George Michael - White Light

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Music video by George Michael performing White Light. 2012 G.K. Panayiotou, under exclusive licence to Universal Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Ltd

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Длительность: 5:32
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Автор Parise Hebert ( назад)
He knew his death was close. You live the wsy he did you wont be alive for long. he did and lived how he wanted too.

Автор Parise Hebert ( назад)
this is a great song about his addiction. A brave man thrue and thrue. i love u George

Автор battinix ( назад)
grazie G.M.per la tua musica..indelebile nei secoli....

Автор Marco Faria ( назад)
Descansa em paz, George Michael grande artista serás sempre lembrado.

Автор Ben Grabow ( назад)
His voice, musical and overall style were unique and more outstanding than about every other "outstanding" artist on the planet.
Sad loss for aynbody with access to pop music.

Автор Michaël Samuël ( назад)
R.I.P. Dear George Michael. Always a big example to me

Автор Ed Hartman ( назад)
Theres no white light.I think they are going to freeze him.Cryonics.He will be back.

Автор Ed Hartman ( назад)
I loved george michaels music.When will famous people realize drugs will kill you in the end.Just ask michael jackson.elvis.prince.witney houston.Oh you cant there dead.Rest in peace....

Автор diddlina63 ( назад)
and now you are watching for the White light! I miss youuuuu!!!

Автор Birdienumnum ( назад)
Kate moss and a zebra??

Автор Barb Wyskowski ( назад)
I want to hear his voice. Forever.

Автор Vicky Tate ( назад)
so sad he is gone I hope someone is looking after boy george and madonna?

Автор Vicky Tate ( назад)
can't believe he is gone

Автор Wacława Ćwierz ( назад)
TA piosenka do mnie bardzo przemawia, jest super,dziękuję. RIP George Michael

Автор R-P Miedler ( назад)
Very very sad. Sorry to say. It looks like a death foretold. R.I.P dear George.

Автор Malika Amazouz ( назад)
Very amazing George.
Wonderful song
I love you my angel Yog forever and always ♡♡♡

Автор asil g ( назад)
too bad he couldnt write another song about surviving :(

Автор nero naragi ( назад)
His number was called..

Автор SANDY Ridgeway ( назад)
well it's a song from the sound track natural born killers nothing against george micheal rest his soul

Автор MARIA DEFRAGA ( назад)
This song is about his near death experience listen closely to the song he says three times was it Science that saved me or the way that you prayed for me he was a changed person after what happened to him he had a lot of people praying for him he's with Jesus he's not suffering anymore.

Автор CrestoneMountains ( назад)
It's no coincidence (there are no such things) that his last two original song releases were "December Song" and "White Light"... think about it... he saw the white light on Christmas day, as if he knew that's how it would happen. He's in heaven singing, I truly believe that. Jesus loved George and gifted him a beautiful voice and lyrical and musical skill rarely seen! JESUS SAVES. All of us. All...

Автор masquenada8 ( назад)
We are for eternity!

Автор StarlightShadowDancer ( назад)
This song sends shivers down my spine it's eerily beautiful. One of my favourites now from the late George. He lost none of his magic. May he rest in peace now.

Автор Mark Novak ( назад)
This song haunts me. RIP George Michael

Автор Iain Beech ( назад)
R.I.P. George but it's amazing how much unreleased music that they are starting to find with George...there were 3 unreleased albums in his house (The Trojan Souls, Extended Plaything and White Light) and now they're starting to find an album that George recorded while he was staying in Sydney, Australia which was written and recorded circa 2010. I hope that in time, they are able to release this music so everyone can enjoy his music, he was a genius, a generous, gifted and extemely talented man and i would have loved to have seen him in concert.

Автор Diane Velasquez ( назад)
I was in intensive care for almost a week and in hospital 2 more weeks with pneumonia. His case was more severe than mine. with that comes scaring of lungs heart problems etc. Knowing all he suffered it could be his body just gave out. I love him and I always will. thank you.

Автор Priscilla Brittain ( назад)
God played a role in all your music George this was your good bye song. RIP GM

Автор Ernesto Grava ( назад)
George Michael bellissimo e bellissima Kate Moss

Автор Nu B ( назад)
Love you George. Miss you so very much. Beautiful man. Beautiful voice. RIP x

Автор MARIA DEFRAGA ( назад)
This might be a stupid question but at the end of the video why does the police shoot him?

Автор Debra Hackney ( назад)
Gone way too soon! Thank you George...for everything! Spread your wings and fly my love! 😔💕

Автор Laura Favero ( назад)
Always n. 1...the only one....My heart is broken. Love you forever. RIP George.

Автор Sarah Tsai ( назад)
No hate but I don't get why in the late 90s and 2000s he started swearing in his songs...

Автор kobra awdiejew ( назад)

Автор 林奕廷 ( назад)

Автор Lou lou ( назад)
Meilleur voix ,meilleur déhanché, meilleur artiste de tous les temps. Tu vas me manquer GM. RIP George

Автор Rosi Bogazzi ( назад)
This song is great musically, but if i love it i also put so much sadness...

Автор Anton R ( назад)
Live is so purposeless without Jesus Christ. You've got to life for something. something bigger then you are. I can see so much struggle from so many people. Please give it a try. It will change your life in such a good way. Anyway I love you and wish the best for you guys..

Автор lene k ( назад)
Great song...i do wonder though if George knew he was ill?if you listen to the words...Still very sad as he is gone,hope you are at peace...greatest talent to come from UK...R.I.P <3

Автор HellyZone Birdy ( назад)
They killed him. Get over it.

Автор Wojciech Radziuk ( назад)
Geore like always :) super !!!

Автор globalcitizenn ( назад)
The beginning is a ventilator

Автор richard hunt ( назад)
god bles

Автор Priscilla Brittain ( назад)
what beautiful eyes you had, sad and happy.

Автор Priscilla Brittain ( назад)
shame I think he had a premonition and hence that's why he made this song. All the same George you were phenomenal RIP

Автор Ana Pastwa ( назад)

Автор charryn21 ( назад)
I love this song but it breaks my heart to listen to it now 😢😢 Thank you so much George for your amazing talent and beautiful soul. You have given me years of listening pleasure and will continue to do so. I wish your demons had not stolen you from us so early but you will for forever be immortal. Thank you. 😢❤️❤️❤️

Автор Bruno AMBR ( назад)
Chapeau l'artiste

Автор steve uoung ( назад)
He is still with us....always.

Автор balogh jozsef ( назад)
életemvégig kisérte őt és ő engem!! RESPECT!!

Автор Marthese Grixti ( назад)
great music george

Автор Janko Nikolić ( назад)
Just keep breathing, my friend.

Автор Gurban Hajiyev ( назад)
people please tell me, George had already committed to the earth?

Автор MARIA DEFRAGA ( назад)
Did anybody noticed towards the end of the video that he did the sign of the cross?

Автор Alessandro Quirino Teixeira ( назад)
O melhor cantor de classe .

Автор Pablo Fernandez ( назад)
You will always be alive.

Автор JoTa ( назад)
He's dead

Автор Dave Gordon ( назад)
can't watch this and not have tears. rip you beautiful soul. check out Mothers Pride to see what real song writing is

Автор MARIA DEFRAGA ( назад)
Does anybody know the lyrics to this song?

Автор Aleks Spartak ( назад)
Rest in Peace, dear George... For me you'll never die.. Missing you...

Автор Jean Nicolas ( назад)
Song has too many ironies... great song, he's sorely missed.

Автор Esperanza Jimenez Rivera ( назад)
Rest In Peace George Michael , siempre serás recordado.

Автор Daniel Chaiban ( назад)
still to this day I cannot believe he is gone..... heartbroken!! Amazing voice, sang and wrote from his heart.... never forgotten. RIP.

Автор Veronica Arms ( назад)
such a beautiful song. I love you george michael!! 💘 you handsome, beautiful man. you will forever be in my heart ❤ there you will be alive

Автор Dominique Lievin ( назад)
Je l ♥ super chanteur il sera toujours là pour nous à travers ses chansons il va nous manquer je l ♥ ♥

Автор ESSECIFILMPRO ( назад)

Автор Lalaloubel Webster ( назад)
Bless him he had struggles there will be no other like him a gifted star a beautiful man inside and out love you always

Автор power up ( назад)

Автор rahim tube ( назад)
so. sad that he died

Автор naturaldermo fabienne ( назад)
J adore.

Автор naturaldermo fabienne ( назад)
J adore.

Автор MARIA DEFRAGA ( назад)
I love you George Michael I'll see you in heaven when my time comes:))))><

Автор Webtrauma ( назад)
I love this song so much but I just can't listen to it without crying. I still can't believe that George Michael died, it's so sad. He was too young.

Автор Κώστας Τρ. ( назад)

Автор andrea alderuccio ( назад)
George sei e sarai per sempre con me con noi!!!!!!

Автор Alan Batchelor ( назад)
The media fuels the negative, instead of recognising greatness they seem determined to pull people down knocking the hopes and dreams from people dont even try is the message...I loved George Michael's music and he was a decent guy to me so thats all that matters

Автор Ossama Boulos ( назад)
For every stage in my life there was a song that reflected it in his music.
From when I was 18 till now at 52.
Hearing him is like reading my own diary in music.
He will be sorely missed
A gifted, talented musical legend; best of the best.

Автор Danny Van kerckhove ( назад)
hij is een werld zanger maar dit lied heeft hij van een nederlandse zanger en al die engelse commentaar is stront

Автор thefinecolumbian ( назад)
Miss you, my brother.

Автор Arend Buren ( назад)
World lost the best performer entertainer and singer/song-writer , RIP

Автор Marianne Greffe ( назад)
r.i.p my angel

Автор Mary O'Grady ( назад)
Thumbs down, really?! George is one of the musicians who stayed true to himself. Thank you for your beautiful voice and your presence on Earth

Автор Joan E ( назад)
Remember the music~ Peaceful rest now George. xx J 💫

Автор Catharina Bruining ( назад)
we knew it was coming but still it is a shock. George gone forever. RIP George. i will never forget you and your beautifull music..

Автор luis miguel oliveira carvalho ( назад)
he knew he was dying this song tells you Shame great artist

Автор Trendy VanTrend ( назад)
This is my special tune! God bless you George 🌸 🌹 💮

Автор Heidi MM ( назад)
OMG!!! No one gets it!!! He Wasn't Spose to go..He was working on a new album.. He didn't want to Die Y'all!!!!

Автор Andy Dawber ( назад)
For all things George was,He was a talented music artist,his music inspired so many like myself,real fans appreciated that bove all his problems.miss you George xx

Автор OFFICIAL Heather Combs; †eardrღps †hat †angღ ( назад)
Not a Merry Christmas. Miss you beautiful.

Автор Darlene Harper ( назад)
like George Michael said himself, read the signs,
look i love George Michael when i went to FACEBOOK on Christmas and saw the news about George Michael, it felt like someone had their hand in my chest and was crushing my heart as hard as they could, i broke down on my knees, my son came in my room to tell me, but i was crying so hard, i wanted to die, if it wasn't for my son and i didn't have any kids, because my husband of 16 years die in front of me of a sudden massive heart attack and aneurysm in 2004, i felt like i was reliving that moment all over again, ive love and follow GEORGE MICHAEL career in life since i was 17, in 2015 George Michael Twitter me 3 times then i was made his number one fan, check it out, so i love George Michael with all my heart and soul, i can also sing, but i can't even feel right now, so I'm doing my own research because something isn't right, I'm not trying to bad mouth George Michael I'm trying to get his fans and the people that love him to open up their eyes and minds, that is what I'm doing, and no one is going to stop me.
God bless you all.

Автор gloria cloud ( назад)
☁⭐..You are free now (George) I know that you are up above smiling⚘I will miss you everyday".. beautiful soul.

Автор Muscle Asylum ( назад)
R.I.P. George you will be missed .The Music will live on and so will the memories

Автор Darlene Harper ( назад)
white light
was it music that saved me or the way that you pray for me.

was it science that save me or the way that you pray for me.
now let's go back

maybe she? just wanted to be free.
who is she? the song was about when GEORGE MICHAEL almost died from pneumonia, so who is she?

don't get me wrong i love George Michael, but something about his death is just not adding up, now going back again.

was it science? that saved me.

was he clone while in the hospital, supposedly.

and tracking back to all those periods that no one heard or even seen GEORGE MICHAEL for years.

Children open up your eyes and minds.

God speed.

Автор Jocelyne Di Miceli ( назад)
quel dommage. il nous a quitté.

Автор ula106 ( назад)
And I don't know / What the hell / What the gods / What the f**k / I'm saying / Half the time / But something divine / Oh divine / Brought me back to you / And I know it
It may seem strange, but just the same said my dad 18 years ago when he left the hospital after diagnosing him aortic aneurysm. George, you know - I will be the one who loves you, till the end of time. Thank you for everything you've done for me.

Автор David Racek ( назад)
good luck magic Man 💗

Автор Lila Patyk ( назад)

Автор TBH ( назад)
love love love this song and every song by George Michael!! RIP sing with the angels.

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