Mini Dachshund KIRBY VACUUM salesmen goes running

salesmen goes running

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Автор Johnny Blaze (Toretto Porter) ( назад)
SCAMMMM lol hahaha

Автор Brendan Edie ( назад)

Автор clinton edwards ( назад)
if there where a kirby sales man at your door witch it is clear there wasnt
the joke would have been on you a. you would have missed out on the best
home care system in the world b.they make between 30 and 50,000 a year
start pay and if they are good sales people can own there own business in 5
years making 500,000 a year good luck at mcburger world

Автор Cassadaymommy ( назад)

Автор Nick Tech Talk ( назад)
His dog i think

Автор Vickrargas ( назад)
Ironically, "Toto" playing in the background.

Автор agenthelios1 ( назад)
I would have put a boot in his their ass after 30 Minutes. or started
taking a shit on front of them.

Автор john miguel ( назад)
I understand that these people just do their job but 4 days ago a kirby
sales man came to my door and my mom opened and he wanted to come in wih
out an invitation offering to give a "free carpet" clean and my house
doesn't have a carpet so after he explained what the kirby is he barged
into my room and cleaned my bed while I was on it doing my hw... very rude
on my point -__- this man gave a 3 hour presentation of the kirby trying to
get my mom to buy it aand he refused to accept a NO. Wtf

Автор john miguel ( назад)
I understand that these people just do their job but 4 days ago a kirby
sales man came to my door and my mom opened and he wanted to come in wih
out an invitation offering to give a "free carpet" clean and my house
doesn't have a carpet so after he explained what the kirby is he barged
into my room and cleaned my bed while I was on it doing my hw... very rude
on my point -__- this man gave a 3 hour presentation of the kirby trying to
get my mom to buy it aand he refused to accept a NO. Wtf

Автор MrPusnjak ( назад)
thats true, however the come door to door to offer free stuff, as long as
the give their details. which goes to the telemarketers, and are then
called if they are of interest for a "free service" not mentioning anything
about an hour presentation to try and sell an overpriced vacuum; and thats
with the "discount" they recieve.

Автор Valerie C ( назад)
Wow...ur such a fcking bitch! Kirby is the best product out there on the
market..bt then again it's a privilege to own one...u wnted to start
dancing like a cracked out lil butch flipping ur fckng pencil dick at the
door..when someone is trying to do there job..which it seems like ur
vitchass doesnt hve one...kirby is the best product and best job to
have...bt then again u cant sell soap to pigs...sych as u....BITCH!!How
disrespectful u are...and a sad excuse for a man...that ur not!

Автор Carnagepromotions ( назад)
dude seriously get a fucking life and hope to god your fucking life is
ruined by your own idiocy. oh and fyi you wouldnt have known if it was
kirby they dont cary the machines to the door on the pitch and do not
announce it either. you are just a no life bored little prick that needs to
grow up and get outta your parents house.

Автор NorthWriter ( назад)
@lalabelle28 Then why do people with Kirby literature and materials come to
my door asking if I'd be interested in a free carpet cleaning and if they
could talk to me about the "wonderful Kirby cleaning system?" If it looks
like a duck, sounds like a duck, and walks like a duck, chances are it
probably came from a duck.

Автор chris anderton ( назад)
LOL there was no one there if i came to your door and you did that i would
start laughing and still try to get into your house lol fag

Автор hallnoats4ever ( назад)
@bmwboi88 i made money. You start your day at 8am and get home at 12am and
you have to be a real salesman. Like a professional sales man. Only the
people who have the "IT" factor make it in the bussiness. Your goal is to
be a factory distributor making 100 dollars on the sales your people sales
for you. My boss had 20 guys selling for him, we sold him 150 to 200 a
month that's 15,000 to 20,000 before taxes. and he worked about 6 hours a

Автор comerboy111 ( назад)
i got creative once, there was a group on my grandmas block, i had some
fake blood and and put it on a kitchen knife. and a bit on my shirt. thee
look on that guys face was priceless. as soon as i opened the door he was
like hi, would u be intrested i......, i said sure come on in, i need my
livin room cleaned. lol he turned around and ran back into his truck. it
was on aprial fools too...

Автор ragingraptor7 ( назад)
Dude your my hero! I am an exkirby employee and you changed my life. ever
since you opened the door like that to me i no longer had an earge to
sale...i joke i joke but i did work there and its a crappy job making you
do crappy things to get paid. Kirby vacuum cleaners are awesome not gonna
lie. But they aren't 2,000 dollars awesome if you know what i mean. Good
Job bro and good vid. I prolly would of came on in though so good thing it
was someone else...lol again i kid...or do i

Автор pc2010x ( назад)
omg i got offered a job with kirby got right took in till i looked on the
webb argggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggfukersssssssssss

Автор Michael Vahle ( назад)
@GeneralG1810 Thats fucked up cause a guy answered the door naked when i
was working the other day, a.k.a kirby FUCK YEA

Автор Michael Vahle ( назад)
@kcdesert05 business is business, beside they make more $ then u

Автор Michael Vahle ( назад)
@domino11avhs ditto

Автор wilatemodel ( назад)
@ZOOWOOB ...sure ya are...

Автор lyn perk ( назад)
if you buy a kirby you have proven to be a sucker and a idiot.

Автор vacuumlover1 ( назад)
Fake and Gay just like your life.

Автор Decerux ( назад)
@theamazingsamurai Lighten up, Whats wrong with acting idiotically (keyword
: acting) to scare off a salesman for the hell of it? It doesn't mean he
goes around doing this everywhere else, (once again, keyword : acting).
Soliciters (and door to door Jehova's + Mormons) are annoying. might as
well make some fun out of it. Nothing wrong with that.

Автор Decerux ( назад)
@theamazingsamurai How does that make him a moron, they are on HIS property
therefore he can do as he feels.

Автор ZOOWOOB ( назад)
people are a trip mohterfuckers with out jobs are on here talkin shit about
a job dats why yo asses are job less!!!! that is so funny wit ya broke
asses i work for kirby and my house is paid for and all my bills are paid
for the year plus all 3 of my cars lol i think im bad off right now lol

Автор Lambieschmoo ( назад)
Love it! Too bad we ladies can't do that lol

Автор Chelsea Paladina ( назад)
this is an awesome song!!! whats the name of the song

Автор KevinSoRandom ( назад)
What??? oh-sorry. I wasn't paying attention. I couldn't stop staring at his

Автор Buckhole ( назад)
Fuck dude I wish there was more guys like you at doors I knock haha. I
usually just get uptight fuck wads.

Автор Chasity Barrera ( назад)
lol!!! you crack me up!

Автор GinGeri84 ( назад)
Ahhah, this made my day!! xDDD

Автор sunshinegirl1967 ( назад)
I watched a demonstration just last night with a client of mine (I was
trapped, there on business!) And I was impressed the the vacuum. When the
salesman asked me what I would pay for it, I said without flinching "$250!"
He said, "We can get you down in that neighborhood." Turns out that
neighborhood is really $600. Too much for me!

Автор sunshinegirl1967 ( назад)
Love the background music....Toto...Africa!!!

Автор siuguy80 ( назад)
lol sexy

Автор bowlinwes300 ( назад)
Holy shit if some shit like that happend to me I'd probably die laughing at
the guy. but I'd still sell him one.

Автор subatom101 ( назад)
HAHAAHAH. I almost started working for these fags. But on the first day of
training I realized that this shit was pretty sketchy, so I researched it
and It's all a scam.

Автор hallnoats4ever ( назад)
he left a long time ago

Автор kcdesert05 ( назад)
AHH HAHAHA! FUCK those pathetic sales fuckers. GO GET A REAL JOB! Stop
ripping people off by selling a vacuum for $2000+ when it really costs your
distributor less than $300.

Автор GeneralG1810 (379 лет назад)
How hard is it just answer the door naked. Actually we bought 1 years ago
when we had a carpeted house and it was good, but now we have floor boards
and dont really use it

Автор wapredkawaii ( назад)
omg! I loved it when people were likethat when I was a canvasser! I would
have danced with the guy if it meant a sale!! LOl

Автор Self Paranormal Investigations ( назад)
what would you have done if he wanted to dance back. LOL That was funny as
hell man

Автор Megan Sorge ( назад)
ahahah thats so sad, that was so funny tho, we have a kirby and it works
great, but that was so funny, and loved the dachshund, super cute!!!

Автор Ralphjwilliams ( назад)
i wouldve sold u one fucker!

Автор coondogtheman1234 ( назад)
Dancingdaddy86 is that you with the yankees hat I like it Go Yankees! Good
song in the BG too africa by toto, heard in vide city.

Автор Floydz2020 ( назад)
In regards to notorious's comment: LoL B loan xD

Автор vanessa5240228 ( назад)
hahaha some cute hot salesmen guy is showing my momm this kirby crap right
now and lol you should see all the dirt from my rug hunz because iz not
really funnehh xD

Автор Floydz2020 ( назад)
Lol that's so funny. That woulda gave me a grin, going to your door. I
agree, if a Kirby rep couldn't get through that, they really wern't working
that hard. Peace, funny stuff.....

Автор notoriouscore ( назад)
Im a Kirby salesman and that wouldnt have worked on me... I definately
would have closed a deal on you and for a Kirby!

Автор DansFunMovies ( назад)
good job

Автор viyau (1057 лет назад)
And..what were you telling the salesperson as you were dancing? I could not
make it out.

Автор viyau (1119 лет назад)
Dude, that is hysterical. You have a lot of guts doing this. YOU ARE

Автор Angelo Pintello ( назад)
i woulda kicked the glass door on you and vacummed the glass.. i sale
kirby's lol

Автор Goodvac.com ( назад)
hahaha - very good, not offensive and time saving :-)

Автор TheVoyd ( назад)
LMAO,,, Being a Kirby salesman, I would of been laughing my ass off...trust
me, thats not the weirdest thing ive seen in a house. Where was this video
shot at? and by the way the best way to get rid of a Kirby salesman is just
say this simple phrase "Mr. Kirby man, the dirt just doesn't bother me!"
trust me it will stop him dead in his tracks. It would me =)

Автор SnatchKing ( назад)
hah u got that right boyfriend

Автор hallnoats4ever ( назад)
i sold kirby door to door and it is the nastyest job on the planet

Автор SilverPimp ( назад)
thats not true. the best way to get rid of them is to tell them that you
just bought one last week. LoL

Автор jsoblink182 ( назад)
toto nice touch...=]

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