How to Hack Gta sa mp 0.3.7 R2 !! (Money cheat can either make you Ban/Kick)

GTA SA-MP HACKS 2014 Updated Versions

0.3.7 R2 Client S0beit Hack :

Blue Eclipse Version [Recommended]


V0gelz trainer(Outdated :P BUT STILL Memories) : http://www.mpcdownloads.com/forums/downloads/Others/SA:-MP-V0gelz-Trainer-v1.2/6153.html

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Автор Yash Deep Singh Gautam ( назад)

Автор tanixpp ( назад)
Uhh..so my video got blocked in all 228 countries including antartica(LOL)
so I had to remove the song due to copyrights.Here is a Calm Mozart music

Автор tanixpp ( назад)
Song #1 : Ke$ha - Tik Tok
Song #2 : All Saints - Black Coffee

Автор WTD? ( назад)
It's not gay it's Kes$$a

Автор DeeJay Gallardo ( назад)
it works

Автор Berin Muminovic ( назад)
NO DOWNLOAD !!!!!!!!!! THIS IS VIRUS !!!!!!!!!

Автор Kaiser De Leon ( назад)
could you delete the download site? my brother always using this so i am
banned too

Автор bahri ghaieth ( назад)
what this hack do ?

Автор kitty shuffler ( назад)
samp doesnt allow anything that modifies local files

Автор tanixpp ( назад)

Автор tanixpp ( назад)
U suck

Автор bryan swisher ( назад)
i have no idea why im looking for a hack im already an admin on my server
but still i like hacks XD and no one will ban me coz im admin XD

Автор Alex Komoš ( назад)
Kesha Tik-Tok

Автор bamtast1c ( назад)
tik tok kesha

Автор GianPol1337 ( назад)
IN THE DESCRIPTION... sorry, are you blind?

Автор Hardi Holpus ( назад)

Автор Hans Obersluetnent Joyian Lowe ( назад)
i dont know how to money hack can some one teach me ?

Автор Nikolov Pavle ( назад)
Song ?

Автор CounterStrike Tv ( назад)
hey pls give my hack upload to mediafire in my country dont have surveys

Автор LkZjump ( назад)

Автор Sinuix ( назад)
Tik Tok-Ke$ha

Автор MED TI TI ( назад)

Автор MED TI TI ( назад)
goood ^_^

Автор hammad khan mahsud ( назад)
whats the name of this background sound

Автор faabian303 ( назад)

Автор tanixpp (1867 лет назад)
Feel free to comment!

Автор zizou5b ( назад)
Tik Tok - Ke$ha

Автор shivam kakkar ( назад)
does it work in crazybobs 0.3e ?

Автор blackangel75171 ( назад)
hey try this sa multihack 1.2 prerelease at ph1012.com

Автор drift719 ( назад)

Автор iJAY4597 ( назад)

Автор TheMystupidmonkey ( назад)
this works.. watch?v=yoqzEqYyxuM

Автор John Name ( назад)

Автор Lushiano Quiroga ( назад)
wtf s.g?nah ps un video de samp nah a menos que seas chica jaja

Автор Hamza Mehyer ( назад)

Автор greg oliveira ( назад)
the best one is one called draghax v3 but i cant find no more it has one of
the best aimbots on it

Автор tanixpp ( назад)
Yea its a Legit hack.

Автор Stephen Shayde ( назад)
It's says, 0.3e but it says 0.3d in the link

Автор archer06011 ( назад)
doood i wana fuck kesha so hard

Автор -MakeItDone- Clon ( назад)
what song is this its awesome

Автор Benjamin FORZA MILAN! (767 лет назад)

Автор Benjamin FORZA MILAN! (776 лет назад)

Автор Dzenan Imamovic ( назад)
omg song name pls :D

Автор Desmond Miles ( назад)
@fantabadboyslim Fuckin Hell I Aleready did that hax and i use the hack and
i am fucking banned my freinds all in that server want me back tell me
fucking solution bitch

Автор Danijel Petrijevci ( назад)
U dont know how to hax so u get banned

Автор Desmond Miles ( назад)
I Got Banned Thank you very much :)

Автор xElite AMVs ( назад)
what's the song?

Автор Dman Turbo ( назад)
works for 0.3d the mony hack?

Автор vokylasz ( назад)

Автор John Cena ( назад)
s0beit=hack Gta Samp And Sa:P

Автор Owen4004 ( назад)
how to use the hack commands

Автор Owen4004 ( назад)
i like the music when it downloads

Автор Zetinho Almeida ( назад)
this link is broken

Автор VRockVulture ( назад)
Great video.I had to mute the sound though!

Автор Ingo Kodba ( назад)
S0beit best!!! ;)

Автор lojjk ozalov ( назад)
@MrDesperateGamer Raging.

Автор lojjk ozalov ( назад)
@tanixpp lol.

Автор Tin Cole (370 лет назад)
@manushamil kesha tik tok

Автор Manu Shamil ( назад)
what is the songs name

Автор MrSequi ( назад)
0.3D no funciona :S

Автор Ghastyy ( назад)
@mazen771998 cool

Автор tanixpp ( назад)
@MongolDrifter Please turn the annotations and you will know what i said

Автор OSPOINT ( назад)
update link !

Автор mazen771998 ( назад)
thanks i got banned From my Server xD

Автор sage940 ( назад)
@MrDesperateGamer ip or acount ban???

Автор tanixpp ( назад)
@Samconery Have a Gracefull day :)

Автор hellboyxcross ( назад)
@tanixpp yep and im one

Автор ezequiel romero ( назад)
como hackear a un jugador en samp o banear/kickear eso quiero saber yo

Автор Crimebuster21 ( назад)

Автор tanixpp ( назад)
@TheDavidcool14 Did you know that hackers are making scripts too?

Автор Immersive (152 года назад)
Ke$ha-Tick Tock

Автор tanixpp ( назад)
@MrDesperateGamer Welcome :D

Автор Neven Stojanovic ( назад)
@drakula19991 Ke$ha

Автор Катя -* ( назад)

Автор tanixpp ( назад)
@tronto89 bye bye minecrafter :D

Автор azharil100 ( назад)
how to make server online 24/7

Автор Faqahat Fareed ( назад)
@tanixpp thanx dude :)

Автор tanixpp ( назад)
@faqahat Ke$ha

Автор tanixpp ( назад)
@Delion97 $ hack is kinda scrambled its hard to hack $ D:

Автор Alexandru Savu (346 лет назад)
Need a $ Hack for 0.3C_R2 what worcks on any server :| ... did you have one
:D ?

Автор TryNotFail ( назад)

Автор Faqahat Fareed ( назад)
whats the name of the song dude

Автор FizCap ( назад)
@tanixpp I got the latest version so it's fixed.

Автор tanixpp ( назад)
@poweranger56 Really? hmm F12 is panic button try presssing it again

Автор FizCap (403 года назад)
@tanixpp Help me please...When I do something like press f12 it exits the

Автор subhan ayyaz ( назад)
one of my fav sound ;D Ke$ha ROCKS!!!!!

Автор Aaron35rules ( назад)
Wake up in the morning felling like P-Diddy lolz

Автор Eddie Murphy ( назад)
generation server, all admins in that server all abusers and don't unban
players !!!!!!! We've to attack that server even unban players

Автор Kenny Angle ( назад)

Автор tanixpp ( назад)
@saadlovewarda yea sorry ill do anyway but the newer version is out man!
0.3c with Sobeit

Автор Eddie Murphy ( назад)
Please can you re-upload V0gelz trainer ? Because that link died

Автор Ehtisham Jatt ( назад)
Nice Music xD

Автор Edward Jiang ( назад)
this vid with the song is scary

Автор Deon Barnes ( назад)
Next generation server is full of DMers everyone kills for fun no wants to
RP on less its leads to kill so anyway there is DM and not everyone have
these hacks so you might not loose anything but others loose it all and
people are dieing to exployte the server and make everyone pay

Автор Thomas Creegan ( назад)
cock in my ear?

Автор Balint ( назад)
i love it!! :'DD

Автор justin06123 ( назад)
lmao this kid likes Ke&ha

Автор tanixpp ( назад)
@seriousman99 Sure Look at the description it has seperate versions of 0.3a
, b & c

Автор Seriousman ( назад)
does this work on version 0.3c?

Автор ccubeice a ( назад)
Thank you for m0d_s0beit. Was looking for it, everywhere else it was

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