Uplink Bank Hack [HD]

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how can this vid get over 100 views?
how to hack banks in uplink, a hacker game, done by yours truly

oh wow, 1000 views? you guys are awesome

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Автор Kahdek ( назад)
That screws over the economy!

Автор Shute ( назад)
i think we have a hacker here

Автор ProtoAES Mayi ( назад)
now i'm playing slavehack... more easier and it's online!

Автор Firethrough ( назад)
and do it fast! :P

Автор ausauspatpat ( назад)
exactly. it's easy and you won't get caught as long as you remember to
remove all of the logs from the banks and just the bounce logs themselves.

Автор ausauspatpat ( назад)
what planet are you from? it's easy to bank hack in this game.

Автор Firethrough ( назад)
its more legit than spawning it out of nothing

Автор Trippy ( назад)
Because stealing from a bank is legit way to make money. :P

Автор Streuselsturm ( назад)
damn while watching the video my antispy popped up - - that scared me

Автор Led Zep ( назад)
@limxiangyann Hard? Once you get how to do it it's child play, incredibly
easy. It actually breaks the game in a way - you are so rich you dont even
need to do missions anymore.

Автор Firethrough ( назад)
@limxiangyann the game is no fun if you do that. its much more fun to make
ur money the legit way, as there is only so much for u can have cheating in
such a game

Автор ProtoAES Mayi ( назад)
sooo hard to bank hack. an easier way, just simply use cheat engine to
modify the money. that's all --- Agent mayi

Автор Firethrough ( назад)
@SR153 its funny coz you cant spell cough

Автор andrewxc1335 ( назад)
a) Hitting ESC will clear any selected text box. b) Put up your Monitor
Bypass first; if you put up the Proxy Bypass and then the monitor just
happens to catch you bypassing the Proxy, it will not be pleased. --Agent

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