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Автор Shabbir Hussain (2 месяца)
You are very interesting.... :-)

Seriously, you are an excellent teacher.

Автор TLTalk (1 месяц)
6 responses you should stop using when asked for your. opinion. Check this
video out and improve your conversation skills #english

Автор EXCEL - LEARN EXCEL (2 месяца)
Hi Ronnie! I would buy a beer for you.

Just invite me to go to the USA!!! LOL

Legendary teacher!!!

Автор belsi sarah (2 месяца)
it was interesting....(positive meaning).

Автор Bernabé Hernández (8 дней)
I'm Spanish and I have a Speaking exam right now so it was very usefull for
me!! Thank's

Автор Bandar aLjohar (1 месяц)
You are the best teacher I have ever seen 😊

Автор Antri Parto (6 дней)
Giving opinion in conversation

Автор Elias collins (1 месяц)
You're the most funny teacher in the entire world

Автор Danie Laverdière Vasquez (3 месяца)
I really enjoyed this english class! It is adorable the way you teach. 

Автор Zhanna KHS (24 дня)
to be frank with you , all your videos are really interesting. I do like
all them. thank you for your lessons.

Автор Annabel Martínez Zamora (3 месяца)
Thank you for your videos! They are very useful to prepair my ACLES exam. I
like very much your spontaneous and expressive way to explain the items and
the variety of the subjects offered in your channel.
¡Saludos desde España!

Автор PHANY28 (2 дня)
Thanks for correct my mistakes. Great lesson!!

Автор João Rezende (5 дней)
Hey what's up? I loved ur channel! Please don't stop this wonderful work.
Could u help me with politics and economics vocabulary. Where I can
exercise and learn new stuff.

Автор Rafael Martins (6 дней)
I just would like to say that it was verrrryyy interesting, I loved that,
and I've watched your videos at all. Thanks for being this great teacher!

Автор 余珮瑀 (28 дней)
thank you Ronnie, I like your classes so much
it is so interesting and useful.

Автор Rivaldo Ribeiro (7 дней)
Hi, I am brazilian. I study english for a looooong time, unfortunately I am
very shy. But all these videos have helped me a lot to lose my 'fear' of
speaking. Ronnie, you don't exist! I'm your fan. I want to make friends.

Автор Basraoy Boss (4 месяца)
Hi Ronnie,
Would you please tell us how to use a and the. Also, if it possible how to
use of, on, at, for.
Worm Regards

Автор Ala Haze (29 дней)
eh, Ronnie! I would definitely buy you a beer... :D
you're really cool and awesome person! (^_^)
in case if you come to South Korea, let me know! ;)

Автор 張順雄 (27 дней)

Автор Charles Schneider Pereira (15 дней)
You are the best! Excellent teacher!

Автор eby saju (3 месяца)

Автор Fabio Marcialis (1 месяц)

Автор chris dunn (4 месяца)
so naive and innocent, "worm regards" ;))

Автор Karrar Salam (9 дней)
It was an interesting video ...

Автор Eduardo Morais (1 месяц)
Amazing videos, Dear Ronnie!

Автор CARLOS PEREZ (19 дней)
! it was interesting class!

Автор Berat Saygıner (11 дней)
you are great!

Автор Ricardo Palacios (3 месяца)
This class was really interesting in the good way. Ronnie, you are a great

Автор nam nguyen (22 дня)
Don't you know that I really really want to hug you. You're so cute ! best
teacher I ever seen in my life ! <3 <3 <3

Автор Rasta Fadil (15 дней)
it was "". intersting "" :)

Автор merce valdez (1 месяц)
Ronnie I would buy all the beers that you want, what's more, i'd glad share
with you a whole box of beer, you are so interesting

Автор Richard Curtis (2 месяца)
Ronnie!! You're the best teacher in the world!! I'll see all your videos
this year, promise!!! 

Автор Ena Deyla Bolaina Lorenzo (4 месяца)
i think this video was interesting and very useful for english student like

Автор cuzuga (1 месяц)

Автор Raquel Freitas (1 месяц)
The best teacher!

Автор Phelipe Silva (1 месяц)
I think it was interesting!

Автор tom Daley (2 месяца)
Hi guys, I am looking for people to practice my English my skype is
charlief90 add me.

Автор Kim Hj (3 месяца)
Ronnie~ thank you. you are very very very coooooooool!!

Автор Oscar Gomez (2 месяца)
I never imagine that i would find this kind of english teacher. Ronnie you
are my hero since today. Thanks to create this videos couse they are very
useful. Bye

Автор Zhongyang Zhang (2 дня)

Автор Valo Rising (4 месяца)
Really interesting to learn by this way. But I'm still looking for someone
who can talking with me to pratice the lessons... Looking for your

Автор Peter Nguyen (1 месяц)
Hi #Ronnie, sometimes, I feel that my brains becomes empty. I don't have
any opinion to say with my friends. It makes the conservation stop. But
when I saw your videos, I understand how to give my opinion go out my
brains. It is so great for me thanks

Автор Mehdi Hosseinbor (1 месяц)
It was interesting my dear😊😊😊! 

Автор businessman549 (3 месяца)
Who made subtitles to this video? Some words are strange.

Автор abderrahmane kanaoui (3 месяца)
It was interesting I like it

Автор MASHAEL MSK (4 месяца)
i like the way you teaching you make me laugh haha and i learned from your
video . thank you 

Автор Caroline Sauma (3 месяца)
you are the best teacher ever seen.

Автор adnan alhomsi (3 месяца)
ok ronnie let's catch up for a beer hahahha

Автор Ania M (2 месяца)
Best teacher ever !

Автор Robert Yangkwon KIM (5 месяцев)
Thanks a lot, Ronnie. I am eager to listen your videos far from South

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