( назад)
...ich bin voller Hoffnung im Tod etwas gutes zu sehen ....Wahnsinn seine Botschaft.

Автор TheSpaLife69 ( назад)
.......you suck asshole.... you fucked us.... god dam ya sweet.....

Автор Marc v.d.Marques ( назад)
Weißes Licht... soll ich mich jetzt an das Licht halten....nein ich falle...................

Автор abbie baylis ( назад)
So prophetic...

Автор Catherine - ( назад)
So sad..you're not alive 😥😥😥 RIP Georgios Kyriakos Panayotou.Always to remember..

Автор вячеслав шелеп ( назад)
Земля пухом.Артист!!

Автор asiarx7 ( назад)

Автор Beth Moose ( назад)

Автор Merryn Farley ( назад)
Oh I wish he was alive, makes me teary when I hear him say I am alive. RIP my GOD xox

Автор Marissa Zdazinsky ( назад)
I'm really not having an easy time with this mans passing
I found out on a Christmas cruise
I can't stop crying and obsessing

I got a george tattoo of his autograph oh the side of my heart
It looks beautiful

I booked a trip to london and Goring
For his birthday festivities
I need to leave him flowers, beautiful sentiments I wrote him.
I love him so much

He was an incredible entertainer
So honest
I understood his feelings he was so expressive and honest.

I'm grateful for the way he touched my life.
I love you forever george. I promise we will keep your spirit alive.
You an amazing spectator human being,
Please lay in heavenly peace and enjoy your first class ticket to heaven

Please visit me in my dreams so I can hug you and kiss your face. You deserved so much more than this

Thank you for your talent

Автор willsupreme ( назад)
im a metal head but this is good music !!!

Автор altv1969 ( назад)
what a loss at such a young age, but thanks for his genius, his music and and lyrics will shine so brightly forever xxx

Автор Aaron Mb ( назад)
George Michael is awesome. Great music. Very symbolic. R.I.P

Автор Claudiu Lucian ( назад)
we only appreciate an artist after he dies...sincerely, I thought it will be catastrophic, knowing that the music from his last years wasn't as good as the one from the young years. but, it's not that bad. Ok, the anthem of "I'm alive" sounds very cheesy and lyrically flat , the song is very 00', not even close to 10'. but the video is interesting, It has Kate Moss, a very tired George Michael and a plot bigger than most action movies. And George Michael's legendary voice comes to saves the day, because any other singer couldn't have made this song even decent. his voice...hmm after listening to "Kissing a fool" I can say it's so sad that he gave us such joy and emotion with his music (talking mostly about 1983-1990+"Jesus to a child") that he would have deserved at least some love and suport from us... not mass media shit , hate and pointing fingers, like ironically his song, that was playing everywhere the day he died of heart failure, "Last Christmas, I gave you my heart/But the very next day you gave it away/This year, to save me from tears/I'll give it to someone special", I hope you are happier there where you are with someone special.

Автор Luboš Dvořák ( назад)
George showed us, that he was ready to make a great music. Godd or better as before. Unfortunately he didn't get chance for next kick.Very bad seasion, what to say more. Let's hope that sometimes, somewhere, we will hear him again...

Автор Elaine Davies ( назад)
Pneumonia is very frightening. Drowning slowly as your lungs fill up. I had pneumonia while pregnant with my twins. I was hospitalised and needed assistance to breathe. My twins are nearly 15 now, and though I am far from well, I'm alive. R.I.P George. Thank you for sharing your talents. X

Автор o imperador ( назад)
George Michael nunca mais foi o mesmo após aquele episódio em Los Angeles, uma tremenda armação que fizeram com ele...

Автор Marília Morais ( назад)
Last Christmas you saw the White Light and you followed it.

Автор Pilar Segura Gallardo ( назад)
the best!! love this song, love his music

Автор Anna Fernan ( назад)
George Michael was so handsome in this video

Автор Jacqueline Travestie ( назад)
we will alway love him)))))))

Автор Viktoria Semenenko ( назад)
Oh, that african horse at the end of the video as a hint you put me under a black one I really couldn't stand such may be only virtual but VIOLENCE!

Автор Viktoria Semenenko ( назад)
Did somebody knew that we have 2/3 of year sunny days...?

Автор Viktoria Semenenko ( назад)
So let everybody see how really dangerous to put a violence upon someone scythian like me by spirit especially they were first to establish brothehood tradition and I am their Nonviolent Victory

Автор Viktoria Semenenko ( назад)
Oh, you wanted so much your fastlove because moscovite patriarcs assured you could get me! So you also received back what deserved!

Автор Viktoria Semenenko ( назад)
But I also "appreciated" your "may be he just wanna to be free" as your typically patriarcal manner saying "get off"

Автор Viktoria Semenenko ( назад)
I can surely tell you it was REALLY me who wanted be free of you! Just because I always belonged to another man! But then you survived for the only one reason I still needed you for my project and that's why I think first of all my praying saved you.

Автор sandra coelho carrajola ( назад)
cantor fantástico

Автор gonchii Gunbulut ( назад)
1963 2016 hate😠😠 I sad GM is young why georchee god why long-lasting is supposed to be grandfather

Автор gonchii Gunbulut ( назад)
Reconize learn Georche Micheal Georchii tank you fhor you music.. caririere we fans forget you not :( ❤ you're always with us forever I recognize it's late i lost early:((( i young 33

Автор Lookingland ( назад)
i wish all these ppl would not do drugs that shorten their lives rip

Автор Anna K. inspiracjewmm ( назад)
A great singer ! Beautiful voice ! My favorite artist !
Great sadness that so young left.

Автор Xatuna Mindiashvili ( назад)
Musical genius ❤❤👑👑😚

Автор Paula Hedrick ( назад)
I love you man and may God bless you and rest in peace

Автор Paula Hedrick ( назад)
I love you man and may god bless you rest in peace

Автор fabienne56510 ( назад)
Il me manque trop. ...

Автор Kim bo ( назад)
I wish your music was appreciated as much as I appreciate

Автор Bert Martinez ( назад)
he should have repented from the Sodomite lifestyle.

Автор rwzal ( назад)
Oh please! What a bunch of hypocrites!!
Stop the bullshit : "RIP","we miss you", "you´re the one","we love you".etc,etc.

IF he was NOT dead most of you will not be watching his videos.
How many of you follow him and his music months before he died????

Stop leaving stupid,unrealistic, absurd comments!! "Oh my God"...etc

Same with Prince,Bowie,etc,etc....Just shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор edytka ( назад)
jd Hongkong j

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